Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

Kristina R
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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9


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Jun 8, 2015

game of thronesDaenerys Targaryen (Fictional Character)




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Comments 13 426
Nibedita Saikia
Nibedita Saikia 7 hours ago
_Anyone else who's going through every clips to witness Drogon?_
Yvonne Finnegan
Yvonne Finnegan 11 hours ago
The Unsullied would've cut through them all with ease. We should've seen them for the shit writers they were back then.
The whole video she says 2 words. The rest is over dramatic facial expressions
Daniel Gonzales
I really love this scene in this season. CANT STOP WATCHING IT!
pavan Kumar
pavan Kumar Day ago
Best movie in the World
David Uziel
David Uziel 2 days ago
Sons of the harpy in this episode: We have more men than you! Sons of the harpy in S6E10: Where are all those screams coming fro... *Sees Dothraki* Oh shit guys we’re fucked!
TheGamingPanda 2 days ago
Im gonna be honest if she died right here night king would never got past the wall dumbass bullshit
Daniela Sanhueza
Daniela Sanhueza 3 days ago
I really love this scene when she rode Drogon for the first time, the music is amazing, it feels like riding a dragon. I can't believe how was Daenerys' ending.
Mustafa Sadeem Chowdhry
Yo that guy that was fighting Jorah at the beginning was definitely the best sword fighter in game of thrones 100000%
liama liama
liama liama 4 days ago
Omg just rush her you got the numbers
James Miller
James Miller 5 days ago
Damn, Dany is beautiful...her death is the final season was pointless...
Parmeshwar Devraye
mech groot
mech groot 7 days ago
Teenage drogon,not listening to his mom but loveing her and protecting her as always.teenage boysssss
Aniket Gosavi
Aniket Gosavi 7 days ago
Drogon did Liu kang's fatality..
Es la mejor serie que hee visto en toda mi vida.. Y eya es lo mejor de la serie con esos dragones.... y como me gustaria ser eya por dios.
Marinella Passarelli
Stupendo Drogo
Armando Loaeza
Armando Loaeza 8 days ago
7:45 "GODDAMN MOM EASY, THAT SHIT HURTS!!!!..... I missed you btw"
christopher leong
7.02 - 7.07 Drogon killed one of the unsullied wth *FRIENDLY FIRE* get it? haha
octalpus 8 days ago
idk why but @ 9:07 that panning shot had me believing that Tyrion was going to be revealed as a bastard Targaryen.
Thomy Serah
Thomy Serah 8 days ago
Closed Eye Visuals
man this show used to be so good...
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez 9 days ago
Sara Jahan
Sara Jahan 10 days ago
Jorah touched daenerys here. How come danny didn't get greyscale as a result of jorah touching her?
Sunbro Adresse
Sunbro Adresse 11 days ago
46 fucking millions, wtf dudes
Abdullah Bhinder
Abdullah Bhinder 4 days ago
@Sunbro Adresse you happy when stupid talk show skits or shit rap songs get 100 of mils or views?
Sunbro Adresse
Sunbro Adresse 8 days ago
@Abdullah Bhinder That's a lot of view that's all :D
Abdullah Bhinder
Abdullah Bhinder 9 days ago
Whats wrong? Its an epic scene.
Julia Ziętek
Julia Ziętek 11 days ago
[*] for Dany ❤ for Drogon 😭
nitz vision
nitz vision 11 days ago
Queen was our hero until second last episode of last season 😭😭
Diana Morales
Diana Morales 12 days ago
Dany: my son 🥺 Drogon: GET AWAY FROM MY MAMA!
Maria Keane
Maria Keane 12 days ago
Drogon should get more credit in the seasons ,he's such a legend:)
Jort Manshanden
Jort Manshanden 12 days ago
Season 5 got some hate too, but except of the dorne story it was great, just like season 8 was great except rushed character arcs.
X MrMoSh
X MrMoSh 13 days ago
InputThought4 0
InputThought4 0 13 days ago
Wtf at 7:06 drogon straight up murders a unsullied
Yousif Aliraqi
Yousif Aliraqi 13 days ago
من اعظم المشاهد
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin 13 days ago
I remember watching this. My roommates thought I was getting murdered. One of those moment you will remember the rest of your lives
jyliemarie 9 days ago
For. Real. Similar to when Arya had her much anticipated fight scene in Long Knight against the wights and all of us witnessing her water dance. <3
Hooverblox 14 days ago
at 7:03 didn't he burn one of Daenerys's soldiers?
Hira Ch
Hira Ch 14 days ago
I wish jon wouldn't have came back.. if he had to kill dany :( dany and drogon both were my favorites.. how they destroyed a block buster show.. very sad ending.. hard to believe..
wonu 15 days ago
i hope drogon returned and scorched the rest of kings landing including jon for revenge.
Tasha Glam
Tasha Glam 15 days ago
Missiendi here hurts. She was so free, only to cruely die in the chains she tried to get out of for years. And my poor boys Drogon and Jorah. I'm heartbroken.
Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dixon 17 days ago
One of my favorite scenes of the series.....
sasa sidir
sasa sidir 17 days ago
The best dragon ever till the end side by side to his mother!!!
Michael Mount
Michael Mount 17 days ago
That look on Tyrion's face. 😲 First time witnessing the power of dragons!
skull2470 18 days ago
I have so many problems with this show now after reading the book D&D really stole a lot of moments from characters that would have made them more epic.
Florian Oprescu
Florian Oprescu 18 days ago
So Jorah has that highly contagious skin disease, but there's no problem to grab Daenerys by her hand! Well written indeed!
Sai vamshi
Sai vamshi 17 days ago
Lmfao. The writing was shit since s5. We weren't paying attention that's it.
Ciuvica Maria Emanuela
I just can't believe Bran had the nerve to ask were Drogon was. Crying after his mum you dumbfuck.
Айдар Тимиров
For such a Princess, I would fight in this arena.
Andrew Desi
Andrew Desi 20 days ago
The fact that this is the most viewed clip of game of thrones is solid proof that this scene was the peak of game of thrones. Everything awesome about the show summed up together and the music is just straight up god tier.
Duflot Théo
Duflot Théo 20 days ago
I've never noticed that at 6.42 drogon landed ON a guy lmao
Rowby 21 day ago
still why tf did they murder all the civilians
T Kyng
T Kyng 21 day ago
*Smells the air* Someone must be having a BBQ
mar Mar
mar Mar 21 day ago
Sangre de mí sangre... Larga vida a mí reina
pop corn
pop corn 22 days ago
at 3:49 shouldn't daenerys also have greyscale cause she holds jorah's hand?
mattias mizznoin
mattias mizznoin 22 days ago
lmao but any way targaryen's are blood of old valyria, they are immune to a great many things other bloodlines are not.
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