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Hey boos! So I tried Lady Gaga's new beauty line, Haus Laboratories, for the firs time! Today I'll be sharing my unfiltered, raw, and honest thoughts on the brand and the products. It's okay if yall drag me lmao
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Oct 2, 2019




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Comments 2 287
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 4 months ago
update! so I think I made it painfully obvious that I don't really know much about Lady Gaga in general. it's been brought up that her comments regarding diversity and inclusion were mainly referring to the LGBTQ community. After seeing very short snippets of her speech at her initial launch, and only one of her campaign commercials this just was not obvious to me. If she wanted that to be the message it should be so obvious that even a non-fan would get this, (which I didn't). My comments were in no way meant to be dismissive of the community just because I don't relate to it, and yes I'm well aware inclusion includes more than just skin color (which is evident based on the type of content I create where I literally try to include everybody), but that message just wasn't apparent from what I saw hence why I commented in the manner I did. Please be mindful it takes all but 2 minutes to just say "hey ma FYI this was what she meant" instead of assuming that I'm dismissing the community or just don't care because that's not true 😭 thank you!
weeping walrus
weeping walrus Month ago
I literally dont even do my makeup or anything like that but I watch all your videos because of your magnetic personality I love it than you for being you
イデーン Month ago
Gaga out here saying this is revolutionary in LGBTQ+ inclusion, while kids walk through crowds of old men screaming about "white Jesus" to participate in a LGBTQ+ safe space. Not doing the real work for the community sis.
Tobby Durocher
Tobby Durocher 3 months ago
@TheKoyn Uhmm!! She did not defend R.Kelly, she took out her popular song with him, because she did not want to be associated with him. She is a rape victim herself, I don't think she defend him in any shape or form.
Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate 3 months ago
GURLLLL> THAT COMMUNITY DON'T F with us anyway unless they asking for BBC on apps. BYE GAGA and that community. AS a black queer I keep my FIST UP and that flag down.
Claudette Castro
Claudette Castro 5 days ago
Dondizm! 7 days ago
Shoutout to Kathleen and her nude liner! 😩😂
Corinne Olivia
Corinne Olivia 7 days ago
I believe she’s only getting started and has much better products coming. BUT I do hope she sees this video cause i feel like you make pretty good points and she should know in what area she needs to step up.
Alison Li
Alison Li 10 days ago
Jackie from the bottom of my heart thank you for acknowledging the hooded eye community
Breyer Kinzer
Breyer Kinzer 12 days ago
Your teeth are so pretty.
marys_airforce 12 days ago
Squishy876 15 days ago
The fact that there were no crazy colors or packaging threw me
Olivia Gonzalez
Olivia Gonzalez 20 days ago
tbh i’m waiting for gaga to put out a colorful shadow palette/ a colorful blush palette. nothing wows me about her makeup line so far
E l e c t r i c C h a i r
J 28 days ago
Now this is the intro I love. That was so silly I love love love
Naz Bibi
Naz Bibi 28 days ago
this girl is hilarious!
Tara Daviie
Tara Daviie 28 days ago
I truly just think that nobody would care about this launch if it wasn’t by Gaga. People who don’t like Rhianna (or are like me and just don’t know much about her) still use and like Fenty products because they’re genuinely great and the products are really interesting and thoughtful - this just didn’t have the same impact for me.
Bryann Clark
Bryann Clark 29 days ago
You’re my absolute favorite! 🥰
Melissa Louise Madden
“Just chonk, an jus glit” 😂😂
Valarie Johnson
Valarie Johnson Month ago
You said you didn’t know if she had anything in the past like merch or something, she did release a perfume at one point. It was black and it sprayed on clear and I have it somewhere, I can’t find it. It smells super good from what I remember! Smells like what you would think she would smell like lmao.
bb Month ago
"I got carpel tunnel I need to choose my looks wisely" lmao 😂👏
Jittaun Wallace-Sipp
If you didn’t catch the way she said laboratory then you’re literally too young and missed out some of the best cartoons.
Mixed_chickday Month ago
When you said “I kinda wanna take it off” 😂😂😂 your facial expressions kill me every time ❤️
Yadell Nova
Yadell Nova Month ago
You watch RawBeautyKristi? YES SISSSS
mana269 Month ago
I agree this makeup is bad
Chelsea Rivera
Chelsea Rivera Month ago
Tamia Edrington
Tamia Edrington Month ago
I feel like there wasn’t real effort put into this. No color story with the shadows , sheer glosses and liners. Very lackluster tbh
Lily L
Lily L Month ago
I have faith! Fenty’s launch had crappy products and it came a long way
I'm a Gaga stan. Listen to her everyday for a good... few hours. Her music has nothing to do with this clearly garbage launch. It actually has... made me think less of her. The LGBT community contains POC 🤷🏽‍♀️ How dare you label something "nude" in this day and age
Annie H.
