Game of Thrones: Robert's Rebellion & Battle of the Trident 283 AC

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A special Game of Thrones episode, covering events of the Robert's Rebellion.

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Aug 12, 2017




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Comments 5 774
BazBattles 2 years ago
Don't worry, this is just a "special" episode. We get back on track with our ongoing series shortly. Stay tuned!
Fábio Da silva
Fábio Da silva Month ago
Haris Dalac juízo de um valores
Ejiro Akamune
Ejiro Akamune 3 months ago
Please do the Dance of Dragons civil war
B G 4 months ago
I'm happy you didn't do just this battle. I'm sure you're not upset that this video has not only brought 5-10x as many of your videos, but it's also brought more people to your other amazing works. Definitely new fan here because of the GoT coverage.
Maestro Classico
Maestro Classico 4 months ago
VERY WELL DONE! All the more reason why HBO needs to give us a prequel with all of this! Especially since GOT itself is ending so badly!!
Fun Time
Fun Time 4 months ago
more please
pau pu
pau pu 14 hours ago
I can watch this over and over again and again
QuickFury 2 days ago
Impressive animations! I have never seen anything like it. Keep it up!
Đức Nguyễn Anh
Robert Baratheon did nothing wrong!!
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp 4 days ago
"It is said Robert stepped out of a brothel to join the battle." I just love the way you said that.
Primordial 6vi6
Primordial 6vi6 7 days ago
A world with little to no natural disasters.. like, storms happen, but only in select places. I'm sorry, but earthquakes happen everywhere, those cities would have fallen so many times due to poor architecture. No cities on Earth have stood for thousands of years, the only buildings that could were pyramids. It's like the only disaster that could tear down a city (or the northern wall) is dragons. Lol
Lenin The Gamer
Primordial 6vi6 yeah, seeing how there are continents and bodies of water that most likely means they have continental plates. And where you have continental plates you have volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc from the plates grinding against eachother. This is very unrealistic. And also I love how the shape of the fake European continent “”essos” is literally just an oversized rectangle. I swear people overrate this lore so much...
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 8 days ago
2:12 didnt Jaime himself approach Aerys for making him a part of the Kingsguard so that he can stay close to Cersei as Tywin planned to wed him to Lysa Tully?
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini 10 days ago
More please I like this
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn 14 days ago
How do you feel the GoT battles compare to real life ones? Are they reasonable?
GhostOfRhurValley 15 days ago
Rubies falling from the sky like rain .
Tomazzo 16 days ago
Sad about, that the greatest series ends... :(
slavnov gosha
slavnov gosha 17 days ago
10:12 lol classic
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 19 days ago
This is the story of how house obama got into power
mjparthum 20 days ago
10:12 “You are late, Lord Frey!” LOL
wan4oy 21 day ago
Jyxoty 4 days ago
@Agent58 that mod is amazing
Agent58 18 days ago
Hahaha, I know that game, it's so bad, people, please don't click... Instead play ck2 game of thrones mod or something.
Abigail Knox-Leet
Thoroughly enjoyed the visuals . Much clearer now
Kerem Uçar
Kerem Uçar 23 days ago
Yusuf taha turna
Yusuf taha turna 26 days ago
10:13 Fuckin Freys
Marcel Telang
Marcel Telang 27 days ago
Is it that AC means after conquest
Jyxoty 4 days ago
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall Month ago
Are you South African? Just get a hint of an SA accent
Xyon Month ago
*That moment* when Robert came out of a Brothel to fight the Connington to a duel cracked me up.
Evil Morty
Evil Morty Month ago
10:12 you are late lord frey nice detail!
Екатерина Макарова
Why am I watching this? I know it all
Antonio Calderoni
They should have done this as season 0 instead of season 8 while waiting for the books
Liam Groen
Liam Groen Month ago
Lord connington: fight men, they are weak! Robert baratheon: *steps out of brothel* Lord Connington: shit.
Ziolek2000 Month ago
"Elia Martell! You raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children! Say it Say it..." "Elia Martel I raped her I killed her children and then I smashed her head in like this!"
Adil Tt
Adil Tt Month ago
Fucking Targaryen
VascoFX Month ago
Didnt Jaime killed the Mad King because of the Mad King wanted his father head which is Tywin Lannister?
DeusVult Month ago
