G2 vs. FPX | Finals | 2019 World Championship | G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix

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2019 World Championship Finals #Worlds2019
G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix
Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL. FULL VOD PLAYLIST - ruvid.net/show-UCzAy...
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 100
Ryner Lute
Ryner Lute 3 days ago
South Korea had won world championships 3 times before Skt telecom . But now China won gold 2019
MEGALUL 12 days ago
If skt made it to finals i think this series would go to 5 games
msang17 13 days ago
Not even close....... Lol.
James Tran
James Tran 19 days ago
2020 corona wars
Your Mom
Your Mom 19 days ago
Hikizuto Momokaze
At least NA did something helpful for G2 at MSI. Can't imagine what G2 had brought if they didn't win it.
OnJai OneLife HitHands 安仔一生打手
8:45:45 everything started from here.
Erxi Shang
Erxi Shang 27 days ago
To have Chinese and Korean players on the same team coordinating at that level... Its close to impossible to beat them no matter how good you play
Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng
The real MVP is the casters
Krishna Rajakumar
Wtf man the commentators are nonsense so biased.
Karim Hachani
Karim Hachani Month ago
8:29:33 Anybody knows name of this green hair girl?
Zygimantas L
Zygimantas L Month ago
G2 got exposed hard
ivan Octavio
ivan Octavio Month ago
Alv 11 horas :v
Lyes 123
Lyes 123 Month ago
gg wp
Michael Paulino Vlogs
Carlos Alberto Martins Junior
Opening cerimony 7:54:35 GAME START 8:29:18 Perks cries 11:37
fightcancer Month ago
Game 1 8:43:33 - - = ( POSSIBLE SPOILER ) = - - Game 2 9:45:16, 10:14:58 (continuation) Game 3 10:43:27 Game 4 Game 5
Muzam Arabi
Muzam Arabi Month ago
Fly Phoenix Fly... Nice song 😅😅😅
Golden fiddich
Golden fiddich Month ago
Jibon Sarkar
Jibon Sarkar 2 months ago
What is prize pool
Miguel Villanueva
Miguel Villanueva 2 months ago
Song at 7:54:23
Noble Society
Noble Society 2 months ago
nice upload ;) i was recommended this video by RUvid
Franco Pietrafesa
Franco Pietrafesa 2 months ago
Game Changer
Game Changer 2 months ago
Just remeber,their is always an Asian better than u and that also applies to aisans themselves😂😂
Frapu 2 months ago
1:39:15 wtf!!!!
Sajiv Doley
Sajiv Doley 2 months ago
8:23:01. Lol.
Sajiv Doley
Sajiv Doley 2 months ago
These commentators are so salty. Always overhyping EU teams. Its hard to listen to them if you're not a g2 fan. But at the same time, it's so fun watching them say something and the exact opposite happening in the game🤣
Leon 2 months ago
로켓배송 2 months ago
Fun fact: Doinb is Korean. Not Chinese
Dare 2 months ago
hello covid 19
Christ Beasly
Christ Beasly 2 months ago
Urgh, those commentators are favouritism G2 which is so unprofessional.
徐铭洋 2 months ago
Hell Th
Hell Th 3 months ago
Kira The Cat Girl
Kira The Cat Girl 3 months ago
WHERE TF was the opening KDA ceremony?
JHdash77 2 months ago
In 2018
Faby 3 months ago
6:53:30 you can thank me later
Yukreen Lilimstujk
Yukreen Lilimstujk 3 months ago
To be honest, IG vs FPX is more like finals
Minh Cuong Nguyen
Minh Cuong Nguyen 3 months ago
The rise of the LPL. RNG winning MSI in 2018, IG in 2018 and FPX in 2019 winning Worlds. This might be the LPL dominating League of Legends, while LEC just been stalled.
Yao Guan
Yao Guan 3 months ago
Why isnt the lpl analyst on the desk?
Jack Tan
Jack Tan 3 months ago
8:32:25 look how much he can bend his wrist
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes 3 months ago
11:27:07 the stage crew in all black is the MVP here
Zeusy Poo
Zeusy Poo 3 months ago
Just watched another video about FPX. They're great and all for winning the cup but the real MVP is Doinb's wife, Uni. Man, his wife's not only a looker but she supported him all thoughout, being their main cheerleader for every game that his husband played. Apparently, right when Doinb was about to call it quits, she encouraged him to give it one more year and that year Doinb and the boys won the title. I suppose the saying is true. Behind every successful man, there is a great woman.
Fitt Lettyv
Fitt Lettyv 3 months ago
9:03:52 just wow
vibra 111
vibra 111 3 months ago
8:59:01 is really disgusting, he was so obviously walking into that trap and the crowd gives it away.. :/ That's a really big issue in other games as well
rich kid
rich kid 3 months ago
I LOVE The Baguett Spear
Amymay2075 3 months ago
Ive watched this entire stream twise, and now ive seen it a third time... "its going to be held in china next year" that comment hits differently now
Hell Th
Hell Th 3 months ago
Hell Th
Hell Th 3 months ago
Swax97 3 months ago
8:33:52 Worlds Transition
Fedor Djogani
Fedor Djogani 3 months ago
FPX Lee Sin
Fedor Djogani
Fedor Djogani 3 months ago
China > Korea > EU > NA
Iván uwu
Iván uwu 3 months ago
Crisp on thresh was mad!!
