Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

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The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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May 12, 2019




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Rickard Kaufman
D&D: We fucked our entire show up. Meanwhile with Vince Gilligan: I won.
Awarapan 4 days ago
sadak thi khod diya, series thi ........... :(
artcasperos 6 days ago
I just got recommended this. Why RUvid why? You just want to ruin my day fvck this now I’m mad
Vince Rocko
Vince Rocko 22 days ago
let the betrayal of the century begin!
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon 24 days ago
Guys stop criticising D&D for gosh sake! They did the impossible. Ruined their whole legacy build up in 67 episodes in just 6 episodes. That's a huge task that is very tough to accomplish
Dmitrii Turbanov
Dmitrii Turbanov 26 days ago
It’s 1,5 year since the last episode was aired and I’m still furious about how irresponsible show runners were! How can you sleep after fucking things up like this? I thought I’d be ok by now, but every time I rewatch some scenes or episodes I can’t get off my mind, that the last season was the absolute fuckery that fucked up some many minds. I’m sorry about being so rude, but I’m just furious. Whoever’s responsible for this needs to understand the level of damage that was brought to fans. I can’t understand why would anyone do something like this to the fans of the biggest tv show in history. It’s so stupid. Y’all need to fix it and I don’t care how you gonna do it. Y’all just have to. Peace to everyone ✌🏼 P.S y’all fucking lucky dragons don’t exist. Someone would probably already flew they dragon and burn your pathetic asses to the ground. P.S. 2 Dracarys
Matt Everdeen TWD
Matt Everdeen TWD 28 days ago
HBO: Here, The Series Finale of GoT Me: *i DoN wAn Et*
Shreyas Linge
Shreyas Linge Month ago
Writers: S8 Drogon: Dracarys
creepy uncle Joe
I bet George rr Martin really regrets telling the writers the ending he should said make up your own we would have gotten a better one than this one
Verónica Simonetti Guadalupe
This was beyond disappointing , i think even Ed Sheeran has a better story than Bran The Broken
Javier Luna
Javier Luna Month ago
Daenerys targaryen 👏👏👏
houyam yassir
houyam yassir Month ago
Is this the end of Game of Thrones?
Veda Alwayshappy
Daenerys character change in season 8 is totally unacceptable.... She was as righteous as Jon snow in the beginnings
Matt Jeandons
Matt Jeandons Month ago
Dany did more good than all other characters combined ffs, i miss her so much man
Invictus 007
Invictus 007 Month ago
We kinda forgot good writing
denny greeney
denny greeney Month ago
IMA HARD ass "I once brought a donkey and a honeycomb into a brothel" .. just sayin
denny greeney
denny greeney Month ago
We know no King but the KING OF THE NORTH AMERICAS..just sayin
Zippo404 Month ago
D and D just kinda forgot about the end of the dothraki
Matt Jeandons
Matt Jeandons Month ago
oi they were facing an enemy that reanimates itself, dany said she is going to withhold exactly half of her forces from the battle early doors, fooooool
Series, Movies and Music lovers
insta kurdo_ _451
insta kurdo_ _451 2 months ago
It was so sad that Jon snow kill mother of drogons :(
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson 2 months ago
Well. At least we can say that it was eventful. I liked the whole thing pretty much. Ending was understandable but more episodes would have made it much more impactful
swacfan100 2 months ago
I didn't mind Kings Landing burning down, I didn't even mind Dany going mad. I knew it wasn't gonna come to a fairytale end. But I wish they'd ( the writers) done it differently. This was not the way it should have happened. Jmo
Karl Heinz
Karl Heinz 2 months ago
Why do people like this?It felt like a nightmare watching this.All those character arcs for nothing...
shinil ml
shinil ml 2 months ago
I just wanted to know that azor ahai or Prince who promised are fight against darkness but if night king is less dark and the greatest darkness will come in future that is why azor ahai's sword never found. After killing dany the new era was start's because prophecy are being and rise of azor ahai to fight against darkness
tesla Tesla
tesla Tesla 2 months ago
They brought Corona only because we forget the terrible season finale writings.
iamkhan kb
iamkhan kb 3 months ago
If Game Of Thrones had hundred seasons..
Ad Menad
Ad Menad 3 months ago
It was one of the worst ....
Afraz Amjad
Afraz Amjad 3 months ago
Whyyyyy just make it again
Nu tzer
Nu tzer 3 months ago
Warhammer beats EVERYONE
Samrat Upadhyay
Samrat Upadhyay 3 months ago
#Emila Clarke as khelessi our queen
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 3 months ago
This promo is basically us after the complete annihilation of the show.
