gabbie hanna went TOO FAR this time..

anna oop
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gabbie hanna went TOO FAR this time..
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Comments 80
Jimin Lover
Jimin Lover 10 hours ago
gabbie isn't really one of the youtubers I've ever watched my sister did watch her but recently not me.
Madison Walters
Madison Walters 17 hours ago
Ok I probably shouldn’t be talking but I believe we’ve all made mistakes and yes Gabbie Hanna did make a mistake and didn’t she apologize for it in a video so I believe we should accept and think about what we’ve done and understand she probably never meant for anything to be rude
Alexandra 19 hours ago
she's gross, her face is gross, her personality is gross
omavi desvignes
omavi desvignes 22 hours ago
She is stupid
Marissa_D _H
Marissa_D _H Day ago
I’m here really late but honestly from what I have heard and watched this girl seems like a bish. I have had an experience with a friend that would always act like the victim but she isn’t half as bad as This girl is.
Reece Breheny
I don’t like this because gabbie actually put up a video explaining what happen so if it is not your Business however gabbie did not know that it was an picture of Bianka as you said and she blurted it to make it better but people were taking it the wrong
ImA cOoL gAmEr GiRl SiKeee
I have the same birthday as her 😬
pit a pat neocarat
From : me Stop right now thank u very much~ i need somebody with a human thought~ To : gabbie
Rose xxx
Rose xxx 3 days ago
She did a video explaining why she did it quietly without extra video
Genius Yoongi
Genius Yoongi 5 days ago
• 1left_wørried •
Dam that fucking thumbnail scared the shit out of me.
Melissa Buff
Melissa Buff 6 days ago
I used to watch gabbie Hannah but I don’t anymore,she is so rude and thinks she can’t do anything wrong
Brendondotexe 7 days ago
It’s not really her fault she didn’t even know.
Sunny Falcon
Sunny Falcon 7 days ago
But she did say something about it
Caterra Stith
Caterra Stith 7 days ago
My names deanna
Mycatisnotvaxxed 7 days ago
You’re a big BRUH moment
Elisabeth Krmoian
Smores Crush
Smores Crush 8 days ago
I don’t understand what’s wrong with what she did.
Taylor Faith
Taylor Faith 8 days ago
One of the people you used as 'proof' ad sex with a 16 year old. She has addressed all of those thing btw.
valqentinemal 8 days ago
She genuinely didn’t know it was a mistake
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 9 days ago
I love your channel but you are also exploiting the poor girl by having her in your thumbnail
The Gacha Couple
The Gacha Couple 9 days ago
I can't believe I found her with 8M subs into 6M subs.
My tea Spilling today
I’m so weird out with her music vids there very bad and I’m thinking she very ill or insane with her music
Ryan 9 days ago
You should be more respectful
Unicorn Bitch
Unicorn Bitch 10 days ago
The fact that Gabbie already made her apologies but then you dont update the latest info on your channel just to keep the tea going is digusting. Stupid channel.
b l u e i x i a
b l u e i x i a 11 days ago
“What do you think of Gabbie?” Me: *she has a big nose haha-*
Alicja Kubicka
Alicja Kubicka 11 days ago
But you are earning money from both of this situation.... it is so hypocritical of you. You used photo of Binca in the thumbnail and you bully Gabbie for her mistake... im not a fan of Gabbie but i think that making videos of her mistake is disrespectful to Bianca’s family.... You bringing a lot more attention to Gabbie.... but it is serious. It’s not about her. It is about Bianca.
Dorey Davidson
Dorey Davidson 11 days ago
You're no better than her honestly.
Graceann Harley
Graceann Harley 11 days ago
these drama channels just love exploiting people don’t they
Maysun Conley
Maysun Conley 12 days ago
okay you are so wrong for this you should not be also talking about this girl and her tragic story you are not making this any better you need to stop doing this
Krissy Rekt
Krissy Rekt 12 days ago
I've never been a fan of Gabbie, because she is problematic.
Allie Johnson
Allie Johnson 12 days ago
I love her
jocelyn 12 days ago
I am not a gabbie fan at all but this didnt seem in any way disrespectful. She was being inspired to dress up like her. people always wanna start things for no reason.
