Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)

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Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14. #ForTheThrone




14 янв 2019




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Babypinkpinetree 2 часа назад
what about Bran?
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 5 часов назад
1:07 Sansa doesn't need a sword 😃🔪🔪🔪
Yingkim Shiu
Yingkim Shiu 6 часов назад
Waiting for season 8 is like "for the night is dark and full of terrors" but my mind tells me "Winter is coming" haha
Ninja 7 часов назад
*Winter Came...*
Toch Lanusungit chang
Toch Lanusungit chang 8 часов назад
I want the red women on the iron throne in the end 😊 thank you
Mark David
Mark David 8 часов назад
At the end of the trailer i heard the hunger games whistle in my mind...i nrly died laughing😂😂😂😂
GrayGhoul 8 часов назад
Top 2 things I want to definitely happen: *Jon(Aegon) rides Rhaegal* *Jon speaks High Valyrian at some point*
nosihle gumbi
nosihle gumbi 8 часов назад
The chills
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh 9 часов назад
You show nothing HBO 😒
Ashish Pandey
Ashish Pandey 9 часов назад
The night is dark and full of terrors
Princess Princess
Princess Princess 9 часов назад
Final season my ass keep G.O.T going please I need it I don't watch alot of other stuff
Julian Carlo Dela Cruz II
Julian Carlo Dela Cruz II 9 часов назад
Oh men brann and sam will die the way i see it because jon is in the crypt of the starks meaning noone know his not really a stark
Cyrus Oliver
Cyrus Oliver 10 часов назад
Just checking in to watch this trailer again for the 10th time. Looking forward to this final season more than anything in my life right now.
Attila Farkas
Attila Farkas 10 часов назад
After the dissapointing 7th season I am not waiting anything good...
Samuel Alves
Samuel Alves 11 часов назад
If only my girl knew how to tease me as HBO does...
mokituzzaman Mk
mokituzzaman Mk 11 часов назад
Get Now --bit.ly/2GPbIL7
okta 12345
okta 12345 11 часов назад
Fuck the teaser give me a full trailer
arun jose
arun jose 11 часов назад
*Who's here in February* ?😎
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke All episodes
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke All episodes 12 часов назад
Do watch my videos...I need to raise money for my kids.
Maximilian Hammerschmidt
Maximilian Hammerschmidt 12 часов назад
Oh come on HBO, that came out more than a month ago, it's about time for the first official trailer... Where is it? I was hoping to get a trailer this week...
payal shah
payal shah 12 часов назад
Who's going to watch Game of Thrones again????????
Nitish Nikku
Nitish Nikku 13 часов назад
Where is bran
fabian ledesma
fabian ledesma 17 часов назад
Espero con ansias
Şakir Elmas
Şakir Elmas 17 часов назад
Jon snow 💪
Chad Reagon
Chad Reagon 18 часов назад
Hodor! Hodor hodor? Hodor Hodor Hodor.... Hodor!
Bringing Closer By DCC
Bringing Closer By DCC 19 часов назад
Lets get into this
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar 23 часа назад
People are gonna freak out when Little Finger shows back up😎
DARTH VADER День назад
What if a Wight Ned Stark walked out of the mist holding his head
Ben Weaver
Ben Weaver День назад
Knowing how this show goes and it's patterns, all the good people die brutal deaths and the dead take over and win
friscoHub415 День назад
With my luck I'll die one day before the season starts
Michał Stoiński
Michał Stoiński День назад
April is coming
Road Rage 2019
Road Rage 2019 День назад
GET THE GOT SWORD NOW: amzn.to/2X489Gk amzn.to/2X489Gk
mat bean
mat bean День назад
Tip If you want to watch from the beginning : one episode each day from february the 6th and you will have the new episode the day after you finish it :D
X День назад
That Shhhhhh is Hype!
Faraz Yusuf
Faraz Yusuf День назад
Solly Mola themuffinman89
Solly Mola themuffinman89 День назад
let your will be done oh great HBO... unleash the flood of episodes unto us... we receive this gift of entertainment, in your name... amen
x Hakaii x
x Hakaii x День назад
winters here, cant wait for summer
Фе ликс
Фе ликс День назад
This is so epic!
sam zag
sam zag День назад
Bring princess diana to game of throne
KataKing 13
KataKing 13 День назад
A man is waiting for season 8!
Yasmany Cruz
Yasmany Cruz День назад
Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban День назад
Frozen 2
Zach Baudisch
Zach Baudisch День назад
I can't believe this show is nearing its end... why can't it last for ever...or at least another 10 years... don't given get me started on the prequel it not like we don't know happens... I just hope the night king wins and everyone dies... at least then we will get to watch all our favorite heroes die again
My Favourite Game of Thrones Moment
darkness День назад
A man cannot wait any longer
Jiren sama
Jiren sama День назад
Holy fuck I'm hyped again
