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#naruto #future GIVE IT A LIKE AND SHARE IF U ENJOYED ALSO SUB FOR MORE CONTENT SONG: FUTURE MASK OFF no copyright intended Naruto vs sasuke. kakashi vs obito,future hate in your soul,lil uzi sauce it up amv.naruto amv "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use




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Comments 80
CoolSubzero999 Gaming
a year later and it's still lit!!
captain sins
captain sins 10 days ago
2 years
nightmare and pals
nightmare and pals 10 days ago
3 years over here!
Döner Bude
Döner Bude 11 days ago
Ma nigga almost 3🔥🔥🔥
Cooper 21 day ago
Johsua Lopez 3 years
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 2 months ago
And another year
Izukoou 23 hours ago
1:36 "Pervy Sage"
Juan Matheus
Juan Matheus 2 days ago
Neskau faz com neskau kkkkkkkk Pra cacete malho pra cacete
Yrk twill
Yrk twill 2 days ago
Make it 2 for me lol
Jayden Fox
Jayden Fox 3 days ago
Oh yes yes me be vibing with the Akatsuki
Team LXGIC 5 days ago
ThaNibba 5 days ago
2 year later... Listened 1000000001 times
dryhumpnyama 6 days ago
Still awesome
Fog_arty305 7 days ago
How do you change the light in the video
Ethan Carmon
Ethan Carmon 11 days ago
I forgot how fire this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
007 SOGUNE 11 days ago
Afro Samurai 💥💥💥
carlton worthington
anybody know afro samurai
Kim.kim12 Karim
Kim.kim12 Karim 13 days ago
Sasuke.uchiha097 13 days ago
Pxrsaud Edits
Pxrsaud Edits 14 days ago
This beat drops harder then Hinata
Rigoberto Munguia
Rigoberto Munguia 14 days ago
Fue juenial lo que hiciste
MeLiodas 15 days ago
got to rap the set :)
Nathaniel Demone
Nathaniel Demone 17 days ago
Tap out I'm dead
ydd jay
ydd jay 19 days ago
2 years shit is still poppin🗣💯
Anonymous NOBODγ MODz
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
DrAgon BaLl 12
DrAgon BaLl 12 20 days ago
Sponsored by corona virus
Cj 20 days ago
You the one talking lala land stuff the build cant function once again we had to make this a game
Cj 20 days ago
You the one paying I got more value
Phantoms God
Phantoms God 21 day ago
Only if Naruto was serious as a kid he'd beat Sasuke like nothing just like easy. If Naruto was serious also he'd probably beat most hard upcoming challenges.
Cj 21 day ago
I like you it's for the game we gotta have self control it's nothing to just drop you off humbly dont lie I can do everything known to man I can take away powers too
Cj 22 days ago
You dont have everything known to man
Cj 22 days ago
I'm not gonna talk to you on the character yes I hacked it swear you cant trust me duh
Cj 22 days ago
Blindfolded yes you made it
Cj 22 days ago
Dads humble ritual
Cj 22 days ago
Everything known to man human to anime are real graphics I'm here nigga dont play we playing for souls in game format
Cj 22 days ago
Once again you give yourself a lil intelligence not to delete yourself you're still in my spell cant see yourself gotta program everything as if you care I can change programming everything known to man duh you dont keep no knowledge of the character in the next world you cant see yourself cause I'm here live humble ritual yes you program them as if you care I will change it I wont talk to you on them yes you made it swear
Orken Adilbek
Orken Adilbek 22 days ago
Janamo Rella
Janamo Rella 23 days ago
you couldn't picke a slower song, could you?
