Galaxy S10 Hands-on: Triple Play

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12GB of RAM. 1TB of storage. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. Hole-punch displays. HEADPHONE JACKS. These are the Galaxy S10 phones, and they're out March 8th.
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 80
youandi06 Year ago
Why I keep supporting Samsung. Because they keep using 3.5 mm headphone jack. Samsung and LG are the two big companies that support the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Everyone else seems to be ditching it. Thank you Samsung thank you LG.
David Martrano
I use the s10+ so what I do is hide the punch hole. Your not losing much. The display, cameras, battery are all excellent. The best phone on the market, plain & simple. Plus with the 8gigs, very fast, it flies!
Silverripples Year ago
On the camera they have remove the Dual camera Mode which I used frequently. Hope they bring that back soon with a software update :-(
why cant they put a bigger battery in the 6.1 model
d w
d w Year ago
everyone jumping on samsung bandwagon now, because samsung more innovative than apple wow,
Eric Year ago
Does the 10E still have the pressure sensitive home button since the fingerprint scanner is on the side?
Antoine Peterson
Apple is done and everyone knows it now
dmsanx Year ago
First changes I wold make if I got this phone is activate that dark mode. Second would be to remap that bixby button!
mmp5959 Year ago
3rd... set up at least 3 fingerprints under security
lalitha gandham
Prism black or prism blue which colour looks great...?
Amazing Sunshine
I ordered the prism blue S10+ 🎉 goodbye 🍎 😃
Natalie Carpenter
I ordered my flamingo pink yesterday. S10+
Mockbaboy Year ago
Buoyyyyy that 10e is ugly
skurgeI Year ago
Will this phone the S10 plus be a 5g phone with a software update or do i have to get the 5g phone that comes out later?
Nay Smith
Nay Smith Year ago
How many fingerprints can you add?
mjlv123 Year ago
flamingo and green color are my favorite colors
YB DAKID_ Year ago
What kind of led light cases were those? Those were 🔥🔥🔥
Zohn Williams
Zohn Williams Year ago
Where's the notification LED on it?
Amazing Sunshine
Zohn Williams it’s around the entire phone. There’s a notification light that’s trimmed out around the outer perimeters of the phone. It’s really cool!!
typical Ed
typical Ed Year ago
That led case is everything
jack11770 Year ago
Doesn't the 5G variant also not even come with expandable memory so you're stuck at 128gb I mean it's double what my phone has but I'm running out of storage I've had to delete multiple things even though I have a 256gb SD card apps just use way too much data storage on the phone anymore
MoltenCheese Year ago
the s10e honestly looks far better than the lg g8 and a lot of other phones. It will easily outsell.
Lon Brooklyn
Lon Brooklyn Year ago
I am waiting for S12 in 2022 which I want to get at a deep discount
Hatsune miku
Hatsune miku Year ago
*This wasn't the first phone to have an ultrasonic fingerprint senor btw. Honor 10 had one and that was released in summer last year. Please do the research before making comments like that.*
VitaminDon Year ago
What was that blinking display on the back of the 10e?
Steve Muheto
Steve Muheto Year ago
led cover
Joshua Dotson
Joshua Dotson Year ago
The regular s10 looks like the best option to me 😍
Tyquan Sanders
The S10 has a 3400 battery not a 3500.
Shiny Mew
Shiny Mew Year ago
0:55 my two favorites.! Prism/Ceramic White and Prism Green 💙💜💚
Cambo Fixing
Cambo Fixing Year ago
waiting for repair it
Lorenzo Townsend
I ordered the s10 not the plus because them 2 holes look bad I like the one lil hole on the 10
Jared J
Jared J Year ago
Incorrect information at 4:13. The 512gb version of the S10+ also comes in Ceramic.
Kythlo Year ago
I’m an iPhone user, and likely will be into the future but these phones are super nice!
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez Year ago
I have a slight dilemma what color should I choose white prism or flamingo pink
TensiveManx2 Year ago
Still has a headphone Jack
Drew Lakebrink
Ca nwe stop idolizing Pixel's Night Sight? It's artificially bumping the brightness to take an unnatural photo. If I'm taking a photo at night it's because I like how the scene looks at night. Yes, it can help make a person's face more apparent in the shot, but I could do that on the Lumia 950XL years ago without a night mode. The Pixel's photos skew towards blue/cooler tones as well. While it's my opinion, I prefer warmer tones overall.
Drew Lakebrink
It took 2 years to be able to remap the Bixby button...no it didn't. There have been many ways to remap that button, and Samsung even included a way to disable it.
