Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes Breakdown

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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes Explained. Jon Snow Ending Final Scene, Daenerys and Ser Jorah Mormont ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale ► ruvid.net/video/video-B_ZZ2OgGneY.html
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Covering Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Alternate Ending, Game Of Thrones Season 8 Deleted Scenes. Jon Snow Ending, Ser Jorah Mormont Changes, White Walker Night King Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Changes and the Future of Jon Snow after the Game of Thrones Finale. Still doing a Finale Q&A video this week! Bonus Episode airs on Sunday Night
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May 23, 2019




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Emergency Awesome
Here's my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Finale Alternate Ending* and Deleted Scenes video. There will be a lot more deleted scenes we'll learn about when the blu ray is released, so leave all your video requests in the comments. My Finale Q&A video will post in the next few days!
RenFam818 4 months ago
If Jorah lives, he, Jon, Tyrion, and Varys would have convinced Dany to be merciful and not to burn a million innocents after the surrender bell already rang. Dany could have easily just burned the castle causing Jaime and Cersei to die while everything crumbles down on them as she deserves. As a compromise to the North and for Sansa's safety, Dany agrees for Jon to be king while she is queen. The whole series we hear Dany is not her father and she is destined to break the wheel and liberate the world. The show didn't need to go out on a shocking ending killing the heroine. The show should have ended with the greatest number of people happy. Now many are disappointed and GOT no award nominations for season 8. All of you writers out there, you can twist and turn on every episode. But give the people what they want, a happy ending
Albert Garcia
Albert Garcia 6 months ago
There’s new released footage of 5 deleted scenes from episodes 2-4
The Professional
The Professional 7 months ago
i played a bit with oremiere pro and tried to make alternate ending. i would really appreciate every view.
Andrewtristan 7 months ago
No deleted scenes
Markster CASTORENO 7 months ago
Would have been good Arya and Gendry had got married.
5abivt Hour ago
Jon snow leaves the wall on Drogon and cones back to take over . The rightful heir 🙌🏼
SIR SAINT 1 4 hours ago
I can’t wait for the book to come out, so I can get over this shit show of a season.
Ron Stoppable
Ron Stoppable 17 hours ago
How about an alternate ending where Daenerys and Jon marry and rule jointly as king and queen in a city that she did not lose her mind and lots of dragonwolf babies.
meh P
meh P Day ago
Game of thrones is essentially Starks vs Lannisters. All others in sub plots including Daenerys in one way or other help to see that Lannisters are defeated and Starks ascend to the throne. John stark was never meant for the Throne right from the start. In the first episode itself it was decided that some Stark presumably Bran Stark is going to sit on the Iron throne. But people forgot this stark fact long ago. By the 8th season people have long back changed their love and loyalties to Daeneryis or Jon Snow. However, since the throne was already decided for Bran Stark the writers had to do a nasty job in the end to remove Daenerys to pave way for Starks that left many unhappy. And the writers did blunder in killing Lord Varys in the last episode. Also killing missandei is a mistake. Lord Varys should have lived to see that the better world where powerful could not prey on powerless that he always cherish to dream of and conceptualize. Killing him was counterproductive and spoilsport. Also Cersie and Jaime should have Not been given glorified ending. They should have been instead hacked to death. They committed crimes that does never justify them a glorified ending.
New_Black_ S0ul
Clearly your just bored cause of covid 19 cause this info did nothing for me I wish they had done the season over instead. I got that bitter taste in my mouth still after watching. Soooooo....🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Jean de Valette
Whatever, Charlie.
Nathaniel Stacy
I prefer the Ending we were supposed to get the one Martin clearly intended where John/Aegon slays the Nights king in a camacousie move then we F as forward to Queen Dannie telling Sam to tell young Ned of his father.
Ted Chen
Ted Chen Day ago
George RR Martin ending would be better if and when he finishes the book!
AlexIsModded Day ago
Jorah surviving actually makes her going down the road of "mad queen" make more sense. Jorah, of all the male characters, has the largest influence on her.
Love Kylie
Love Kylie 2 days ago
Daenerys should’ve burned Winterfell too
RagnarWolflord 2 days ago
I think a better ending would have been Drogon takes the body of Daenarys north and she wakes as the new Night Queen and the cycle begins again. Been even better if the last scene you see is Bran Stark alone in the room, stand up and look into the mirror and say something along the line as his plans all came together to put him on the throne......just for some interesting twists and turns. lol
Brian chadwick
Brian chadwick 3 days ago
Why doesn’t anyone bring up danerys for treason; she was forcibly demanding people keep Jon snows true identity secret. She murdered people for what she considered treason yet she actually was committing treason by hiding the identity of the true king. This never being mentioned confuses me
Oh So Dangerous
Oh So Dangerous 3 days ago
6:00 When did jon snow reject there relationship? I must of missed that
Madhur Arora
Madhur Arora 4 days ago
"Euron's 360 no scope scorpion bolts"😂
Larrea MMA
Larrea MMA 4 days ago
Both endings suck 😂
Patrick Marchand
Patrick Marchand 5 days ago
The only original ending is the one G.R.R. Martin will write. The 8th season doesn't exist for me.
