G-Eazy - Back To What You Knew (Official Video)

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G-Eazy - 'Everything's Strange Here' out now!: smarturl.it/ESH
Director/ Creative Director: Lauren Dunn
Prod. Co. : Happy Place
EP: Tara Razavi
Creative Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt
Producer: Valerie Bush
Dir. Rep: Emily Sanders, Reveur Agency
Production Coordinator: Sarahi Salazar
1st AD: Benjamin Del Guercio

Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
Chief Staff Manager: Kathleen Wathen
Creative Art Director: Jessie Camp

Talent: IV

DP: Russ Fraser
1st AC Seth Lawrence
2nd AC: Bobby Pavlovsky
Gaffer: Dimitri Christofordis
Board opp: Chris Van Lieshout
Electric: Sven Van Ostrand
Key Grip: Taylor Reick
Grip: Chris Ginnaven

Prod. Designer: Haley Appell
Art Director: Cameron Nawaz
Set Decorator: Hensel Martinez

Post Producer: Tony Stackhouse
Post Coordinator: Brandon Moody
Editor: Julian Conner, Frame48
VFX: Frame48
Colorist: Jacob McKee, Forager Collective

Styling: Anastasia Walker
Grooming: Sabrina Bates-Whited

PA: Coty Walker
PA: Nick Hatroff

Label: RCA
Social Team: Leah Mack, Abir Hashem, Jasper Graham, Chris Maldonado
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#GEazy #BackToWhatYouKnew #EverythingsStrangeHere


