Game Builder Garage - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Szabron 9 hours ago
Dreams... but its low budget
Shayla Lynn
Shayla Lynn 13 hours ago
Is this available on a nintendo switch lite?
Надежда Головачёва
Can it run doom?
Random Roblox things
0:54 Y E A H Y E A H Y O W
Keyila L
Keyila L 2 days ago
If there’s new Items and stuff
efren martinez
efren martinez 2 days ago
Is it only available in english?
Rowninja 3 days ago
The captions at the end say noon noises lol
Peterboi 3 days ago
Game builder is out now!
The switcher
The switcher 4 days ago
roblox is never gonna be added on the switch, so ill make it on the switch myself
☆Green Star☆
☆Green Star☆ 4 days ago
My plan: Super Mario 64 in bad ver. Reality:Green Star World
Derek Lizardo
Derek Lizardo 4 days ago
Music Video's Animation
I Made Astro Bot! 😄😄😄
gg leouf
gg leouf 5 days ago
Ah, finally, Wario Ware DIY HD
Pete Simon
Pete Simon 5 days ago
Yeh but Dreams for PS4 is still better...
Brittany Bell
Brittany Bell 5 days ago
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Christian Gibbons
This sounds & looks promising😂😂😂 If, I wanted to, could I even make a Metroid fan game using this game??? I’d love to do that😎 Hopefully I can make a beat rm up game as well. How do you program & animate a health bar anyways!??
KippinCollars 6 days ago
This + little brother = endless laughs. You've outdone yourself, Nintendo.
Angila Felice
Angila Felice 6 days ago
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Top Shot
Top Shot 6 days ago
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Lightening McQueen
This looks really cool.
dugeu duloe
dugeu duloe 6 days ago
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Florence Roman
Florence Roman 6 days ago
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Pietu 6 days ago
fun fact: this was used to make all of nintendo's games
Funkito Monkito
Funkito Monkito 6 days ago
Nintendo just a question.when people want a new game that you make won’t people just make it and you’ll lose money?
I always have the same problem. I install tools for making games, learn how to use them and then I have no idea what game to make xD. I just installed this app on my Switch and it looks very intuitive.
SpooderDanGaming 7 days ago
Im going to make every single game that exists onto this one game
KittyPaisley 7 days ago
How many Nodon did it take to make this game?
Super retro Guy
Super retro Guy 7 days ago
Why is there no physical release in UK and Europe?!?
Literalicity. 8 days ago
1:31 This looks like the card game from tomodachi Tomodachi life 2 HINTED AT??
Literalicity. 8 days ago
"You hate our games? You wanted Breath of the Wild 2? You don't think we put much effort into our stuff? Make it yourself then! Create your own trash, and rant to yourself about how nobody asked for it! Feel what we feel!"
FbrockennYT 8 days ago
you just buy the game so you can watch tutorials what a waste of time.
Inkarrior 8 days ago
Yeees. We now can create our own super Mario maker... Inside the Game Builder Garage ! (maybe?)
Isiah Speicher
Isiah Speicher 8 days ago
So...It's Mario Maker 2 if Nintendo decided to expand on it some more?
Owen May
Owen May 8 days ago
Me: Can we have super Mario 3 Nintendo: Yes but No
MoolsDogTwo 8 days ago
Finally, we now know how nintendo's been making games since 1985.
Mar Gaming World
Mar Gaming World 9 days ago
Thank you nintendo I'm a kid and I'm starting to make a cool 2d game we're you jump on moving platforms and reach the goal!
Mar Gaming World
Mar Gaming World 4 days ago
Sure thing Alex
Alex K
Alex K 4 days ago
could you send me the code once you finish it? it sounds fun and I want to try it
videakias3000 9 days ago
I wonder if we will be able to make cutscenes and program bosses.
Retro Taco
Retro Taco 9 days ago
This is so cool
dntH8onMii 9 days ago
I followed the tutorial in Risky Run but can't seem to break objects with my punches. If you have any solutions please help. Thanks.
