Game of Thrones: Robert's Rebellion & Battle of the Trident 283 AC

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A special Game of Thrones episode, covering events of the Robert's Rebellion.

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Aug 12, 2017

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Comments 5 614
BazBattles Year ago
Don't worry, this is just a "special" episode. We get back on track with our ongoing series shortly. Stay tuned!
Ejiro Akamune
Ejiro Akamune 20 days ago
Please do the Dance of Dragons civil war
B G 29 days ago
I'm happy you didn't do just this battle. I'm sure you're not upset that this video has not only brought 5-10x as many of your videos, but it's also brought more people to your other amazing works. Definitely new fan here because of the GoT coverage.
Maestro Classico
VERY WELL DONE! All the more reason why HBO needs to give us a prequel with all of this! Especially since GOT itself is ending so badly!!
Fun Time
Fun Time Month ago
more please
Raymund Velasco
Raymund Velasco Month ago
Whats the gsme ur using?
felthemeart 11 hours ago
so jaime actually saved eddard stark
Nhiên Lê Minh Huệ
So who the hell is the knight of the laughing tree
Rachel Perez
Rachel Perez Day ago
Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos
Pfff I wish they make Some series for roberts rebellion because that shit is fire🔥
Xiyu Yang
Xiyu Yang 2 days ago
Do one for the Dance of the Dragons pls
The Wii U Pro Controller Defense Force
*breathes in* YOU GOT FAT
"You are late Lord Frey" 10:11
BoZZigmupp 4 days ago
How did Rhaella die tho?
Master chief
Master chief 3 days ago
In childbirth
Sebastian Tapia
Sebastian Tapia 4 days ago
Amazing video, thank you
sandeep bagde
sandeep bagde 6 days ago
Story of Game of Thrones is better than Mahabharata.
Daniel Severino
Daniel Severino 6 days ago
“Love is the death of duty”... as Maester Aemon Targaryen said. Forget all the theories you know by a second, this is mine. As a Targaryen he knows that their duty is to sit on the Iron Throne, like they did for 300 years. And it’s curious because love was the reason why this rebellion started. If Rahegar did not loved Lyanna, the 2 Starks wouldn’t be burned and the wars wouldn’t happend and consequently Aerys wouldn’t die.
dwoollery 7 days ago
GRRM is one hell of a storyteller.
Greek Student
Greek Student 7 days ago
It is amazing! What program did you use?
Nick S
Nick S 7 days ago
It took one man to make the story, but another to narrate it into true being
Charles Hollingshed
This was Superbly done. Thank you. !!
Slug Face
Slug Face 9 days ago
2:23 nobody could get through that Kings-guard
Dan Claudino
Dan Claudino 9 days ago
O que significa a sigla A.C. nas crônicas do gelo e do fogo?
Dan Claudino
Dan Claudino 7 days ago
@David Pereira Obrigado David
David Pereira
David Pereira 7 days ago
Antes da conquista
Marvin Giertz
Marvin Giertz 11 days ago
fucking Baratheons lucky they all fucking died
Cheekers 12 days ago
I honestly think they should do a game of thrones mini series focusing on the events of Robert’s rebellion.
Easy Grin
Easy Grin 12 days ago
Damn the older Starks had balls... just riding to a lunatic ruler who has the best fighters anywhere as bodyguards... but then again the best knight got cut down by a swampy
Cute Doggo
Cute Doggo 12 days ago
"Undisputed rule"
Otto Jørgensen
Otto Jørgensen 13 days ago
Never knew how complicated Roberts Rebellion really was. Kinda want to see it on screen now, especially the Battle of the trident. Too bad it won't happen because everyone knows the outcome.
Mr Predatorrz
Mr Predatorrz 14 days ago
Legit just finished my first watch of got and I think I’m gonna have to start it again
Wyatt Felling
Wyatt Felling 15 days ago
I still don’t understand why Rhaegar would give the rose to Lyanna in public. Why didn’t he just have a relationship with her in private and not make it look like he did kidnapped her and ran away with her?
Mick Clarke
Mick Clarke 15 days ago
TheSuperQuail 16 days ago
Where do Bessie and her tits fit into this?
Zachary Folse
Zachary Folse 16 days ago
‘Replaced with fresh faces’ 💀
Patryk 16 days ago
Seems like everybody in the realm was doing their own buisness and without dragons Targaryens can't do sh*t about it.
