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Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

Kristina R
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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9


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Jun 8, 2015




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Comments 12 096
Romeo Hour ago
Now only night King's spear can hurt the dragon! But no humans
Darren Cavazos
Darren Cavazos 5 hours ago
If Emilia Clarke isn't the most beautiful woman on Earth then idk who is.
Tejas Padalkar
Tejas Padalkar 8 hours ago
What's this all about?
christopher evensen
Damned if I didn't cry like a baby at 6:25 when Danni realizes Drogon has come to save her and again 8:55 when Drogon flies her away to safety. Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not ready for this show to end.
Stephen Lap Hin Wong
Back when spears can still hurt it, not anymore lol
meme lord
meme lord 10 hours ago
She's dovahkin and she used the "bend will" shout
NT Photoshop
NT Photoshop 10 hours ago
The battle scene is too bad!
Special Agent Rob Pryshes
I would like to be a star in Game Of Thrones I am SARP
Special Agent Rob Pryshes
Kylcius 14 hours ago
what is the point of that video ?
Daron L. Musick
Daron L. Musick 14 hours ago
Stupidest crap I ever saw.
khawar hussain
khawar hussain 14 hours ago
Still send chills up.yo spine
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 15 hours ago
Sienpre es lo mismo 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Mark Zong
Mark Zong 16 hours ago
You know it's a bad season when GoT steals a scene from Attack of the Clones.
BŹ么 ALPHA 17 hours ago
Legend says Drogon is still trying to rescue Daenerys
Amit kumar
Amit kumar 18 hours ago
Lol the acting skills in the opening fight scene 😂😂
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 15 hours ago
Piyush Kumar Merwal
Piyush Kumar Merwal 18 hours ago
Fuck this shit I am out
Dynasty 21 hour ago
People are going crazy for this sh!t show??? LMAO
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 15 hours ago
you really shit on a 70+ hour show after watching 10 minutes out of context ? You're literally retarded
ShellFish 22 hours ago
wow been 3 years huh
SUSPENSE 23 hours ago
7:51 "Rawrrrr, oh hey Mom" lol that face
SUSPENSE 5 hours ago
+KermitTheFrog lol I was thinking that too
KermitTheFrog 8 hours ago
Oh hi mark
Anthony Rivera
“Ac-130 Above”
Arush Sudan
Arush Sudan Day ago
7:50 , imagine if he had just swallowed her whole 😂
LaBelleDame DuManor
Didn't Drogon have 2 siblings? What happened them? I'm not a frequent GOT viewer.
mimis1412 Day ago
Whoever was selling these masks must have made a fortune
June Burns
June Burns Day ago
Fantastic !!
Lambie Lily
Lambie Lily Day ago
Damn that was too good! I love the dragons 🔥🔥
Uhuuhuu Day ago
so where the spikes go?
在熙 李
在熙 李 Day ago
Legitimised Day ago
whats the music?
A Great Biotic Wind
7:03 a poor unsullied soldier gets burned alive just trying to protect his queen.
Tarwatchai Tarwaychai
CroLover543 Day ago
2:37 "Shit I missed her and hit the poor guy with a pretty mask..."
ehfo0777 Day ago
that scene that she has psychic bond with the dragon!
Ramazan Aslan
Diriliş Ertuğrulun kılıç sahneleri daha gerçekçi ve mükemmel 😀
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Petnitkoy Starvre
I don’t normally run away from a battle. But when I do i escape on a dragon.
EnyvingTag Maxipad123123-M7
Who else wishes episodes were more like this instead of constant sex scenes.
jupey krusho
jupey krusho 2 days ago
So powerful! Dany prepared to accept and embrace death but saved by a loved one she thought had long abandoned her. Her first flight and Tyrion's expression is priceless. I want to experience this kind of joy, wonder and awe in Season 8!!!
Maux 2 days ago
What is that creepy sss chant going on in the background
Jednak Landa
Jednak Landa 20 hours ago
Maux 😂😂 no shit right.
Malissa V
Malissa V 2 days ago
The dragons need some type of armor !!!!
polski Janusz
polski Janusz 2 days ago
this dragon at the moment burned alive many many unsullied and civilians I don't really much know English, so I apologize if I wrote something wrong (I'm from Poland)
Mor Atias
Mor Atias 2 days ago
Man that dps
antony sparow
antony sparow 2 days ago
Someone noticed that drogon roasted this one poor unsullied at 7:03? xD
James Williams
James Williams 9 hours ago
He's ok.
antony sparow
antony sparow 17 hours ago
+Luke Auyeung nah, I later saw that a guy saw this too but I haven't stole it
Luke Auyeung
Luke Auyeung 20 hours ago
I noticed you stole this.
Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson 23 hours ago
In military jargon, that's what they call "collateral damage".
Francisc Vasile
Francisc Vasile 2 days ago
who is the dude at 2:41? i forgot. havent seen him in season 8, right?
Nikos A
Nikos A 2 days ago
Just as they thought they were 100 vs 20 it got to 100 vs 20 PLUS a dragon. Pretty broken if you ask me..
Guillermo Rodríguez
Are you not entertained?
Who else was thinking, Dario is behind all of this?
Can Albayrak
Can Albayrak 4 hours ago
+DIGITALBEATBOX X There was nothing suspicious about Daario Naharis in Season 5. Aigen, it was silly to think that and also silly to think someone is bad because he gave an unnecessary character a bad look. And I don't have to watch it aigen because nevertheless you were wrong. Smart guy
+Can Albayrak umm did you not see the look he gave to the masters son? U need to pay close attention to Season 5 again and follow Daario's actions smary guy.
Can Albayrak
Can Albayrak Day ago
His name is daario and it's silly that you think that he would have been behind all this, a person that is almost all the time by the queen
R3BORN :] 2 days ago
Tbh sons of the harpy had More than a few moments to throw spear at dany instead of throwing it at drogon
Muttaqi Mashrur
Muttaqi Mashrur 5 hours ago
Honestly if you saw a fucking fire breathing lizard, pretty sure you’d throw spears at it too instead of the target. Fear trumps most logic
KillPenguins AKA xtzyshuadog
2:57 *look, one of them is trying to outdo The Red Wedding stabbing her*
Glauciano Pedrosa
que cena!
Red76rules Red76rules
This reminds me of that scene in the star wars prequel
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Krol09 2 days ago
7:02 Drogon killed an Unsullied
Dawson price
Dawson price 2 days ago
7:06 an unsullied gets caught on fire from the attack
*EAGLE* a c e
*EAGLE* a c e 2 days ago
So that's how you spell *Daenerys*
Deathbyphone0222 2 days ago
Jorah is an absolute mad lad
Rose Cassa
Rose Cassa 2 days ago
Dany tão linda!
Kam Kamaton
Kam Kamaton 3 days ago
LOL Someone in the background calling out 911 2:37 7:02 Damn poor guard about to get roasted XD
devanshu shukla
911... ohh my god😂😂
Cavstic 3 days ago
And just when you thought Daenerys' character was going to be redeemed and finally achieve something by herself... BAM: Dragon Ex Machina.
Randy Ortiz
Randy Ortiz 3 days ago
Who’s here after how to train your dragon 2?
PikGirl PikGirl
That movie came out ages ago XD
Sky Waterer
Sky Waterer 3 days ago
7:02 Drogon straight up roasted an Unsullied ...
g- 3 days ago
I’m sorry for asking this but don’t those spikes hurt her vagina 😭🤧
J 3 days ago
Usless women don't anything, while the men have to do all the work {including the dragon). At least try something, but they just literally Stand there like sheep
Grobsop 3 days ago
My eyes hurt from the utterly bad choreographing
Michael VM
Michael VM 3 days ago
Drogon...if only you were at that time as big as you are now you would have crushed the entire Coliseum when you arrived. THE END.
Original Psycopath
Original Psycopath 12 hours ago
Zhared Field viserion
Zhared Field
Zhared Field 16 hours ago
Whats the name of the dragon thats dead now not drogo?
kjh ddd
kjh ddd 3 days ago
That Sound barrier break esque (with the fire) entrance by Drogon was one of my favorite scenes in this show
he was warming up the pipes.
1000 SuBscribers with no videos
The best serie ever HANDS DOWN 👐
Patrick Laba
Patrick Laba 3 days ago
Protect your QUEEN !!!!!!!!!
Dio Falkner
Dio Falkner 3 days ago
0:06 Coolest shit I've ever seen in a sword fight.
amrit raj
amrit raj 3 days ago
Magic and dragons ruined the show. The show was great when it was all about politics.
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 15 hours ago
+amrit raj "I WaNt MoRe PoLiTiCs" said no one ever
amrit raj
amrit raj 3 days ago
+Ricky McKenzie Ok kiddo
Ricky McKenzie
Ricky McKenzie 3 days ago
Behave yourself, watch question time then. What an absolutely stupid comment
niko 3 days ago
Are those Ghast Sounds from Minecraft?