Me 9 days ago
I hate making games like this
Mr Thaw
Mr Thaw 9 days ago
This game would be the first step for unreal engine blueprint system. It would be nice if they include the feature teaching how to actually program.
BakedBanana 9 days ago
英蘇球 10 days ago
Yogi 10 days ago
Thats just mario maker 3d but its kind of like unity
Sora172 10 days ago
This game looks and sounds like booty
Elijah 10 days ago
KetwunsGamingPad 11 days ago
I would love to see people just remake the old NES arcade games
 MobileGameplayVideos X SuperMarioPlushies 
fun with ragdolls 2d (2)
lesbicyn 11 days ago
Here at midnight playing rn
Keith Russell
Keith Russell 11 days ago
1 More day
spungbu 11 days ago
1:31 Tomodachi Life reference?!!!?!??!?!
Reyna Rios
Reyna Rios 11 days ago
Among us
Logan Marin
Logan Marin 11 days ago
My holly
Aga Ramirez
Aga Ramirez 11 days ago
Someone use this video then added Nintendo hire this man music to it
mario64thane 11 days ago
It comes out tomorrow!
Blonie AMW
Blonie AMW 12 days ago
it will take a lot of time for me to make a Korg NDS-10 port won't it....
Ninja Tintin
Ninja Tintin 12 days ago
ghiobus 12 days ago
zelda, kid icarus, metroid prime, pikmin fans: my time has come
Sushi bee
Sushi bee 12 days ago
Its coming out soon!!
The Missing Texture
Who want this game cuz I do
henry grant
henry grant 13 days ago
me:Oh i forgot mario maker 2 is dead i don't wanna play with you anymore Nintendo: NeW GaMe FoR BuIlDiNg GaMeS lOL
mario64thane 12 days ago
@Studio Arentain it's not dead though, it's servers are still up.
Studio Arentain
Studio Arentain 12 days ago
@mario64thane yes it is No more support from Nintendo means it dead lol
mario64thane 12 days ago
Mario Maker 2 isn't dead
henry grant
henry grant 13 days ago
whoever wanted ww2 games on switch here you go
Roblox with atou!
Roblox with atou! 13 days ago
Game builder garage: I am the creator of games!! *then it does not have every game*
thewewguy8t88 13 days ago
i would i like an opinion on something its going to cost me 45$ to get because i am in canada and with tax. 40$ without tax. my question is this should i use my current coins of 40$ out of 58$ of coins to buy it or spend 45$ and save my coins for later also apparently i get 2$ worth of coins if i get the game lol.
Durpy boi
Durpy boi 14 days ago
Now Waluigi can finally get the game he deserves
Mulletman25 15 days ago
Time to port fnf to switch bois
Robotnik Pingas
Robotnik Pingas 15 days ago
Isaac Steen
Isaac Steen 15 days ago
Someone's going to make Metroid prime 4 before Nintendo does
Isaac Steen
Isaac Steen 12 days ago
@henry grant my point remains unscathed
henry grant
henry grant 13 days ago
that would take 4 years
JimmyPotter 15 days ago
Nintendo switch is magic 👍
Logan McGlynn
Logan McGlynn 15 days ago
Surely someone's already made the comparison to dreams on PS4 which is an infinitely more complex tool? in my opinion, dreams kind of monopolized the whole game making concept. now I really won't consider playing anything else except it because you could probably make this game inside dreams if you really wanted to.
Alex K
Alex K 4 days ago
@Logan McGlynn idk if "not my fault you're just not smart enough to play it" is too necessary
TheNoobInSpace 13 days ago
@mario64thane well yeah, i already preordered and bought it lol
mario64thane 13 days ago
@TheNoobInSpace but I think gbg will be easier to use
TheNoobInSpace 13 days ago
you can make gambe builder garage itself in dreams, that’s how better it is
mario64thane 15 days ago
@Logan McGlynn this is also in the third dimension, and I just didn't wanna go through all the lesson in dreams so I mainly just play stuff there.