Peach Tea
Peach Tea 13 days ago
Why her nose so big tho (not being mean )
Carlee Dean
Carlee Dean 13 days ago
You did the same damn thing, talk about hypocrisy
Nycole 14 days ago
You literally used her in your thumbnail, she had her up for a second with out realizing her was gone. You’re actually milking her death and image for views. It’s disgusting, please try to be respectful to the literal child who’s death you’re exploiting and her family’s grief.
SimplyVanxssa 14 days ago
I’m on gabbies side for this one she didn’t realize who Bianca was and Biancas own MOTHER dosent think it’s a big deal then no one else should smh. People are just trying to make everything she does wrong
why doiexist
why doiexist 15 days ago
She did....nothing wrong. Even the family said that. So why are you people storing drama when there is literally nothing to stir
Tiffany Curtis
Tiffany Curtis 15 days ago
You showed a video of romeo 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Victoria Rico
Victoria Rico 15 days ago
People are extremely overreacting. Gabbie did make a mistake by not addressing it but she later spoke out about it and the mom was not offended at all. You're just tryna find any way to hate on her
maira jane
maira jane 15 days ago
Girl really all Gabby said that she liked the shirt literally You drama channels are making the situation even more worse seriously Bianca's family wasn't offended why are y'all getting offended at the end of the day the person's opinion that matters the most is Bianca's family.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 15 days ago
This video should be reported
Jennifer Madrigal
Jennifer Madrigal 16 days ago
She needa get an act right ! 😡
dank-memes-and tomatoes
Um...you said it yourself she didn't know AND you used her picture in YOUR thumbnail so look at yourself first and her parent and sister said they didn't mind and that Bianca was a fan of gabby and that she would have been happy because all gabby did was complement her so before you start accusing and bringing up the past Look👏 At👏 The👏 Facts👏
Jimuella Aniasco
Jimuella Aniasco 17 days ago
Me: 3:00 staring directly into her nose
Kristýna Staňková
Anna, Atozy has called you out about putting Bianca´s image in your video ruvid.net/video/video-aGodTpUEh0o.html ...
Deserie Apaez
Deserie Apaez 18 days ago
I don’t like gabbie but I can’t be mad at her for this because I don’t think it was intentional. I truly believe she is just dumb.
Lee Taeyong
Lee Taeyong 19 days ago
Emily Carter
Emily Carter 19 days ago
Who cares...... like bruh I doubt she even saw the message. I’m not standing up for her but like bruh who tf cares
dawn mcloughlan
dawn mcloughlan 19 days ago
Yeah Gabbie isn’t perfect but who is? 🤷🏼‍♀️ if you can tell me that you’re so perfect that you’ve never done a thing wrong then I’ll drop it but Gabbie has since released an apology video explaining why she waited so long to address her mistake. Like seriously she didn’t mean it it’s an easy mistake to make and she’s getting so much back lash. I know I’ve personally looked at a picture without even looking at the related article. Not everyone wants to read articles that go with pictures it just so happened that she saw bianca’s picture thought it was cute and used it 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s easily done
workitworkkmannn 20 days ago
I’ve literally never liked gabbie. Back in the vine days I always wondered why people liked her.
kaira1ceili 20 days ago
Yet, you are the one who uses the poor girl's face in the thumbnail for views. The irony...Btw, I am not a fan of Gabbie.
Tara 21 day ago
I love her, but lately her content was kinda weird ngl
Tanya Violet
Tanya Violet 21 day ago
I really liked this drama channel but honestly this channel has turned INTO A BULLING CHANNEL biancas OWN MOTHER SAID SHE WASNT BOTHERED by it you guys are legit trying to create drama out of air now literally I’m not a fan of her but she didn’t deserve all this hopefully your never in a fucked up scandal like this 👌
bunny love
bunny love 22 days ago
Gabbia did noting wrong all she did was just compliment the shirt even Bianca's mom didn't even get offended nor her sister people's think there so smart think somebody got offended even though no one did
Rebecca Kirby
Rebecca Kirby 22 days ago
I didn’t even know that was the girl that died. Bianca’s family have already come forward. Let her rest and leave it alone.
GarytheOtaku 22 days ago
Your whole channel is basically the pretty little liars forum but read by a girl who sounds like ai learning to speak more like a human
Clara Cruz
Clara Cruz 25 days ago
so...Gabbie was talking about Bianca's outfit and that meant she was being offensive???
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 26 days ago
Hate her. Why would anyone do that.
