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Which has the BEST Camera - Samsung Galaxy S10+ (S10 Plus) vs Sony Xperia 1! 📸 I take both phones to Boston, USA to test photos, selfies, portraits, night mode, video & more! Which do you think will win? 🤔
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Comments 80
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap 9 months ago
Which phone won? S10+ or Xperia 1? (also, you're welcome to disagree with my interpretation of the photos/videos - beauty is subjective!) 🙂
pearl harbor
pearl harbor 17 days ago
Sony Xperia Won,the best for me,
pearl harbor
pearl harbor 17 days ago
Xperia 1
Gabriel Daniel Macias
So I own Note 10+ and Sony Xz2 and I like my xz2 since is colors are more accurate. Manual mode works wonders.
Love Guru
Love Guru Month ago
Plzzz tech chap .plz give Sony xperia to me plxzz ...
Haris Month ago
Who said sony theyre all sony fanboys.obviously we see that samsung shot better photos. But i can understand sony is one of my favourit brands but in this case Samsung is definetly better.
Pitchwisse 9 days ago
I've had both and Sony has enormus exposure problems. I agree that Sony gives far more options with manual mode, but living on the go and snapping real life scenarios, most of the time we will all rely on auto-mode rather than manual. S10 does a far better job here, purely because of its software.
Arman Gevano
Arman Gevano 10 days ago
Soni nice
pearl harbor
pearl harbor 17 days ago
There's no replacement when it comes to photography and videos,SONY XPERIA is the BEST
明日 24 days ago
I think samsung can take more elaborate pictures. My choice is samsung. But I like sony too. Because sony making impressive speakers and cameras.
Private Thoughts
Private Thoughts 28 days ago
i m tempted to think that you are blind......Sony even if have no good stabilisation, the quality is far better then samsung......In VirtualDub can be edited to be stabilised ...
BTS Army
BTS Army 29 days ago
Even at the first clip, sony produces a real camera quality right there while samsung have this thingy that makes you look like a cgi. My dad bought the s10 plus for my mom and I'm quite disappointed as it is obvious that I'm shooting from a phone and not from my g7x mk ii
BTS Army
BTS Army 29 days ago
Just hoping that sony will improve their dynamic range.
H C 29 days ago
in short, sony being sony did not bother to digitally enhance the pictures.
Mike Luzawski
Mike Luzawski Month ago
Lots of sony fanboys here can't swallow the truth
Mai O' Nerds
Mai O' Nerds Month ago
Xperia Realistic colour: I prefer the S10. Apple Natural colour: I prefer the iPhone's realistic colour.
Dovafinn Month ago
the ones shot with sony is more better for post processing, people who are knowledgeable with photography knows why. also what camera app did you use for the video recording on sony ? it has another dedicated app for movie making .
The Skyrim Inquisitor
2:04 , which phone got the bottom left side correct? Samsung went all blue too. I can do that with Xperia via manual mode, Xperia can also be blue XD
ilovehonglong Month ago
The HDR of Xperia I is simply terrible.
Евгений Пестун
deadly shaky video
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan Month ago
Both are doing better job. But sumsung tries to oversaturate. So we can directly post on social media.
Tech Support Conn0
i personally prefer a phone that gives out natural colors, i don't minds using manual/pro mode, especially when the Xperia 1 has all those fancy settings i need, so i'd go to Xperia 1, i'd rather take full control rather than point and shoot, especially with the new Sony Xperia 1 II
Saiyan Pride
Saiyan Pride Month ago
Paid by Samsung
Jonathan Vermeul
Sony had been struggling with dark scenes for a while now. I get much better results with the Sony on manual, the auto mode isn't as good as it could be.
Jason Freddy
Jason Freddy Month ago
The sony colors are very faithful... Compared to samsung ones that would seem unnatural
Stephen Collier
Stephen Collier Month ago
Galaxy s series for the simpleton on Facebook
chaidar albab
chaidar albab Month ago
'support by SAMSUNG'
Malek Npj
Malek Npj 2 months ago
sony xperia the best Phone ❣️ ❣️ ❣️
mike cortez
mike cortez 2 months ago
its like driving an auto vs manual trans. I would go for the manual one (talking about HDR on the XP1)
Thành Nhân Trần Trọng
shit content about being sponsored. thanks for wasting my time :)
Nishat Nazmul
Nishat Nazmul 2 months ago
U select night mode on s10+ but why not selection hdr mode on xperia??
