Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

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Introducing Galaxy Note20 Ultra.
The Powerphone that empowers your work & play.

[Power to Work]
The S Pen responds just like a real pen with its 3x faster latency. Keep your handwriting automatically straightened with Samsung Notes and sync audio to the notes you take with Audio Bookmark.

You can now convert your Samsung Notes to various formats and keep them in sync across your Galaxy devices. Then use mobile apps on PC using Link to Windows. Simply drag and drop files from your phone on your desktop and run multiple mobile apps at once.

[Power to Play]
Play over 100 Xbox games on your phone with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With hyper-fast 5G, you can play what you want with who you want.

Make pro-grade videos with built-in movie-like effects. Shoot 8K videos, change the zoom speed, and take complete control of sound design with Audio Mic by choosing between front, rear, omni, and bluetooth modes.

Then simply point your Note20 Ultra to another and share your masterpiece with UWB technology. Even cast that on a bigger screen using Samsung DeX’s Wireless connection. Watch here, play there. Do two things at once without interruption.

[Power of Performance]
Note20 Ultra’s 120hz display is super smooth, making it easier to see what's on your screen.
You get hours of screen time from just minutes of super-fast charge.
With Note20 Ultra’s all-day intelligent battery, you have the power of work-class technology and the juice to make it last.

This is not like any phone you’ve had.
This is the ultimate powerphone. The power to work, and the power to play.

