Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.


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Mar 5, 2019




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Brandon Price
Brandon Price 10 minutes ago
Who else thinks Bran is talking to the Night King in the godswood?
Tomo 13 minutes ago
where can i buy it without any service or subscription?
Darek Zaborski
Darek Zaborski 37 minutes ago
1.03 "RUNNNN!" They all retreat to kings landing ?
VIVEK THAKKAR 46 minutes ago
1. Jon and Daenerys will die. 2. Their son will become the King. 3. Tyrion will become hand of the king and take care of the king and make all his decisions till he is ready to be King. 4. Jaime will kill Cersei. 5. Sansa will die. 6. Arya will marry Gendry and will become lady of Winterfell. 7. Bran will sign a peace treaty with Night King and will take his place.
Zubair Dilshad
Zubair Dilshad 51 minute ago
Scenes from just episodes 1 & 2.
L'homme Sans nom
raeghal and ghost will die. thanks me later
AzorAhai17 Hour ago
Having seen the first 2 eps, from the looks of it, all the footage from this trailer are only from the 1st 3 episodes.
Louie Sutton
Louie Sutton Hour ago
This trailer only shows up until the first 2 episodes of S8, there’s nothing passed that. Wow.
TT Swindlehurst
Question: on Game of Thrones people always ‘send a Raven’ to communicate news. How does the Raven know where to go?
Samit Mansuri
Samit Mansuri Hour ago
A girl is no virgin anymore 😂
Ardenwolfe Hour ago
Notice how everything in the trailer is from episodes 1, 2, and apparently 3? That's pretty telling to me how many don't make it to episode 4, 5, and 6.
Team Glado
Team Glado 2 hours ago
Winter is here
kamulecPL12 3 hours ago
Great, now I just have to wait until this season ends and I can binge watch the whole thing
Luke Fameli
Luke Fameli 4 hours ago
Jaime and Danarys on a Greyjoy ship post winterfell 26 seconds in
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 4 hours ago
chills down my spine from begging to the end..... hands down the best tv series ever made? Who agrees?
zoz Chat
zoz Chat 4 hours ago
xem tập 1->2 vietsub + Thuyết Minh full HD tại xemphim4k
Lola 4 hours ago
I love Arya and Brienne and I'm sure they're gonna die in the next episode, I'm so sad 😭😭😭 P.S. If they kill "Jon" too, I'll cry for the rest of my life.
Hodor 4 hours ago
Φώτης Τσιβδέμογλου
U know nothing Jon Snow
Kemal Abi
Kemal Abi 6 hours ago
When you are trying to impress a girls Sir Jamie: I can make you a knight Tormund: I sucked giant's milk
Michael Arenas
Michael Arenas 6 hours ago
so this trailer shows nothing past episode 3 . just saying .
ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD
Michael Arenas ~That shot of Tyrion at the end could be one of the few shots from the latter half of the season
Dennis Doan
Dennis Doan 6 hours ago
Basically this trailer on features footage from the first 3 episodes.
jose garcia
jose garcia 6 hours ago
a very great show! that is also a racist one... even in fantasy you can't let racism go... the writer actually has a black friend yet he never gave any blacks leading roles. only a guy that has his privates cut off. i have witnessed white racism all my life. i guess i will die and things will just be the same.
Osama Beast
Osama Beast 6 hours ago
Whose after watching the second episode Battle Of Winterfell next week so excited.
Arif Guluzade
Arif Guluzade 6 hours ago
all the arya stuff is from epp 3 just fyi
Declan Foley
Declan Foley 7 hours ago
The houmd will have to face fire in the next episode!
arun karthick
arun karthick 7 hours ago
People here after the second episode✋
Brendon Nduwa
Brendon Nduwa 7 hours ago
DarthDravvid 8 hours ago
Anyone else here after hearing them repeatedly say the crypts will be the safest place and now realizing the reason Arya's running scared like that in this trailer is she's gonna come face to face with zombie Ned?
Dave Barr
Dave Barr Hour ago
@DarthDravvid or worse.....zombie Gendry
brotherhoods channel
Ferlish Kakoma
Ferlish Kakoma 9 hours ago
Night king approaching
red vegiesoup
red vegiesoup 9 hours ago
if i ever watch this crap..im so glad it will be on usb stick..to forward it.looks like male immature power greedy shit, again.. nothings changed.. don't see the big hype AT ALL!!! I see why men love this shit.its full of: fantasy love shit. hateful, killing crap..