Dauren Ibray
Dauren Ibray 2 months ago
Sony 👍🏻
Dia Mitani
Dia Mitani 2 months ago
It also has stabilization hdr 60fps 1080p? On xperia 1
Dynamite Kid1224
Dynamite Kid1224 3 months ago
Why don't you pose with Sara?! You guys look great together! Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks. Peace out!
Mino Vulpio
Mino Vulpio 3 months ago
sony Xperia 1 made more natural and balanced photos , for me the best camera phone !! with manual hdr it can get same result or better than samsung in dynamic range!
Imran K
Imran K 3 months ago
change the codec to x265 to get best stabilization on the sony
Aj Aj
Aj Aj 3 months ago
Dynamite Kid1224
Dynamite Kid1224 3 months ago
Sony for me! But I'm getting a Samsung A50S for free! Crush Prism Green! Love it!
Mustafa Kalkan
Mustafa Kalkan 3 months ago
Beste sony👈😎
Lawrence Chen
Lawrence Chen 3 months ago
Your video is convincing but your GF is even more awesome than any of those phones. Bravo bro
Vick Bal96
Vick Bal96 3 months ago
The only sony phone i have used is xperia Z2. I still cant get photography like that in any other phone. You need to learn how to take photos with sony phones. These review videos tell nothing
pratap jena
pratap jena 3 months ago
Sony is the best music phone...available in market
pratap jena
pratap jena 3 months ago
Better u by camera not phone...
Frank Overå
Frank Overå 3 months ago
Sony and LG are the only flagship phones still using 8MP front cameras on their flagships when even a cheap entrance phone have better front camera for web chats. It really annoy me. What's the point of that, and the truth is Samsung and iPhone are not much better in class while the Indian and Chinese phones have 20-30MP on their front cameras. If not for Huawei which raised the bars for camera phones they would still have used pathetic 5MP on their front cameras.
Taiwo Babatunde
Taiwo Babatunde 4 months ago
Xperia 1 looks more natural, realistic and better. Don't know why. Lol
Tech Life
Tech Life 4 months ago
Xperia photos more natural ,but 4k videography u have to buy a gimbal. video quality is great in day light
Smy Reak
Smy Reak 4 months ago
Mikael Murstam
Mikael Murstam 4 months ago
You didn't use HDR on Sony. This is an unproffesional review. Sorry.
Raymond Young
Raymond Young 4 months ago
Sony phone's has always had the natural look but they can be adjusted manually instead of using automatic mode and has a better photo editing , but s10 has to much colour added which makes sunlight look yellow which doesn't look natural
Expedition Dean
Expedition Dean 4 months ago
How can anyone prefer the xperia here 🤦‍♂️ modern day the s10 wins in video and photi quality.
Sarius 4 months ago
s10+ relay
Adam 4 months ago
I love my s10 ❤️
Bukan Kucing Biasa
Bukan Kucing Biasa 4 months ago
You are handsome ❤
rahul champion
rahul champion 4 months ago
1 like for video aspect ratio u upload
Magnum 4 months ago
Samsung use filters to their cameras that's why it looks better
nahidur rahman
nahidur rahman 4 months ago
S10 plus win
Planet ALFA
Planet ALFA 4 months ago
mantap bang
METALDKNO 5 months ago
I just bought the Sony 5, i cant go for Samsung anymore. I am pleased though.
Eko M Prasetyo
Eko M Prasetyo 5 months ago
2:06 Anjir ada pohon pisang disono juga...
골목대장. 5 months ago
Samsung is better than sony
M Kholis Kurniawan
M Kholis Kurniawan 5 months ago
Owh the girl i really love her with sweety smile
Rampy Ariko
Rampy Ariko 5 months ago
S10+ win. But i dont like design, XPeria to. The best phone design forever: 1. Sony : Z1, Z2, Z3 2. Samsung : J7+, Note FE, A8 Star 3. Huawei : P7, P8, P9, P9+, P10, P10+ 4. Xiaomi : Mi 4s 5. LG : G2 6. Lenovo : Vibe X, Vibe X2, Vibe Shot 7. Asus : Zenfone 4 ZE554KL, Zenfone 5q 8. HTC : Desire Eye
harsh gaur
harsh gaur 5 months ago
I think overall Galaxy is better than Sony.