Joel Ngandu
Joel Ngandu Year ago
The green one is gorgeous
My Reviews
My Reviews Year ago
I just wish that Samsung would get rid of those curved edges. So damn ugly. I love how the 10se looks.
ISEN TY Year ago
S10 😍
k brooks
k brooks Year ago
As good as the S 10 models are, I'm waiting for the note 10, the only phone that will replace my note 9.
G. Moore
G. Moore Year ago
Havent had a curved edge phone before. Is the S10 comfortable to hold? The curved edges don't seem as obvious as in older models. Need to see it in person though. Can't tell from video. I like the S10E, but the S10 looks good. When you do screen shots, do they pick up that porthole? Maybe do a screen shot. Maybe also show how the wireless charging is set up. Never had that before.
nikchris69 Year ago
Why all you techbloggers act like night sight is the most important thing in a camera? This beats pixel 3 xl 1000 times, even Mate 20 pro beats pixel 3 xl, and its not even close.
Sonny Wolf
Sonny Wolf Year ago
Sorry iphone users you can look but you can't use one, you need little more IQ to use a Galaxy
Gent Hoxha
Gent Hoxha Year ago
this is how you do a 10 year anniversary
Sejuani Year ago
Huawei's night mode is far superior than pixel's night sight though..
Kenny random
Kenny random Year ago
For some reason that pink flamingo color I don't know why but I'm interested in it the way it's presented is attractive and my girlfriend looks at me like I'm crazy lol
Kenny random
Kenny random Year ago
@Merveil Tchegnon depending on how the color is presented to me.... that's why I can only see a car in brown or green
Merveil Tchegnon
Maybe you are..
Kevin Valdez
Kevin Valdez Year ago
5:28 What LED protector is that???
Kevin Valdez
Kevin Valdez Year ago
@Fahim thank you for the info man 👏🏼👍🏼
Fahim Year ago
Samsung released it as an accessory. Check on their website.
Bernard C.G
Bernard C.G Year ago
That hole on the screen is 100% better looking than a notch!
InlaidFir 10 months ago
@Laura Holmes 100%*
Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes Year ago
93% *
I don't believe in monthly payments I believe in paying everything off in full cleaning my home etc. Thanks for the friendly advice though
Fardeen Ahamed
everyone talking about the punch hole is just like how it was with the notch, give it a few weeks ur going to get used to it and u will barely ever notice its there
Mike Bravos
Mike Bravos Year ago
Can someone tell me which smartwatch is that with the yellow band?
Mike Bravos
Mike Bravos Year ago
I am switching from an iPhone X to an S10+!
Todespirscher Year ago
I'll switch from a J7 pro to an S10+ Huge upgrade right?
mmp5959 Year ago
@Jacob Raji nice upgrade..world of differences
Lemon icecream
@Jacob Raji same here!
Jackson Rudnick
Jacob Raji
Jacob Raji Year ago
Im switching from a s6 to an s10
Just that whole is very very very annoying I use the device at the Verizon store my buddy works there and I used it for a few hours just that whole I can't handle either one it just really bothers me a lot
They should develop a program for people that can't afford it we can have your device custom made your expectations so they have it all set up for people that want it so it won't cost him millions and millions and I cost you maybe thousands but at Millions to have a device Custom Design to your expectations now that would be awesome if they could do that
Fardeen Ahamed
or just do monthly payments
I like to go in the store and take all those Samsung phones and just smash them going to a store and just look at I'm going to smash him on the ground is drying and walk out that's how I disappointed I am with him all three of them just don't like them this year at all very very disappointing
I don't like LG like I said I'm going to destroy my LG G5 get a Samsung S9 plus just bummed out this year about Samsung came out with these devices that are not that good I just don't like the looks of them is there anything it sucks I always a whole year
LG devices suck I have an LG G5 I'm going to get rid of it it's a pristine condition I'm going to play mr. Fix-It man with it I'm just going to destroy it I'm going to buy an S9 Plus in place of it I'm just really disappointed at Samsung this year bummed out I got to wait a whole year now for the new one
None of the devices meet my expectations why would anyone buy the Samsung S10 E when you can just pay $150 more and get the regular S10 for people that do want the new devices so I guess I'll be saving my money this year and it's not realistic to have one custom made it would be very very expensive probably a million plus or maybe more I don't think I'm willing to spend that kind of money when we just become obsolete in a year unless they can make it automatically upgradeable we can get an upgrade every year through the air they can make it but they can't do it so how to wait till the S11 comes out or maybe that note 10 will be back spectations hopefully I don't know
I want to get a device custom-made to my expectations could that be done I don't cost a lot of money and I have a lot of money to burn I want a device custom-made allscreen I'm going to reach out to Samsung to see if they could do this for me I have to have a phone with nose hole in the thing don't like that hole don't like bezels
I just hope Samsung doesn't continue on this trend making the holes in the screen I thought the device was going to have no screen at all all screen no bezels so I won't be getting it
I will not be getting any of the Samsung devices this year I went to Verizon they had all three of my display you can't get them till March 8th use them all I was not impressed the hall cut out the screen is very annoying
anne marie joseph
So if by accident, I cracked my screen in the middle where is the fingerprint sensor...will it still works or is there an alternative?
