Galaxy S10: Official Introduction

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The #GalaxyS10 is a next generation smartphone like no other. Designed not to stand out, it’s designed to stand apart.
[Next Generation Screen]
Galaxy S10 defies the barriers of screen technology with its Cinematic Infinity Display. It covers the full front of the phone - from top to bottom and from side to side, giving you the first truly uninterrupted HDR10+ viewing experience.
[Next Generation Security]
The future of smartphone security is fused right into S10’s display. Ultrasonic technology and machine learning work together to instantly capture the unique 3D characteristics of your fingerprint, for vault-like security only you can unlock.
[Next Generation Pro-grade Camera System]
With Galaxy S10, you can shoot like a pro without being a pro. Its next generation pro-grade camera system is powered by an advanced NPU that intelligently analyzes and optimizes what you shoot, and features telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lenses. Front cameras now capture in UHD, and for the first time ever in a mobile device, you can record professional-grade HDR10+ video.
[Next Generation Performance]
S10’s next generation performance is designed especially for how today’s generation will live tomorrow. Intelligent Battery Management automatically manages your battery power with highly advanced smart solutions, and Wireless PowerShare revolutionizes how you charge your devices.
[Next Generation Connectivity]
Galaxy S10 introduces the future of connectivity with next generation Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Connect to faster, more secure networks with Wi-Fi 6, while the Galaxy S10 5G also delivers super-fast download speeds at up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps).
The next generation Galaxy has arrived.
Learn more: smsng.co/GalaxyS10

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Comments 100
Mr_Ludde Hour ago
Been using the s10e for a month now dont really like curved screens so i went with the s10e. Works fantastic!
no subcribers but
no subcribers but 5 hours ago
10 Years? 12 Megapixel?
Jayson Lee
Jayson Lee 5 hours ago
Just get an iphone. 😂
Nasteho Kahie
Nasteho Kahie 6 hours ago
I have the phone
The Critic
The Critic 8 hours ago
Great phone 👍🏻👍🏻 But won’t be great idea to recommend it to a friend or members of your family! Imagine having to share battery every now and then 😁 Have been using iPhone for 3 years now. Maybe this’d be the phone I’d switch to next year! But honestly, it’s hard to switch from iOS to android.
Strawberry Milk tea
+The Critic anytime friend! good luck with your choice!
The Critic
The Critic 3 hours ago
Strawberry Milk tea 😌 Will surely give a thought about it on my next purchase. Anyways, thanks for stopping by 👍🏻
Strawberry Milk tea
it's honestly not all that hard friend! Join the android life and you'll see what iOS has been holding you back from. Honestly, I owned an iphone 6 and i had to jailbreak my phone just to customize it. But ever since i switched from iphone 6 to samsung note 5 / s8 and now s10, i can honestly tell you it's worth the switch buddy!
M'r cool Boy
M'r cool Boy 14 hours ago
Samsung forever...😍😍😍✌✌✌❤❤❤
Yellow Pikachu
Yellow Pikachu 15 hours ago
Unlike Apple disabling the comment section
THE_FIRES_7 20 hours ago
Io desiderei questo telefono ma mia madre non me lo vuole comprare😭😭😿
Jeffrey Reyes
Jeffrey Reyes 22 hours ago
Killer Shadow_pro
If I'll Buy the phone I will buy it for ikonic skin
Russel Azarraga
NKS Dancer Hit
Sir I Dont Like FingerPrint Hard Screen Toch Fingerprint all Mobile fast FingerPrint ThankYou
Roshan aththanayake
Yunjing Lu
Yunjing Lu Day ago
just upgraded my phone from iPhone to Samsung S10.
ratedahmed Day ago
when you have the samsung s9 and youre stuck thinking wether to upgrade to the s10 or cope with it
Pass The weed nigga
I love this phone is a ripoff of iPhone XS Max
Radhika Persaud
So amazing
It_Robust_YT Day ago
*_The Home button has joined the chat_*
Taran Bhatia
Taran Bhatia Day ago
Finally got my s10 plus today & watching my first video on it ❤️
rashid muhammad
rashid muhammad 2 days ago
I want
JV MEMES 2 days ago
This phone is water resestant??
Ethel Demavivas
Ethel Demavivas 2 days ago
I love it my favorite
Security is very poor in android phones... Don't buy android phones... iPhones ios software is better than android software....
NotPresent 2 days ago
I know Samsung is better I still like apple more cause I’m an idiot
Raymond RB
Raymond RB 2 days ago
Me throws away my old iPhone plus Me (again) thinks of getting a iPhone X My dad do you want the s10 Me sure Several weeks later Me and my brother gets the s10
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 2 days ago
On samsung galaxy note 9 is fortnite and S10 is pubg
LFBR 25 2 days ago
@samsung whats the music from this AD ?
dandy setiawan
dandy setiawan 2 days ago
Kalau bisa awal asal mula seauatu lebih utama ketimbang akhir walaupun wajib karena dalam kurunan kala setial kelanjutannya.
dandy setiawan
dandy setiawan 2 days ago
Harapan dimana sesuatu yang mendasar dimana suatu piranti yang diadakan lebih penuh dan mudah dalam memberi penuh petunjuk,yang dihadapi namun sebuah piranti tidak dapat mengada ada dalam sebuah sulut sebab lantaran karena benar pasti yang sudah ada dan tersedia kalanya.