Learn more: smsng.co/GalaxyNote20_yt

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Aug 5, 2020




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Ashraful Islam Saimon
After seeing this I started concentrating more on my study so that I can earn well in future to have these gadgets...Thank you samsung for motivating me...XD
Hidden VIP
Hidden VIP 9 hours ago
cant wait for gamepass
Shubham Maurya
Shubham Maurya 10 hours ago
# No Exynos and Meditech processor in India
Davronbek Muratov
Davronbek Muratov 13 hours ago
I am still using my note 4 that I bought 6 years ago. I changed battery 5 times.
afandi flasetis
Very disappointed with the sale of Note 20 Ultra in Indonesia not yet support 5g
Axvqtt_. Day ago
Not gonna lie I might buy this but I have no money-
Eduardo Alvarado
Could you please create a Fortnite Skin for this model; it cant be I finally get one and not get an exclusive skin 😢.
Dani schmitz Pernoite
como eu irei acreditar nisso
GotThatBullet 2 days ago
I have an iPhone 7 and thinking to switch to Samsung
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 2 days ago
this is not a phone this is my two semester UNI fees😑😑😑😑😑
Jerry Dy
Jerry Dy 2 days ago
This is not a smartphone this is my whole year income. 😁 😂
Saturn 999
Saturn 999 2 days ago
Im still using my Note 9 and im always surprised by its features aha then Note 20 ultra came ..
Mohd Jamal
Mohd Jamal 2 days ago
cheese doodles
cheese doodles 2 days ago
Better than iPhone
we we
we we 2 days ago
why has apple disabled their comments
Arif surya 11
Arif surya 11 2 days ago
from Indonesia
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk 3 days ago
I have been using SAMSUNG Note9 for over 2 years now >>> Didn't buy the Note10 because they didn't come with the Built~In Audio Jack that I needed to use my Wired Headphones , hated recharging Wireless ones ... SAMSUNG Note Lovers just wanted Built~In Audio Jack option , Less Unnecessary Softwares that might Hang the Set , with 512GB or more internal Storage , with Easy to Download to SDCard Smart Switches & still Retaining Favourites File after Downloading , Good Camera & Video , 5G enabled & Lighter ... We want Good High Quality User Friendly SAMSUNG Note , Not Complicated & Easily Hang smartphone just to Change for Change sake! 🙄🕯
Apple 3 days ago
lol, look at the new iPhone 12 introduction video VIEWS compare to this.....says so much.
Aet 4 days ago
Manohar Ruprai
Manohar Ruprai 4 days ago
You can
vinay garg
vinay garg 4 days ago
Horrible experience with samsung note 20 ultra offers given but denied and delayed , No one hears Guys dont buy samsung phone instead buy any other brand phone and 5 times lower price atleast they dont lie and samsung said they will give 7k coupon and no cost emi and now they deny even i have charge slip which clearly shows 9 emi and all amount was billed on my credit card ,what a lier company
Innecesario Innecesario
i like the IPhone 12 better
Julius Litja
Julius Litja 4 days ago
I get Samsung as a birthday present from my mom. Is Samsung a good phone brand? Edit: write in the comments if there is, please like it if you have a Samsung. Or so please put a liking if Samsung is a good phone manufacturer / you have one.
Julius Litja
Julius Litja 4 days ago
Here you can write what you like about samsungs.
SAHIL Ahmad 4 days ago
anthony 750
anthony 750 4 days ago
iPhone 12 pro max is better
Gaurav chd
Gaurav chd 4 days ago
Gonna gift this badass to my wife on her bday❤
Sophie the cat lover
I will buy this after the pandemic and wait for 2 years hehehe
Trafficker X
Trafficker X 4 days ago
Muy aburrido 😑
Shantanu Sen
Shantanu Sen 4 days ago
Reposting my experience: ruvid.net/video/video-DVS_vU2jSpQ.html&lc=Ugwe8WL8mfrKo6fib4d4AaABAg.9EsTiOCSHCV9Esc8o27dPJ
Maria da Conceição Silva
Me da um de presente pelo amor de nosso Deus🙏 Eu amo tudo da Samsung😘
salman aravi FARAVI
salman aravi FARAVI
kayoum chettabi
kayoum chettabi 5 days ago
i like that fact that comments are enabled not like 🍎
Adonis King
Adonis King 5 days ago
It’s like a mini inspirational movie.......
Gurmit Singh
Gurmit Singh 5 days ago
You can ben looy
PhilMinecraft 5 days ago
Who watching this that we really really can't afford 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zoran Ninkovic
Zoran Ninkovic 5 days ago
Shame on you Samsung, you advertise eSIM in N20 ultra, but don't live up to promises. Creating some of your users as second tier customers ( region restricted Samsung apps) but change us PREMIUM. Writing this comment on N20 ultra, my last Samsung phone. You would NOT SCAM me again
Xbox Life
Xbox Life 5 days ago
Ewwww sooo uguly
Gracio Tadung
Gracio Tadung 5 days ago
I love iphone 12 .. 😁
Ariff Azizi
Ariff Azizi 5 days ago
I wish i could have one😭😭😭😭.My parents couldn’t afford it 😔
Gamer Link22
Gamer Link22 5 days ago
I like how apple doesnt allow comments but samsung does xD
Yuna Nguyen
Yuna Nguyen 6 days ago
I love to watch these kind of ads. But I won’t buy this type of phone because I already had the iPhone 11 Pro Max
I like Samsung galaxy note 20 ULTRA 5G 12 GB RAM / 512 internal WA : 081243902179
Daksh Sultania
Daksh Sultania 6 days ago
Man after this i really feel angry as to why people are crazy over iPhone 😤😡 Apple doesn't even pay that much attention nowadays to its phones. I'll say to people Buy Smart-Not iPhone 12 but Galaxy Note 20
Gio the Creator
Gio the Creator 4 days ago
I’m an iPhone user but I want to switch to android soooooooo bad
Priyanshu Trivedi
When will m30s one ui 2.1 will come.
NOK FINISH 6 days ago
То чувство когда смотришь с Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro
Indian Gamerz
Indian Gamerz 6 days ago
If u like SAMSUNG more than apple 👇 tell it here
Indian Gamerz
Indian Gamerz 6 days ago
See samsung i am serious PLS make your next phone the greatest phone because i love samsung and currently using THE GALAXY s4 I am just telling you because now apple is on much lead now BUT I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE 100 TIMES BETTER AS APPLE CAN'T COPY U EVER.... YOUR EVERY SERVICE IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER BRAND! U ARE ALWAYS AT THE TOP -SAMSUNG LOVER.
DAS, Joash Salvador A.
Going back here from iPhone 12 introduction vid to cleanse my mind from the ever repetitiveness of apple phones
Shantanu Sen
Shantanu Sen 7 days ago
Don't make the mistake of ordering online from Samsung Shop. They take full money in advance and then after a few days cancel your order. The refund takes forever to come. I am yet to get my refund. Their customer service is pathetic. What is more shameful is that now they are using the COVID-19 pandemic to justify their inefficiency.