Annie H. Month ago
for lady gaga, the whole line was lackluster. i would have expected her to come out with maybe crazy eyeshadows or eyeliners, foundation... something more then what this was, especially for what her goal was with the line
Stephanie G
Stephanie G Month ago
No offense, but I think this collection absolutely sucks lol
Kermit Fucking Dies
"I like that!" *tosses it to the side* JACKIE YOU'RE AN ICON
happy bear
happy bear Month ago
That was a whole roast but I love the honesty because the makeup was crap 😶
Alex Month ago
idk abt eating her alive, she seems like she tastes bland..
Rick Rocha
Rick Rocha 2 months ago
Okay, I came here to see someone reviewing the Line that my Mother released. But I just loved your personality, so funny!
1Tiffany Lynette
1Tiffany Lynette 2 months ago
Those braids are dope!!!!
Kyle Chester
Kyle Chester 2 months ago
Always will come for your reviews!!!!! 💙
Yvonne 2 months ago
I've never been able to smudge out a felt tip liner.
tawny porter
tawny porter 2 months ago
u are so fucking funny omg😭😭😭
Sophie's Opinion
Sophie's Opinion 2 months ago
The makeup is really good, sadly after watching you, it kinda looks like maybe it wasn't made for black girls, I feel like makeup brands should have girls of all skin colors but also all nationalities in mind when making makeup an maybe they dropped the ball on this collection which is really sad, I know Gaga is not like that but who knows who is on her team. Either way, ur still beautiful!
kiwistrwberry82 2 months ago
I ain’t even go’ lie....I don’t wear makeup--I just love her and I live for the editing😂
Lonnie Out Loud /LJ
Lonnie Out Loud /LJ 2 months ago
EXACTLY how I felt...next round please.
Alexander Paul Belila
bby xoxo
bby xoxo 2 months ago
The eyebrows sissss
Sydney Jaden
Sydney Jaden 2 months ago
Is this a safe space?❤️
Alex Tay
Alex Tay 2 months ago
Shake the glam attacks before using it to get a better pay off! Loved your unbiased review!
Beary Tyler Moore
Beary Tyler Moore 2 months ago
For hooded eyes, the trick is to apply the liquid shadow, but keep your eye closed and don't open it until you've applied a shimmery powder. The powder set's the liquid, makes it even bolder, and prevents transfer.
Little Monster
Little Monster 2 months ago
I’m pretty sure before this Gaga had 2 perfumes she made. I know for a fact she made one but I think another too.
Kingston VEVO
Kingston VEVO 2 months ago
I would really love for you to retry another Haus Laboratory look but a less professional look. Go fun with it please 😩 mix match colors
Caitlin Irelan
Caitlin Irelan 2 months ago
When she was talking about hooded eyelids, I have that level of hooded eyelids where I don't even wear liquid mascara anymore because it takes too long to dry and if I forget and open my eyes all the way before it's dry I now have a black line on the top of my eye. Sucks
swinnging fromtherooftops
God that really isn't my speed. That teal would have been such an iconic colour but this fucking flops
_ Lockes _
_ Lockes _ 2 months ago
Did you shake them? You're supposed to shake them before applying
jori 837
jori 837 2 months ago
oh she messed up
karole 2 months ago
Haha your intro🤣
karole 2 months ago
Haha your intro🤣
Ana Julia Zanatto
Ana Julia Zanatto 2 months ago
okay but can we talk about Jackie gourgeus look in this video? the braids are 🔥🔥🔥
Shelby Williams
Shelby Williams 2 months ago
The red gloss reminded me of watery ketchup, I said what I said 🤷‍♀️
Fernando Martínez
Fernando Martínez 2 months ago
You are GORGEOUS omg i was hypnotized the whole video 💕
Iuliana Vasnic
Iuliana Vasnic 2 months ago
these cosmetics don't impress me
Mai H
Mai H 2 months ago
28:12. You killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kenneth Rosario
Kenneth Rosario 2 months ago
Lady Gaga should have kept this make up idea to herself.
Zoe Pritts
Zoe Pritts 2 months ago
My hooded eyes are crying
Cake is Yummy
Cake is Yummy 2 months ago
Thats not a blendin brush for yo lids girl
Serenity Bound
Serenity Bound 2 months ago
Game changer? Rihanna did that and is that...come back when ready, NEXT 🙄. Probably try another product that speaks to you Stephanie, male make up, ones specifically for drag queens etc 🤷🏾‍♀️. Loving the smooth flawless complexion on Jackie and those cornrows...seem to look prettier and prettier each time I visit by a click.
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