Game Grumps VICTORIES & DEFEATS Compilation!

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You win some, you lose some.
Thanks to Peterp for compiling this! ► ruvid.net/u-peterplays
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Game Grumps are:
Arin ► ruvid.net/u-Egoraptor
Danny ► ruvid.net/u-NinjaSexParty

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Comments 100
MrTheAmorousPanda 28 days ago
LMAO the Edward scissorhands theme by dan
Yoshi Dinono
Yoshi Dinono Month ago
1:05 What sex between Arin and Dan would sound like.
texaswilliam Month ago
Sneezy Anus remains one of my favorite Game Grumps story arcs. There's no greater tale of woe and redemption.
Brian Mcdonald
Brian Mcdonald Month ago
seeing how many old games they randomly did one offs for. those were the days.
Olzz Coley
Olzz Coley Month ago
10:05 the perfect impression
HannahSophie Month ago
Probably sounding stupid. But what's the song at 3:48?
Simon S.
Simon S. Month ago
After Franklin, let's have a compilation of dedicated to him.
OnlyMitamaPlays Month ago
1:06 You know Dan's checks had to be really clenched during this part
Ben Chrimes
Ben Chrimes Month ago
You guys should play "super house of dead ninjas" on steam!
AbsolutiveOwl •
What’s the song Dan sings at 3:44
AbsolutiveOwl •
Never mind it’s from Edward Scissorhands. Still gotta watch that movie
S.R. White
S.R. White Month ago
When you get back from Guadelawhothehellcares, you should play Morrowind
Gaming Elementalist
As soon as I heard "My system is in place." I immediately in head heard "AND I'M A SLEEPY SHEEPY!" One of the best single moments.
Brad Underwood
Brad Underwood Month ago
14:10 train horn
thegeminisage Month ago
it's been weeks are you guys going to do more sonic :(
Chimble, Master of Chimney
Well, according to the SMB lore that I just made up, the name "Mario" actually applies to the more successful brother. For most games, Mario Mario is the brother to hold the title. In Super Mario World, Dan was responsible for Luigi Mario becoming the next Mario.
Art Archer
Art Archer Month ago
1:46 I wished Arin just didnt press X to paraglide and fell
Shna_na Month ago
We need volume 2 with: - "Red plant, purple plant, blue plant!" - "Jennifer dumped me!" - I'm like a goddamn gigolo ready to burst, and she's like "nooOOO, 5 more minutes, AT LEAST!" - "I'm the videogame boy, I'm the one who wins!" - 23 - Dan Salvato's P-block level - Arin blowing himself up in BOTW - Twatson's Mario Party scream - Froggy
Zilla Breath
Zilla Breath Month ago
Dan walking on his knees all determined toward a bubble is both adorable and hilarious 3:35
Favaro Leone
Favaro Leone Month ago
how tf did you guys missed "Doing Things The Hard Way"? aka one of the best victories in grump history! i mean its actually steam train but it still counts goddamit!
michael polk
michael polk Month ago
Getting a little suspicious, cause everytime I find a Game Grumps comp. by a fan, that same comp. theme is made by the actual channel. It is their own footage and they can do what they want with it, I just find it weird that the channel suddenly has compilations that have already been done by fans.
Toby Tomaney
Toby Tomaney Month ago
Seeing Buntd, again reminds me of how he could have beaten the game an episode earlier if he chose any of his other fucken moves
Ardub23 Month ago
A rare Grumps compilation where the gameplay is actually relevant
Rosita Month ago
Note to editor: Next time i suggest fading the episode icon so all the action can still be seen. in some games a bit of the screen missing is a big deal.
Kenzie Hussey
Kenzie Hussey Month ago
Altó Keyz
Altó Keyz Month ago
Fatty Koo is literally playing in the background lol
鮮奶 Month ago
Since Danny likes boobs. How about playing Senran Kagura: Peach Ball?