DarthDravvid 8 hours ago
Someone woke up on the edgy side of bed today
xsammyx101x 9 hours ago
0:01 Arya is running from Gendry. There is no way they are going to let us have the epicness of their reunion in episode 1 and the glory of episode 2, just to let them live happily ever after. Gendry dies. Shes running from white-walker Gendry. Damn you David and Dan. Damn you both.
61 6 hours ago
Arun Das
Arun Das 10 hours ago
You guys should have hired a writer if you could not write good dialogs... I mean even tyrion sounds like teenager now... It's a really lazy writing if you have nothing else to say than referencing old quotes from earlier episodes... Is RR Martin even satisfied with script ..? Or is he just ignoring cuz he knows its gonna be shit.. You guys are so good at screenplay but no matter how good it looks... It feels like a kids fantasy tale with boobs and blood... 😑😑
lechu kochu
lechu kochu 10 hours ago
everyone says about game of thrones.bt i dont know what it is.how to start watching it
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar 9 hours ago
nyafilmer.com/game-of-thrones/#/season-08-episode-01 www3.1movies.is/series/game-of-thrones-season-8/127442/YQj6N4W5S Use one of these two sites to start S1E1
meet soni
meet soni 10 hours ago
Who is here after season 8 episode 2.. So you know half of scene in trailer was from episod 2 ....
Dor Cat
Dor Cat 39 minutes ago
Just finished watching season 8 episode 2 just 5 minutes ago and I've never been so afraid of the Night King before
Ardenwolfe Hour ago
Bingo. Watched again to see some clues about Episode 3 and afterward. Very telling. . . .
Black Toon
Black Toon 10 hours ago
Drogon spit fire hasn’t show up yet in the epiosode, i wonder which episode will be..
Black Toon
Black Toon 10 hours ago
Counting every scene which hasn’t show up yet.
Doni Tamrat
Doni Tamrat 10 hours ago
watch my game of thrones cover guitar. if you like it subscribe tnx
Priyam Banerjee
Priyam Banerjee 10 hours ago
Bran hasn't said his voiceover yet. Who could he be talking to? Theon or the night king?
Joffrey Baratheon
Joffrey Baratheon 10 hours ago
Bobby B and Ned would be happy to see that their children get along well, just as their fathers😏
patataking 10 hours ago
I see dead people, dead people everywhere
Divya Pandey
Divya Pandey 10 hours ago
I think Arya is going to die....but I'm not prepared for that😭
Lucía Nicoletta Amura Holguin
Is it me or Jamie shouts the name of Bran at minute 1:03?
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar 9 hours ago
I think he says "RUN!"
SMIT RAVAL 11 hours ago
could be Knight Brienne too
Rushil Reddy
Rushil Reddy 13 hours ago
stop watching this repeatedly for spoilers THIS IS THE TRAILER TO THE FIRST THREE EPISODES ONLY
saljpal3 12 hours ago
Except Bran's quote hasn't been said yet and I doubt he'll say it in episode 3. Maybe he's saying it to Jon in King's Landing?
mc morris reyes
mc morris reyes 13 hours ago
Benzellio 13 hours ago
Arya is looking forward to see death's faces but i think she might regret saying that when she's sees her own ancestors waking up from the dead inside the crypts.
Cinema Fans
Cinema Fans 13 hours ago
Meetings of the first Episode of Season 8 Regarding the past and the present .............................. ruvid.net/video/video-SIJD6sxyIz0.html
mc morris reyes
mc morris reyes 13 hours ago
Its time to cook wishes2.com/hrSVU Cheken adobo
Rex Ellerbee
Rex Ellerbee 14 hours ago
Winter just came all over my face
Clare Mathew
Clare Mathew 14 hours ago
Was that Brienne at 1:02 ?And then maybe Jaime is screaming because she is killed,🤔
Tyler Cordero
Tyler Cordero 14 hours ago
“We’re in the Endgame now.”
saljpal3 12 hours ago
Next week is gonna be an exciting ass weekend.
l UpSet l
l UpSet l 15 hours ago
What is game of thrones i heard its popin
Frenkablooddrop 15 hours ago
i'm dissapointed that this trailer only shows clips from episode 1&2 and maybe some of 3
Rácz Béla Rácz
and how is that a bad thing exactly ?
saljpal3 12 hours ago
Except Bran's quote hasn't been said yet and I doubt he'll say it in episode 3. Maybe he's saying it to Jon in King's Landing?