Cj 24 days ago
It was just for the game yes gotta run this same play everytime dont lie
Cj 25 days ago
You not respecting my power you're in my spell I'm reaching abnormally they emitting fake energy duh you see my powers your ish hacked lol
Cj 26 days ago
You hate me I like you that's why I say sucker we playing the game
Cj 26 days ago
Really happening once again I been hacking your characters you're good it's just for the payment yes blindfolded nigga lol
Cj 26 days ago
The build cant function really happening we playing for souls
IKlowdulus 28 days ago
Loretta Soto
Loretta Soto Month ago
If black people controlled anime openings
lime juice amvs
lime juice amvs Month ago
i tried to be like you
zOdIaC KxNg
zOdIaC KxNg Month ago
2020 still watching this 👀💢🔥🔥😈
Switchja Month ago
2:09 is that in Naruto???
lime juice amvs
lime juice amvs Month ago
what Amv maker did you do for this
Hybrid Clapz
Hybrid Clapz Month ago
It sounds like he is saying mascot fucking mascot
Hybrid Clapz
Hybrid Clapz Month ago
Mr miagi from karate kid:wax on wax off Future:mask on mask off
Riley Smith
Riley Smith Month ago
Risa Vith
Risa Vith Month ago
nice timing
Stingray 8844
Stingray 8844 Month ago
this was published on my birthday so imma play it at my party
IWM YT Month ago
I'm watching this every day it's still to good
Itachi69 Month ago
Kakashi wasnt throwing these types of hands at the beginning of naruto
christian carvacho
three years later and it's still lit!!
Matt Fry
Matt Fry Month ago
The Man
The Man Month ago
Dammit now I wanna watch shippuden
CRISPY AVENGER 2 months ago
The reason this AMV is good, Because it’s a story of Naruto and Kakshi’s Past, this is history this is the Greatest Anime Rivalry.
Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman 2 months ago
Gang gang 0:51
DruDru !
DruDru ! 2 months ago
I watched it like 50 times and it's still awsome!
Tenn Plays
Tenn Plays 2 months ago
when me and bae play fight and she hits back a little too hard
kakashi's waifu
kakashi's waifu 2 months ago
Finally an amv that is actually good!!
Shaunske 2 months ago
3 Years this amv still hitting
Mia Molini
Mia Molini 2 months ago
This video tells a story about their past. It’s the best story
Ezakyy FNP
Ezakyy FNP 2 months ago
the best amv of youtube .
That was one of the best prank ever Silchand
Another year later still lit
X z
X z 2 months ago
Editing style is amazing continue making Amv's dont let anyone tell you who you are or what your capable of
Кагура Тян
Кагура Тян 2 months ago
Уже раз тридцать пересмотрела!!! Супер!!!
Izahn Green
Izahn Green 2 months ago
hades -
hades - 2 months ago
Heriberto Garza
Heriberto Garza 2 months ago
this makes u think u have powers like them like a power up to ur strenth
Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva 2 months ago
alguém 2020? Sasuke foda
sahar popal
sahar popal 2 months ago
2 years later and it's still lit!!
_Broken_ _
_Broken_ _ 2 months ago
it’s 2020 and still the best amv i’ve ever watched
Daniel Marcano
Daniel Marcano 3 months ago
Straight up bars
akakiprogamer 3 months ago
al love narutooo
Dennis Jimenez
Dennis Jimenez 3 months ago
laxus dreyar
laxus dreyar 3 months ago
Naruto and sasuke: SASUKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! NARUTOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! madara and hashirama: HASHIRAMAAAAAAAAA!!!!! MADARAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! kakashi and obito: .... let's just fight
Hybrid Clapz
Hybrid Clapz 25 days ago
@Commit_die no its not like that,so indra is the moon and ashra is the sun and then madara is the reincarnation of indra and ashra is the reincarnation of hashirama and then obito is the reincarnation of ashra but he turned bad and kakashi is the reincarnation of indra but then he turned good and then comes naruto and sasuke,is like a tradition but it kind of is commit_die
Commit_die 26 days ago
It’s because Naruto and sauske are the reincarnation of Madara and Hasirama
Hybrid Clapz
Hybrid Clapz Month ago
True that
Пятнuстая Zвezда :3
I am Russian and I understand what you are talking about)
Hoowdy 3 months ago
2 years and it’s still lit!
FakeNinja 6ix_9ine
FakeNinja 6ix_9ine 3 months ago
naruto didnt even try to kill sasuke while sasuke when at naruto with the intent to kill him
Hmm -_-
Hmm -_- 3 months ago
It’s to sick to watch so I had to burn my eyed
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