VascoFX No. Aerys II wanted to burn the city down and kill nearly a million people. Jaime made a heroic act and was shamed for it. It plays a crucial role in his character arc in both the show and book - from a naive, honourable knight to a cynical, dishonourable Kingslayer. People’s perceptions of his act of killing the king changed him.
American Agent
American Agent Month ago
They have Jesus Christ in GoT ?
Agent58 18 days ago
Nope, it's ac (after conquest) and bc (before conquest)
Kurt Darylle Pabillon
It is said that Robert Boratheon stepped out of a BROTHEL!!!....to join the battle. 😂😂😂 (7:28)
mmjdotdk Month ago
I would love to see a spin-off tackle this amazing story!!!
Jonathan Rawson
Jonathan Rawson Month ago
Quick point to add to this, Robert didn’t just get the throne as he was the leader of the winning rebellion (although this was definitely a huge factor) but he also had a legitimate (albeit distant) blood claim to the throne as his grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen. This is why when Cersei confronts Ned and asks him why he didn’t seize the throne for himself, he mentions Robert having the greater claim (a justification he also uses with Renly IIRC). This is why I love the books, there’s the deliberate irony of Robert despising all Targaryens despite being part Targaryen himself, and the discussion of what makes a king (might vs right) is discussed throughout.
I’m beautiful
I’m beautiful Month ago
pro you’re the best 🔥
Constantine Giotopoulos
Excelent work as usual. Kudos.
Abhinav Abhi
Abhinav Abhi Month ago
Make a video on aegon's conquest please 🙏🙏
Bartooc Month ago
When the writing of GoT was top notch.
Agent58 18 days ago
This was 15 years before the show/books, so... Not really.
badfoody Month ago
*Targaeryen's commit generations of incest: "oH wHy iS oUr BlOoDLiNE sO DeGenErAte aNd fULL oF STILLbORns"
badfoody 4 days ago
@Jyxoty no. Most royal families fucked cousins and they STILL had a ton of problems
Jyxoty 4 days ago
that's pretty much 90% of royal families during history
Sheru Khan
Sheru Khan Month ago
Dude the ending though😂😂😪
Ahmed Farhan
Ahmed Farhan Month ago
1.9 k dislikes are the most loyal fans of iron throne
Sp 213
Sp 213 Month ago
Rhaegar was much better than the fat Robert
Sam Haynes
Sam Haynes 2 months ago
This was well recieved 💪👌
buymebluepills 2 months ago
Not a GOT fan still liked it
Edward Klein
Edward Klein 2 months ago
Why was Lyanna still at Harrenhal when her brother Brandon (who was at Harrenhal tourney as well) I heading South to River run? 🤔🤷
NAMja 2 months ago
when u remember that its just a show
Agent58 18 days ago
Book series*
EyeGaimInHD - FIFA 18 Pro Clubs - CM
Why did Aerys use Elia Martell as a hostage to keep Dorne on his side, but not use Jaime Lannister and even Rickard and Brandon Stark as hostages? It seems stupid to have a Lannister guarding you when his family is sacking the city.. Use him as a hostage at least
Agent58 18 days ago
Look at his nickname and you will see.
Google User
Google User 2 months ago
Yeah it's only cause of the Azor Ahai prophecy for which Rhaegar sacrificed himself at the Trident
ilikeredheads 2 months ago
moral of the story: there can be dire consequences when you think with your dick.
Home of movies 24
Home of movies 24 2 months ago
In which novel I can read this ?
Agent58 18 days ago
None, this was not in the novels.
tempodude Month ago
George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire series, starting with A Game Of Thrones.
Russell Sands
Russell Sands 2 months ago
Amazing job!!!!!
Paco Brá
Paco Brá 2 months ago
"You are late, Lord Frey".
Maha Hamdi
Maha Hamdi 2 months ago
i really hope that GRRM will explain why the silver cunt didn't send a raven to lord srark to let him know that he wasn't raping his only daughter
youtobe royale
youtobe royale 2 months ago
Sad story
youtobe royale
youtobe royale 2 months ago
I felt so sorry for targaryens
youtobe royale
youtobe royale 2 months ago
So, Aerys targaryen II was a good king not the mad king
Maha Hamdi
Maha Hamdi 2 months ago
at the beginning he was a good king just the beginning
Shadowrunner2510 2 months ago
This video is dope.
charles dawson
charles dawson 2 months ago
I thought this was part of our timeline, guess not.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 months ago
I thought Robert was in the first battle with Jon Arryn ?
Jaybee Mitchell
Jaybee Mitchell 2 months ago
Hoster Tully: "you're late Lord Frey" Man, i would like to see that scene on a show
Vict5or Correia
Vict5or Correia 2 months ago
Falto comentar mais sobre stennis.. como por exemplo davos salvando eles de comerem uns aos outros
Diaper Fang MK II: Revengance
That ending bit with Tully shitting on Frey made my fucking day, I salute you ser.
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