Pawel Adamowski
Pawel Adamowski 16 days ago
dont act like this is not just a reskin of nintendo labo vr garrage
mario64thane 15 days ago
@Pawel Adamowski also, they made this so they could add more stuff, updating the previous one would probably reach near the limitations because of what they already added to it, plus all the other stuff in the base game itself.
mario64thane 15 days ago
@Pawel Adamowski why?
Pawel Adamowski
Pawel Adamowski 15 days ago
@mario64thane i mean the could just update the first builder instead of just making a whole separate one
mario64thane 15 days ago
It's not, it has new options, higher possibilities and is just $30!
Sir Seliph
Sir Seliph 16 days ago
Friend: So what you hoping to make Most of my friends: *a fan sequel to a game they love* Me: *T H E G I A N T E N E M Y S P I D E R*
SuperRickyBros 15 days ago
Mint D
Mint D 16 days ago
So its roblox
mario64thane 15 days ago
But with easier code and no online hub
Hazman 17 days ago
This game is so good 👍
CLU3LESS 17 days ago
There should be a feature where people can create playable characters and post them for others to use
Jabberjay 17 days ago
7 DAYS? im excited
Patrick Segura
Patrick Segura 17 days ago
I am so ready for this game!
xCiberManiacosxX 18 days ago
You guys are the best
Pretty princess
Pretty princess 18 days ago
Finally, now I can make the best video game of existence, video game: the video game
ruckus777 18 days ago
Im in 7th grade and i want to be a coder at Nintendo so this is the perfect game for me
Alex K
Alex K 4 days ago
im actually going to 7th grade soon and I love this game
What Ever
What Ever 18 days ago
1:31 that seems familiar...
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis 19 days ago
Dyurtt Juyuy
Elisillapop 19 days ago
Finally we can make wii sports on the switch
mario64thane 15 days ago
Haije Hiemstra
Haije Hiemstra 19 days ago
So this is just scratch and roblox studio combined?
Isurvolte 19 days ago
Wait for some huge brain chad to make a new pokemon on this
Fly gaming
Fly gaming 19 days ago
Tuna cube factory 3 when
CHUNG JIA YEW Moe 20 days ago
I hope this game isn’t like Dreams
Andr3w_ 18 days ago
Suzette Fernando
Suzette Fernando 20 days ago
This is basically super Mario maker 3 (it hasn’t got Mario) ok then it’s super ??? Maker 3 (it would be super ??? Maker there wouldn’t be a 4) ok
mario64thane 15 days ago
Super Game Maker
beepbo man
beepbo man 21 day ago
Yay ima make a survival game
Goal: Super Mario Galaxy 3 Result: Hotel Mario 2
Square head Dylan
This looks fun
Edgar R
Edgar R 22 days ago
at least its not cardboard
mario64thane 15 days ago
I think labo was pretty cool
Sky the roblox bacon doggo
Finally roblox
mario64thane 15 days ago
With easier code
Chris Landis
Chris Landis 22 days ago
Wondering if they're going to make purchaseable texture packs for this and also how exportable the code will be. Is this all Unity?
mario64thane 15 days ago
Da Spicy Birb
Da Spicy Birb 22 days ago
1:24 Giving me flipnote vibes
Ben Dahlen
Ben Dahlen 12 days ago
Team SG
Team SG 23 days ago
Scratch but for Nintendo switch
Hazel Virtudes
Hazel Virtudes 23 days ago
Zan_Partizane 241
Zan_Partizane 241 23 days ago
Is there a demo or something?
Roselyne Arroyo Castillo
now there is :)
Zan_Partizane 241
Zan_Partizane 241 15 days ago
@mario64thane ok thanks
mario64thane 15 days ago