G-Eazy Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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G-Eazy goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in L.A. and talks about shopping at Goodwill as a kid as well as how smoking weed influenced his sneaker choices.
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Season 3
Episode 14
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Dec 5, 2016




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Comments 100
James Welch
James Welch 9 days ago
Joe dressed like a bad bitch 😂
Only Teresa
Only Teresa 28 days ago
Invite jay park too
Andre ___4k
Andre ___4k Month ago
Sneaker shopping with Donald Trump next time
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 15 days ago
More like white sneaker shopping
joshuabeats Month ago
crazy how Heineken's were only 1000 back then
RedrumVideos Month ago
like.... it's like you know what i'm saying?
99 VINTAGE Month ago
SBs “They’re more quiet” - oh damn how times have changed
Nuriel Weiss
Nuriel Weiss 2 months ago
Joe's makeup 😭😭
Truth Street
Truth Street 2 months ago
Why does that guy wear eye liner? Is it a 80s throwback thing?
Monte Yeelim
Monte Yeelim 2 months ago
He's signed with PUMA now
Lee Pedro
Lee Pedro 3 months ago
Heineken dunks for $1000🙃
Lee Pedro
Lee Pedro 3 months ago
He was into dunks before the hype
Tanuja Sharma
Tanuja Sharma 3 months ago
The way he stands 😁😁 awesome
Salvatore Goldblatt
Salvatore Goldblatt 3 months ago
A1 petey pablo reference
Barnabás 3 months ago
-you know im sayin’-
Julie Davis
Julie Davis 3 months ago
He says Adidas is killing it but he only bought Nike?
el puta
el puta 3 months ago
G Eazy seems just as lame as his music
Joe Susco
Joe Susco 3 months ago
Race Street Pier in Philly at 1:04
Hendrick Ho
Hendrick Ho 3 months ago
Who's watching this in 2020 when nike sbs are hype again
Bank Robba
Bank Robba 4 months ago
Sneakershopping with Lil Pete🤦🏽‍♂️
Im Rohan
Im Rohan 4 months ago
Next mgk
Harry 4 months ago
“You’re picky” “I have my taste” ☠️
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 4 months ago
We talking about everything
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 4 months ago
Rumors is fake
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 4 months ago
Smoking weed
Oscar Egan
Oscar Egan 4 months ago
Guns N’ Roses Passion
LexingtonYall 4 months ago
Hit the club a wifey brought a dime back.
LeMan804 5 months ago
This is easily one of the best episodes! His openness is why so many people F wit G-Eazy! Dude is just honest.
Rudy Hernandez
Rudy Hernandez 5 months ago
Fuck, I hate the way he speaks 😩😤
Learenn G
Learenn G 5 months ago
G Eazy flexing with them Frags 💪🏾
sen ikuta
sen ikuta 5 months ago
Gerald - you know what I'm saying ...🌚
Petevilie 5 months ago
He's kinda funny.
dillon 5 months ago
I'm gonna continue clowning him with those ugly ass burlap sack looking Heineken dunks for a rack. You got hustled my guy.
dillon 5 months ago
And he bought 15s???? Lame ass dude.
dillon 5 months ago
All the shoes G picks out are wack as fuck. Jordan 14s? Hell nah. Skunk colorway? Fuck outta here
PARMAC GLENN 4 months ago
thats fire now dumbass ahead of his time ma g
dillon 5 months ago
G out here double sockin little feet having ass nigga
EAGLE___EMPIRE 5 months ago
Shop must be blacked owned, smoke alarm battery ignored for god knows how long #itsablackthing
Rute Lemos
Rute Lemos 5 months ago
you should do a part 2 with g-eazy
jsistheshadow 5 months ago
anyone here in 2020 when he has a puma deal?
David V
David V 6 months ago
How do people take the way he speaks seriously? What is he the new snow " worder up, informer" its annoying, he so god damn fake.
Garrett Morin
Garrett Morin 6 months ago
Was that a Petey Pablo reference at the beginning?!?!?
DC CLYDE 6 months ago
3000 dollars only. Seriously. Buy more ei.
rita james
rita james 6 months ago
He speaks just as he raps.....love his voice n slang
Aaron Eskenazi
Aaron Eskenazi 6 months ago
Anybody remember when yeezy 2s were 250 now they’re like 2 to 5 grand
that GuY
that GuY 6 months ago
I been wearing Jordan’s since I was born so I’m kinda done with them by now lol vans and chucks is my style now oh yeah and Nike’s 👌🏼🙅🏻‍♂️
El GORDO 7 months ago
G easy : “the pinnacle 4 are the broke man Eminem’s “ Shoes : 650$ Me : NANIII??!!!
rishit gupta
rishit gupta 7 months ago
G eazy fans .... Still here in 2020
Sam Mcclelland
Sam Mcclelland 7 months ago
He's trash
George Thiessen
George Thiessen 7 months ago
G-eazy should change his name to real-cheesy
XreoFN 7 months ago
Damn! The hat he has on is the hat I have but I hated it and threwit away! 😓😦
Naia Hendricks
Naia Hendricks 7 months ago
They dropped those black cat 4s this year 🤷‍♀️
Anthony DeGrenier
Anthony DeGrenier 7 months ago
im scotty p ya know what im sayin
Sparssh Singh
Sparssh Singh 7 months ago
Do you know what he’s saying?
