Game of the Century - Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne

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In the Chess Game of the Century, a 13 yr old Bobby Fischer showed the world that he was going to be a force in the chess world. Enjoy the commentary and the game.

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Jul 18, 2010




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Comments 80
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Day ago
imagine being a GM fighting against a 13 yr old boy who laid a path towards your death and all you can do is tread upon it.
Shashi Bala
Shashi Bala 2 days ago
"The lesser the mistakes, the more your chance of winning" - Ojas Maheshwari
Kalyani Kankatala
why bishop to f8 it loses the epic bishop
Kalyani Kankatala
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 6 days ago
Lot of unnecessary commentry!!
Kakivi Stm
Kakivi Stm 8 days ago
For me I don't care about the queen ..Two bishops and and two knights is enough to mate the king
Pich mc itofun
Pich mc itofun 9 days ago
I could not finish watching this because of the over-explanation of the "other possibilities". I mean, you can also add differences from the beginning and just show a completely different game. I appreciate the upload but if you love chess, let a match be a match.
Thlamuana Chawngthu
Tjaka Monawatata Erasmus
Where and when was this game played?
Aaron Peniata
Aaron Peniata 11 days ago
Let me tell you something..stop talking like you knew what they were thinking it's annoying
Ian Miller
Ian Miller 12 days ago
I've made every move that Bobby Fischer ever made!
peter larsen
peter larsen 12 days ago
When you told next move was extraordinary -one could guess. I did ! -and I guessed right. Am I then a genius ? No of cause not - I am average and play chess very seldom -but I got the hint....!
DaveBraga 13 days ago
After we've seen all the chess videos, I guess we move on to cooking videos?
Abdul 14 days ago
Nobody can beat Kasparov!
sirrama99y 14 days ago
D Byrne under estimated the young 13 years old lad.
njacba88 14 days ago
I guessed the move Na4, hurray! :D
Kawhi Leonard 2020 Finals MVP
14:11 Knight f2
treehead 16 days ago
I never watch these channels but I watched the whole thing through and it was fascinating - thanks!
noknok nonokk
noknok nonokk 16 days ago
noknok nonokk
noknok nonokk 16 days ago
loko pala kayo 30-35 Milyon per day ang nawawala sa inyo tapos, etong si Presidente yong ads nya Tinabla nyo, nasan ang utak nyo karma yan akala nyo hindi mananalo si Dikong.
noknok nonokk
noknok nonokk 16 days ago
antay antay din kayo pag may time, walang madalian ng oras walang takotan kung mag tanggalan kayo problema nyo na yan. Mag antay kayo, isipin nyo nga yong kaso ng mga iba ilang taon yon lumipas wala parin resulta hanggang ngayon.
mik de petro
mik de petro 16 days ago
way too much talking
Devashish Kankatala
your videos are awsome
Paul Merritt
Paul Merritt 17 days ago
I have ADHD and can not sit long enough to play a game of chess but I watched this video sped up and quite enjoyed it.
Ibrahim G. V.
Ibrahim G. V. 17 days ago
Wooooow. Was cool
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets 17 days ago
Bobby Fisher was so smart, he HATED the JEWS. Joe Magnets
Cbas C
Cbas C 18 days ago
Outplayed and out classed by 13 year fisher
Fair wind
Fair wind 18 days ago
Lovely voice offer.
Eli Grissom
Eli Grissom 18 days ago
I don't understand some of these moves...like at 21:20 why didn't Bobby Fisher not play Bd6+ forking the king and queen?
Eli Grissom
Eli Grissom 18 days ago
Also at 14:00 why didn't Byrne take the F8 Rook with his bishop? Okay maybe that's excused and I don't see it but why Bc4 instead of Be2 protecting the knight...saving the pawn structure?
Only healing
Only healing 19 days ago
William Zhang
William Zhang 19 days ago
Also computer sees 19 Bxb6 as a big losing move, instead 19 Qxc3 is seen as better, although by this point the game is pretty much lost already.
William Zhang
William Zhang 19 days ago
Maybe 17 . . . Be6 looks a little unnatural to humans, but an average 8 years old computer engine played this move in less than a second on my 8 year old PC, so I think most modern computer engines would see this move instantly.
Tomas Novellino
Tomas Novellino 19 days ago
Destiny was sealed from the start when whites failed to protect the king moving Bishop out.. but also then waiting too long for that. But BF turned out to be one of the greatest so it is not just a simple mistake but also a trap
axiomist 19 days ago
I thought you said fischer lost because he was still 13. Otherwise i wouldnt have watched. I wanted to see the little prick buy the farm for once. I tried reading his biography and couldnt get into it. He was the most arrogant nasty 13 year old that ever lived. Thats when i decided fisher (i wont capitalize it) sucks and i dont give a s**t about him.