Ella_Potato 27 days ago
Y'all need to calm down. Gabbie is a human too, we all make mistakes. HER OWN MOM said it wasn't a big deal. I'm disappointed this and all the other videos talking trash about Gabbie because of something she did on accident.
hi thisthers
hi thisthers 27 days ago
Listen, I love your channel. I have been watching your videos for quite some time and look forward to seeing your videos in my notification box, however I’ve unsubscribed after this video. I am genuinely disgusted. You and so many other drama channels are beyond hypocritical. You blame Gabbie for the same thing that YOU do. Bianca’s family is going through enough with dealing with the loss of their daughter, they don’t need drama channels EXPLOITING her death. You didn’t even have the decency to blur out her picture and you use it in your THUMBNAIL. Shame on you.
Thiccynicky 27 days ago
You literally are bashing her for leaving the picture in the video when you literally used it in the thumbnail
L Sinclair
L Sinclair 28 days ago
Bianca’s family CALLED U AND OTHERS OUT. If I were you, I’d remove this video... And how dare you put Bianca’s photo as well. That is very hypocritical. I don’t like Gabbie, but seriously the family made a video and said drama channels that showed and used their daughters name were what was disrespectful.
Central Hoe
Central Hoe 28 days ago
Her nose is so big and ugly
Omega 28 days ago
Why are you being a degenerate and not blurring our her face at least respect the person by blurring them out this is also disrespectful and unprofessional
Serenity 28 days ago
Ngl I’ve always hated her. Idk why, but I just did. Now I have a reason to
Gabi 28 days ago
I go by Gabi, and honestly I’m thinking of never using that nickname again 😟
Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter 28 days ago
I can’t stand Gabbie but I also couldn’t stand how you were mad at Gabbie for using Bianca’s picture, yet you were using it too
Cerys Heaps
Cerys Heaps 28 days ago
Gabbie didn’t read the article next to the photo as she explained in a video. But you’ve literally just put Biancas photo in the thumbnail and actively talked about it so you’re even worse. Hypocrite!!! All for views. Disgusting
mini me
mini me 29 days ago
get it my view of Gabbie Hanna is probably different than everybody else cuz I'm one of her fans but it was an accident and everyone is putting so much hate on her because of an accident I hope you can learn to forgive and forget and leave this whole case behind and let the family of Bianca have a break and
Anita Ozadowicz
Anita Ozadowicz 29 days ago
What’s wrong with her putting the picture in the video? Have you never seen a picture of someone who passed in a RUvid video? She wasn’t laughing at her for drying!
Kim Loving
Kim Loving 29 days ago
she didn't know she did address it and stop hating on people
Alex Munch
Alex Munch 29 days ago
Bianca’s family spoke out in a video defending Gabbie
Reveleur Month ago
Gabbie's fans are hating on Bianca in her Instagram now, imaging hating on a murdered teenager. Shit fanbase of a shit person. Bianca's family didn't deserve this.
devil dee
devil dee Month ago
So, since the creator of this RUvid channel is using this for clout is isn’t actually going deep down into the roots of what Gabbie posted, I’ll say it: the girls mother, and 2 sisters made a video just a few weeks ago. In that video they say something along the lines of “Certain accounts are using Gabbie’s video and this information FOR CLOUT.” They also begin to describe how they had nothing against Gabbie when she posted the video and wasn’t upset about it and found there was nothing wrong with it. I’m not a fan of this RUvid channel, but Anna is only using clout for her sake and it’s disgusting.
Justin McFall
Justin McFall Month ago
You’re on drama alert
Mina Month ago
You seem perfect fan with getting RUvid clicks using the picture of a young woman whose life ended tragically soon. So. Who is going too far?
Bee Daugherty
Bee Daugherty Month ago
I'm not a subscriber of Gabbie. And I'm not a fan. But you also used Bianca's photo in your thumbnail. You cannot sit here and criticize her for using this girl's photo (which we all understand is wrong I'm not trying to say it isn't) while you INTENTIONALLY use her photo to gain clicks and views on your video.
Satu Pohjalainen
You do realize you have Bianca's face uncensored on your thumbnail and in your video, right? You should maybe practise what you preach, but that might require you to think about the situation more.
Queen Bri
Queen Bri Month ago
If y'all don't like her so much don't give her the attention she wants and needs to stay relevant
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