Future - Last Name (Audio) ft. Lil Durk

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"High Off Life" available at: future.lnk.to/HighOffLife
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Theo Johnson
Theo Johnson 14 hours ago
😭😭😭this my shit💊💊💊💊💊💊
Luck Isinn
Luck Isinn 5 days ago
I take care of families 😘🖤💞🤞😷
nicole niblack
nicole niblack Month ago
Great job future /durk💪🔥💃🥰
Bama or die lil boy
This song have me n my feelings
Marvin Joseph
Marvin Joseph Month ago
I lost connections to the streets an I was In denial 💯🎻🐐👑
7k subscribers with no videos
Michael Mike
Michael Mike Month ago
I cant go to sleep im paranoid and its way too many homicides #ptsd
Quinton Dean
Quinton Dean Month ago
this ScrewheadMfNut 💘 the pic
wavyboyo Month ago
future could do much better than this, sounds like a datpiff mixtape
Love For AmmoTv
Love For AmmoTv Month ago
Jeremiah Manigault
Numb to the pain so i keep a smile 😬👌🙏
WordLyfe334 2 months ago
Fucking with this new future
Lidia Carrero
Lidia Carrero 2 months ago
🚶🏽‍♂️vs 🌍
Sikho Roxo
Sikho Roxo 2 months ago
Love it
D S.
D S. 3 months ago
All tha opps gettin gunned 👇✓++.
Unpredictable Paradise
Rest up to my Big brother Ronald Terrell James💯 way to many homicides💔💯
Synced Wiseman
Synced Wiseman 4 months ago
"Fuck the bitch once, Now she wanna cry" 😨😩
Chace Taylor
Chace Taylor 4 months ago
Jesse R
Jesse R 4 months ago
*future's voice on this breaks me up inside*
Beard Belly Billionaire
Still slept on 💪
Mante Uchiha
Mante Uchiha 4 months ago
🌚💯〽💰😁🧐🏝🗣🗣🗣🖤 Numb child
Brandon Hrobowski
Brandon Hrobowski 4 months ago
“I seen a grown man shed tears cause he lost his trial.” 💯🤧
Mike Butler
Mike Butler 4 months ago
Lil durk killed his vs 🔥2020
Boston Bob's Home Improvement
Check out" Queen B song writer " Pt 1 on RUvid watch all of them and listen to my story and tell me what you thing email me future
Leon DoinNumberz™
Leon DoinNumberz™ 5 months ago
“Took My Last Name This Aint Bout A Child” .. I Felt That Cause I Lived It 🙏💪🏾💯
Dakota Wayne
Dakota Wayne 5 months ago
Will we ever see a durk x future album in are life 🙄🙄
Jaheim Williams
Jaheim Williams 5 months ago
Sebastian Brewer
Sebastian Brewer 5 months ago
strom hd ilegal
strom hd ilegal 5 months ago
James Nelson
James Nelson 5 months ago
Dirk killed this ish man i felt especially being from Chicago/Illinois myself
Joshua Washington
Joshua Washington 5 months ago
This song go hard.. 100%
Mace 5 months ago
1:18 God: shoot for ball nigga
NFE Goon
NFE Goon 5 months ago
This my motherfuckin shit my brother got locked up and it hurt me inside like I was helpless so I started skipping school and beating niggas up to get money
dreon roblox
dreon roblox 5 months ago
I can go to sleep I'm paranoid and is way too many homeless ad about the round pill got the wrong guy🔥🤧🔥🤧🔥🤧🔥🤧🔥🤧🙃🤧🙃🤧🙃🙃🤧🔥🤧😭
Benel 5 months ago
These niggas make you keep trying to put the volume up when it’s already on max
Branson Barrish
Branson Barrish 5 months ago
This my shit I really like Lil Durk part his verse Bussin OTF 💯💉💪🏻
Zo Junior
Zo Junior 5 months ago
Gotta Feel Dis Shit...
dreon roblox
dreon roblox 5 months ago
I hope you do better I hold you I hope you feel better and I hope that pain go away someday
walter white
walter white 5 months ago
BIGG Mike 5 months ago
Fh Vh
Fh Vh 5 months ago
Future and durk album gone be legendary.....its on the way
Rah 5 months ago
Durk was talking real slick on this one 💯💪🏾
Yungeen Ace
Yungeen Ace 5 months ago
I woke up in the middle of the 😪🖤night like who done died now 🦅
Darrius 797
Darrius 797 6 months ago
It's weird cuz I don't like the lyrics I just like how the song sounds
Brent Williams
Brent Williams 6 months ago
Broken hearted for my bitch everynight
lighttt brighttt .
lighttt brighttt . 6 months ago
" I can't go to sleep I'm paranoid , and it's way too many homicides " 🤧🙌🏼
Christina Evans
Christina Evans 6 months ago
“I answer my phone inna middle of the night and ask who died now 🤧🥺”
Kj Redmond
Kj Redmond 6 months ago
Fab-_-o 6 months ago
Damn this id dope!
Myron Boone
Myron Boone 6 months ago
Zane Poe
Zane Poe 6 months ago
I like the music that is all I have to say.
xGenGamingTV 6 months ago
Every production choice on this record is perfect.
MoreProductionsLLC 6 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 Boi ya got soul in ya voice. We need you to use it for enlightenment.
Joshua Washington
Joshua Washington 6 months ago
I fuck with this.. 100%
Country Dee Ayers
Country Dee Ayers 6 months ago
Real music 💯
Petey Tice
Petey Tice 6 months ago
juanashe claggett
juanashe claggett 6 months ago
Popped the wrong 💊💊 hit 👊🏾 da wrong dial📞
frost ruger
frost ruger 6 months ago
I'm gone be so hurt if the rap game lose future 💯 put the cup down the streets need you
Q-Sup 6 months ago
2020 is here
CashMoneyJay 6 months ago
This joint bumping
Norman Johnson
Norman Johnson 6 months ago
Happy New year's .
Israel Sharp
Israel Sharp 6 months ago
Iont know who ops no mo
xo Wishes
xo Wishes 6 months ago
msskittles861 6 months ago
This is pretty GOOD😄😍😁
Green Diesel
Green Diesel 6 months ago
Bryce Evans
Bryce Evans 6 months ago
numb to the pain so i keep a smile
san lazaro
san lazaro 6 months ago
i had to get off sociAL too almost caught a body ortwo
Honor The Creative
Honor The Creative 6 months ago
J. hxncho
J. hxncho 6 months ago
“ The way he died I advise he died in his sleep “ mane 😂💯
you know me
you know me 6 months ago
I take care of families
BLACK UNIVERSE 6 months ago
Been in my bag listening to this 💯😩 tell ‘em Future
C Milli
C Milli 6 months ago
New Visual on my channel 💔💔
Aaron Manuel
Aaron Manuel 6 months ago
Temporary decision causing permanent pain, i feel u
Dakota Chant
Dakota Chant 6 months ago
Scorpio 72 boy I will be in the studio when I'm better FL a rapper from Titusville
Heard Meech coming
What the da fastest way to Atlanta
Mr.Fearless 6 months ago
Desktop 6381
Desktop 6381 6 months ago
Gage Zamora
Gage Zamora 6 months ago
VERIL MORE 6 months ago
"I got a whole bitch, how could i think about my old bitch "
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