Austin 7 months ago
bee boo
bee boo 7 months ago
WHyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do they always read off the Total, like it's a grocery store ? Like the total can not exceed $50 ?
Leonardo Vieira
Leonardo Vieira 7 months ago
Is this cap the low profile?
LEO’sDREAm’On 8 months ago
I Was like Wtfart is that... Looking like ur older brother there Lol
true magoo
true magoo 8 months ago
G-eazy looks coked out
Mathijs Vandooren
Mathijs Vandooren 8 months ago
concentrate on G-Eazy saying '"You know what i'm sayin'". He said that like a 100 times minimum.
The Real Caustic
The Real Caustic 2 months ago
Didn’t notice lol
Konstantin glukhoy
Konstantin glukhoy 8 months ago
Who’s that wigga fuckboy?
Amko Sarkic
Amko Sarkic 8 months ago
More like 8ball goes shopping with complex
Sykes` 9 months ago
4:33 nardwuar sneaker LoL
nope problem
nope problem 9 months ago
Sneaker shopping with some true sneaker heads, the poor Chinese boys who made them.
Al Rodriguez X
Al Rodriguez X 9 months ago
Damn 3 grand? Even Eminem didn't spend that much when they had him on here. Those Heineken joints are amazing though.
Shady 117
Shady 117 10 months ago
You know what I am saying
Siddhartha Mujumdar
Siddhartha Mujumdar 10 months ago
Bring back g eazy
Bonez Beatzz
Bonez Beatzz 10 months ago
Can't believe those dunk lows are a grand...
Hazel Hallas
Hazel Hallas 10 months ago
G-Eazy: "Yeah thats what I came here for" Joe: "Am i a joke to you?"
bozacstaxzilla 10 months ago
He said size 11 hah
Rohit 1
Rohit 1 10 months ago
G eazy is one of the celebrities who's style I can understand and appreciate
Gerald Deus
Gerald Deus 10 months ago
Does anyone know what color way 1s eazy is wearing. They fresh.
Larry Nico
Larry Nico 10 months ago
i thought he would take vans bc he's into Vans
Kaitlin Mathis
Kaitlin Mathis 10 months ago
Oh my.
Ross McWhinnie
Ross McWhinnie 10 months ago
Genuinely thought this was Adam Sandler when I skimmed over the thumbnail.
Jareth Ponce
Jareth Ponce 10 months ago
First one i see is taller than Joe
Sick Boy_Finn
Sick Boy_Finn 11 months ago
what flannel shirt is gerald wearing ? looks sick
Samir Nafie
Samir Nafie 11 months ago
why does he look like PewDiePie on the thumb nail
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen Year ago
damn, he is rocking sneakers with selvedge denim on... brave man!
Haywood Jablomee
I left a like just because of the Tower Records reference.
Amoya Soogrim
Amoya Soogrim Year ago
U handsome robot u 💋
张智中 Year ago
Those all are aunthnetic shoes at NBA store foot locker release@g-easy
7 7 7
7 7 7 Year ago
4:06 what model of jordan thar
Rakshith Acharya
You did not show that last pictures of sneakers that he buyes
Forgot It
Forgot It Year ago
G goes around walking around like he doesn't belong any where... like he is a plant... or just did too much thizz. YEEEEE
nora golden
nora golden Year ago
i like when he says eeh like so him you know
Christopher Diaz
Skreets need another album
SDAWG Year ago
The Nike's that Kanye did are shit in my opinion. He threw an UGG on top of an air tech challenge midsole/outsole.......How much thought went into that???
Robin Bonner
Robin Bonner Year ago
Coolest white boy I know..........I love him
Roses Of Medusa
The only expensive shoe on the list was the SB’s lol damn.
b2345678 Year ago
Bring mgk on the show
Russell Johnson
There a certain type of girl that like G Eazy n they all in the comments wit lots of make up on 🤣🤣🤣
goku vegeta
goku vegeta Year ago
You know what iam saying ? İ mean it!
taMMeriah Year ago
So they brought them and then they have to pay..
Mingkeng mingki
Do mgk
alotaebi Amjed
Mature man doesn't wear this trash.
Tuan Anh Le
Tuan Anh Le Year ago
Heineken was fkin a rack.....smh
koko khumlo
koko khumlo Year ago
Nobody: Rappers: you know what I'm sayin
Joe lookin like either a bodyguard or an undercover agent
Daniel Hebert
Daniel Hebert Year ago
Love the loc flannel look
im from the bay
Fuhleep Year ago
"your like nardwar on sneakers" is the best compliment you can get when interviewing someone
Prince Soleil
Prince Soleil 4 months ago
When your name is joe puma
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