العاب Games
العاب Games 3 months ago
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Мамкин эксперт
Night King: I'm gonna turn dead everyone. Writers: hold my ale.
Vineeth Dhuplae
Vineeth Dhuplae 4 months ago
Exactly one year for the biggest let down in TV series history,thank you dumb and dumber..
Ya boi Ronaldo
Ya boi Ronaldo 4 months ago
One of the best episodes of the entire series, y’all are just mad Jon didn’t end up King
Matt Jeandons
Matt Jeandons Month ago
most people are mad because Daenerys who was on run her whole life, abused by brother, who's baby relatives were tossed at walls due to their second name alone, who was raped, lost an unborn baby, lost multiple dragons, betrayed by those closest to her, again lost all loved ones she gained, was then treated poorly, all the starks got the ending they hoped for, it was not bittersweet, only daenerys endured the bitter part of all the main characters.
npr 3 months ago
fuking shit episode
Marina Khachan
Marina Khachan 4 months ago
Here i am almost one year later enjoying the saltiest comment section to ever exist. Honestly I'm as pissed as y'all are.
Big Ashmo0ri
Big Ashmo0ri 4 months ago
So here's a theory just a THEORY : so we all know that D&D were responsible for the last season and it was horrible, let's check the reasons and why did they ruin a masterpiece, other than making GoT S8 they/one of them were/is responsible for the STAR WARS thing, I'm not hating on Star Wars, I just want you to think who owns Star Wars? Disney, D&D or one of them is obviously a Disney director/writer you name it, just know one thing: This outrageous ending and horrible writing was either done to get Disney's attention/extra credit, or done based on orders by Disney cuz TBH this was disappointing and horrible, this wasn't an accident, an insane man would've written a better story, the STARBUCKS CUP showed us how careless they were in the editing and directing, they had the world on a string and they couldn't keep it together, such a shame, this could've Been the best TV SHOW of all time but all that has gone to waste such a disappointment, I wish they can rewrite the last season and give it a better ending not this just NOT THIS; now this Disney thing is just a theory not a fact just a theory, take care and stay safe.
Big Ashmo0ri
Big Ashmo0ri 4 months ago
@bido kokot damn it bruv
bido kokot
bido kokot 4 months ago
writing was terrible since they were run out of books.... it just proves how bad those 2 fuckers are ... they also both of them after this season they canceled writing star wars ....
Hajime 4 months ago
this was just that horrible! what the f*** ? season 8 didn't even have writers ? how this can even be real ? GOT was an amazing Tv show but with season 8, and even 7 writers destroyed everything
Chinyama Kakoma
Chinyama Kakoma 4 months ago
does anyone know where I can get the ost for this preview? I just love it
MZCrayKray 4 months ago
Why didn't Cersei and Jaimie just hide in the Dragon's Skeletons head? It was clearly still in tact when Tyrion wiggled his way in there. lol
Evil Queen
Evil Queen 4 months ago
Finding out my boyfriend was cheating on me wasn’t as disappointing as the ending of this series..
Amy Winesauce
Amy Winesauce 4 months ago
Watching this back still hurts my soul. HBO did us dirty😔
Shivam Rai
Shivam Rai 4 months ago
Nope, HBO was willing to fund up to 4 more seasons. Blame the writers
Marine Bay
Marine Bay 5 months ago
Fact is everyone love Daenerys just for bad reasons. Her beauty her naive ideology and her fantastic creatures. The true talented were Tywin, Tyrion
Matt Jeandons
Matt Jeandons Month ago
lmfao? dany brought dragons into the world, she bodied the masters of astapor in style, saved soooo many people, hell in season 8 she used the power of the sun in style to destroy euron fleet, a move not seen since aegon the conqueror. iconic
Aayush Dogra
Aayush Dogra 5 months ago
Season 9 is comes or not please reply me IAM wait for it
bido kokot
bido kokot 4 months ago
after 80 years they will be remake with better writing and cgi but you will be dead long ago...
saroj kumar
saroj kumar 5 months ago
When the sequel is arrive HBO we cannot wait
Daenerys Clarke
Daenerys Clarke 5 months ago
11 months ago when the writers betrayed us Audience still remembers💀
Bhaskar Reddy
Bhaskar Reddy 11 days ago
The audience remembers!!
Totoka Naga
Totoka Naga 5 months ago
I still can't find peace 😔 GOT went from the best series to becoming my worst nightmare. I WISH they remake season 8 for the fans who really supported GOT..
Mr. J
Mr. J 5 months ago
This still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How did they manage to screw this up? It was supposed to be the greatest show of all time. I don't think I can watch Season 8 ever again before I die, and that's sad because I loved this show.
