FUR - Trying

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Available on Spotify & Apple Music on Sunday 21st May.
Video by Dogbrain Videos.
Record and mixed by Mike Lord.

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May 18, 2017




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Comments 380
Angel Francis
Angel Francis 4 days ago
my mission is to spread FUR's music in Malaysia so they'll come and tour here next. this is what real music is and more people need. to. know.
Danielle Marruaz
Danielle Marruaz 6 days ago
Seriously guys, you're amazing
icedraco 7 days ago
Br ?
jan jan
jan jan 8 days ago
unique salonga? is dat u?
Nadine 11 days ago
hmm 13 days ago
Irsyando Misviyandi
Indonesia, here?
Yusril Mahiza
Yusril Mahiza 25 days ago
We love it
Mhelbhen Nillusguin
come to Philippines please
Elísio Oliveira
A morte e a morte de Quincas Berro D'água.
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran Month ago
really fell in love with you guysssssss ❤️
Prasanna Gurung
Prasanna Gurung Month ago
That ending I know what you guys where doing or is it just my dirty mind ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Crab Apples
Crab Apples Month ago
Been listening for this for almost 2 years, and it aches my heart to see that this haven't blown up yet. But still I wanted this to be a hidden gem. I'm conflicted
Muhammad Zulfikar
From indonesia with love ❤
kill me please
kill me please Month ago
please come to the philippines :( i really want to see u guys perform live
Yusuf Bahtiar
Yusuf Bahtiar Month ago
Thanks fur baby fur in indonesia
lakoper 22
lakoper 22 Month ago
So in love with your voice
ding dong
ding dong 2 months ago
cool video clip
Yasmine 2 months ago
it's officially one year from now 😍
Dreehh Silva
Dreehh Silva 2 months ago
obrigada RUvid por ter sugerido a melhor banda da vidaaa😱😍
Bayuan wizard
Bayuan wizard 2 months ago
Keinget temen gua tiap mabok tewas dibuat mainan wkwkwka
Kardi Kardi
Kardi Kardi 2 months ago
thanks furbabyfur
fak yu
fak yu 2 months ago
lagu kontol
dont know what im doing
Essa música é incrivel demais pqp
Gina Valdez
Gina Valdez 3 months ago
i love you guys so much. i cry almost every time i hear one of your songs. sometimes it's like i was missing something that never belong to me. thank you to make me feel things that arent my problems. i'll never know how to thank you guys, but i'm really glad. all love from Brazil
Yusuf Bahtiar
Yusuf Bahtiar 3 months ago
Thanks fur baby fur
Gengx Snoox
Gengx Snoox 3 months ago
Plis thjs song a karoke
hadihadi tv
hadihadi tv 3 months ago
This slow song, i like it
Syawal Aidil
Syawal Aidil 3 months ago
Come to malaysia !!
addict with a pen
addict with a pen 3 months ago
Come to brazillllll
Arya Rasyidin
Arya Rasyidin 3 months ago
this is my favorite song😍😍 i'm from Indonesian 🙏
Sandy Kusuma
Sandy Kusuma 3 months ago
His voice such as billie joe armstrong
ichsan zada
ichsan zada 4 months ago
i'm falling in love with this song
Zeyst Zewti
Zeyst Zewti 4 months ago
2:56 "Come on baby let's go party" hahah
sya 4 months ago
can someone tell me how to be unbothered like murray lol
Syd Barrett Crazyy
Syd Barrett Crazyy 4 months ago
The Cure
Emily Schroeder
Emily Schroeder 4 months ago
Orgasmo sonoro
Vibra Maulidafa
Vibra Maulidafa 4 months ago
Let me heard this song, im so confused right now..
SKYシェリル 4 months ago
they remind me of IV of Spades
The Main Street Hooligans
Love that shot taking scene haha
angela cordeiro
angela cordeiro 4 months ago
Quero show no Brasil ❤️❤️❤️
angela cordeiro
angela cordeiro 4 months ago
My God, I love you so much, please come and do the show in Brazil, my friends, we love you very much.😍❤️
Sarai Pascual
Sarai Pascual 4 months ago
Tienen un lindo ritmo... Me encantó la banda!!! Se que serán una gran banda reconocida mundialmente! Suerte!! Saludos desde México.
Javier Chávez
Javier Chávez 4 months ago
Amo sus canciones, saludos desde México♡
little lucas
little lucas 5 months ago
thats what god must listen to
euronymous 6
euronymous 6 5 months ago
the beatles are back
Aldy Bandojo
Aldy Bandojo 5 months ago
The 4 of them can like... Step on me
Ej Melgar
Ej Melgar 5 months ago
now im stalking my new favorite band 💖
문선주 5 months ago
Please come to korea 😆
Arina Khujjatul
Arina Khujjatul 5 months ago
Come to Indonesia please
Hanni Prameswari Erlindawati
Arina Khujjatul Good news! They'll come to Jakarta on March 9, 2019.. Check out @musicgallery_ on instagram for more info and grab your tickets before it's too late! Hurry!
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