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Jul 13, 2014




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Comments 60
Bravo November
Bravo November 3 days ago
Dangerous road driving and road accident ruvid.net/video/video-3OPSSA0LuvQ.html
Pepe ga
Pepe ga 3 days ago
Russian tony stark lol last clip
Beautiful Sri Lanka
Zaryab John. Not Civil Nor a Servant
0:35 And that’s how a truck learned how to swim
Aze Dev 122
Aze Dev 122 3 months ago
At 0:35 that’s funny
Aze Dev 122
Aze Dev 122 3 months ago
At 35
Timothy Young
Timothy Young 3 months ago
Roll bounce 👍
tuberesu 3 months ago
3:08 What the hell is funny about this, you need to see a doctor urgently.
José Cardoso
José Cardoso 3 months ago
Any kind of accident is funny :(
Miguel Carrasco
Miguel Carrasco 4 months ago
Chim Chim's Buttcheeks
Megalodon Koldasew
Megalodon Koldasew 4 months ago
İbrahim Resulov
İbrahim Resulov 4 months ago
3:32 Azerbaijan Baku zig
Το Παρατηρητηριο
check out this funny video i made if you like it please share and subscribe i appreciate it ruvid.net/video/video-7-5RMhFfo6g.html
the machinist
the machinist 4 months ago
Instead of secondary hood latches, the Lada car had breakaway hinges
the machinist
the machinist 4 months ago
2:00 that old lady better be careful or somebody might throw a bucket of water on her.
AntiReptile 4 months ago
Okay wait. That gas truck in the water? How? How does that happen???
ikonik boi
ikonik boi 4 months ago
Rah fam these aint funny
Star Bakugo
Star Bakugo 4 months ago
The second one Car:*sliding down the icy road*help me Me:ITS A RUN AWAY CAR
Next Level Toys
Next Level Toys 4 months ago
Time to buy 8 large water hoes👁️👁️
burton brown
burton brown 4 months ago
Is it strange to be addicted to watching negative outcomes?
SpicyMcDaddy449 4 months ago
That truck went James Bond
KattyLegend 4 months ago
Gracioso nada que ver xd
Abood 577
Abood 577 4 months ago
P C 4 months ago
2:40 I can't even get decent fire crackers here, but in Russia they have freaking sticks of dynamite....
Legion64 5 months ago
8:48 where
dante future
dante future 5 months ago
1:21 my aunt live there.
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
How do I crash like that only had one job one fucking job 😂😂😂
Your Everyday Gamer
Your Everyday Gamer 5 months ago
9:33 Blayt Man
Bartłomiej Rusak
Bartłomiej Rusak 5 months ago
1:59 grandma power «)
Bartłomiej Rusak
Bartłomiej Rusak 5 months ago
0:34 WTF HOW!!??????????????
حبيب Ahmed
حبيب Ahmed 5 months ago
froggy chair
froggy chair 5 months ago
Nobody: Im in 2020 here Me: No The Title: *FUNNY ROAD ACCIDENTS*
Deby Zimmerman
Deby Zimmerman 5 months ago
Is there ANY follow up information regarding that Semi-tanker in that river and still MOVING!!????
ShyPlayz ALT
ShyPlayz ALT 5 months ago
froggy chair bruh his yt channel name is funny road accidents and don’t think you’ll get any likes
Daz 5 months ago
There ain't no fire ,what now play with water Fireman : oh yess
Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson 5 months ago
0:00 Plot twist: The service call was for a flat tire…🤫🥺
Vortex FN
Vortex FN 5 months ago
7:12 I’m just not gonna ride near trucks when I grow up
Vortex FN
Vortex FN 5 months ago
7:00 press f to pay respects for that car
Vortex FN
Vortex FN 5 months ago
Issac Pimentel
Issac Pimentel 5 months ago
0:38 what in the world
Niko here
Niko here 5 months ago
2:18 ??
Rex Sexson
Rex Sexson 6 months ago
Aaaahhhhhh a day on the lake. Wtf? A semi way out here? Daaaaaamn!
jake Stavig
jake Stavig 6 months ago
6:55 I thought my ears were ringing
Katies big Adventure
That wheel went, Byeeeeeee 😗✌️
sunset abagail
sunset abagail 6 months ago
Henry S
Henry S 6 months ago
Should title Russian accidents.
Audrey Sheldon
Audrey Sheldon 6 months ago
rajat 71
rajat 71 6 months ago
9:26 Silver surfer
Psycho_ 04
Psycho_ 04 6 months ago
Guys sub please my channel
MrFuncat 6 months ago
2:28, look out Goofy F*king Russians!
Mohsin Yaqoob
Mohsin Yaqoob 6 months ago
It is not funny
Evan Tomlinson
Evan Tomlinson 7 months ago
Magma_drawer 7 months ago
I hope he gets crashed 1:32
Henrik Høyrup
Henrik Høyrup 7 months ago
5:33 it would take everything I had in me not to get out and rip the guy's fucking head off.
victor antonio bustamante torres
Diez minutos de la vida que no volverán.
Darshika Prabath
Darshika Prabath 7 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-mUWSXgQX59o.html Insane road accidents 😎
Nathanael A. K.
Nathanael A. K. 7 months ago
Real life : human error crashes Gta : car error crashes
Leigh Thomas
Leigh Thomas 7 months ago
That cop what a fucking dick.i think whatever ticket that person was getting isn't now that's for sure
Leigh Thomas
Leigh Thomas 7 months ago
I got no sympathy for fkn stupid it's there own bloody fault 90% the time
funny afvs video
funny afvs video 7 months ago
Martin Puentes Jimenez
maldita droga homy!
Jeffrey Hoyt
Jeffrey Hoyt 7 months ago
3:56 That is some cat with BALLS!
SuperNicko Harris
SuperNicko Harris 7 months ago
0:33 Im sorry, what? Grand Theft Auto modding be like.
I’m shit with Names
SuperNicko Harris it’s funny when they go by and see and hear a truck next to them
WolfySpace 2003
WolfySpace 2003 4 months ago
Someone needed that next day delivery on a houseboat
Black Monkey
Black Monkey 5 months ago
SuperNicko Harris shit happens I guess
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