Andrzej Sugier
Andrzej Sugier 3 months ago
I've been bored of Tresh support when I stopped watching LoL 6 years ago. Half a decade later he's still in almost every match. How Riot doesn't consider this a problem is beyond me.
wendong xie
wendong xie 3 months ago
the most quiet gf crowd ever lol
YOO PARK 4 months ago
I wonder why no one use champs like garen, darius, master yi, warwick type of champs in finals... Easy and do more broken damage
Osan 4 months ago
Because its very easy to play around those champions
Lein 4 months ago
6:53:18 For those who want to skip to the start of worlds
Jwoong Kaisinel
Jwoong Kaisinel 4 months ago
Fun plus Phoenix played very well. They deserve the win
Philipp 4 months ago
When it's Corona so you have way to much time and watch the lol finals.
Michael Zhelev
Michael Zhelev 4 months ago
Man this is way too epic and dramatic for a bunch of nerds who just wanna see wich team can beat the other. It's very cool nontheless ,but i just can't take it seriously .
Edison Richardson III
I like how the casters hype up G2 and they losy 3-0
SFA老王 5 months ago
capitalos 5 months ago
This is the best Worlds ending ever. League of Legends proves again thaa this is not a game of most fans, its just a game of skill and teamplay.
Osan 4 months ago
@capitalos a good worlds would be 2 to 3.....
capitalos 4 months ago
@Osan yeah this was a clear win, g2 got smashed
Osan 4 months ago
What? xD Yeah it was so exciting watching a onesided game
FancyDesigns 5 months ago
8:27:27 Draft of first game...
Phúc Hoàng
Phúc Hoàng 5 months ago
In every game their's always a Asian guy better than you.
Tony Jie
Tony Jie 5 months ago
eliReplay 5 months ago
Nostalgia for me when i see the first seasons plays 😍
Andreyu009 6 months ago
Poor Ocelote, still feeling the defeat against FNATIC(1st worlds, 1st season) :( His Wolrd Championship dream must wait another year!
Karim Hachani
Karim Hachani 6 months ago
Who is that girl with green hair standing behind fpx's players?
Karim Hachani
Karim Hachani Month ago
TVE 6 months ago
Actually, i think that G2 lost because fpx had too weird and chaotic comp. I have never seen anything like this. And obviously that perfectly shows how unbalanced the game is...
Eggs a Cute Me
Eggs a Cute Me Month ago
There was literally nothing stopping G2 from picking those comps and they weren’t even that out of line to begin with. If you’re getting 3-0’ed in world finals because “wEiRd ChAmPs” then you don’t deserve to be there.
LCK outdated LPL overrated LEC activated
and if the game is unbalanced then G2 should pick op champs, or just shut up lmao
LCK outdated LPL overrated LEC activated
lol nice joke, their comp is so normal, G2 is just garbage lmao
Sosig 5 months ago
shouldn't professional players have enough times to experiment with and against even unusual compositions?!
Thar 6 months ago
didn't know this kind of beating was allowed on RUvid...
ellerim üşüyo
ellerim üşüyo 6 months ago
9:13:15 tian kick... best trick on 2019 worlds...
I am Everywhere
I am Everywhere 6 months ago
Chineses won, but atleast, we dont eat cats.
HYC 4 months ago
No Videos 5k subs Check your English, it is Chinese, not Chineses. BTW, Chinese don’t eat cats, either.
Nixs 6 months ago
lots of empty seats most must just watch online
Bob Carson
Bob Carson 6 months ago
11:05:25 Lee Sin predicted flash play it in slow mo
Carlos Alberto Martins Junior
7:55:17 - OPENING CERIMONY . 8:27:40 - Start first game.
Phil. L.
Phil. L. 6 months ago
Congrats FPX well done!!! 🎉😁👍👏
Vanyr 7 months ago
Why are they playing in the old map???
ellerim üşüyo
ellerim üşüyo 7 months ago
9:13:17 tian ult...
Valor Hawk
Valor Hawk 7 months ago
So, FPX is Korean/Chinese...not a All Chibese team
SolarFlare 7 months ago
Just because you shut down skt doesn’t mean you can beat fpx
Back to future
Back to future 7 months ago
AvaddonSakh 7 months ago
Я не понимаю, как это смотреть , игроки фармят пол часа , чуть что - разбегаются, за 20 минут 1 килл, в чем смысл игры ? Смотреть , как они скиллами по крипам попадают? А иногда по героям
SIDI 7 months ago
eu jogando de gragas
Emmanuel Libo-on
Emmanuel Libo-on 7 months ago
I feel sorry for g2 fans
Emmanuel Libo-on
Emmanuel Libo-on 7 months ago
The Asians will always and will be rule the worlds
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 7 months ago
11:20:10 he is defect could be?
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 7 months ago
und das sollen wirklich die besten sein die Europa zubieten hat peinlich asf
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 7 months ago
looks like a normal lol Patti
Mad Crasy
Mad Crasy 7 months ago
ok bin zwar kein Hellseher aber ich bin sicher anhand der Champion Wahl dass die japsen gewinnen werden edit: Ich lag richtig, die reißfresser gewinnen GG Ez win. war irgendwie peinlich ...
Lorki 7 months ago
@9:14:22 He just bust out a Super Smash Bros sidestep dodge 😂
Adam Davis
Adam Davis 7 months ago
fpx>FNC. IG. G2
kincade hallock
kincade hallock 7 months ago
"And you guys back home in americer!" Lol gotta love accents
kevin007sly 7 months ago
son todas las finales de la historia xd
kevin007sly 7 months ago
refresque y ahora 2016 wtf?
kevin007sly 7 months ago
2014? wtf
THe ORange
THe ORange 7 months ago
Can we just give props to the commentator for that PERFECT transition at 8:43:30
SaltyFinest 7 months ago
We didnt perform especially well. Is the enemy didnt perform well. TOTAL SAVAGE
Bitxch E
Bitxch E 7 months ago
g2 is over hyped lol
Blade_des 7 months ago
奕嘉陳 7 months ago
FROSK:Perkz is a better adc compared to Lwx Lwx:See my KDA
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