Mohamed Ali Hebboul
Mohamed Ali Hebboul 5 months ago
No you're not blind but for me I prefer the sony.
mama chawngthu
mama chawngthu 5 months ago
S10 colour is very artificial, sony is very natural colour
Storm Wave
Storm Wave 5 months ago
S10+ win
Say D
Say D 5 months ago
I think the reviewer is able to make decision by himself : which one is the winner. The photo from both device compared with his natural eyes on the same place same environment at that moment. Tell me.
Mayur Charniya
Mayur Charniya 5 months ago
Why the fuck all become biased when it comes too sony
Felipe Menezes
Felipe Menezes 5 months ago
S10+ wins
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 5 months ago
Instead of saying which one u prefer since its a matter of opinion, how about telling us which is more true to life then we can decide from there.
lanjio jilake
lanjio jilake 5 months ago
Can you compare with xperia 5?
Jose Tampa
Jose Tampa 5 months ago
I really like the review u did on the Sony and the Samsung phones. I really appreciate ur knowledge and clear explanation about the differences and the pros and cons. Keep up the great reviews... I'll love to see more of ur reviews. BTW..lovely lady Sarah 😉 lucky dog u!
kulmmii 5 months ago
Sony looks more natural I would say. Details seems to be better on Samsung on bright light. On low-light Sony seems to keep up quite well.
Chris Hiroaki
Chris Hiroaki 5 months ago
I’m Sony fan, but I feel disappointed as the 4K video recording seems doesn’t have any image stabilisation...and I want a night mode too.
Yolkava 5 months ago
Big Sony fan but its not hard to tell that the Samsung in almost each aspect is comes out better. Most certainly not that the Sony is bad either. The Sony unique feature is being able to watch films on it like in the cinema without black bars and for me that is amazing! But no headphone jack so i have to carry stupid dongle!
W1CK3D WAYS 5 months ago
Sony has a better screen though?
tommy stevens
tommy stevens 5 months ago
The Sony is better, you just need to use manual mode.
FK 5 months ago
So I've been watching alot of the reviews between Xperia 1 compared to other flagship phones, particularly on the camera performance aspects. I found an interesting result which most people seem to overlook. Sony did advertise this "feature" in some of their media press release prior to launch (well at least in Japan). If you look closely to the 4K 30 fps video shot, starting at 5:28 time mark, you'll notice that no matter when you press pause, the Xperia 1's video will always retain detail and no blur. However yes the video is spot on regarding the lack of any stabilisation on 4K and the performance around dynamic range etc. Just some interesing observation. You guys can check out other reviews as well and the same result will be present (in some cases low light 1080p 30fps videos as well). Well done to Sony and Samsung, for giving us consumers choices of flagship phones.
Santiago Cv
Santiago Cv 6 months ago
jajajajjaja nay
Antidotum Ltd.
Antidotum Ltd. 6 months ago
Switch to toilet reviews. You haven't got a clue.
Anu kumar
Anu kumar 6 months ago
I think u need to on steady shot on xperia for video record
Adrian Palmer Edwards
Son find something else to do, because reviewing phones, or the cameras especially is not your strong points, you'd be better off comparing ice cream. All of you youtube reviewers follow one another & it doesn't look good, also you need to visit specsavers, they'll help your eyesight.
Sony's display and camera are looking natural and Samsung's looking so artificial. Some people like natural videos and images and the others like high contrast videos and photos
Naeem Khan
Naeem Khan 6 months ago
Sony Pictures quality is unbeatable... No other company infront of stand Sony in camera department... I love Sony because I use Sony mobile so i know very well what is Sony? Unbelievable... Sony. Worldwide.... Sony...
Satria Real MM
Satria Real MM 6 months ago
I love sony
Bhavish A
Bhavish A 6 months ago
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