G Herbo - Break Yoself

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Break Yoself


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Mar 5, 2021




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Comments 98
lil jrh
lil jrh 6 hours ago
Free gh
TmaxxMobb TV
TmaxxMobb TV 8 hours ago
Delonte Cantey
Delonte Cantey 16 hours ago
420 Vibe
Philly TM
Philly TM 19 hours ago
kevdidit_ _
kevdidit_ _ Day ago
Bro views at almost 5 mill I remember when they was 100k😢😂🔥🔥
Luluu Johnson
Had to come back for the best rapper alive 🔥🔥🔥
carolina bull
I want herbo and Lil Durk
Crik Crazyy
Crik Crazyy Day ago
Markiee Mulla
Markiee Mulla 2 days ago
2 Minutes N Up He Start Snapping lol
Up Northwest
Up Northwest 2 days ago
Pissy rich... #dogecoin
Tommy Gunz MG
Tommy Gunz MG 2 days ago
Bullets Holes Size Of HoolaHoops We Hit His Brother With
dboyedoe 2 days ago
all my friends are dead.... I neva cared. My block zone the red
Marshawn Grundy
Marshawn Grundy 2 days ago
Seen how we left dude ouu wee fire🔥🔥
Jakeb Graf
Jakeb Graf 2 days ago
This emanates heavy GOAT energy
Tyrone Spears
Tyrone Spears 2 days ago
Now his cheetah color peppermint
KANSAS CITY Missouri tapped in (816)(773)🌬️🌬️🌬️🌁🌁💯
G Heru
G Heru 3 days ago
Harry Yankee
Harry Yankee 3 days ago
Basedmike17 3 days ago
Man g herbo be snapping he suppose to be top tier
sydneyyy 3 days ago
i love you herbo
Da Wiggy
Da Wiggy 3 days ago
So protect g goat of raq
30% of Bobby $wag
4nem loose
Andres Davila
Andres Davila 3 days ago
*im tweakn'*
BIG HEEBO MANE 4 days ago
this go hard. i aint in that top 5? throw me in that top 6
UPTOWNZFINES1 4 days ago
E Tv
E Tv 4 days ago
Herb been the Goat
Carlos Alameda Jr
This man is on fire 🔥
G Heru
G Heru 4 days ago
I need a feature asap!
Zay Riche
Zay Riche 4 days ago
I ain't in that Top 5, throw me in that Top 6 🔥👑
T Miller
T Miller 4 days ago
The beat is off the hook
TH3YKNOWAJ 4 days ago
Son straight my fam tuff we stretch shi my momma hipped rip Greg
Zomingo Leaypelle
Shout out G herbo for still doing his thing, he's still dropping heat in 2021 lol I remember 2013-2014😂😂😂
Thomas West
Thomas West 5 days ago
Yeah this the one fa sho fa sho
DrummerJacob 5 days ago
This guy cant even rap to the tempo of his own song. Hes all over the place. My guy, in the music industry, if you cant hold a tempo, you dont hang with any real musicians. Good thing youre slurring mumble on some cookie-cutter drum beat with unnecessary overdrive bass to cover up your lack of skills. Also that and beating your babies mom isnt a good idea man. Just throwing that out there. You might be doing literally everything in your life wrong if you beat your own family and sound like shit.
Dc5 4 hours ago
@T Miller exactly bro and he did that a few times Blik, welcome to fazoland, humble beast, and that ptsd deluxe was just sum mean 🔥people really sleep on him
T Miller
T Miller 9 hours ago
@Dc5 true dat , how many singers or rappers have ever had a album where all the songs are good . This fans and money speak for its self. I’ve watched more about him and he’s not a pos gangster that’s been in trouble and he’s taking care of his kid unlike a lot of people out there . Drummer boy is having a bad day lol
Dc5 17 hours ago
Like yall dont realize that yall are hating on one of the best to ever do it. Actually give dudes music a chance
Dc5 17 hours ago
Revolutionary, 4am to 8 am, pain, remember, L's. Check all of those songs out herbo can really rap but yall judge his whole career off a couple songs yall dont like Cuz he flows different
T Miller
T Miller 4 days ago
Damn check this hating ass fool out . He must be doing something right if he’s making 6 figures dummer boy lol . What u working with ?82 subs lol
410 kam
410 kam 5 days ago
Goat music
Fred Selvage
Fred Selvage 5 days ago
Monalisa Rosetta
Monalisa Rosetta 5 days ago
Patiently waiting for him to break the internet with that beatbox freestyle😖
Kúzzn Cutie
Kúzzn Cutie 2 days ago
I stggg
ThompDaGreat215 6 days ago
This nigga was saying too much. Niggas forget Herb got bars
Chris 6 days ago
some say he still "food"
KingWickRome Nola
Out here step in
DEE CHOSEN 33 6 days ago
Album need to drop asap
whburton1 6 days ago
Hey stupid, did you get your jury yet?
Definitely Uh Rerun
Herb an intellect don’t even pay no mind! Boss swag is G RIP KING NIPSEY👑👑👑👑