Tabargains Don
Tabargains Don 16 hours ago
ladies stock up moreover mens wear
Julia Alves
Julia Alves 16 hours ago
People still complaining saying the first two episodes are boring didn't pay attention to the show. Every season is like that. Introduction, a bit of story and then war. We are already going straight to war in episode 3! Usually is only in episode 9 and people still complaining. We will have 3 episodes of pure war one after another and still bigger episodes. If they just give us war it will have a lot of plot holes behind (we already will have). I ended the episode 2 with a "goodbye" feeling for a lot of characters. The music, drinks, the kisses and friends together looked like a perfect goodbye. We know most of them will die and they know too.
Julia Alves
Julia Alves 10 hours ago
+Misierbobo I hope this is not true hahaha. Only time will tell us.
Misierbobo 11 hours ago
+Julia Alves I doubt we will have another book. He seems to have lost all interest in continuing the story.
Misierbobo 11 hours ago
Exactly, episode 1 and 2 is the calm before the storm. The audience was spoilt with several reunions and potential good byes. People will realise how precious these two episodes are once the main cast start to die starting from episode 3.
Julia Alves
Julia Alves 16 hours ago
We will always have a lot of plot holes because it's hard to bring every information from the books to the show. Please, GRRM, give us the final books. I know you are waiting for the ending of the show to release them. It will sell like water in the desert.
homosepian 16 hours ago
I watched only 1st season this week
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 17 hours ago
That Bran voiceover must be him saying it to Theon, considering that Theon is going to be protecting him in episode 3
saljpal3 12 hours ago
Or maybe he's saying it to Jon in King's Landing.
the 8 hokage
the 8 hokage 17 hours ago
I think Arya is running away from Gendry in the beginning. I think he died and turned into a white walker and he is chasing her
saljpal3 12 hours ago
Nah I think Gendry's gonna survive, he needs to keep house Baratheon from going extinct.
kasda 17 hours ago
Back from episode two trying to figure out what happens after the big fight. I have a pretty good idea of what's gonna happen next, but after episode 3, I got nothing. Looks like they didn't want to reveal any of that in the trailer.
Lucas De Jong
Lucas De Jong 17 hours ago
Bruh this season is fire. for anyone interested i watched the ep on watchgameofthronesonline org the site is pretty legit but there was some anit-takedown verifaction on some eps though
Giveaway Monster
Giveaway Monster 4 hours ago
+Lucas De Jong Well, It's not fake I actually give them game accounts Instead of codes.
Lucas De Jong
Lucas De Jong 4 hours ago
+Giveaway Monster I atleast give real content instead of your fake generator
Giveaway Monster
Giveaway Monster 4 hours ago
don't open, it has virus.
skatebaker25 17 hours ago
Arya running from wight Ned Stark in the crypts!
Scott Gust
Scott Gust 17 hours ago
Jesus so far ep 1 and 2 so fking weak. Boring, politically correct wastes of time..hope the next 4 are extremely good to make up for this crap
YourMainEventer 17 hours ago
bitch kys
VIMAL PATEL 18 hours ago
I think the makers are interested in making the most from episode 3, which is going to be the most powerful action scene ever shot i think. So lets wait and watch how it ends. PS: maisie is hot to handle
Linn Haslinger
Linn Haslinger 18 hours ago
Just watched the second episode AND LET ME JUST TELL U I THOUGHT ARIA WAS JOKING AND THEN THEY JUST WENT FOR IT WTF I could not have enjoyed it more.
A Stassi Kind of Girl
Only thing I am sure of that the "Song of Ice & Fire is about Dany and John having a baby and they have to survive this battle and another 8 months lol to have this baby!
A Stassi Kind of Girl
I think they both die, and either Tyrion and or Sam tells their Daughter Lyanna about their life from the book called ice and fire+samtemdo8
samtemdo8 18 hours ago
I am sort of calling it that this is how it ends. Jon dies heroically killing the Night King. Dany becomes Queen of Westeros after Cersei is deposed and is pregnant with Jon's child
samtemdo8 18 hours ago
Winter....has come at last.