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina 2 days ago
The Best Phone In The Market right now don't believe me? try it see for yourself
Rahul Khobragade
Rahul Khobragade 3 days ago
pls samsung s10e free
Minato namikaze
Minato namikaze 3 days ago
Seeing in my s10+ Apple is trash
Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP
Samsung good good at lease they don't spy on u while u Sleeping...xD
펠다드 뮤직
펠다드 뮤직 4 days ago
Proud of Samsung.
Kaleb Hanson
Kaleb Hanson 4 days ago
Oh the s10 is out witch means the s9 is cheaper witch means the s8 is cheaper witch means the s7 is cheaper witch means the s6 is cheaper so I can finally get the s5
Toni And More
Toni And More 4 days ago
1:48 S11 comfirmed
H4BRIDxxx 4 days ago
Came here to complain about apple because their comment section are disabled
TheAlphaFox 4 days ago
Apple may have won the battle for popularity, but Samsung has won the war of witch is the better phone.
Relicym Cat
Relicym Cat 4 days ago
Anne So AT
Anne So AT 5 days ago
Also watching from my s10 😁😍😍😍😍
Anne So AT
Anne So AT 7 hours ago
+The Critic also, the s10e is as great! 😊🥰 actually the whole series is ! The s10e is more value for money I guess but all 💯
The Critic
The Critic 8 hours ago
Anne So AT Thank you for the information 😌🙏🏻
Anne So AT
Anne So AT 5 days ago
Been using my s10 for a few days only and honestly, THE BEST PHONE ever! Super satisfied with my choice - features, display, aesthetic, like everything is great / perfect revolution : This is an upgrade! (Wanted to get myself a new phone and seriously didn't know what to get since all the latest smartphones were exactly the same, nothing new, nothing extra, just some dumb new features) then I found the Galaxy s10 💯 #inlove
art cruz
art cruz Day ago
I just got my s10e yesterday and i can't stress how correct you are.
It’zGacha Angel
It doesn’t matter what phone we have we should mind our own business if we have Apple or android please respect your own phone and android plz stop making fun of Apple thank you.
Elmoon .-.
Elmoon .-. 3 days ago
Waiiittt a second...where did samsung fun of apple where in this video??(I know there are a few videos but why did you commented on this video?) I mean Apple makes fun of samsung too. Why is just apple allowed to make fun of better brands like samsung?
Shek Md Mokter
Shek Md Mokter 5 days ago
U guys r always trying to make the future bright and u guys r making the future bright
Kookie_ eater
Kookie_ eater 5 days ago
Apple: We introduce to you iphone X S10: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*
Bezde 6 days ago
Samsung, when will you make the Smart Human? Samsung Human S pls me need a smart one💤
abhay maan
abhay maan 6 days ago
Samsung has been raising the bars for the cell phone technology from so many years now. I started using my first phone Samsung S2 from year 2013. And when I go for comparing S2 and S10, I realise Samsung has taken the technology to the peak and are still working for new ways to give the world all the best technology that they can. Samsung is not like other brands, that the cell phones after some years of usage go out of their life and stop responding. Still using samsung S2 from last 6 years with 1 gb ROM and it is still working absolutely fine wih just some kind of lacks due to over storage. It fell from 6th floor, it took a dive in swimming pool, and still started working. Loved all samung phones since then,but the sad part was that I couldn't buy one 😔 Thank you samsung for changing the world of technology.
Rose Mary
Rose Mary 6 days ago
Best phone ever seen!!!!
Biji Varghese
Biji Varghese 6 days ago
In 1980:There is a screen on my phone In 2019:There is phone on my screen
Doge Da dogo
Doge Da dogo 6 days ago
Yes yes yes I’m switching
Cxndy Drxps
Cxndy Drxps 6 days ago
I was like watching the Xs, Xs Max and Xr introduction and I’m just going to say it...(don’t come at me) Apple has better introductions it’s just much more fun to watch
-s̶ᴀs̶ᴏʀɪ 怕羞
I liked this phone overall, but the thing is, its processor it's sad that SD 855 is only available in north america and in china, and the rest of the world gets the exynos 9820 :(
koser19721 7 days ago
Apple is shaking like a leaf 🤤in the wind. 🍃🍃🍃
Frickin the Chickin
The only reason I use apple is so I can connect it to my iPad
yousif 7879
yousif 7879 7 days ago
في عرب
Maya Rinoa
Maya Rinoa 7 days ago
I real want to buy it. I need to save money 🤣
leos_pg3d 7 days ago
Im an iphone user i hate my phone called iphone x and i luv s10 5g
wut dahek
wut dahek 7 days ago
I wish I had a 5G but cant complain with a S10+
McK-L'Arts Qur
McK-L'Arts Qur 7 days ago
Ammie Devon
Ammie Devon 7 days ago
how much is it?