Nature Aka Nature
Bullets size of a hula hoop
Aay Yah
Aay Yah 6 days ago
Herbo went Herbo!!! Man. 🔥🔥🔥
Krook Khase
Krook Khase 6 days ago
Sick shit on Piru NLMB Southside
Clayton Pickerd
Clayton Pickerd 6 days ago
Dope shit
Tyler Don’t Fkn Worry Bout It
For a second I thought dude in red was veeze ifykyk
Unwind & RELAX
Unwind & RELAX 6 days ago
I ain't rich until I triple it
billed Crowsbe
billed Crowsbe 6 days ago
I been into the Chicago. Rap but for some reason i never listened to herbo till now and i gotta keep it a bean he on dirk ass no homo lyrically im liken him over dirk been listen to herbo all this week especially this track on replay
Quincy Vadan
Quincy Vadan 6 days ago
This shit hard.
Owie Goo
Owie Goo 7 days ago
This shit bang hard 💪🏿💪🏿
Nicolas Dumornay
Nicolas Dumornay 7 days ago
Kody Dean
Kody Dean 7 days ago
cant believe the video man got paid for this he aint do shit
Foolish Tha Fool
Foolish Tha Fool 7 days ago
Idk why this shit hit harder on wallo and gillie podcast , had me come back
Nicolas Dumornay
Nicolas Dumornay 7 days ago
Hyannis Dudeabides
Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose 7 days ago
Everybody wanna play Lil herb Now that’s Brazy. Most everybody in these comments was neva here!.. Been here since 2012 real gangland shit BITCH😈🤟🏽✋🏽🤙🏽 Y’all don’t really hear me tho if yK😈
Willie Collins
Willie Collins 7 days ago
That boy said we stretch shit my mamma hip
percy fam
percy fam 7 days ago
im late but this heat😭
percy fam
percy fam 7 days ago
percy fam
percy fam 7 days ago
percy fam
percy fam 7 days ago
EBK JOHNNY 8 days ago
1:48 - 1:55 🤣🤣🤣 GD?
Kevin 8 days ago
Winston Barnes
Winston Barnes 8 days ago
Jmizzy from tha city
This man so underrated he supposed to get more views than this 💯💯
Baby Kei
Baby Kei 8 days ago
2:31 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
3TEAM_ Gotti
3TEAM_ Gotti 8 days ago
I’ll pull up in the newest beamer like I’m money Mitch 🔥🔥
Yk Yon
Yk Yon 8 days ago
I heard this on MWOG had to tune in 🔥💯
Nice Jefe
Nice Jefe 8 days ago
is that lil durk and moneybagg yo
B. Edge Up
B. Edge Up 8 days ago
I got here from million dollars worth of games... jammin homie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Harlem Boy
Harlem Boy 8 days ago
Every dog as its day.. got this off million dollars of game salute to yall keep working salute ..that rebound be everything on some randle shit.. harlem as well the rest of borough's respect..manhattanville..ville up
Jon F
Jon F 8 days ago
On my block I got stripes like a ref do.. 🔥
A1 Tae
A1 Tae 9 days ago
Herbo ass don’t need to rap no other way ever again💯 this shit too hard, to 🔥💪🏾👌🏾
Kenn L
Kenn L 9 days ago
Tbktra 9 days ago
:16 to :25
AlmightyMe 10 days ago
Yea this beat savage 💪😤
AlmightyMe 10 days ago
Crazy part is its niggas that never made the league that was better than Jordan he just had opportunity. Secure them opportunities! You can become one of the best!
AlmightyMe 10 days ago
My nigga
Benjamin Hassan
Benjamin Hassan 10 days ago
#TrippleAinsurance : African AmeriKLAN Allmen #AllBlaaackBrickz . . . I hope G c this #lilreese #AntiClockwise
UTS ENT. DreamTeam
UTS ENT. DreamTeam 10 days ago
I never get tired of hearing this
TRE WHIT 11 days ago
Bullet Holes Size A Hula Hoop We Hit His Brudda With
MasterMalcolmB 11 days ago
Hard beat tough bars .
Fonse 11 days ago
Is that rawyoungan wit you ??
Just-Ice aka Jusbillz ystoneboyz
Dis shit slappin' G 100
Kinkz4Life 11 days ago
Got Elected like the Presidenttttt💪always dropping hits my boaaaa
Joe B Son OSRS
Joe B Son OSRS 11 days ago
G herbo still snapping
AQFP Gaming
AQFP Gaming 11 days ago
AXE V12 11 days ago
Steppin wit a pep in it
Tres Gibson
Tres Gibson 11 days ago
Lmk d
Bryan Robinson
Bryan Robinson 12 days ago
Nigga when you going drop something by yourself
Kevin Mchale
Kevin Mchale 12 days ago
Is G Herbo A Real Shooter
Donte Alexander
Donte Alexander 12 days ago
My Shorty be Going Crazy 😈 Ofn 💥💥💥
Ellis James
Ellis James 12 days ago
No lie this the song of the month!
EMO ANGEL SINNER 12 days ago
"Quarantine ain't stopping shxt" 🔥
Savaughan Hall
Savaughan Hall 12 days ago
This y u gone always be in my top 5 number 1 tbh swervo da goat rs
Flashtaeo 12 days ago
Best rapper bro i swear niggas stay sleep lol. 🔥🔥🔥
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