lala Morim
lala Morim 18 hours ago
Vinay Bhilare
Vinay Bhilare 18 hours ago
Most of this trailer was from 1st two ep of season
KONSOL KULÜBÜ 19 hours ago
Game Of Thones Yeni Sezon Bedava İzle:ruvid.net/video/video-wTxASbJndhs.html
babyaxcell 20 hours ago
hi guys, im just so excited tonshare with you the bloopers of GOT season 1 -6 , enjoy watching guys, smashing! wishes2.com/mgh9b
Jayesh Ajitsaria
Jayesh Ajitsaria 21 hour ago
Episode 2 1.Arya and gendry get it on 2. Jaime apologizes to bran 3. Theon returns to winterfell 4. Aegon tells the truth to Danny about him 5. White walkers reach winterfell but night king is not seen 6. Jaime knights brienne 7. Jorah and lady mormont meet 8. Samwell gives his family's sword to jorah I have written this comment before the show airs and I hope these are all the things that take place PS. : Somebody name the song that podrick sings at the end please
Bruno Melo
Bruno Melo 20 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-AECdzVbVark.html There you go my friend
Bruno Melo
Bruno Melo 20 hours ago
It's called "Jenny Song" someone uploaded it already to RUvid.
new2utube 11
new2utube 11 22 hours ago
In the trailer, the WW horse puts its right hoof before its left, whereas in the episode, it puts its left hoof first. Thoughts?
ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD
Different take?
SAM ROCKZZ18 22 hours ago
Just seen the second episode and almost all parts of trailer are seen from 1st and 2nd episodes. There could be some from 3rd episode in Battle of Winterfell but damn i bet no scene from 4th to 6th episode!! i grew more anxious now ffs my exams are in this week till 30th april cant wait for 3rd epsiode. 2nd EP was disappointing and boring tbh!!
SAM ROCKZZ18 19 hours ago
+Dilyan - well u just did
Dilyan -
Dilyan - 20 hours ago
Nobody cares
Matrix Cours
Matrix Cours 22 hours ago
nice trailer i love this Trailer Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Preview Trailer ruvid.net/video/video-8sDEi_AVABg.html
সাইমুন চৌধুরী
0:39 bran is telling this to NK
Martin Kok
Martin Kok 23 hours ago
Jon told Dani his true name in episode 2.
Take 23 hours ago
T series = The night king Pew = John snow
Take 23 hours ago
Take 23 hours ago
Jeffrey gets resurrected and kills Cersei Lannister and the night king dies from confusion, good?
Marco Wobbes
Marco Wobbes Day ago
I would love to watch this awesome serie here in Holland! 😍
Martin Kok
Martin Kok Day ago
Who else watched the second episode before it is airing on TV ?
MothSeven Day ago
Hi GOT fans! If your interested in checking out more episode 1 review, check out my first review of this season. Thanks! :) @
emo kid
emo kid Day ago
Anyone know where I can watch it online for free? 😜
prodigywest6 Day ago
Last scene in this trailer = last scene in episode 2?
Dany rides her husband Jon rides his father.
Sasi Kumar
Sasi Kumar Day ago
Arya is holding her weapon in this trailer 0:21
Quest Quest
Quest Quest Day ago
0:02 it's ned stark
Division Won
Division Won Day ago
We Choose Violence @ tinyurl.com/y32jypgf
Matthew Miller
"Everything you did brought you where you are now.... where you belong.... Home...." -The Three-Eyed Raven
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar 9 hours ago
Karen 11 hours ago
he didn't say that yet, right? i'm so curious to know who is he's gonna talk with in this line
mTEC Devil Shyt
new #HardstyleRecap 🐉 for new episode of #GameofThrones ruvid.net/video/video-klkRDP3fK14.html
xy 123
xy 123 Day ago
Is it in hindi
N.G. MEDIA Day ago
Andreas Börjesson
Is that Jaime swinging a sword with his right hand at 1:02?
Julian Janetzk
I think that's Jorah
saiko Day ago
anyone knows where can I watch GOT online for free without having to risk my personal information by creating some account on some random site? I can't do hbo because I live in europe.
Dan Dacuro
Dan Dacuro Day ago
I just completed season 1. I'm so excited. imagine yourself eating spaghetti while watching haha. If you don't know how to cook spaghetti this may help you wishes2.com/CR8Ie just click the link. thanks
Starnet 96
Starnet 96 Day ago
The fact that we only see scenes from episodes 1-3 makes me even more nervous
N.G. MEDIA Day ago
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Pramila Honhaga
I am just wanting for the movie
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar 9 hours ago
It's a tv show, that's been going on for 10 years. 8 seasons
Monalina Phukan
Why I am seeing the white walker chasing Arya? The long hair white walker 🤔....... I can see two clips, in one arya is running and the other clip showing the white walker, but both the clips are combined with so much smoothness that it can't be distinguished easily.... Is anyone there who can see like me?
I AmJhanice
I AmJhanice Day ago
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