shivam tayal
shivam tayal День назад
April is coming 😉😉😉😉
สมบัติ ศรีทอง
เงี่ยนโว้ย !!
jamus elkins
jamus elkins День назад
I'm gonna say its someone dream.
vice vice
vice vice День назад
Bolton walker?
Blake Rackley
Blake Rackley День назад
I can't wait to see how many ppl get pissed off when they see their predictions have been wrong. This ending is gonna be crazy.
Evis Gabriel Pabillo
Evis Gabriel Pabillo День назад
Winter is coming!!!!!
Anon День назад
I predict they all fight White Walkers and beat them (probably Dany die), then Lannisters make this trap to Jon, Arya and Sansa and kill.
Mrs. Morbid
Mrs. Morbid День назад
1:16 _real footage of the polar vortex 2019_
neuropiano 2 дня назад
Winter is HERE
Reff Jey
Reff Jey 2 дня назад
The last 5 mins of season 8 *Bran wakes up* *It was all a dream*
Big Steve
Big Steve 2 дня назад
I refuse to die before the end of season 8.
Jillian Arnold
Jillian Arnold 2 дня назад
For the love of god, please release the trailer.
M&V 2 дня назад
Bitch if I don’t get my trailer ASAP I will literally decompose
Brian Atwood
Brian Atwood 2 дня назад
"You have my name. And you have my blood." "And you have MY axe!"
Sourabh Salvi
Sourabh Salvi 2 дня назад
Thanks Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!
S Mac
S Mac 2 дня назад
Ayşegül Çağlarljsjjsjsjjajj
heyecanla beklediğimiz dizi mutlu sonla bitmiycek..hepsi ölücek savası ak gezenler kazanacak.danerys hariç.
stevenmitsy1 2 дня назад
losing Joffrey , Tywin and bringing Snow back from the dead etc is when game of thrones went down the plughole..Storylines are going way to fast to accommodate the fight with the white walkers..tyrells destruction was a joke ..Show went at a snail pace which was brill to develop the characters..
Mateus Fonseca
Mateus Fonseca 2 дня назад
I can't wait muitoooooooooooooo fodaaaa Braseeeel
Roland Lee
Roland Lee 2 дня назад
A man likes the teaser, but a man does not like to be teased.
Dave Ryan
Dave Ryan 2 дня назад
The Starks need a new sculptor. There current ones terrible...
Halil Arıcı
Halil Arıcı 2 дня назад
Noluyorr aaamınakoyim
Beatnik 2 дня назад
Wait, who built those statues?!?
poppp 2 дня назад
It's only 2 months left before 14 April, but there is still no sign of GOT's official trailer being released. :(
poppp 2 дня назад
Does anyone know whether the official trailer will be released sometime soon? Can't wait for it.
Standalone 2 дня назад
Oh summer child, you are drawing the wrong blade.
entertainment study
entertainment study 2 дня назад
i hav to watch all seasons again
Bijaya Aryal
Bijaya Aryal 2 дня назад
Winter is coming....
AMAZING JOKER 2 дня назад
ruvid.net/video/видео-Ftg2QdFBKEQ.html Watch game of thrones 2019 new extented trailer
rishab khamb
rishab khamb 2 дня назад
Please check out my guitar cover of GOT! :)))
Ziooby4 2 дня назад
One does not simply end such a show. R.I.P Eddard R.I.P Catelyn R.I.P Robb R.I.P Rickon
Adithya Krishnan
Adithya Krishnan 2 дня назад
I want to go to future and want to know what happens when Jaime meets bran..
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif 2 дня назад
I almost don't want the end to come... Because after it's all over, I fear it will feel like the death of a close friend!
Geek guy
Geek guy 2 дня назад
Winter is here
Leojii Music
Leojii Music 2 дня назад
Leojii Music
Leojii Music 2 дня назад
The Lannisters send their regards
Hakeno D. Ali
Hakeno D. Ali 2 дня назад
The Lannisters send their regards
Hakeno D. Ali
Hakeno D. Ali 2 дня назад
Omg omg omg omg yesss
experiment0003 2 дня назад
The story is dragging now... get to the damn point!
ajay m
ajay m 2 дня назад
taratata pokem
taratata pokem 3 дня назад
The End is coming ...
River Rohter
River Rohter 3 дня назад
Ary, Sansa and Jon are going to die and this trailer does not help with disproving my theory. :(
IremLuna 3 дня назад
Sibel Mete
Sibel Mete 3 дня назад
I miss you 😪
Paul richards
Paul richards 3 дня назад
Actually can’t wait but the ending apparently is shit cos kit Harrington wife didn’t speak to him for three days when he told her how GOT ends :/
fred moody
fred moody 3 дня назад
Gives me goosebumps every time
SauRabh SuMan
SauRabh SuMan 3 дня назад
*Jaqen H'ghar* : Speak three names, and the man will do the rest *Hodor* : Hodor, Hodor, Hodor!!!
johnny english
johnny english 3 дня назад
Game Thrones Music video cover - ruvid.net/video/видео-piq-SaZUz-8.html
Mixer 3 дня назад
Is it just me or those statues of jon, arya and sansa seemed like moving
Micah 3 дня назад
We want a prequel about - Roberts rebellion - How valaryia got destroyed - What podrick did to those girls
Metro Bradsey
Metro Bradsey 3 дня назад
jack757 3 дня назад
Who hate sansa like me
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael 3 дня назад
A dwarf, a giant and a cringe
R9* Jeff
R9* Jeff 3 дня назад
Goooooosebumps anyone?!
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