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Jul 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Scarlett o'hara
Scarlett o'hara 2 hours ago
This is about halsey ! Tell me no more
Scarlett o'hara
Scarlett o'hara 2 hours ago
Love it
Nat524Ricci 3 hours ago
Trust : the line “at least could you be sober this time, so we can find some closure this time” was definitely asked of HIM, by Ashley. Sad stuff man.
Nat524Ricci 3 hours ago
Also I share his May 24 bday sooo I’m right lol
Chris Howard
Chris Howard 4 hours ago
THIS MY SHIT 💯 🔥 🔊 🖤 🕊
cherokee howard
cherokee howard 21 hour ago
This song hits home.
The Ride Up Bmx
There’s the old g easy we missed ❤️💤
Sumzie MD
Sumzie MD 2 days ago
amy inspired
Danizlãr Crutchfield
I miss old g easy none of these songs the same
Meaghan Barker
Meaghan Barker 2 days ago
This is like the time when Eminem came out with revival and encore 😭 no eazy ! What is you doinnnnn baby.
InphamouZ 2 days ago
Song of my life right now😔
bla2772 2 days ago
This makes logics super market look like God's music
WOW WOW 2 days ago
We need to start a movement called #dont be a simp G-Eazy. I miss your song. What happened. This song is good but can't compare to the OG times
Kingzt 2 days ago
this song is so good i cant stop pressing replay
Kingzt 3 days ago
So I think the chorus and 1st verse is both the perspective of the girl, as she's then lip syncing. And someone in the comments already mentioned the repeating visuals when it says "when you went right back to what you knew". It possibly symbolizes drugs/ alcohol and maybe a sex addiction or cheating? The 2nd verse is in G Eazy's perspective again. I love this song so much. Seeing this side of G-Eazy surprised me, for the better.
Mary Petrauskas
Mary Petrauskas 3 days ago
So Eazy into black girls? interesting!
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
How is that interesting? Most guys are...
Miley S
Miley S 4 days ago
I know These are all the things you would do, yeah You called me a monster But this is what you turned me into When you went right back to what you knew You went right back to what you knew, yeah You tore me in two When you made my worst fear come true When you went right back to what you knew (When you went right back to what you knew) [Verse 1] I think we might be over this time, yeah I thought that we was over last time, yeah At least could you be sober this time So we can maybe finally find some closure this time? You really fucked me over this time But I guess at least we came closer this time We thought that it would work 'cause we was older this time Hmm, hmm You really fucked me over this time I mean I guess we came closer this time At least we came closer this time I know These are all the things you would do, yeah You called me a monster But this is what you turned me into When you went right back to what you knew You went right back to what you knew, yeah You tore me in two When you made my worst fear come true When you went right back to what you knew (When you went right back to what you knew) [Verse 2] Yeah I'm at the end of my rope, I feel it sinkin' Like there's a hole in this boat, I need some medicine Take heavy doses to cope, but it's all your fault You got us both in the cold, this fight is over I think we're both on our ropes, I can't swing no more Got no more punches to throw, yeah And I wish this shit would just go away Would just go away, would just go away, yeah But that shit isn't how love works I guess that's why they say love hurts In pain and I ain't felt nothin' worse Nothin' worse, yeah
elli mayfield
elli mayfield 4 days ago
He needs help if he wants be able to truly feel love. That's the only way is if he goes out and seeks it. He can't wait around for drugs and God to do it, God works through you and others, that's how he gets work done.
Andro OldElk
Andro OldElk 4 days ago
Paddy Boi
Paddy Boi 4 days ago
My dude dropping fire . 💣💥👏
FISH FRENZY 4 days ago
I feel the same as you g Wish everything was normal 😞
Dikshita Koirala
Dikshita Koirala 4 days ago
This song is too intoxicating🎼💕
Juels Santana
Juels Santana 5 days ago
Yup saw me n half when she made mad worst fear came true... theybare all the same.. lie cheat and minipulate.
candor gem
candor gem 5 days ago
I fucking love G so damn much even tho' he gives off these dark bad boy vibes but that is him and I accept it. It's really cool to be your own self and getting acceptance on it. Haven't heard all from the "Everything's strange here" album but this one is real good. Much love and respect for you Gerald. Crazy fucking Gemini 🥶❄
Jason Carman
Jason Carman 5 days ago
Mgk slaughtered you
Jason Carman
Jason Carman 2 days ago
@Stanley GlueGun Kelly yo I found you in the bad bot g eazy comment section lol
Jason Carman
Jason Carman 2 days ago
@Stanley GlueGun Kelly I mean g eazy just don't have the lyrics. And plus he makes basic rhymes like "boy" and 'toy"
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
Jason Carman true and g eazy is smaller than mgk in every form but maybe popularity and hits... but mgk makes much better music
Jason Carman
Jason Carman 2 days ago
@Stanley GlueGun Kelly g eazy said sum bout mgk being a mini him but he the one that dyed his hair blonde and got piercings when mgk fucked his girl let's just all admit g eazy can make a good accurate diss track to save his life
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
Jason Carman g easywork said “ya last shit did thirty thousand” but g cannot sell over 8k
natasha randell
natasha randell 5 days ago
been heart broken asf this past month and this is the only song i can listen to on repeat. i wanna scream this song laying on the road in the rain. my ex blocked me and blamed his anger issues on me. i helped him out of drugs and alcohol use. fixed his heart that i didnt break. treated him like gold no matter how often i was accused of cheating or been pushed away. went to the fucking moon and back for him. even went through 2 failed pregnancies together. nothing can express my emotions like g can. thanks eazy, this the shit i didnt know i needed.
Gabe Camargo
Gabe Camargo 6 days ago
I love this song 🏆
Tyler Biggs
Tyler Biggs 6 days ago
Such a good song
Gabriel Hurtado
Gabriel Hurtado 6 days ago
G eazy is really becoming one of the most dynamic and creative rapper/artist ever
Pranav Prasad EI
Pranav Prasad EI 6 days ago
Do a Collab with Abel, G with this vibe🔥⚡
Sarena Judd
Sarena Judd 6 days ago
Omg i love this so much
Kelyia Walker
Kelyia Walker 7 days ago
Anyone think the start of this song sounds like “bring me the horizon- blessed with a curse “ ?
akarshan gupta
akarshan gupta 7 days ago
