Gacha Stories in a Nutshell 2 (Gacha Life VS Real Life)

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Reacting to EVERY Gacha Studio & Gacha Life Story EVER summed up in a nutshell in one video. Including Gacha Life (Logic) vs Real Life, Gacha memes at their finest!
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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 7 325
Emily Portillo
Emily Portillo 12 minutes ago
You should do ppgs and rrbs love story
Robin Murphy
Robin Murphy 48 minutes ago
The one,you forgot was ageless jack
Eve Torres
Eve Torres Hour ago
Eve Torres
Eve Torres Hour ago
It's like that roblox pne
Freyja Walker
Freyja Walker Hour ago
Byw I saw this gacha nutshell
Freyja Walker
Freyja Walker Hour ago
Freyja Walker
Freyja Walker Hour ago
I didn't read the title (Cuz I lazy =.=)
Sofia Jablanovic
Sofia Jablanovic 2 hours ago
5.02 my face when a baby go to Los Angeles imeddataly(moms face)
Alodie Walker
Alodie Walker 3 hours ago
1:23 Momma Papa XD
Project Factory
Project Factory 3 hours ago
UwU gacha life be odd :p
gachaskyla _cookie
gachaskyla _cookie 4 hours ago
lauren:we have slenderman ben drownd jeff the killer sally jane thekiller err i fogot me:the fogot me guy is eyeles jake i think
kaylee beltran
kaylee beltran 4 hours ago
it was eye less jack
Ally Alym
Ally Alym 5 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that tiky Toby wasn’t there
Te_Small Clover ツ
Gacha Phoebes
Gacha Phoebes 6 hours ago
When she said but I’m preg he interrupted her before she could Finnish she ment to say but I’m pregnant
chukstreet 6 hours ago
They do actually do creepy stories
Lucy Froelich
Lucy Froelich 7 hours ago
This video is my life in my mind
sxcial media
sxcial media 7 hours ago
*”They look like siblings!”*
Raelene Solitar
Raelene Solitar 8 hours ago
Itz masky that’s who he is
Darrell RANKIN
Darrell RANKIN 10 hours ago
Ugh I hate when they are animals and then also have human ears
Hollie Lucas
Hollie Lucas 10 hours ago
Get wrecked jeff
Angelie Ayala
Angelie Ayala 13 hours ago
Uh I forget that's eyeless jack
nightshade 103
nightshade 103 14 hours ago
First of all one thing i noticed why did the principal of the school on the dress code reality part say Mrs.smith? Is she married st like the age of 16?? She could even be younger!?
Christopher Hinton
Christopher Hinton 15 hours ago
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 16 hours ago
MJ A 18 hours ago
Hes Eyeless Jack and what about Lazari?
Carrie Laxson
Carrie Laxson 18 hours ago
It was the Mona katsa
Lolbit Xx
Lolbit Xx 20 hours ago
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez 22 hours ago
Gust so you know
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez 22 hours ago
The other guy is eyeless jack
Peter Deshawn
Peter Deshawn 22 hours ago
Lauren stop stop saying Perg
Nicole Salzman
Nicole Salzman 23 hours ago
-*. -* _
LiTe_cake 08
LiTe_cake 08 23 hours ago
Yes people make creepy pasta videos in Gacha life
Lemony 23 hours ago
Anyone else think Adam kinda looks likes Scott?
Bcvilla Hoi
Bcvilla Hoi Day ago
4:00 that’s ticc Toby I think
Bianca Santacroce
Eyeless jack!
shea smith
shea smith Day ago
"we need to get rid of it before it has eggs"OMG Hahahahaha i am died in side Hahahahahah
shea smith
shea smith Day ago
and yes Lauren there is creepy-pasta videos in gacha life i watch them all the time =>=
Gacha Goody123Midnight
The one with black scars is Eyeless Jack
The FloppySquid
me: thinking of making a super paper roblox gacha complation Lauren in the notifacations: COME WATCH THIS Me: watches Me: Nevermind.
Manuel Soriano
Gacha wolfie And the family
Gacha wolfie And the family
The one u forgot is eyeless jack
JM - 05WD - Willow Way PS (1548)
That reminds me i was watching a papito meme and girl ended up kissing a guy identical to her.WHAT!?
galaxyroyale12 oor
I know why the baby has ugly eyes because the father covers his eyesss
Gatcha Potatoes
Yes Lauren they do I’m working on a Creepypasta one to
XxCreepyEnderxX Gacha
Eyeless Jack
Tamara I love yo Davison
I got a question who’s your favorite creepy pasta mine is Jeff
Tamara I love yo Davison
Eyeless jack
Phoenix Gamble
Well She Tried Hiit
Lauren - cats and dogs can’t be together me - has two dogs and two cats
ณภัสสรณ์ วินุราช
lol this video is so funny
Shark Dude
Shark Dude Day ago
Lauren:Sally Me:EarthWorm sally carries diseases from Florida to Cali (California)
Ying Chen
Ying Chen Day ago
Rose's Drawings
6:57 imagine Bobby just walk in hearing Lauren scream “IM PREG” Bobby: IM gOnNa BBe a FAther?!
Brenex Lindsay
Kimberly Terry
Yes and it not stupid
Christine Bain
*cloud in the back looks like the country serbia*
{Xx Darkside dark blue xX}
That’s not true people can look like siblings that’s nothing wrong just cuz same hair color does not mean siblings I bet you and ur gf/bf have same color hair so yeah but no hate on Lauren just person who made that gacha logic reality
Broken Scars
Broken Scars Day ago
*sees Mrs on the dress code* SHE'S TOO YOUNG TO GET MARRIED THOUGH-
Celepso UwU
Celepso UwU 2 days ago
I think I might be sally but different reasons 1:my name is sally 2:I have brown hair 3:I have green eyes 4:I wear pink dresses a lot 5:I have a teddy bear like Sally’s
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