anne marie joseph
@Fahim thank you :-)
Fahim Year ago
Yes, it will work because the new fingerprint scanner uses sound waves instead of using a light to scan your fingerprint.
Zain Choudhary
Good bye Apple 🍎
Arran Browitt
Arran Browitt Year ago
It has to be the standard S10 for me
Ashraf Esaf
Ashraf Esaf Year ago
Now I will switch my I-phoneX to S10 plus
Sanaullah Hossain
Whered u get that digital case?
Fahim Year ago
You can get the case directly from samsung.
Literally no one
I want a gold version????????
Florin Nechita
The design looks cheap. 😢
Fahim Year ago
How so?
Justin Valentin
I’m honestly thinking of trading in my iPhone XR for the S10e.
J_ Kadesha
J_ Kadesha Year ago
Justin Valentin me toooo 😣
Prem Garu
Prem Garu Year ago
Great review and presentation Daniel. I love your command of English and enunciation. I have always gone for the ‘Plus’ variant as opposed to the regular and that mainly because of the battery. But this time I have good reason to opt for the S10 instead of the Plus, because it is the right size in the hand, comes with a decent battery, the same rear cameras and also one ‘punch hole’ as opposed to two. I have subscribed Brother.
I wanted to get the S10 e the regular as 10 is only $150 more than the S10 e so I might as well splurge and spend $150 more and get the regular S10.
TomoyaKun100 Year ago
Although I should go for the s10e, I prefer the standard s10. It has the same cameras as the s10+ and I don't really see much of a need for 1tb or 512gb of storage. I honestly wished we had an option with less storage to make it more cost effective since Samsung's products allow the consumer to have a removable micro sd card. I already have my music in one place where I can add more later on. I do not understand, unless you're a vlogger, why one needs this much storage on a phone. Not only that, but I also just store my pictures on a cloud-based app that takes less than 1 gb. Other than that, I don't always take selfies, so the plus model's second camera does not really impress me much.
Đöñālđ Đøňpůţ
#Read till the end. Please can you help me get the S10 or 10+ 🙏🙏, I promise I will keep it for another years to come, cause I'm still using the S4, it will really be an upgrade for me and I will really appreciate it.
Clifford Nelson
Is it safe to say the Note 10 will have a 6.7" display? 🤤
Richard Lavalley
S10+ love the bigger battery
Jake Sprehe
Jake Sprehe Year ago
Do you thank the in the screen reader will work with a screen protector???
Fahim Year ago
Yes it will work, Samsung already provides a screen protector that is pre-installed onto the phone.
Drezzy EFTP
Drezzy EFTP Year ago
I dont think a protector will be needed since samsung implemented the gorilla glass 5 on the screen
meejungbeauty Year ago
S10 Plus prism white 128GB...hehe switching from apple to Samsung :) done preordering 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
InlaidFir 10 months ago
@d w because they believe in the truth,that the samsung galaxy s10 is better than any apple phone
carver 9
carver 9 Year ago
@Fade Masta hows your experience so far
meejungbeauty Year ago
@mmp5959 thanks!!!
d w
d w Year ago
Fade Masta why are u leaving apple
The Trainer Dusk
Same. Tried out apple with the iPhone X and felt restricted with what I can do. I have to buy a controller certified by apple.. and a fast charger... f that goin back to android can’t wait for it to ship!
Rahul Year ago
5:40 wrong info shared. Its 3400 mah on s10.
-祥亮 Year ago
0:18 what colour is that?
Fahim Year ago
On the right it is a prism blue galaxy s10 and on the left it is a galaxy s9 in lilac purple.
julia Hong
julia Hong Year ago
Jussi Nousiainen
I would buy s10, maybe buying it on summer
Sumith Sd
Sumith Sd Year ago
Many says its 1200..you said its 800 nits..whats the real deal
Fahim Year ago
It can go up to 1200 nits.
Alfonso R. G.G.
Well if I had to pick one that would be the S10+ with ceramic back, but we are just starting the year, I'll wait to see what's up along the year and then pick a phone, besides I have a note 9 and I don't need the Improvement that badly
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