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Check out the new Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Air Date: April 14, 2019
Starring: Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington
Network: HBO
Synopsis: An adaptation of author George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" medieval fantasies about power struggles among the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
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Mar 5, 2019

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Comments 912
Lucas De Jong
Lucas De Jong 2 months ago
nice! btw for anyone interested in watching the season i used watchgotonline org the site is pretty legit and fast
Night King
Night King 3 months ago
I look forward to seeing this.
Diamond swift
Diamond swift 4 months ago
I wish we will be satisfied in the ending... I really wish...
slum 4 months ago
Times of BE 🔘
Times of BE 🔘 4 months ago
Ok I'm cheering for the dead. Let's go.
Senor Moody
Senor Moody 4 months ago
Damn i wish HBO lets us binge all 6 episodes.. im so afraid of Internet spoilers... 6 weeks is a long time to avoid trolls
Nathan Millan
Nathan Millan 4 months ago
what if I have never seen 1 episode
Jay Song
Jay Song 4 months ago
Terribly unpredictable trailer ever!
mrbrainchild76 4 months ago
Having this 4k box set will be a very expensive investment.
Rizal Bojesz
Rizal Bojesz 4 months ago
Sansa is the dark phoenix
S Rational
S Rational 4 months ago
기다리다늙어죽겠다 이것들아
Sunrider 4 months ago
This show hasn't been good for the last four seasons.
hitting the bull's eye
Can't contain the excitement🤩... Sad its the last season 😔😔😔😔
nagaonkaronly 4 months ago
1:19 quite honestly, I am more excited to see Hound's second calling
belajar menggambar
belajar menggambar 4 months ago
The trailer its to early,, now i can wait it to next month.. makes me crazy
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda 4 months ago
And this is probably just previewing the first episodes before things go even more to shite. I expect the story of at least 2-3 movies' worth in the totality of this season.
Sergio Silva
Sergio Silva 4 months ago
0:16 ghost?
Daniel Xsim
Daniel Xsim 4 months ago
If ghost doesn't show up again ima start a riot
Lorde 4 months ago
Spoiler Alert. John Snow was Bruce Willies the whole time!!!
Skrilla Villa
Skrilla Villa 4 months ago
Asasn 821
Asasn 821 4 months ago
I've watched this trailer so much, yet still get goose bunmps. I'm so ready for April 14th! Going to be the most Epic season yet, too bad only 6 episodes. I'm so ready!
Roshill K
Roshill K 4 months ago
That winter longer than my future.
M R C O M B I N E 4 months ago
1:03 I like how I’m losing my shut and freaking out over a character who raped his sister in front of their dead son, killed his cousin and was a total douche bag.
Oxymoron 4 months ago
To quote Mr Popo: "They gonna die."
FracturedEdits 4 months ago
to think, it feels like yesterday when King Robert was feasting in the halls of Winterfell as a young Jon Snow battered his training dummy outside, alone.
The Riddler
The Riddler 4 months ago
I thought Cersei was going to say something cool here 1:07
SGT Roach95
SGT Roach95 4 months ago
Why the final season why 😢😢😢😢
Faith Akor
Faith Akor 4 months ago
This gives me goosebumps. GOT season 8 starting with Arya being scared, wow!! Please she better not die!! And I think Jon and Daenerys are gonna have a thing going on. Sansa might not get along with the Khaleesi. Gosh! You cannot predict!! Anything can happen!! Dammit!
arsenal2621 4 months ago
Better not end in a fairy tale fashion. Main characters must die
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda 4 months ago
Of course they will. Now will it be as brutal as the book series may end up? Maybe not.
The_Howler 4 months ago
I haven't had a good cry in months! I'm ready!
Timothy Gerber
Timothy Gerber 4 months ago
When there was this trailer for it, and we are all ready were. And will it be to the drama but no dragons to be gotted hurt okay?
M Cope
M Cope 4 months ago
Looks amazing... Can not wait for this. Sooo excited right now.
Alaa Sami
Alaa Sami 4 months ago
Can’t wait to watch the new season
Niilo Valtteri
Niilo Valtteri 4 months ago
Just cant wait
Red Fist
Red Fist 4 months ago
0:02 Arya looks younger like her season 3 self.
Maria Maraki
Maria Maraki 4 months ago
finally... the day has come....
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 4 months ago
In this trailer, it features Sansa standing around looking outwards. Like always.
towards infinity
towards infinity 4 months ago
I'm expecting cersei parturition And jamie turned in to kingsguard of night king and arriving at kingslanding to kill cersei
TheGroundPlays 4 months ago
Watching Jorah on the horse like that makes me respect him like mad 0:57
Tehporp 4 months ago
🗣️ Let's get iiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
Flink Eddy
Flink Eddy 4 months ago
Arya for the throne, Arya lovers hit like :-)
Simon Drury
Simon Drury 4 months ago
Sophie turner .... 🤤
Husker Saber Academy
So reaction, I feel that bringing the golden company to Westeros, will be a big wedge between Cersei, and her last competent supporter in Qyburn. And I really REALLY hope Jaime has the lannister army coming up with him, he is the general of the army and lord of the lannister lands now, they by default will serve his orders over Cersei. Arya I think has done a dumb and gone to assassinate Cersei, and fleeing when it doesn't work, or is running from undead.
Husker Saber Academy
@Captain Clockwork Yeah, just like how they obeyed Ned's command, and how the Baratheon's and Tully's obeyed Joffrey's commands. They obey their local liege lord, which is Jaime right now. THat's been a canon fact that they serve him, not Cersei in the show, if they have him show up or just solo up North I'll be so disappointed .
Captain Clockwork
Captain Clockwork 4 months ago
No that's not gonna happen... The forces of Westerlands are still in Cersei's command she is the queen
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda 4 months ago
@Husker Saber Academy I'm going off a bit of the sound design there, and mix of shots with others hiding in crypts. But yes its likely from something of an attempt of Arya gone wrong. As well the overall message the trailer gives to me is of 'the typical approach (here being assassination) is done now, the Others are here', so this to me could include a factor of undead with Arya/Cersei. The reason I and others said the Winterfell crypts is because its hard to imagine her being as shaken as she is in some of these frames if it wasn't facing her own undead family members. Mortals? Nah. Cersei? Nah. Even rushing away from some bomb or whatever? Not necessarily with that face of near terror on her. Also they expanded the Winterfell sets this season so we don't necessarily know exactly what parts of it could look like, but I'll easily give you that.
Husker Saber Academy
@Malcolm Swoboda I don't think she can do that, nor would Qyburn be able to, more likely she's running from the queensguard after the assassination attempt
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda 4 months ago
@Husker Saber Academy Fair. Weaponized Westerosi undead by Cersei?
Ivy Walowe
Ivy Walowe 4 months ago
Are we going to ignore the look sansa has watching Dany and Jon
Gaby C.S.
Gaby C.S. 4 months ago
Does anyone knows if there'll be like trailer 1 trailer 2 trailer 3???
Marantan 4 months ago
I am gonna be so pissed off if Cercei survives all of this
vidya sagar
vidya sagar 4 months ago
please some one leak it already...cant take excitment
SoniMotion 4 months ago
Arya is running from no one
Reşat OYMAK 4 months ago
Axell Partoriza
Axell Partoriza 4 months ago
Where’s Bran?
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