M. Rendy Azha Danish
If someday Samsung also didn't Include Charger in box, we will stop buy samsung device. like samsung quips apple removes the jack audio in 2016. Now look those picture All device didn't have Jack Audio We didn't like Hyprocite Company ,.
Art The Great
Art The Great 7 days ago
I like the no notch design
Joie 7 days ago
This would be perfect for a personal assistant. This would make their life a thousand time easier.
CrAzE Volt
CrAzE Volt 7 days ago
If the phone can do that then the DeX better get a huge update
helith karunanayake
Nice phone
Charles Boadu
Charles Boadu 7 days ago
Samsung f41 ruvid.net/video/video-J8Ct_Skv8a4.html
Samuelito Ibarra
Samuelito Ibarra 7 days ago
I hope they make more notes in the future it would be a mistake to drop these flagship devices just when I'm gonna buy one.
renzo mujica
renzo mujica 7 days ago
Finally! Now I will be able to afford the note 7 or maybe the 8.
A google user
A google user 7 days ago
who came here after apple won 2020?
Higuma 7 days ago
You've lost the plot, Samsung. Give me a S20 with an s-pen. Nobody asked for this downgrade.
Higuma 6 days ago
@Tyreek Dennis I own a note, idiot. But the future of note is losing what a note once stood for. It wasn't just about being large.
Tyreek Dennis
Tyreek Dennis 6 days ago
If u want a pen buy a note stupid
KraftzFZN 8 days ago
The phone look good though it's a new generation baby You know whenever I get that phone I'm going to download fortnite With the Xbox controller connected
Varun MahaJn
Varun MahaJn 8 days ago
Samsung has such a poor service... I've been byuing samsung products for like forever... i recently bought note 20 ultra.. which was damaged, and i gave it in the service centre. They've kept it for a complete month now and i haven't used it for even 2 weeks and i am a loyal blue customer in samsung club. Everytime i call at the centre they ask me for two more days.if you want good service.. i recommend you donot buy samsung products
Macoi Tocky
Macoi Tocky 8 days ago
I've been having this phone for a month and I'm still discovering great surprises.
Farooq Ahmed
Farooq Ahmed 8 days ago
Fuckin beautiful but Broke...
Cahyadi Ivansah
Cahyadi Ivansah 8 days ago
iPhone is better, Oops...
nk shroud
nk shroud 8 days ago
Guiyom ppojjac
Guiyom ppojjac 8 days ago
Iphone12 is no innovation.
ShawnRay Ramsamujh
samsung= 💩
Tyreek Dennis
Tyreek Dennis 6 days ago
Apple has failed u now ur trying to disrespect Samsung sounds like a isheep
Jaidev Tube
Jaidev Tube 8 days ago
Ill buy this phone in 4 yrz
HWT VI 8 days ago
“Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: the first to merge a pen with a phone.” Whatever happened to Note 1-10?
rob Garcia
rob Garcia 5 days ago
@Ethan Motwani exactly 😂
Ethan Motwani
Ethan Motwani 6 days ago
The first type of phone (galaxy note) not the first phone specifically
I just came back from iphone 12 videos and go back here bcs im disappointed the new iphones still have no fingerprint ID ugh so lame. Samsung ftw ✊😑
poody smooth
poody smooth 8 days ago
Well I bought this phone 3 days ago so for those you that can't afford it Im above you
poody smooth
poody smooth 7 days ago
@Some Weebイザベラ ok
Some Weebイザベラ
I'm above you since I preordered it before it fully came out :)
I’m already Sans Undertale
This isn't worth it
It’s Daelis
It’s Daelis 9 days ago
Ok like I think android users and iOS users will never think the same
martha Pinero
martha Pinero 9 days ago
Dyllen-Maine 9 days ago
So, who's got the N20U 512GB one?
Ana Senero
Ana Senero 9 days ago
1:11 love this momment
Shyam Sunil Karthikeyan
US varient Note20 Ultra 5G supports Esim ?
Samuelito Ibarra
Samuelito Ibarra 11 days ago
Dont discontinue the notes those are worthy to keep making.
Samuelito Ibarra
Samuelito Ibarra 11 days ago
Just when im excited about this phone the next two years will be gone.
Samuelito Ibarra
Samuelito Ibarra 7 days ago
Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself.
Samuelito Ibarra
Samuelito Ibarra 11 days ago
I dont want the note to be discontinued.
Laughter Unlimited
Laughter Unlimited 12 days ago
Please don't trust #SamsungTheCheat because, #SamsungCheats
Azaan Khan
Azaan Khan 12 days ago
Im just 8 1month ago
Azaan Khan
Azaan Khan 12 days ago
Me buy tomorrow
Laughter Unlimited
Laughter Unlimited 12 days ago
Neeti Mohan, Neha Kakkar, Rahul Dua, Aparshakti Khurana Please do not endorse #SamsungTheCheat because, #SamsungCheats #BoycottSamsung #BoycottCelebritiesEndorsingSamsung #GOI must #punishSamsung because, #SamsungCheats #punishBollwoodCelebritiesEndorsingSamsung #ExpelSamsungFromIndia
Govinda Basnet
Govinda Basnet 12 days ago
i have samsung galaxy j1 still now it is still working only it lags but i still loyal to samsung products
Swati Golhe
Swati Golhe 12 days ago
Can I get one for free? I watch this video everyday😢
I love U
I love U 12 days ago
Sony xperia better
yanassi 12 days ago
With the note 20 ultra watch you get a e-certificate for $150 for a samsung product, which is a lie. I tried to buy the galaxy watch 3. But was told the e-certificate could not be used. That is a misrepresentation of the $150 offer. After calling customer service, i was told this. Then they hung up quickly before I finish saying, this was not fair.
Suman shtestha
Suman shtestha 13 days ago
I have dot mark in display on left upper side so how to remove in SamsungGalaxynote 9 can anybody give theclue of video
charlesmagnuelle 13 days ago
they should make an accessory called a lap dock. laptop like dex dock
SHIN chan and doraemon
Hah u dont have money i have ill buy dis phone
R. R
R. R 13 days ago
Samsung. Come on guys. Exynos is way more weak than the same note 20 ultra snap 865+ and still has same price tag. Make snap 865+ available in Europe.
Mayor Mayor : Tema
Mayor Mayor : Tema 13 days ago
Wait until iPhone 12 pro max 🤨came And u will want iPhone
Tyreek Dennis
Tyreek Dennis 6 days ago
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 14 days ago
amazing add on samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung
The REVERSE Puzzler
I bought It And Its great
Kristin Reissner
Kristin Reissner 14 days ago
apple is way better then that garbage
Alexis X
Alexis X 14 days ago
Safe and sound
Estefânia Lima
Estefânia Lima 16 days ago
Eu que ñ quero esse celular do diabo
Vaishali Sasane
Vaishali Sasane 16 days ago
I love Samsung
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