James Lee
James Lee 7 days ago
Blood moon cancel 😂😂😂😂
Reza Azarmgin
Reza Azarmgin 7 days ago
neither of the endings
Abygael Leblanc
Abygael Leblanc 8 days ago
I think that the last season don't make any sens for dany. She always fought for others and she save so much people. Burning down everything dont make sens for me. And it sad because it give a sexist ending because bran won the trone doing feckall . this pissed me off :(
InitialPC 8 days ago
if I were to make one change to season 8, it would be about Jaime, I would have it end with him killing cersei and completing his character arc instead of throwing it all out the window in just one scene
excludedkratos 9 days ago
Chigozirim Ononuju
The whole her slowly becoming the mad queen is just stupid. Period
Manishzxcv 9 days ago
This alternative ending is like the raise I'm always promised, just as same as before. I just want a new season with better writers
Freedome Bradley
Freedome Bradley 9 days ago
maybe this ending will help GRRM finish the fooking books!
CC Mi 9 days ago
It makes the season better but it still sucks. Daenerys deserves a better ending. I mean they all deserves a better ending.
ms 9
ms 9 10 days ago
Season 8 sucked. Full stop.
Mark Juhasz
Mark Juhasz 10 days ago
Both endings shit. You wrote a better one.
Nathan Hodgson
Nathan Hodgson 11 days ago
Turning Daenerys mad and making jon kill her ruined the programme
Abu Musa Ibn Albashir
All sir jorah want is to serve her. Don’t question his honour
Abu Musa Ibn Albashir
Puttin sir jorah in that thing would questioning his loyality, where as he is the one who is most trusted to her. Just let him rest you filthy writers
Tom Vrabec
Tom Vrabec 13 days ago
Tyrion was always quite straight forward with what he thought, he had his secrets and thought, but he always said straight on what he meant. I was utterly saddened that throughout seasons 7 and 8 he did not say to Dany that she is getting out of hand and that she is becoming like those she thought against.... that would be a Tyrion thing to do.
Magdalena Stadnicka
Too much talking nothing showing. Shit video
Greeneyelove 18 days ago
I hate how it ended. Period. Her going mad made no sense, but Jorah not seeing Dani go mad was one good thing.
bikkiikun 18 days ago
The ending is not necessarily the problem... it is what lead up to it... and what is missing. For example the death of her second dragon is total plot-idiocy. How could Dani and her dragons not see such a large fleet of ships form up there? And even with the loss of her second dragon, she spiralled down into cruelty WAY too quickly. Yes, people will say, she was always cruel... in Slavers' Bay and with the Dothrakis. Actually she was not cruel. The Masters of Slavers' Bay a guilty, all of them. And their punishment was just and in line with the cultural norms of that area and time. And the Khals deserved their fate as well. Dani was strict and determined, but just throughout the whole series. There is no basis for her to decend into cruelty.
Catherine Oluwole
Catherine Oluwole 19 days ago
This is NOT an alternate ending for the show it's just adding a character who died which doesn't do much
Golla Girish Yadav
Golla Girish Yadav 20 days ago
U just explained how to digest the shit season. U didn't give alternative ending.
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 20 days ago
Biggest change Night king doesn't die🛌
Kaitlin Chin
Kaitlin Chin 21 day ago
But when will they release the alternate season?
meanmachine08 22 days ago
Why would Jorah go to the nights watch?
Daily Learning
Daily Learning 22 days ago
Can anyone please tell me about the mystery where jon went?
harlyn blanchflower
Daenerys and Jorah would never turn against each other.
So Jorah being alive did absolutely nothing. So really there was actually no alternate ending. Jorah just didn't die. 😂
JPK Clutch
JPK Clutch 25 days ago
I think we can all agree on how horrible S8 was. The illogical military and political plans,the rushed storylines,The WAY that Dany turned into the most horrible person in Westeros history,Rhaegal’s death, Jons resurrection having no impact on him unless you could say he became an even dumber and weaker character,Jaimes character development and storyline for 4 years going down the drain in a matter of 2 episodes,The Night King and Aegon/Jon never fighting 1 on 1 despite all the hype that was built since Hardhome and The Night King dying in the first battle he waged in Westeros. Bran becoming king after saying he didn’t want anything. Would have made way more sense for all kingdoms to divide.S8 was historically and epically bad. Especially the last 2 episodes that till this day I have never watched and never plan on doing. Dan and Dave should never lead another promising series in their life’s as they work together.
goobs N
goobs N 25 days ago
There is no way grey worm would have let jon live once he senn dany dead he would have fought him right there. So for writers to b like hey u know what ill lock u up and let someone else decide ur fate was bull
nihsel 26 days ago
both endings suck
Aaron Redd
Aaron Redd 29 days ago
So what have we learned from all this? Never start a television series based on an UNFINISHED book series. It’s apparent that the writing took a downward turn when the producers ran out of their source material. The show itself is one of the greatest of all time in terms of production, and thats why it is somewhat disappointing, because it was truly deserving of a well-rounded finish. The last cue that D&D took from Martin was for the episode “the door” and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen on television. Just wish the final episodes would have been on that same level of brilliance.