J L 17 days ago
I should have watched this before GOT's first season. It would have made a much easier start to the show
Starlesslemon 18 days ago
Robert shouldn't have been given the thrown. It should have been forced on Ned
Jackson Pertusatti
Jackson Pertusatti 18 days ago
please, made this for LOTR battles
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 18 days ago
Actually this story is more interesting than the GoT story. So much warfare, so much strategies, and so much of Ned Stark..
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin 19 days ago
This make me want to play age of the empires
Thomas Nelving
Thomas Nelving 19 days ago
Fantastic work! well done!
A J 19 days ago
I didn't know Tywin was a knight.
BudONGzzZZ311 19 days ago
wait what? where's danny?
Loy Mzi
Loy Mzi 19 days ago
She was born towards the end of this conflict and was around a year or 2 old when it ended..
Dragon 19 days ago
Brilliantly done... well done
Billy Joe
Billy Joe 20 days ago
Is it me or do I feel like I'm watching a prequel series 👍
TSK08 20 days ago
Stannis the real MVP.
Fat Ant
Fat Ant 20 days ago
That made things so much clearer. thank you.
The Castamereian Raynes
-Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon- *Rhaegar + Lyanna = Danny*
Calvin G
Calvin G 20 days ago
“Your late lord Frey” 😂
Lanzy 20 days ago
Man this is so nicely edited! It's like watching a Civ game play out. Great job on everything going on with this video, impressed as heck.
Conor Kennedy
Conor Kennedy 20 days ago
Battle of the bastards needs to happen
RepublicanGuard 20 days ago
Are you South African? Your accent indicates so?
Kayzen L7
Kayzen L7 20 days ago
haha Robert and Stark are the greatest, long live to them, death to the targaryen
Mira 21 day ago
11:58 If I recall, only the deaths of Rhaegar's children were ordered by Tywin. He himself admits that Ellia's death was unnecessary, but in the rush to outrun Ned Stark and in worry over Jaime's safety, he forgot about her. Without explicit orders Clegane, being the mad dog that he was, did what he wanted. I'm willing to believe Tywin, he was allways pragmatic and Ellia's death needlessly antagonised the Martells.
Atum Jones
Atum Jones 21 day ago
It was more so Brandon Starks fault for going to kings landing should have just went to get married
BalF 22 days ago
And now we have respawning armies teleporting from one place to another - one moment the Unsullied are at Dragonstone, next moment they are at Casterly rock, their fleet is destroyed yet they somehow appear near KingsLanding, then they march north all the way to Winterfell. At the same time the army of dead are slowly marching to the wall for 8 fuckin seasons! They don't need to rest, to eat, to sleep, yet they somehow move 100000x slower than anyone else.
Maximus Brutus
Maximus Brutus 22 days ago
D & D
Jef Ril
Jef Ril 22 days ago
thats great,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Leah Moses
Leah Moses 22 days ago
I liked this.
ed gagarin
ed gagarin 22 days ago
A tale as old as time. Tragic love story Romeo oh Romeo
Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida 22 days ago
He's good, too good." Sigh* incompetent help is so hard to find these days... You know you have a shit king when he complains that the help is "Too good"
p4g3 23 days ago
Lmao that ending tune
therese gem cruz
therese gem cruz 23 days ago
recap here @t
therese gem cruz
therese gem cruz 23 days ago
recap here @t
NYG5 23 days ago
Do you have that loop of Impact Allegretto?
FUCK YOU 23 days ago
This was better than Season 8
magister militum
magister militum 23 days ago
The finest man died on that day.
IGIprimigenia 23 days ago
Don't translate your title please
Imnotme 77
Imnotme 77 23 days ago
I imagine Robert at the Trident like Thor in Infinity War. “BRING ME RHAEGAR !!!”
LeMi Mapping
LeMi Mapping 24 days ago
So this is why Dorne hates the Lannisters
Guntur Bambang Aruman
Do more about game of thrones battles please
Endtrail99 24 days ago
Thanks for this amazing video
LoneStarWolf Entertainment
It’s implied that Tywin Lannister was considerably nicer before his wife’s death
PROLOLZZ 24 days ago
That was dope af
ElRadioDJ913 24 days ago
This some good shit right there.
Laion Speranza
Laion Speranza 24 days ago
Is the best channel ever.
Khan Showmik
Khan Showmik 25 days ago
@BazBattles , can you please make another vedio explaining "Aegon's Conquest"?? I got confused, after Aegon's conquest, why Aerys rode the iron throne and what was the relation between Aerys and Aegon and from whom Daenearys came? Is Aegon son of Aerys and Daenerys the grandchild of Aerys?