Luvkim Xo
Luvkim Xo 7 days ago
- Hook thou😔
Ash Maz
Ash Maz 8 days ago
This is the best song on the new album
Shawntae Vargas
Shawntae Vargas 8 days ago
I love all ur stuff it's crazy fun real. What's not to love
smart ass
smart ass 8 days ago
Let's just take a moment to appreciate this side of G-Eazy.
smart ass
smart ass 8 days ago
damn I miss halsey
tati D.D
tati D.D 8 days ago
I'm so in shock
Shantae McLaren
Shantae McLaren 8 days ago
Damn.... this shits real.
Chris M
Chris M 8 days ago
This songs amazing🙏🏼
Ariel Dean
Ariel Dean 9 days ago
I want to like his songs so bad but most of them just suck like what even is this song it’s cringy
almost Aha
almost Aha 9 days ago
he ignored promotion of this album and im happy for that, will keep it for myself: ) if u need a hypeman hit me up
BabyGirl Javis
BabyGirl Javis 9 days ago
Damn G-Eazy surprises me Everytime with his vocals n videos good lordy!! Amazing song!! 💯👌🏾😁
Nolxve_ Ex
Nolxve_ Ex 9 days ago
G eazy plz go back to your old type of music
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
No go back to me, myself& I
Denisa Matulova
Denisa Matulova 9 days ago
I'm totally obsessed with this song ❣️
Shelley Lewis
Shelley Lewis 10 days ago
Sexy video! Hey G...
Ania Sokolowska
Ania Sokolowska 10 days ago
This is giving me Amy Winehouse vibes
Tsauce the king
Tsauce the king 10 days ago
G put out a good song and only a handful of people are gonna say it's good Gotta respect rappers that do something different, rather then repeating the same lines with a different beat
Yolani Games
Yolani Games 11 days ago
yup already miss old G-eazy. this kind of shit makes me wanna fall asleep
Barbara Dubois
Barbara Dubois 11 days ago
I love this side of G Eazy
Gaurdian66 12 days ago
This and bmikes shame on me music videos are awesome. Go check his out as well.
C 12 days ago
He didn’t reinvent himself...more like, he finally took the U-Turn back to himself! So pleased to enjoy the original type of sound from him again. Phew...was afraid he lost it there for a while.
C 12 days ago
Well on this song anyway...not sure how I’m feeling about the rest of the new tunes...but this one sounds like some originals.
stoiqa 13 days ago
He got got, point blank. was used as a step on a ladder. She is a narcissistic like so many others, be happy that you are not tied to her with a kid, then you would have had to deal with her on a daily basis nightmare . Good luck getting over, it’s gonna be hell on earth and it feels like it’s not gonna end, it’s all about climbing the mountain, the view from the top is always beautiful.
Gorilla Juice
Gorilla Juice 13 days ago
Digging the bluesy gloomy rhythm of the song...G Eazy is one talented dude!
Val 14 days ago
Where is the 10 hours version ? 🤔😅
Derrill 14 days ago
Break up to make up Damn bruh I relate to much to this one...
Brandon Wentland
Brandon Wentland 14 days ago
Make another with Halsey
julia santos
julia santos 14 days ago
This is what a toxic relationship looks like!
V 14 days ago
interesting change in persona. what happened to The Plan?
Jesse Zamudio
Jesse Zamudio 14 days ago
Hate Me plz
Hate Me plz 14 days ago
to the people who dislikes this hope you have a horrible day :)
LEVONEZ BIZON 15 days ago
100 раз послушал, нравится больше и больше. Hi from MINSK ( BELARUS )
Marcus Rosselli
Marcus Rosselli 15 days ago
8k first week? That’s what happens when u put out this type of shit.
Rubylee Toopi
Rubylee Toopi 15 days ago
I can relate😏💕 I love it
B-muziq 15 days ago
Sup brothers... I make great music same as NF’s type. But unfortunately no one knows that I’m in the field. So please listen to some of my songs and subscribe because I’m publishing some bangers soon after training and improving. Hope you enjoy💙
Rachelle Smith
Rachelle Smith 16 days ago
God he’s hot
Human 16 days ago
this song make me wanna get cheated by my imaginary girlfriend
ConsciousThought 16 days ago
This a beautiful paradoxical video. I get chills because I struggle with drug addiction and just knowing what to feel. The song goes in and out but keeps you in the middle of the exchange between feeling two ways and being two people. Great Job G
Noneya Bizz
Noneya Bizz 16 days ago
He loves her
David Goliath
David Goliath 16 days ago
rappers dont even rap no more
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
Or rockstars don’t rap anymore, not calling Gerald a rockstar tho...lol
L Bo
L Bo 16 days ago
Oh ... no baby no. The singing is bad.
Michael 18 days ago
Good stuff
Holly H
Holly H 18 days ago
So fucking good!
Nat524Ricci 18 days ago
Love this so much.
Francesca Tysse
Francesca Tysse 19 days ago
Ripped off Amy Winehouse with the whole title
Life with Danny
Life with Danny 20 days ago
We all needed this and it came right on time.
Tibo F.
Tibo F. 20 days ago
He surely misses Carnage
TastedAtom 43
TastedAtom 43 20 days ago
Wtf, i didnt expect This from G-Eazy, but its lit
Uglehpotato 20 days ago
This is what happend to Mac Miller Then he died😔
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
Except mac is a legend...g...not so much
Unknown User
Unknown User 20 days ago
Good song relatable 🧡
thanks for your music
Madonna Green
Madonna Green 21 day ago
Feels authentic. Love it.
Blue Boy
Blue Boy 21 day ago
Is G-EAZY sober now the vibe of this whole album feels like overcoming addiction
treezzy_tree luie tree Trees baby Trees
Why did I just do what I did idk it’s tree I rule this kid I rule this kingdom Treezzy tree been through so many steps they know what’s the hit the know what’s in my head before it’s said and it just connected stick it will just drip it’s will Justin trees us luie vs are these the truest get me to remember what I went through trees 🌲
Ricch Rollin'
Ricch Rollin' 21 day ago
yasser tertag
yasser tertag 21 day ago
Focus on the lyrics not the vibe
angela r
angela r 21 day ago
This is better then had enough. Love it
diamondpink82 21 day ago
G 21 day ago
Oh I'm sorry I thought this was kings of Leon. Excuse me I'm lost.
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia 21 day ago
Can you make a song with 6ix9ine
Stanley GlueGun Kelly
Camille Aléa Lara Louise Charaf
It's groovy💘
ThunderClap Clap Trap
What Down To Earth song it really is.
Дмитрий Ким
это гениально
MRP 22 days ago
Seven FreeSpirit
Seven FreeSpirit 22 days ago
Chingoblanco ._.
Chingoblanco ._. 22 days ago
This is so good, wow.
2Pure2Dye 22 days ago
My favorite
shaun Frost
shaun Frost 22 days ago
Gemini's only know what this Beast Monster is singing about .......
emma jade
emma jade 21 day ago
betzy santiago
betzy santiago 22 days ago
G-eazy is the man.
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