Game of thrones Cast Real Name And Age 2018

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Nov 24, 2018




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Comments 399
toptenfamous 10 months ago
you can suggest next video at toptenfamousfan page. facebook.com/toptenfamousfan
Pratheep Anumaty
Pratheep Anumaty 5 months ago
Daniel Mitev
Daniel Mitev 7 months ago
F`ck you, you fake son of a b`tch _!_
Bearded soul78
Bearded soul78 9 months ago
Why do you mke fake thumbnails? Does your channel suck that bad
Pede Meyer
Pede Meyer 19 days ago
Conleth hill could play winston churchill like spot on!
FERİT MERT Month ago
Funkyboodah Month ago
i came here for the booty and find it lacking in this video
Aaditya Kumar
Aaditya Kumar Month ago
thumbnail got it half dislikes
Roys Y.B
Roys Y.B Month ago
I think catlyn stark is more beautiful in the series than reality but show and jason is handsome
amjad ali
amjad ali Month ago
ARYA STARK💕 Jhon snow💕 ned stark💕 fat man tarley💕💕 hit like if u love them mosttt
Jorge Funes jr
Jorge Funes jr Month ago
Jon* Tarly*
Jam Ignacio
Jam Ignacio 2 months ago
Why they look different in the movie and in real life??????
Wolfmastericy_ 553 :3
2:34 I think his real name is cooler
Jon Scorpion
Jon Scorpion 3 months ago
That music will make a mass suicide effect.....
Beasley Book
Beasley Book 3 months ago
I came here for the Thumbnail comments.
Whippy 3 months ago
I LOVE ARYA chill she is 21 she is older than me
tenedra dracarys
tenedra dracarys 3 months ago
Longue vie à Daenerys
plantz 3 months ago
Rana Rizwan Ahmed
Rana Rizwan Ahmed 4 months ago
About Sansa, no issue about name or etc.. just tell us her size ;)
Richard Mccarver
Richard Mccarver 4 months ago
Just Watch The last Game of Thrones it’s sucked
Krystalia Kalteki
Krystalia Kalteki 4 months ago
Ian glen can be gandalf if ian machellen dies
Krystalia Kalteki
Krystalia Kalteki 4 months ago
People are better in ancient clothes
Beard and Gains
Beard and Gains 4 months ago
haha i really thought bran is older than arya in real life :D
ريڤانه تاقانه
What is the realy name to mera Whom is with brun Please answer me?
connor hamilton
connor hamilton 4 months ago
seeing robb without a beard is really weird
Vikassharma9529776724@gmail. Com
Where is stella baratheon
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 4 months ago
Sansa or Dani? Who's hotter? I'm going with Dani
Zain Gujjar
Zain Gujjar 5 months ago
music ka link bajna
Melinda Purnama
Melinda Purnama 5 months ago
MIchiel husman is so handsome
Pubg Clips
Pubg Clips 5 months ago
We got Clicbaited agree
randall 5 months ago
Game of Thumbnails
Akko 5 months ago
Mettere sound games of thrones?
juan corbalan
juan corbalan 5 months ago
00:18 es re parecido al (papa francisco) jaja
Geenine44 5 months ago
Hands up those not born in June? Some even have the same bday.
أحمد الغراوي دام ضله
Where is oria stark
Ricardo A.A.S.
Ricardo A.A.S. 6 months ago
moasi cuesta pisco
moasi cuesta pisco 6 months ago
name song please
Cvvv 5
Cvvv 5 6 months ago
Sansa's ass 🤩😍
Wolf Leonard
Wolf Leonard 6 months ago
SEAFIGHT JEFF 6 months ago
It seems that windows movie maker is sometimes enough to reach the 1M views.
bigbodyrover 6 months ago
Really the thumbnail tho.
Bryan Walker
Bryan Walker 6 months ago
NIVIRO - Flares (NCS)
Em Anh
Em Anh 6 months ago
1:55 link
Top 4
Top 4 6 months ago
You made Emilia Clarke very hot then my dick became..........
Faisal Thathia
Faisal Thathia 6 months ago
Gooood work All team Lol
Anuraag Moharana
Anuraag Moharana 6 months ago
How can someone know brienne's age She doesn't knows it
mehmet yalçınkaya
mehmet yalçınkaya 6 months ago
I should be the first character stupids 😈
GreatDance Talent
GreatDance Talent 2 months ago
mehmet yalçınkaya lol what
Zenix Rodríguez
Zenix Rodríguez 7 months ago
0:20 Papa Francisco xD
Hamza Ouamrouche
Hamza Ouamrouche 7 months ago
Game of Thrones is GREAT Serial-science-real-universal of humanity with these men and women!
FakeName 7 months ago
Clickbait asshols
Sunita Williams
Sunita Williams 7 months ago
wow it's nice my age is 24 years
Daniel Mitev
Daniel Mitev 7 months ago
F`ck this fake son of a b`tch!
Anas Jindani
Anas Jindani 7 months ago
Rose are Red Sky is blue I got clickbait You got too.........
Mikah White
Mikah White 7 months ago
Clickbait sucks but I watched it anyway because I'm bored.
Japan Film
Japan Film 7 months ago
Swastik Roy
Swastik Roy 7 months ago
It was better if I went incognito instead of watching this video due to that thumbnail
Narek Mnacakanyan
Narek Mnacakanyan 7 months ago
Car Iglesias
Car Iglesias 7 months ago
Londres, Francia ???????
Dylan White
Dylan White 7 months ago
i didn't know that the beautiful massie Williams was born in the same year as me
Roderick Palac
Roderick Palac 7 months ago
You have to Hit Me at hello, Boy!
N1lkk1 7 months ago
Vids good, but honestly the music..like razor in my ears. Welcome mute option, I cherish you.
TeaTings X1
TeaTings X1 8 months ago
Either way you clicked on video because of it!! Plus some of us just love game of thrones🔥
TisDeYorben 8 months ago
also make a vid of Game Of Thrones Plzz Check It Out❤
Myaso 8 months ago
Such a disgusting preview
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