Future - Please Tell Me

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SAVE ME available at smarturl.it/SAVEME.Future
Video Director: Henri Alexander Levy
Video Producers: Todd H. Blumberg & Daniel Cummings
Video Production Company: ERD Productions
Future online:
(C) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.




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Comments 80
Andrea Huckaflow
Andrea Huckaflow 3 days ago
Love this shit cuz I’m missing that special purple reign drizze
ты самый глубокий и ясный, хотя
кто после клипа мальбэк - друг??
LIL TAVY 3 days ago
Ты ждеееешь пока я приеду что бы избавить от тоски
Ty Tha Realest
Ty Tha Realest 7 days ago
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 12 days ago
Just feel like this view should’ve been for st lucia
Crixus 16 days ago
Shawty want big dog status 😏
Crixus 19 days ago
That flute go hard 👀
KT Ktlifts86
KT Ktlifts86 20 days ago
If Anna wintour was a rapper 😳
🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march This voice is fabulous 1:19 ❣❣ 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
ill communicvtion
Guava Inc.
Guava Inc. Month ago
Y’all crazy for thinking this hard lol I COULD MADE THIS
N00B RusheR
N00B RusheR 11 days ago
Steven Goushian
Steven Goushian Month ago
Anybody know what type of photo filter this is?
Me & my ugly ass friends performing @ SXSW 2020 FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD & TWITTER PR1NCEULTRA2080 please tell me all the fuckin bosses want you
IIGemininimeGII Month ago
Auto-tune music is so terrible, come on Future this auto-tune s*** just killed a sick ass beat which is dope as fk.
Jimmy Eltorro
Jimmy Eltorro Month ago
Future the new maxi priest
Thieuma Month ago
Charlene 💧💧💧
Terry Jasper
Terry Jasper Month ago
Future (A+) 👍
CLINTON Month ago
ss j
ss j Month ago
They for the streets for sure
Shakila Griffin
Shakila Griffin Month ago
Niels Brabants
Niels Brabants 2 months ago
literally always innovative never playing by the rules of the game
Erick Moreno
Erick Moreno 2 months ago
Legendary status
Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison 2 months ago
Future is the only one who can still look gangsta wearing a white life jacket.
C2B Productions
C2B Productions 2 months ago
She belongs to the streets 🙏
P.C.G MoneyMusic
P.C.G MoneyMusic 2 months ago
Da truth ✊🏽💯
Marious Taylor
Marious Taylor 2 months ago
my brother thanks
Frank Russell
Frank Russell 2 months ago
Chanel number 9 for my wife only
Mr Rings
Mr Rings 2 months ago
I love listening to his music I relate to him alot
thegreatx 2 months ago
I told you when I got it it was mine 🔥
Conner McCoy
Conner McCoy 2 months ago
this a top 5 future song. future hndrxx is the best version of future
Drop City
Drop City 2 months ago
if i buy you baguettes, you gettin saucé
slattgreens 2 months ago
If i’m with my boys i’m with my slatts☝🏽
Okay Dee
Okay Dee 2 months ago
Rody rich took this Man flow n made a incredible ass album
Dark Charlotte Mike God
I want shorty in the groovy shades lol 💙💙💙😂😂
Cat Owens
Cat Owens 3 months ago
Diamonds 💌💋💞🆙⬆
Nick Creticos
Nick Creticos 3 months ago
Any chance someone could hit me with an eyewear I.D.? Need to cop a similar pair to the second ones with the green lenses. Thanks in advance.
The Talent Connect
The Talent Connect 3 months ago
gameplay ba
gameplay ba 3 months ago
Its a vibe all day today my bro 👍🏼
Mos Hiii
Mos Hiii 3 months ago
Just the videos Alone deserve a Grammy
Jayruu 3 months ago
This should been the vibes of the st. Lucia video
Yeezus Lean
Yeezus Lean 3 months ago
0:25 white dude wild
Richard Mayo
Richard Mayo 3 months ago
Please tell me i can by chanel for you
MEECH JAY 3 months ago
Janks319 3 months ago
Who is that at 2:02 🤔
Antron Baker
Antron Baker 3 months ago
This video is amazingly inspiring treal talk
Antron Baker
Antron Baker 3 months ago
Big up to Future elevating the culture contiously and settling for nothing less keep goin
michael andrade
michael andrade 4 months ago
This shit is influential asf
Cat Owens
Cat Owens 4 months ago
Tellin u.
Cat Owens
Cat Owens 4 months ago
Telling u
Omar G.
Omar G. 4 months ago
What CD is the Track on ?
Weiser Halunke
Weiser Halunke 3 months ago
Save Me EP
anonymous b
anonymous b 4 months ago
I like the variety of hoes in this video. Maybe I'll be rich one day.
ruben g
ruben g 4 months ago
ruben g
ruben g 4 months ago
Future on his Scarface shit
LaRon 7God
LaRon 7God 4 months ago
Universal or basketball
LaRon 7God
LaRon 7God 4 months ago
You wasn't at cash money. But you trying beside Lil Wayne. Cash money Roc nation cool breeze
LaRon 7God
LaRon 7God 4 months ago
Shot him in his ass and say I told you since Carter 2 and 3
LaRon 7God
LaRon 7God 4 months ago
Said it was gay. Sheldon ain't see no jail time.
James Groomes aka Jimmy of Lakeland bmore
So many supermodels please tell me u hot ass dough 🌳
Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson 4 months ago
Like play x box lessoning to future........win all time .
Yasser Souleyman
Yasser Souleyman 4 months ago
Space Wolf
Space Wolf 4 months ago
This song is to good to be underrated
Nick Oakley
Nick Oakley 4 months ago
What is the sample used in the last 10 seconds? LOVE it
tnnt3317 4 months ago
I like listening to this at 1.50 speed
Rakks 4 months ago
Sign me !!!
D.H.I. Entertainment
Super Supa
Super Ty
Super Ty 5 months ago
So he wearing a life jacket at the pool? Lol
ULTRA MAN 5 months ago
This is Lit 🔥 \😁> / /L
PorJah Oficial
PorJah Oficial 5 months ago
Please never die !
Rainer Krajewski
Rainer Krajewski 5 months ago
future makin the soundcloud autone crap look way worse
Antron Baker
Antron Baker 5 months ago
Thats how you raise the bar
Antron Baker
Antron Baker 5 months ago
This my shit right hea
Ariel B
Ariel B 5 months ago
Kerwin Wade
Kerwin Wade 5 months ago
That end part is trippy af
Ruthless Aj
Ruthless Aj 5 months ago
Future makes those Quality videos straight🔥⛽
Confidentialité essor
Stanifa Dotson
Stanifa Dotson 5 months ago
These aliens are f n wit me
carsper manu
carsper manu 5 months ago
October anyone
Dinocornio 5 months ago
Please tell meee
Taja Gee
Taja Gee 5 months ago
🗣Future ♥️
Frédéric Germain
Frédéric Germain 5 months ago
Future would make versace proud as fuck . hes going in a model level and this shit look like a martini ad. talent speek by itself and he says to all you haters to go fuck all yourself. 100%
pamela Wallace
pamela Wallace 5 months ago
Stay good future😂😂😂😂
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