RJason Twenty
RJason Twenty 20 days ago
bye queen..and still doing the best strategistic moves ...13 years old..wow
Newfoundland Labradexit
Real athletes. Not like the pool players they had back then, all fat and confident and described by Howard Cosell.
Chris Phillips BA, JD, RN
ok chess bot, or website bot, or advert bot, this is a basic opening, click bait
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 20 days ago
I think the next stage of corona lock down bordom is gonna be tik tak toe.
Bee Dee Bee
Bee Dee Bee 20 days ago
I would have made the same move. It took me 5 minutes to analyze, and you are a dick for moving the piece before I could pause it. Seriously, "I don't believe you" you are so clever you little choad, you gave up the answer before asking the question, therein protecting your Nerdling Bonafides. Fischer HAD to make that move. The first inkling is to take Byrne's Rook D1. At second glance, If I took D1 Byrne would take E5. Fischer was forced. Actually... after 3rd glance.. I would have moved Knight to B5. IMO... it looks like Byrne threw this game. Taking the Queen was saying "I won, but let's have some fun kid." PS I suck at chess.
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan 20 days ago
He should have still taken the knight
Eniola Kayode
Eniola Kayode 21 day ago
that windmill must have been painful... and to think a 13yr old crafted that
Eniola Kayode
Eniola Kayode 21 day ago
"even at 13, he was better than i will ever be"...
Rajesh V
Rajesh V 21 day ago
Sometimes a chess game can be watched as a ballet...
ടવકકഞ 21 day ago
Anyone else wondering why this video keeps popping up under completely unrelated videos and recommended??🤔....
Burhan Qerimi
Burhan Qerimi 22 days ago
Game of the century!? Give it to stockfish and it would come up with way better moves and probably tell how many blunders and mistakes these guys did
Argie longster
Argie longster 22 days ago
Too much bullshit!!
halneufmille 22 days ago
I often sacrifice my queen too. I just have no compensation for it.
Pich mc itofun
Pich mc itofun 9 days ago
You just need a hand
BB Wolfe
BB Wolfe 11 days ago
HAKUNA MATATA 23 days ago
Chess is the most nonsense game...
the lunatic is on the grass
14:18 I don't understand, why the rook can't move to e8 if the queen stays on a3
Brodie Dawson
Brodie Dawson 23 days ago
I was watching UFC, then this pops up in the feed inbetween 7 video's on its own. Never watched a chess video in my life 😂
Some random guy
Some random guy 23 days ago
Is it too late to boast that I figured out the Knight to A4 ? I can't change a tire but I could see that move.
Charles Hopkins
Charles Hopkins 23 days ago
Can't even enjoy the actual game because you got too much bulshit commentary and every possible scenario and any other thing they could possibly be doing and let's examine every f****** possible scenario for every f****** possible move. Nauseating it's like a woman is running a chess channel
Charles Hopkins
Charles Hopkins 23 days ago
Too much f****** commentary for the love of God can we just get on with the real game
John Smith
John Smith 23 days ago
Is it possible that Bobby Fischer just won this game out of luck? I mean, he was only 13, so maybe a lot of these moves were just lucky guesses?
David Santosuosso
David Santosuosso 23 days ago
Ba3 at the end is also mate. Lol
John Smith
John Smith 23 days ago
Is it true that Bobby Fischer was consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 chess players of the 1960s?
Dub D
Dub D 24 days ago
Gotta go to bed early. I got work tomorrow. Me at 1am:
Dave Cohen
Dave Cohen 24 days ago
Fisher hated Jewish people. End of story!
Romero 24 days ago
I’m not that good of a chess player but I still can’t believe Byrne didn’t move his bishop earlier and castled.
Tinashe Chinogwenya
John Smith
John Smith 25 days ago
Is it true that Bobby Fischer was one of the best players of his era?
John Smith
John Smith 25 days ago
At 13, I was still struggling with tying my own shoes
John Smith
John Smith 25 days ago
At 13, I was still struggling with coin denominations
John Rogan
John Rogan 25 days ago
Bryne... what a dumbbell!
John Rogan
John Rogan 25 days ago
Bland should have moved his bishop earlier then castle his king and push the pawn in front of the king forward.
John Rogan
John Rogan 25 days ago
Byrne was a Master?.. Really?