Tom Batts
Tom Batts 5 months ago
Also HBO should STOP blocking comments form users, GOT FANS are sooooooooooooo ANGRY that you HBO allowed this to happen! Season 7 was bad, Season 8 was TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE, words can't describe how i feel right now! Shameful Shameful Shameful = David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss
Tom Batts
Tom Batts 5 months ago
If David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss wanted to leave the show they should have just left, not destroy a GREAT TV show because they were in a hurry to end things. Shameful!
Tom Batts
Tom Batts 5 months ago
VERY VERY VERY BAD what David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss did to this amazing TV show, to completely DESTROY this show in just two seasons is just horrible. Season 7 was very bad and Season 8 was TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!
C.W.Simpson Productions
Imagine if Harry Potter had ended like this...
Yanina Martinez
Yanina Martinez 5 months ago
Thos scene just like star wars
Sam Baker
Sam Baker 5 months ago
BOYCOTT GAME OF THRONES, FACT: Season 8 was RUBBISH! They should REMAKE Season 7 and Season 8, Season 7 was BAD, but Season 8 was the WORST, took 2 years and around $100 Million for absolute Rubbish!
Tom Batts
Tom Batts 5 months ago
Agree, HBO sucks!
Δημήτρης Αθανασόπουλος
Ana 6 months ago
que bosta
Verónica Simonetti Guadalupe
For all The people saying that Dany was always mad , you really need to see The scene with Yara and theon Season 6 episode 09 . And that's just ONE example ! It seems that D&D kinda forgot past seasons of character development . Yes, Dany was rutless but never at The level of killing an entire city for no reason. If she was sooooooooo mad, she just could kill Cersei.
Verónica Simonetti Guadalupe
@Maya she felt betrayed SECONDS before achieving her goal? Lol ! Dont You think that's a Little convenient that she goes mad at this moment? Dany had a long journey, she lost people before, she suffered before,... And think violent too but she was willing to receive advice, she was complicated like The rest of the characters ,but at the end was like naaaaah ! She's a Targaryen ! She's mad ! And that's it.
Maya 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-v48Ol0D-l4E.html in this video she literally said "we will burn cities to the ground" and in season 5 there was foreshadowing of Drogon flying over kings landing. And she didn't burn kings landing for no reason, in her eyes the whole city betrayed her
LORD DRAGO GAMING 6 months ago
Bad ending',
Dark Messiah / Mathias J.S. Poupinais
If you want to see a good fight with zombies who represent a real threat, in a medieval period, with political stakes respected until the end, and especially where we can see the action even during night, go watch the south-korean series Kingdom on Netflix. It succeeds where GOT failed miserably.
dreams world
dreams world 6 months ago
Look how you massacred tour boy
Verónica Simonetti Guadalupe
FUCK YOU HBO !!! You ruined an entire show with shitty writing !!! We deserved better
Tom Batts
Tom Batts 5 months ago
Agree 1000%, F**K HBO and F**K David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss! Ruined such a GREAT TV show in just two seasons!
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 6 months ago
Verónica Simonetti Guadalupe
Worst ending ever ! Shame on you hbo
Onohara Akio
Onohara Akio 7 months ago
such garbage ending. thank god Its over. they messed up the ending. it could be so much better than that trash ending.
farouk merouani
farouk merouani 8 months ago
I swear I had tears watching this trailer...knowing how bad I would after it.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall 8 months ago
SPOILERS!!!! Starks won, Tyrion’s Hand of The King, Brienn is a Kings Guard, Podtick’s alive, and Bronn got his castle: I am 💯 % satisfied with this ending.
Zif XxX
Zif XxX 8 months ago
So bad, the is ending destroyed me life.... I so much love GofT, but.... Something wrong
Roberto Rivera
Roberto Rivera 8 months ago
Sainath Reddy
Sainath Reddy 8 months ago
Season 8 6th (last) episode was worst...heart broken ending....
Nicole 8 months ago
You know you successfully got an unpredictable ending when people are upset that their expectations weren’t met :P
Sun Singh
Sun Singh 8 months ago
This show climactic scale was tantamount to having sex for 8 hours and 50 minutes.....and getting whiskey dick in the final 10 minutes.
Rohan Raga
Rohan Raga 8 months ago
What is dead may never die
Rohan Raga
Rohan Raga 8 months ago
Jai mahishmati
Grigor Avagyan
Grigor Avagyan 8 months ago
Warunner Gaming
Warunner Gaming 8 months ago
Jon Snow King Beyond the Wall
Kaybe - Cryptosphere
Best comments ever on youtube? Scroll down ....:D
Anastasia Kavor
Anastasia Kavor 9 months ago
Es como ver el nacimiento del "lado oscuro de la fuerza". Fantastico
SkyNet 9 months ago
Je n'ai jamais pu finir un épisode tellement que j'ai trouvé nul cette série, pas concerné.
