G2 vs. FPX | Finals | 2019 World Championship | G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix

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2019 World Championship Finals #Worlds2019
G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 1 353
Carlos Alberto Martins Junior
7:55:17 - OPENING CERIMONY . 8:27:40 - Start first game.
Phil. L.
Phil. L. 3 days ago
Congrats FPX well done!!! 🎉😁👍👏
Vanyr 6 days ago
Why are they playing in the old map???
ellerim üşüyo
ellerim üşüyo 6 days ago
9:13:17 tian ult...
Valor Hawk
Valor Hawk 7 days ago
So, FPX is Korean/Chinese...not a All Chibese team
SolarFlare 8 days ago
Just because you shut down skt doesn’t mean you can beat fpx
Back to future
Back to future 10 days ago
AvaddonSakh 12 days ago
Я не понимаю, как это смотреть , игроки фармят пол часа , чуть что - разбегаются, за 20 минут 1 килл, в чем смысл игры ? Смотреть , как они скиллами по крипам попадают? А иногда по героям
SIDI 12 days ago
eu jogando de gragas
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger 15 days ago
I feel sorry for g2 fans
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger 15 days ago
The Asians will always and will be rule the worlds
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 16 days ago
11:20:10 he is defect could be?
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 16 days ago
und das sollen wirklich die besten sein die Europa zubieten hat peinlich asf
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 16 days ago
looks like a normal lol Patti
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 16 days ago
ok bin zwar kein Hellseher aber ich bin sicher anhand der Champion Wahl dass die japsen gewinnen werden edit: Ich lag richtig, die reißfresser gewinnen GG Ez win. war irgendwie peinlich ...
Javier 17 days ago
Tian qlo asqueroso parece enfermito
Ronny 19 days ago
@9:14:22 He just bust out a Super Smash Bros sidestep dodge 😂
Adam Davis
Adam Davis 20 days ago
fpx>FNC. IG. G2
kincade hallock
kincade hallock 21 day ago
"And you guys back home in americer!" Lol gotta love accents
kevin007sly 24 days ago
son todas las finales de la historia xd
kevin007sly 24 days ago
refresque y ahora 2016 wtf?
kevin007sly 24 days ago
2014? wtf
THe ORange
THe ORange 28 days ago
Can we just give props to the commentator for that PERFECT transition at 8:43:30
SaltyFinest Month ago
We didnt perform especially well. Is the enemy didnt perform well. TOTAL SAVAGE
Bitxch E
Bitxch E Month ago
g2 is over hyped lol
Blade_des Month ago
奕嘉陳 Month ago
FROSK:Perkz is a better adc compared to Lwx Lwx:See my KDA
WonderBoyy Month ago
G2 Just have problems with Chinese teams. Chinese players are super agressive. Last year they Lost Against IG In semi and now in finals..... maybe trophy will return to seed after 10years ?
alanOHALAN Month ago
RIOT should give gold, silver and bronze metals.
alanOHALAN Month ago
G2 = #2, should named G1.
陳柏宇 Month ago
陳柏宇 Month ago
A L Month ago
巴黎图书馆 Paris Libiary bibliothèque de paris
G2 next year pls do your best
Golden Apple
Golden Apple Month ago
I almost forgot how fun it is to watch League. Glad to come back.
SKydon 0
SKydon 0 Month ago
Asian people still rule
Andrew Sun
Andrew Sun Month ago
Each one of the 4 casters: G2 win. FPX: Did you forget last year?
haotian qian
haotian qian Month ago
pyke is really championship pick lol
BlueSky Month ago
Western reaching the finals? Tsm next
Zhiyu Qin
Zhiyu Qin Month ago
numuves Month ago
Why do the hosts all wear hobbit vests?? I make vlogs and vids straight from China by the way.
people jensen
people jensen Month ago
GGEZ? no, G2EZ in your face trashtalkers
Ocelot’s interview LULW fined
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson Month ago
G2 were slayed.They should have called GG. They didn't call it because they were in Paris. If they called GG the whole Paris would surrender.
Aditya nandan
Aditya nandan Month ago
China are monsters bunch of rookies like fpx winning worlds in first international tournament. Hope we don’t get five years of China domination.
Asura Strike
Asura Strike Month ago
7:54:33 opening ceremony
Krakatoa Dude
Krakatoa Dude Month ago
That's why we need communism
Jovem gameplay Br
o unico br kkkk pq essa obra de arte nao tem anime!?
물감통좆규남 2 months ago
7:55:13 [7:57:35] (7:58:50)
Barrett Sergio
Barrett Sergio 2 months ago
Cony Li
Cony Li 2 months ago
Why is there no computer at home so smooth?
ありちゃん 2 months ago
*watches the King's Avatar live action once* I'm here
Sonny Wei
Sonny Wei 2 months ago
EU is the third world
DiesDunkleGehim 2 months ago
It tilts me a little how the shoutcasters seem to be saying 提案 instead of 天. My middle name is 天佑, so it's like they're mispronouncing my own name... 😠😠
Teeotha 2 months ago
I would love to see a worlds where the world champions didn't need a translator.
Social Network Asia
Social Network Asia 2 months ago
Looks cool this game..
Super D
Super D 2 months ago
dais asco
Wilpeter Lao
Wilpeter Lao 2 months ago
The only reason why G2 made it to finals it's because SKT made so many mistakes. This year's finals looked like Challengers vs a bunch of golds. 🤣
Healz 2 months ago
The thing is it doesnt matter if you was on the world finals 2 or 3 times or you are new to worlds. You need to work hard to achieve this title. What G2 did instead? They spent more time on twitter than actually preparing for the finals. Trash talking their opponents. Even after the game instead of shaking hands like a men and deal with the lose , go home and play 20 hours a day to become better players so in 2020 to go to worlds again and prove that they deserve to be there and they worked hard. They choosed to blame some1 else... They blamed their own fans for losing. Because they yelled a lot and g2 couldnt hear each other. Thats their excuse for losing... man g2 is such a joke. I'm from EU but honestly after the disrespectful comments towards FPX i really wanted FPX to win. g2 doesnt deserve to be at finals or win worlds at all..
Gaby 2 months ago
Omg! Same , i was hoping for FPX to win 🇨🇳🤗❤️
Shepherd Moons
Shepherd Moons 2 months ago
Healz 100% agree, same here, I am from Holland, G2 lose thats normal.
YtE N0iSE 2 months ago
there's only 1/14000000 chance that g2 could win this game
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