Bunny Chan
Bunny Chan Month ago
that pokemon battle tho imagine that in like the show and thers the rules and stuff and the ref is like because of the poison yes u will win but u must play another pokemon and hes like ok and uses zapados a friken legendary pokemon, and then he says yea i was goin easy on u the whole time B)
Frederatormusic Month ago
On Part 2 we gotta have the celebratory clean diaper and the Sneakiest Trick Dan Ever Played!!
Dreganastra00 Month ago
I love how the "wins" of airns summons killing bosses for him in the souls games and bloodborne are in this comp for some reason lol.
Choleric Charmander
Did anyone else just come for the defeats?
Skyline Azri
Skyline Azri Month ago
Whats the song at 3:50
Colby Allen
Colby Allen Month ago
Was the Luigi one a victory or a defeat?
XmanDammit Month ago
Doctor Zock
Doctor Zock Month ago
I appreciate that, since this is victories AND defeats, you don't know which it's going to be until it happens.
Jack Skellington
it's like russian roulette: is it gonna be a victory or a defeat
Addy Carr
Addy Carr Month ago
Sneezy Anus was and is, one of the best historical moments in gamegrumps history. Redemption, and salvation. Tribulation to triumph. Enemy to friend.
GodsOfStealth Month ago
Everyone needs a friends that is as hyped as Dan is when Arin does something good/great/amazing 00:01 I want a Dan in my life
Ninja Kellin
Ninja Kellin Month ago
A mix of every time Arin and Dan sing together? Yes please
Tenchi555 Month ago
Wait, did I miss it or did they actually include Arin winning with Zapdos but didn't include him failing with Bundt?
juanchogutro Month ago
Oh nice. More clips I've seen 1000 times
Steve Brown
Steve Brown Month ago
lanebøi Month ago
17:45 is nobody talking about how good that sounded
Elliot Nicholls
Elliot Nicholls Month ago
the thumbnails from each episode are taking up so much roooooom...
Yandere Toga
Yandere Toga Month ago
wait, they need the 3 second clip of Dan going from 1st to 2nd place
Brad Ng
Brad Ng Month ago
3:47 case closed
laharl sama
laharl sama Month ago
Holy shit I had no idea he went back a third time and finale beat tyson. Wow belated congradulations Dan!
Wqlf.exe Month ago
Me: *patiently waits for Dan and Arin to play Danganronpa*
Yandere Toga
Yandere Toga Month ago
omg they DEFINITELY should play that
DeathKitta Month ago
Play Hollow Knights please!
TheOnly Dv
TheOnly Dv Month ago
New wacky world of miniature golf please
Brandon Mattox
Brandon Mattox Month ago
hey GameGrumps there is a cool sonic game i dont know if you play Sonic the hedgehog on ps3 but it is a really good game i think so please PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moj89 Month ago
Beating silver. Or any stage in sonic 06
MerMakesAwesome Month ago
18:45, I cried laughing omg xD
TailsPrower811 Month ago
Can’t wait for their Mario Maker 2 videos
Gian Smith
Gian Smith Month ago
I would love to see the Grumps play stick fighter again!
bobosmith101 Month ago
Rebecca Dahl Kokkegård
I loved this!!! A really fun switch between the victories and defeats!!!!!
dodgecity93 Month ago
So glad they caught onto making these comps so other people can’t monetize them.
shadowman7 Month ago
Hype and Rage
KFC Goku
KFC Goku Month ago
In memory of bundt’
SamSingzHere Month ago
Tell me why Danny has perfect pitch during the bubble part
hentropy Month ago
The real defeat is all the friends we lost along the way.
Robin Stevenet
Robin Stevenet Month ago
2:04 that maniacal laugh never fails to put a smile on my face
Velo C. Raptor
Velo C. Raptor Month ago
Wow, another compilation showing the exact same stuff… how original
Chelsea Petersen
Compilation of all the times they talk about music or bands?
