'Galaxy Fold' Hands-On Review: Does it Feel Like $2,000?

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After a little hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we're happy to report this folding smartphone-tablet is much more than a bendable gimmick.
Release date: Spring 2019
Price: starting at $1980
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (7nm)
Screen size: 7.3" Infinity Flex Display
Storage capacity: 512 GB
Cover camera resolution: 10MP Selfie Camera F2.2
Front camera resolution: 10MP Selfie Camera, F2.2, 8MP RGB Depth Camera, F1.9
Rear camera resolution: 6MP Ultra Wide Camera, F2.2, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.5/F2.4, 12MP Telephoto Camera, PDAF, OIS, F2.4, 2X optical zoom
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Comments 9
Don Hyon
Don Hyon Month ago
Aww that memory is not expandable, but it still holds more shit than my laptop. =P
mr hi fi
mr hi fi Month ago
I think inside front facing camera is not necessary actually. Front panel also have selfie camera and they can also arrange to show the live view at the front panel while using the main camera set up for taking selfie. So can get the high quality selfie camera and can also ELIMINATE THE NOTCH.
Karthik Stark25
Karthik Stark25 Month ago
Its not just a notch its the thing that dont let both of the screens to touch each other so it wont shatter easily in daily usage and it makes the folding mechanism more smooth they are not dumb just to put a camera there its just like an extra thing and make a notch and its not that disturbing since most of the apps are like fitting well to it
Stop Media Fakery
I hate the notch, but maybe they did it for video chat? I suppose when on Skype it would be good to see the other person on full screen. But, they could have just had one camera for that. One RUvidr said it's a raised notch to protect the display when closing, don't know how true that it is.
leo mobley
leo mobley Month ago
Tom ask that young lady in the back if she would like to get some coffe with me.
leo mobley
leo mobley Month ago
+Amon Ra II That's is the truth
Amon Ra II
Amon Ra II Month ago
You into big booties eh?
Ali Husain
Ali Husain Month ago
$2000 and it isn't even a SuperAmoled display??? No MicroSD?? 4.6 inch display on the front?? What a piece of junk!! Even Apple wouldn't send out a piece of garbage like this. Anyone who buys this should contact me to buy a bridge in Brooklyn.
Jimmy jeanpaul
Jimmy jeanpaul Month ago
so what does this do my current phone doesn't?
Hidden Knowledge
If you don't know the answer, this isn't for you lol
Thabo Mboneni
Thabo Mboneni Month ago
Duh unfold into a tablet
antonio Month ago
jim jeanpaul uh fold
Najee Scott
Najee Scott Month ago
You can run up to 8 supported apps at once, not just 3.
TRUTH Untitled MC
Do this phone come with a screen protector already installed on the phone?
Tavares Melton
Tavares Melton Month ago
Imannoying Month ago
It doesn't, but it does come with a case.
Appzolutely+ Month ago
I don't think so. I haven't heard anything about screen protectors at all
Mohammed Abdeen
Mohammed Abdeen Month ago
My wallet will fold the same way when I pay for this..
Really Jayden
Really Jayden Month ago
TChipsGT lol
TChipsGT Month ago
murshid akthar
murshid akthar Month ago
First 😄
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