Aleksa Momcilovic
Here is the list of targeryen kings for you 1 Aegon The Conquror 2.Aenys Targeryen 3.Maegor the cruel 4.Jaehaerys the Consiliator 5.Viserys I Targeryen 6.Aegon II Targeryen 7.Aegon III Targeryen 8.Daeron The Young Dragon 9.Baelor The Blessed 10.Viserys II Targeryen 11.Aegon IV The Unworthy 12.Daeron II The Good (Or King Daemon Blackfyre whoever you belive in) 13.King Aerys Targeryen 14.King Maekar Targeryen 15.King Aegon V Egg 16.King Jaehaerys II Targeryen 17.King Aerys II Targeryen The Mad King (events of this video it continues if you belive exiled targeryens as kings) 18.King Viserys III Targeryen 19.Queen Daenaerys Targeryen (But if you dont think baratheons are usurpers) Baratheon Line 1.King Robert Baratheon The Usurper 2.King Joffrey Baratheon(King Stanns,Renly Baratheon) King Tommen Baratheon
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 25 days ago
Arthur dayne was not with the prince guarding him during the battle of trident.
Kreegun Person
Kreegun Person 25 days ago
Are the flags under the portraits armies? Curious on if the different flags meant different types of units or strength.
Team Phoenix DK
Team Phoenix DK 25 days ago
I know more about westerosi history than real history...
Devin Mcquinn
Devin Mcquinn 25 days ago
Good doc! In hindsight, this story would have been way better then the current Game of Thrones story, lol!
Roar Lian
Roar Lian 25 days ago
Great video dude
Czeron01 25 days ago
I looked for you at the Trident. Why weren't you there to protect your prince?
Sean Ellis
Sean Ellis 23 days ago
That 4 on 1 fight was better than the last two eps of season 8 !
RDKRL 26 days ago
Imagine being Jon Arryn, fighting for the rebellion, then dying and seeing your wife being that bitch she was and your son being a complete retard.
Winged Scapula
Winged Scapula 21 day ago
The seed was not strong
urban cza
urban cza 26 days ago
That was the best breakdown of GOT
urban cza
urban cza 26 days ago
Great animation n story telling
Chirayu Tyagi
Chirayu Tyagi 26 days ago
array s
array s 26 days ago
Spoiler: Jon's birth means FECK ALL.
LRtone 26 days ago
So Jaime has lived for 3 centuries????
anonymous nation
anonymous nation 26 days ago
See....tyrion was actually the son of tywin.....he did the same....tywin manipulated mad king to open his gates with the help of pycelle and tyrion manipulated Jon in killing daenerys targeryean.....lannisters were always the greedy manipulators....ellaria sand was right "there are no innocent lannisters"
Sklik 26 days ago
12:15 is that child Jon Snow?
Rob Hodgman
Rob Hodgman 26 days ago
Extremely well done!!!!
K W 27 days ago
All these could be avoided if they simply legalize divorce
xamurai00 27 days ago
FML i need to see this series made... its so much better than what we were given in the last 2 seasons.. George has said that the new pilot will be set 100 years before GOT.... I really hope we see Aegons conguest right through to Roberts rebellion.
xamurai00 27 days ago
Listening to this is clear that GRR Martin.. is a God.. who can manifest an entire world.
yaser khani
yaser khani 27 days ago
I wish we could see this on the show, stupid bran could go back through time it was very easy, and many more interesting events from the past like long night
A Vannoni
A Vannoni 27 days ago
12:19 the true king
Chicken Towel
Chicken Towel 27 days ago
I didn't know Robert was great, no wonder Ned refused to kill Daenarys. Robert was a war veteran who actually joined the battle but now he's scared of the last Targaryen and her unborn child.
harebear 27 days ago
the motion graphics was very good!
Yungslim 27 days ago
This was great. are you making an Aegon's conquest video?
30 70
30 70 27 days ago
You from soufefrika?
Marco 28 days ago
We can see how ned stark become important for the got history... Maybe the most influence character...
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs 28 days ago
Better than Season 8, I can tell you that!
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs 28 days ago
Why does Robert look old when he was supposed to be young and fit?
Anything Everything
Finally I see a video of the maps and relate to it after watching the last episode.
Jorah Mormont
Jorah Mormont 28 days ago
Cant even watch this anymore. Thanks D&D for killing a whole universe.
TheSfaok 28 days ago
Better story telling than Season 8 right here.
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