Sameem Salik
Sameem Salik 25 days ago
Very badly demonstrated. You spoke so many unwanted statements which lost the interest in the game. You should learn from this guy how to make chess video. Have a look on following channel. Hopefully you get lot to learn frim him. ruvid.net/u-AGADMATOR
EDP 25 days ago
15:45 An interesting line not covered here is what if White declines the Q sac. After Be6,Bxb6 certainly isn't forced so we should examine Byrne's other options, especially given the gravity of the claim, "Greatest sacrifice in chess history". Let's get beyond just saying take the Q if you can. First, Fischer's next intended move (Bxc4+) seems fairly obvious. Byrne failed to see the consequences of playing Kg1 and subsequent windmill attack. Hard to blame him really, it's a very clever tactic. But what else could he have done? White can't really gain anything with Bxe6, Qb5+. Similarly, pushing the pawn to d5 is not good because d5, Bxd5 leads to same (and of course White's rook can't leave the first rank or else Qb1+!) So, a different strategy is needed. This leaves two main options for White: (1) Guarding the c4 bishop (either by Qxc3, or Nd2/Ne5) but none look all that good to me. Qxc3 is met with Qxc5. Or if Nd2/Ne5, Black still seems to hold a slight advantage after trading minor pieces. OR the alternative... (2) Moving the c4 bishop (Bd3 or Be2, both seem viable). Of these many options, Be2 may be the best (?) but it's still a game with so many variations. I don't use a chess engine, so I can't be sure. Anyway, I thought some discussion of the alternatives to Byrne's Bxb6 was warranted in this game, as is with any major sacrificing move.
C. Todd Robbins
C. Todd Robbins 25 days ago
Had to do some "research" on Bryne. Found this on Wikipedia (which supports him as being a classy guy): "In the late 1950s... He would frequently tell stories about his chess exploits, often turning red from laughter. One story occurred in the 1956 Rosenwald tournament during the Game of the Century between Byrne and Bobby Fischer.[1] Fischer was winning the game decisively, and Byrne asked some of the other players if it would be a good "tip of the hat" to Fischer's superb play to let young Fischer play the game to a checkmate instead of Byrne resigning, which would normally happen between masters. When the other players agreed, Byrne played the game out until Fischer checkmated him. Byrne added "You have to remember, Bobby wasn't yet Bobby Fischer at that time", meaning that the then 13-year-old Fischer was "only" a master, and not yet the 14-year-old wunderkind and top U.S. player he became the following year."
EDP 25 days ago
23:00 After Fischer played Bc5+ there is nothing Byrne can do at this point. We saw what happened after Kf1 (mate in 6). If instead of Kf1,he had played Kh1 (mate in 3). So, his only other option is back to Kh2. Here, we most likely would have seen Fischer play Bd6, quickly winning the white knight. And if white tried Qe8, then black has Rxg2+! (forcing Kxg2 to prevent Nf2#) and now comes Nf6+, a devastating discovered check winning the queen. Of course, Byrne was in trouble long before this point in the game. But in retrospect, he made several very bad moves late. At 21:14 Qb8 (putting Q on the open diagonal with K) and at 22:07 Ne5 (which is a total blunder because once black played Kg7, white will lose either N/Q or get checkmated in humiliating fashion.
Electro Wizard
Electro Wizard 26 days ago
No big deal. I sac my pieces too specially queen. Only difference is I find out only after captures
Joey Leone
Joey Leone 26 days ago
Slipped fell into the virgin side of RUvid
playitsafe20 26 days ago
Instead of B-e6, how about N-b1?
Darren 27 days ago
17:30 why not a3-c3?
James Stewart
James Stewart 27 days ago
You could have talked less Howard Cosell .
Nicholas InSeattle
Nicholas InSeattle 27 days ago
Next time... show and cover "THE GAME THAT WAS PLAYED" not "you case scenarios" please. You were not there playing either of these two Master's of the game. Sorry to be blunt... but for you it should better your audience in the future.
Sheshagiri Pai
Sheshagiri Pai 27 days ago
Byrne created too much space by moving his pawns early on. Also, he should have castled King instead of moving his Rook to the Queen square.
Simon Scardino
Simon Scardino 28 days ago
At thirteen I was thinking in gurls..! 😂 😂 😂 Naww..., that was at ten. 😂
EarthSurferUSA 26 days ago
@ 9, I pretended to hate girls. @ 10, I had my first girl friend. Not to kiss and tell, but we did hold hands while walking from class to class. Those days of innocence seem to be gone, even for a child.
Parmeet Sangha
Parmeet Sangha 28 days ago
Why not take the rook with the bishop at 13:48 ?
Deb Dee
Deb Dee 28 days ago
I'm challenging my ex-husband to a game of telephone chess. That's the stage of lockdown I'm in!
John Smith
John Smith 25 days ago
@EarthSurferUSA yep, the US is now Communist
EarthSurferUSA 26 days ago
I have a small business out of my 4 car garage shop in Michigan. I had come to realize what a loaner I have become, when our marxist dictator governor shuts down the state economy, and it barely changes my life at all. :) In fact, my business is better and I modify small gasoline engines for a living. That would tick of the anti fossil fuel governor if she knew her dictatorship was helping my private, non-essential business. I am really getting tired of communism attacking our way of life though.
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