Neo 9 months ago
I am Still mad.
Vermelho Red
Vermelho Red 9 months ago
Daenerys lives forever!
Rosalie Canteras
Rosalie Canteras 10 months ago
Even drogon had a better story than Bran the broken
wall flower
wall flower 10 months ago
Anyone know the soundtrack name in this trailer
Oana Lidia
Oana Lidia 8 months ago
I want to know too!
bezveze iii
bezveze iii 10 months ago
Miss this so much
BhAvIka joshi
BhAvIka joshi 10 months ago
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh 10 months ago
Did anyone notice that bran knew what was going to happen. He knew he was gonna become the king so, he let it happen. Writers left it open to interpretation. Anyone who watched this show closely will notice it.
Acosta Mar
Acosta Mar 10 months ago
I love Game of thrones, pls bring back Game of thrones pls. I can't move on to the shows. I started to watch Game Of Thrones since 2019,because my dad download S1-S8 and when I watched the finale, then I cried. Because my favourite show ended. 1 was 13 year old boy from Philippines and I was hoping for Season 9 of Game of Thrones.
ThingsWithAli 10 months ago
im still pissed off
dijana grubac
dijana grubac 11 months ago
Worst ending ever!!! Drogon shoud burn everywhone else and eat Jon's head 😡😡😡😡
Seth 8 months ago
Fuck you! What's your problem with Jon?
nipuna randuna
nipuna randuna 11 months ago
u suck in finale, writers.seriosly. the emmy for the worst finale ending tv series goes to ................one and only nominated ..... GAME OF THRONES. go and f___ urself.
KING KOHLI 11 months ago
Get ready and prepared HBO writers Drogon is looking to fuck you all
Melly 11 months ago
What’s this music called?
Gorgon Bazil
Gorgon Bazil 11 months ago
I think a better ending would have been: Arya to have gotten to the throne room first before John and done the "Deed" John would have seen this as it was happening, Arya would have explained it would be better for her to be the one that the Crown exiles, The Unsullied rush in to see Arya standing over Denarys and Arya being who she is manages slip away. The Heads of the remaining houses then decide to accept John as the King"The rightful heir" he turns it down, suggests they appoint a King and heads north to Winterfell. Bran is chosen as the King. The Northmen welcome John back as King of the North but John declares his work is done and declares Sansa as Queen of the North. John then tells everyone he will leave to where he truly belongs and heads north of the wall with the "Free Folk". Arya having slipped away heads west to explore the world.
rubaraewood 11 months ago
After four months, I came here to check if the last season wasn't a fever dream of mine. I moved on about it, but it still makes me a little sad how the characters and plot were rushed... *sighs*
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister 11 months ago
GOT season 8 the worst season and ending ever .... , still angry. What a shit, Dumb and dumber 🖕🖕.
Starborn TM
Starborn TM 11 months ago
The Finale Of GOT 😫😫
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister 11 months ago
A Comedy.
Ayham Farhat
Ayham Farhat Year ago
The end that has to be: After Drogon carries Dany away……… There was a tribe of the Targaryens on the island of Essos, which lived hiding so as not to kill. When Dany died, this tribe knew her death. And magically, they summons the dragon with Danny's body to make a great sacrifice to bring Danny to life again …. The leader of this Targaryens tribe will be Danny's cousin .... And yet bring it back to life ...... Danny opens her eyes and doesn't believe what she sees.... Great tribe of Targaryens with lots of dragons….. Danny and her cousin later become rulers on the island of essos. Jon Snow escapes from Westeros Island …after they knew that he was Targaryen.. Danny's cousin jailed Jon Snow... He wants to kill him because he killed Danny Danny forgives Jon.... Westeros .. ruled by the Starks.... And the children of the forest are returning the white walkers… There is war between the three sides...... And………………. Anything happens................ do you agree???
sentrygunner 11 months ago
No sounds complicated
khaled nessaibi
لعنة على ديفد ودان ليوم يبعثون 😐
Christian Entertainment
Daenerys never sat on the iron throne
Ziad Kutaish
Ziad Kutaish Year ago
Thanking the writers for ruining the final legacy for Game Of Thrones
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister 11 months ago
They ruin the entire show.
Manassa Agzennay
still I don't understand how its possible that some one who want to stop up the warr olso the killerings, has a capacity to kill.
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