Hussein Al-zuhairi
العربي يضغط لايك😂🌹
Maxcraft As
Maxcraft As 7 days ago
Samsung is best
Owy 8 days ago
Make the note 10 with the selfie camera in the s pen
The Better You
The Better You 8 days ago
When am I buying this?!!!!
Avdhesh Kumar Bunkar
Is it Waterproof.....
Borchi Lethal
Borchi Lethal 8 days ago
In Spanish for the next time, please! Thanks! Hello Moto E Play 😂😂😂😁😆
Zangeef Fangsteen
"without anything in your way" You Lie
Kwrisford Richard
How I wish I could afford one for myself!!!!
Hazardous 8 days ago
I love how 90% of comments don’t even talk about the the phone itself
Girish Balchurn
Girish Balchurn 8 days ago
Apple left the chat🤣🤣
Rebel [GD]
Rebel [GD] 9 days ago
iKONIK, here I come...
Alemrac 9 days ago
iPhones: improves price and size by a centimeter Samsung's: improves camera, size by an inch, screen, and power
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 9 days ago
The s10 goes beyond the bezel but yet theres a chin which my xs max does not have. is there a reason.
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 8 days ago
+globalVariable ok. But I'm asking why is it so big
globalVariable 8 days ago
+Dylan Power The S10's chin is almost the same size as the XS; just google a comparison. If you dont like it, don't buy it; that's the magic of an open market.
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 8 days ago
+globalVariable yes it really bugged me. What's the reason for it tho?
globalVariable 8 days ago
Design choice? Is that the only thing you're focusing on here?
Ice Storm
Ice Storm 9 days ago
Samsung joined the chat Apple left the chat
Jose G
Jose G 9 days ago
Good phone but the problem is the 5G and that’s dangerous
4ONMK 9 days ago
I thought 5g microwaves was bad for health?
King hill Teixeira Azevedo
Samsung is the future. Apple is the notch
Will M
Will M 10 days ago
The apple has been eaten
ubong umoren
ubong umoren 10 days ago
Samsung is the bomb! They have the best presentation!
pewds Needs to win
pewds Needs to win 10 days ago
Guys is the s10 good?
lo l
lo l 8 days ago
Watch the reviews on youtube
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 9 days ago
Kaleb Hanson
Kaleb Hanson 10 days ago
Got my s10 yesterday. Love it. Best phone ever. And the colours are beautiful.
Naomi 10 days ago
What a sale
Jade garrix
Jade garrix 10 days ago
I’ll buy soon 😊
A Delulu YG Stan
A Delulu YG Stan 10 days ago
I’m gonna buy this one because of Blackpink Lisa 😍😍
Yassin Ashraf
Yassin Ashraf 10 days ago
If the S10 can beat the oppo F11 Pro it will hit it in the buttocks
OrangePeelXP 10 days ago
Getting S10+
Abdullah Waqar
Abdullah Waqar 11 days ago
The best phone ever!
Genius General
Genius General 11 days ago
watching on my s7edge with no distractions like hole or notch.... the old up and bottom bezel makes it feel unique considering phones these days😂
joel aguila
joel aguila 11 days ago
nice phone but did you copy the design from apple but you made some upgrades?
joel aguila
joel aguila Day ago
oh ok
energy 2 days ago
samsung owns that infinity display since the s8, which released in march or February 2017. the iphone x got released in late 2017
Sargis Live
Sargis Live 11 days ago
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 11 days ago
Super impressed
Saju Rs
Saju Rs 11 days ago
Dear Samsung, The Exynos version has serious heating issues even few minutes of Usage it gets warm and there are lot of Framedrops in Heavy Games....Those two are my major Concerns.... Kindly solve the issues mainly the Heating isssue....
Yuna Akami
Yuna Akami 11 days ago
I was Samsung user but then I got apple since then I am an apple user but now Samsung is attracting me. Might be I will get Samsung S10.
HardCore ONCE
HardCore ONCE 12 days ago
I came here because Lisa from Blackpink posted on ig
agustin1141 12 days ago
Best thing I´ve done was switch from iPhone to Galaxy. I´m in love with my S10e. Got bored of the repetitive iOS appearance, and the lack of settings and other things that I really use in Android.
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 12 days ago
What bullshit, the screen is NOT infinite or seamless, it has a camera in between it. Of course you have to laser cut it. Not buying this junk!
mel juijeXd
mel juijeXd 12 days ago
The best phone ever
Dinis Correia
Dinis Correia 12 days ago
Bixby works in portuguese?
Gerlin Avila
Gerlin Avila 12 days ago
Vengo acá a mentarles la madre poque cuando me aparece la publicidad no puedo :v
Mel Evans
Mel Evans 12 days ago
The point is that is really truth
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