Game Master Rescues Me in Battle Royale at Mall! (Does Daniel have a Twin?)

Rebecca Zamolo
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Will the real game master face reveal happen after we learn how to defeat the quadrant ninjas with the new clues and riddles we solve?
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Last time rebecca zamolo played first to find key wins game master tesla! (secret meeting reveals Daniel is next target) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded first to find buried treasure wins $10,000! (game master scooter chase in real life) and went back to their safe house. Today’s challenge was at a shopping mall for round 2 of the quadrant ninja training. We learn the red hood is the leader’s disguise and we see her walking inside to drop off a mysterious briefcase at Starbucks. She is the one that hacked into the GM Tesla in less than 24 hours. Daniel and Matt help me solve the clues inside the mall that led us to an easter egg, Build a Bear, and the Apple store. Matt used his iPhone camera to find the hidden code on the ipad. Thankfully our cameraman was able to hack in and receive the secret network messages saying to meet outside in the parking lot. Could this be a trick from the Game Master to lead them into a battle royale? I wish I could learn how to do the ninja moves he used. After he defeats the quadrant and they run away, he goes missing but leaves a note with the briefcase. What do you think about the secret message he left for Matt and Rebecca? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Apr 13, 2019

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Comments 31 975
Trina Douglas
Trina Douglas 23 minutes ago
Daniel has a twin
shyareefa danish
shyareefa danish 2 hours ago
Yu Rebecca wen yu at build the bear yu lining tude daun stairs derwas the gaims master after dat after the badel Royal you sed dat emporten tok ind dat papers sed dont sow danyel danyel is befordat Rebecca as a fais taim an der danyal bat dat is rde hod
Kiara Robson
Kiara Robson 5 hours ago
Apple 7
Kiara Robson
Kiara Robson 5 hours ago
Build stuff (3)
Shikha Mudliar
Shikha Mudliar 5 hours ago
Daniel has red eyes which means it’s a clone
Mariam Badavi
Mariam Badavi 5 hours ago
Dose it mean Daniels clone
Mariam Badavi
Mariam Badavi 5 hours ago
I saw the game master on the first floor
Betzy Villa
Betzy Villa 7 hours ago
When the gm kicked the guy he looked like Dainal
Betzy Villa
Betzy Villa 7 hours ago
At 12:55 I saw the game master with a sutcase
Desire Barajas
Desire Barajas 8 hours ago
Rebecca the number was 9, 3, 7
Unicorn squad Oh yeah
That Daniels Road but don’t let him know
Unicorn squad Oh yeah
I saw the game master of holding a box on the first level
Lucero Lemus
Lucero Lemus 16 hours ago
By the funny
Dianley Hidalgo
Dianley Hidalgo 17 hours ago
at 10:24 when Matt said there is like a bite out of the apple the quaduarnt was looking for the clue in the Easter bunny phototshot
Anna Klassen
Anna Klassen 18 hours ago
I saw the game master
Samina Maqsood
Samina Maqsood 19 hours ago
The game master was on the 1st floor while both of you were outside the build a bear
Boe Reh
Boe Reh 19 hours ago
That's dainel clone or twin👦👦
kapkeik kłin
kapkeik kłin 21 hour ago
build a bear
Sienna Vlogger
Sienna Vlogger 21 hour ago
The quadrant aren’t real people they are all clones of people
Absdfgh Fghhgddf
I saw the game master at level 1
Alexander Amaya
OMG i san gm
Imani Berry
Imani Berry Day ago
Build a 🐻
Maude Poulin
Maude Poulin Day ago
build a bear
The O’S
The O’S Day ago
I saw the game master
Brianna Williams
That Dan Liles has a twin
I saw the game master on 12:55
Patricia Granada
The game master looked at you from level 1
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz Day ago
rebecca when you were look for the app store there was a Quadrant down on the 1 floor
Genel Hippolite
Genel Hippolite
i. Sow. the. game.
TheBurning King
Gm on first level
Carolyn Robinson
Carolyn Robinson
Rebecca zamolo
Christina Hines
Stuffed and the number 3
Brooklyn Mueller
Daniel has a clone
Brooklyn Mueller
Apple 7
Brooklyn Mueller
Build stut 3
Christina Hines
The three different three different locations I am
Christina Hines
this is going to be showing up for Battle Royale with the quadrant the Red Hood is coming to see him so he's going to run away,😇😺🏩💒🏡
karis gardner
It got deleted your fun box video
Lok Gurung
Lok Gurung Day ago
Lok Gurung
Lok Gurung Day ago
Lok Gurung
Lok Gurung Day ago
zsofia gacha wolf
I saw the gamemaster holding something 🤔🤔😕😕😕🤷
Caitlin Chang
Daniel was focusing the camera on the game master
Ali Shafique
Ali Shafique Day ago
Ali Shafique
Ali Shafique Day ago
The bear build a bear
Kristine Machado
Kristine Machado 2 days ago
I saw the gm in first floor
Eater Ass
Eater Ass 2 days ago
baby doll
baby doll 2 days ago
Yes i see
Joya Azizi
Joya Azizi 2 days ago
Build stuff number three
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