Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.


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Mar 5, 2019




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Fullmetal Alchemist
game of thrones are good
Théoden328 7 hours ago
petition to make a new serie about Arya Stark's futur and her journey.
Count of Pizza
Count of Pizza 8 hours ago
Shame, shame, shame!
UnleashedTeenager 11 hours ago
This brings tears to my eyes
Lykkesprederen 13 hours ago
We were all baited into shit stream of a season
We must be grateful for even having a season
Clough Says
Clough Says 6 hours ago
The fake fans will never be grateful.
densehl alien
densehl alien 16 hours ago
I was inspired by this, that is why I created GOT theme on my Bullet Journal...
ReQuiemA7X 20 hours ago
“Gods the hype was real then”
22 hours ago
Hey, this is an awesome trailer of game of thrones,can't wait for it:) but now i am feeling hungry and you might be hungry too. You might want to check this video link ckk.ai/qF2uA on how to cook spaghetti.
Tricia Gaoeng
Nice trailers if you want to watch the full episode go tockk.ai/04C9 and watch.
Tricia Gaoeng
Amazing movies, excited much watching
Nasrin Shaikh
xjnsdrj 12
xjnsdrj 12 Day ago
D&D be like Hippity hoppity this show is now our property
xjnsdrj 12
xjnsdrj 12 Day ago
"omg this is gonna be they best season of all time"
Gokul Day ago
Wait is wasted
Gokul Day ago
*Final 3 episodes wtf*
dislike injustice
The trailer IS the whole episode
Zach Lee
Zach Lee 2 days ago
I know this won’t happen but I will personally give the ceo of hbo a blowjob if they remake the last season
Killmaster Mathias Targaryen
Deleted my first comment when I was saying being excited by this, and now I fix it: this season was a fucking bad joke!
Ice 2 days ago
D and D lied to us
imen tlili
imen tlili 2 days ago
actually , i didn't like the end , it was quite boring , i have expected that it would be better
Pamela Molero
Pamela Molero 2 days ago
Best trailer ever
AK Art Kalinga Academy
ruvid.net/video/video-rppXfry9ACw.html Sculptures of GOT all acter n actresses
Kishor 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-rppXfry9ACw.html all Actrees Sculpture of all artist GOT
Obaid Ahmad Ansari
They fucked my feelings 😶
Dayasagar Patil
Dayasagar Patil 2 days ago
I wasted my 10 years for this shitty end.
Tania A.
Tania A. 2 days ago
What a fucking season!!!
Clough Says
Clough Says 6 hours ago
Loved it.
Pot Pot
Pot Pot 2 days ago
If you are android user you can watch free on this link ckk.ai/bRN0. Thank me later.
Ian Skrivarnik
Ian Skrivarnik 2 days ago
I waited all these years for the Night King battle, only for it to be dealt with in 3 episodes ? fuck off.
SAMBA 3 days ago
Winter is over now Witcher is coming ⚔️
Engin Kara
Engin Kara 3 days ago
screenwriter wrote 8 season in the toilet👎
Bamya Z
Bamya Z 3 days ago
The story does not make any sense and every character development that took 8 years to build was destroyed in 6 episodes. How could any company air such crap is hard to understand! Season 8 was shameful!
Bamya Z
Bamya Z 3 days ago
The truth is Game of Thrones could have easily gone on till Season 15, but the idiots at HBO did not realise that the CRAP writers D&D were just SUPER BAD at writing and now they have destroyed a GREAT TV show, don't even bother watching Season 8 it's the worst Season EVER!
Bamya Z
Bamya Z 3 days ago
It took two years and around i think One Hundred Million Dollars to produce 6 of the WORST episodes in TV History! The writers should get the electric chair! Season 8 is the worst season in TV history!
francis carascal
francis carascal 4 days ago
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Arian Arnwine
Arian Arnwine 4 days ago
Soooo... I should start on season 8 then watch 1 to 7?
princessgrimes 4 days ago
I enjoyed the first 3 episodes so much! The others were slow as hell. I think every outcome that everybody wanted, if it had happened everyone will still complain about something, it’s what people do when a TV show is ending just because they don’t want it to end. I watch a lot of TV shows and a lot of them have ended and every reaction to the end of these shows is the exact same as GOT even tho the endings were pretty decent.
athebadplus 4 days ago
this season could have been great. All it needed was 10 episodes.
Danny Mangen
Danny Mangen 4 days ago
Season 8 was terrible. They could have done so much better. Wasted 2 episodes. Killed the nk in such a boring way and destroyed so many good characters. It was the disappointment of the year and of the entire serie.
Val Cook
Val Cook 5 days ago
This trailer was epic when it came out now looking at it i feel realy sad.
Ashly McGarity
Ashly McGarity 5 days ago
anybody else come back here and keep getting upset how the trailer was so much better than the last season :(
m ax
m ax 5 days ago
This trailer is a masterpiece, yeah, it was able to hide what would become the biggest disappointment of the decade and make us think it was going to be good
El F
El F 5 days ago
not quite Hawk the Slayer
waquar abid
waquar abid 5 days ago
1) why was sansa so cold n judgemental w.r.t daenerys from the moment she saw her. Was it right on her part considering the fact that she herself faced so many things in life. 2) sansa tried to manipulate jon snow w.r.t daenerys and Jon almost fulfils sansa's desires in the end. 3) The actions of daenerys in the finale is not true to her character. After all she is the breaker of chains. A lady who has the conviction to sit in the fire, who is so certain about her Destiny n greatness can simply not go about burning innocents' by the thousands'. She never can.. 4) Jon snow being one of the most honourable characters' cannot simply stab the lady he loves, the queen whom he has sworn his loyalty to.. 5) Did daenerys have such a negative streak or such an unstable mind? We all know she lost her dragons n her close aide, but we must not forget she has seen worse. 6) why did her guards leave her alone when she ventured near the iron throne ? Where were the unskilled? 7) Tyrion the imp, though fully knew what daenerys was capable of, has varys executed, then why did he not think twice before suggesting Jon to kill daenerys 8) Bran is the raven n it's implied by his character that he has renounced the world. Then why did he agree to become the king. .... the list goes on.. # I have written alternate ending to the finale which I feel may be a bit more acceptable, atleast I am convinced of it. I will share with u guys if I get enough likes. Moving further , I have also written a sequel to it, which may also be pleasing to many.. give a like, if u wanna know about it...Tq
Baeyens Raphaël
Baeyens Raphaël 5 days ago
The trailer gave the impression that the night King was the main course for this season
*The trailer is a legend!*
TOM HONRADA 5 days ago
Watch the whole series here ckk.ai/Z8o4Q
The Lukester
The Lukester 5 days ago
They fit 20 episodes worth of story into 6. It didn’t work and characters are destroyed.
TheBass SOL
TheBass SOL 6 days ago
Everything but the writing was phenomenal
ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ
They never tell you how the show shit itself, Ed Sheeran never writes that in the songs. Remember the first few seasons? God's was it strong then.
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