Harold Crou
Harold Crou 3 days ago
Некрасиво поступил, как ГНИДА...он ведь его спас.... Видимо, это в крови у англосаксов мочить своих спасителей!Ё))) Избавь Боже меня, от ТАКИХ ,,друзей"!
Varun Mundhra
Varun Mundhra 3 days ago
wasnt ser jorah infected, how did he touch dany when he wont touch anyone after that
Antonio Garcia Lopez
vaya toston de serie
J.R. Vasquez
J.R. Vasquez 3 days ago
I loved this scene, and I HATED this scene. LOVE: Drogon coming to save his mom! HATE: The unsullied looked and fought like amateurs. Drogon himself looked semi-weak too. So Daenerys flies off and EFF everyone else? LOL Total Deus ex machina to the max...
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 9 hours ago
+J.R. Vasquez yes they're a mob and they outnumber the unsullied 10 to 1 at least, even the unsullied can't beat something like this without their formation
J.R. Vasquez
J.R. Vasquez 9 hours ago
+Rácz Béla Rácz RBR, the Harpies are just a mob. You made me look at that scene again. I have to stand my ground on this one. :)
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 11 hours ago
+J.R. Vasquez they stabbed them in the back, face to face the harpies have no chance
J.R. Vasquez
J.R. Vasquez 12 hours ago
OK, maybe I was being too harsh. They are supposed to be elite troops. They looked like just regulars here.
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 15 hours ago
No the unsullied didn't fought like amateurs
Emmaly 4 days ago
The first time I saw this it broke my heart a bit cause the girls grab each other’s hands like “this is it” but they also didn’t seem scared to die
Raemel V
Raemel V 4 days ago
I wish Daenerys can fight with a weapon of some sort.
Mark Aranico
Mark Aranico 4 days ago
7:02 whoops friendly fire lol
Efe Omar
Efe Omar 4 days ago
7:10 da kaçın diyor amk
Dr. Pepper Man
Dr. Pepper Man 4 days ago
1:59 my dude be playing dark souls
Cookie cracker2
Cookie cracker2 4 days ago
Why does the queen never speak and always be like a dear looking into headlights? She looks so dumb sometimes....
Chill Will
Chill Will 4 days ago
They lucky he wasnt fully grown.. He would of burned that whole place down..!!
Xakoro candy
Xakoro candy 4 days ago
i am alone af only this show makes me feel bettet
anakin924 4 days ago
dragon up!! save the queen!!
VIKRAM SHARMA 4 days ago
game of thrones for mughal should be made
aman 4 days ago
Dany's like - " my uber is here. M getting the fuck out"
Sankha Gamage
Sankha Gamage 4 days ago
Battle of Geonosis Vibes?
Eliud Gachunga
Eliud Gachunga 4 days ago
watch seasoruvid.net/video/video-3DRLyjY5BWAn.html 8 episode 1 here
mz40oz 4 days ago
Please tell me she's gonna find more eggs and raise them
panda lover
panda lover 4 days ago
Drogon: "You fucking bitches. Get the fuck away from my mommy"
Deep Trip
Deep Trip 4 days ago
сцена пиздец но дейнерис всех кинула и улетела )))
NGLApexIx 4 days ago
Jon Snow is our true king!! ALL HAIL AEGON TARGARYEN
B-244 ProDuctions
Drogon cooked multiple unsullied in this scene
E M 4 days ago
goosebumps forever
kayden alonalon
kayden alonalon 4 days ago
what drogon
DSRReacts 4 days ago
High Hrothgar calls you DragonBorn
Egemen İşbilir
Egemen İşbilir 4 days ago
7:09 kaçın diye bir ses geliyor :)
Θεοδωρος Θανος
The title is wrong. It should be Dainerys leaving her friends and allies to certain death while she escapes with drogon.
David W
David W Day ago
Thank you. Finally someone sees this in this scene. Bad leader behavior on display here. She is a save ass. AND NONE OF THE CHARACTERS mention this later. Remember when Stormborn left us to die after we saved her?
ganesh priyan
RosieJonesRules 4 days ago
Was the first guy a water dancer, like Arya and Syrio?
Marci Szalmas
Yep. Would have easily killed Jorah too.
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie Walnuts 4 days ago
2:01 ya that's it just roll .........smh I always thought that was the corniest move......in real life if that happened the other person with the spear would spear that sucker right off the bat and stab the shit outta him lol
Sinan savas
Sinan savas 4 days ago
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