Zi Month ago
14:11 game grumps.exe has stopped working
Gaschdisturbed Month ago
Mike Tyson for Guest Grumps.
Bobby Innes
Bobby Innes Month ago
No, Arin, a- b- wha- ... ARIN!
Woombath Month ago
Thanks for removing the 3 hours long compilation video.
W Clade
W Clade Month ago
"Girls are so hard to perdict" indeed
Why the hell isn't Arin's huge win on 23 in the casino of Dead or Alive on this comp?
Eiyu no o
Eiyu no o Month ago
I know GameGrumps don't make a habit of playing super long games and almost play Nintendo exclusively, but it would be super duper sweet to see them do a full playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2. Something tells me it would be a series of nonstop hilarity.
Edward Richards
Edward Richards Month ago
Song at 3:49?
Mopp Man
Mopp Man Month ago
Lord~Nexus Month ago
I'm surprised there wasn't any "RED PLANT, PURPLE PLANT!" Battle Kid freakout.
Riley Nelson
Riley Nelson 12 days ago
Lord~Nexus I count that as a victory
Fake Account
Fake Account Month ago
This is missing that dead rising moment
The Fading Melody
Oh man! That juxtaposition of major wins and major losses was just the best
Morgil Month ago
I was hoping there would be that time he blew himself up in Breath of the Wild and then his corpse fell off the ledge he was standing on.
Missle M
Missle M Month ago
Two guest grumps, two single grumps, one animation, and a compilation, lmao guess they got backed up😂
DuckierSquire 72
I think the world needs another seecualitis
Екатерина Антонова
It's awfully short
SpriteDuel Month ago
He is the video game boy.
Liv Graves
Liv Graves Month ago
Chimble, Master of Chimney
Praise be to the merciless Tyson.
Neon Unicorn
Neon Unicorn Month ago
I need a “taking crazy pills” “going insane” compilation
Jenni Locke
Jenni Locke Month ago
TheMCzorro Month ago
14:45 I actually thought there was a female guest
Peter Davis
Peter Davis Month ago
Great compilation. I really like how it ended with the famous footage of Dan beating Mike Tyson. Well done.
Lloyd Brion
Lloyd Brion Month ago
Compilation of Arin's beatboxing?
Rex Month ago
Nothing will beat when they beat the final boss on skyblazer, probably my favourite game grumps moment.
Ivan Skodje
Ivan Skodje Month ago
Never forget the legendary fire-red play-through, and the final calm that came thereafter.
Hayden Osborne
Hayden Osborne Month ago
Lantis Month ago
Really expected this video to be much, much shorter.
Joshua Varney
Joshua Varney Month ago
When you accidentally do a frame perfect jump in Mario.
Nathan Judy
Nathan Judy Month ago
I love that the clip from Dream Course randomly made it to the front page of Reddit from r/yesyesno
Naiko Month ago
that last one was crazy
T W i T C H
T W i T C H Month ago
did anyone else notice that Dan finished his laugh through the transition of clips at 1:42?
27bloom Month ago
Oh man I miss stick fight
LightningGmr Month ago
15:43 LOL nice Dan
Emma K
Emma K Month ago
Arin...ArIn....aRiN..... ARIN
Bella Nunez
Bella Nunez Month ago
Dan and Arin singing together is the best, their voices compliment each other so well
LycanLink Month ago
17:42 - I listen to "Regretroid" regularly, and I still have no idea what part Danny's talking about right here. Great song though.
LycanLink Month ago
Oh, okay. I'll be sure to listen for it next time. Thanks. :)
Mattia Baldi
Mattia Baldi Month ago
+LycanLink it starts from "I'm the strongest dragon that you've ever seen", if you listen closely, you can hear the yeahs in the background
LycanLink Month ago
Well, yeah, but he sings in lots of parts, but I don't remember his backup-singing in that song at all.
Mattia Baldi
Mattia Baldi Month ago
He's talking about the backing vocals during the part where he sings
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