RazAlguise Month ago
I like the ending where Dani and Jon marry and have children and reign over the 7 kingdoms.
Emily Sikora
Emily Sikora Month ago
love how they tried to make her look "insane" by having messy hair and no makeup. not.
James Morris
James Morris Month ago
I would like Ser Jorah live and make the hard choices as Dany goes rogue!
edward timothy
edward timothy Month ago
Actually i like the ideas that night king won in winterfell
JAGUAR Month ago
I guess if sir jurah would have killed her it would be awesome
Zara Kim
Zara Kim Month ago
I want none of this endings...i mean what was the whole point of Jon being Targarian?
Annette McChesney
Still a shit ending!
Daire Fitzpatrick
It's all shit 😂😂
Imran Tahir
Imran Tahir Month ago
Are Dan Weiss and Dave Benioff the ones that Emilia Clarke claimed manipulated her to get naked through the series?
Kevin Wheesy Southward
I can’t believe how badly they destroyed Game of Thrones. To me, it had become the greatest entertainment vehicle of all time. Every time a new season came out, I would watch all of the prior seasons to get caught up and in GOT mode. After seeing the final season, I can’t watch the earlier seasons anymore because they ended up being meaningless. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so let down.
Ethan Toop
Ethan Toop Month ago
I likes the ending that actually made sense oh wait.... that never happened
Their is not a bit of delete scean 😠😠
mpg0211 Month ago
Jon's whole story was to fight the whites and we got robbed of possibly the best 1on 1 fights in tv history jon vs white king. Arya got robbed of her kill of Cersei. Cersei dies by arya. Jaime and euron should of died fighting eachother on the beach over the same poisonous women. The hound should of survived to claim his household name or be queens guard. Sansa was spoiled to the end and just demanded the north be freed and got her way so wtf. Jorah died a good death I'm good on that. Other deaths should of happen to potentially push dany to mad queen status. Varies shld of died serving her as well as what's her name that was captured. potentially grey worm or Tyrion as well. Big deaths to create big emotions to go mad. In the end she should got ger shit together and been the right queen for the throne. Jon shlda denied dany marriage to be free of service and responsibilities and go free into the north with wildlings. Ultimately to still be named king crow by wildlings and be a leader of free folk. Side note the long night battle sucked. The long night shlda been just a long night of preparation of battle alotta dialogue and character feelings expressed then come dawn the dead arrive and fight is on.
Sebson 300
Sebson 300 Month ago
Both suck! There should have been more seasons and a deeper, more game of thrones lore accurate ending that put more of the theories and speculations at ease!
M L.
M L. Month ago
I'd like an alternate season 7 and 8.
MaSal918 Month ago
I don’t care what everyone says. I was happy to see Daenerys killed. I never liked her
JemHadar422 Month ago
I like the ending with Stannis on the throne
"Dan and Dave are not involved in any way whatsoever."
george mezzor
george mezzor Month ago
Both endings are fucking shite. Watched it again and was pissed all over again. Absolute shite.
MrBear2073 Month ago
Good! Dan and Dave took with them any faith I had to try and wite out a decent ending to such a great show. It's good to know we are getting new writers.
Sean Fastje
Sean Fastje Month ago
Yeah, jon snow abandon the nights watch. That's what him looking at closing gate meant he realised his old life was over. He was free.
John Ward
John Ward Month ago
i preferred the original ending to the alternate
E M Month ago
I can stay with her, even just a fuckbody like daario
ravin P
ravin P Month ago
I'm fucken eating cake right now khaleesi!!!
Mukesh Nath Goswami
Both of them sucks
Aabir Rahman
Aabir Rahman Month ago
Thank god those idoit are not in prequel👍🏻
abhinav dj
abhinav dj Month ago
Alternate ending was better then the original. All seasons of GOT was so good but in the end they fucked up 🤪
Bobby 2 months ago
Episode 6 should have been a deleted scene.
HAHA HAHA 2 months ago
Neither! The ending was so horrible I regret ever watching the show.
don Schulte
don Schulte 2 months ago
I dont like the end
Jediknight101 2 months ago
6:28 I can’t believe how Daenerys felt how she was alone, out of control, afraid and consumed by fear. I blame Tyrion for failing Daenerys. But Daenerys should be resurrected to find redemption in herself it won’t be easy though and she must face Jon Snow again but they need to kiss and make up sooner or later, She can’t stay mad at Jon Snow Forever otherwise she’ll regret it For the rest of her life. Lord of light resurrect Daenerys and giver her second chance of life and redemption because I believe she can be redeemed for her mistakes.
Michael Hooper
Michael Hooper 2 months ago
Gendry would of supported jon over Dany. He had a friendship with jon and davos and he loved arya
Rings The Of Lord
Rings The Of Lord 2 months ago
I just want war between the North and the Mother Of Dragons' supporters. Eventually Jon Snow wins and gets the Thorne, making the world better otherwise the Aegon thing is pointless. Of course there will be casualties in the war.
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