Funny Musical Barber | Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso
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May 15, 2017




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Comments 60
Xyrim Hour ago
Now the next part must be "Funny Musical Quarantine Barber"
Elizabeth Cottrell
Elizabeth Cottrell 3 hours ago
1:27 sounds like Disney music but sooo good
Andy Cooper
Andy Cooper 5 hours ago
0:32 i love that song
Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq 11 hours ago
Usman Nadeem
Usman Nadeem 13 hours ago
Who thinks he looks better with glasses
Judiie Badd
Judiie Badd 17 hours ago
Savage Tube
Savage Tube 17 hours ago
What's kind is the first music At 3:42 if u read the captions it says Rudy is so cute😂...
Marianne Ayoub
Marianne Ayoub 21 hour ago
Football7 Channel.
Crazy how this guy can rhyme anything
gamingshark 101
DD Chawaldit
DD Chawaldit Day ago
Stop doing this musical thing cause you are very bad at singing you are Mexicans and Mexicans can’t sing
Raena Salkey
Raena Salkey Day ago
Shutup he's from brazil racist
GRTTX 2 days ago
yo add
Salima Narine
Salima Narine 2 days ago
It's Medo!
It's Medo! 2 days ago
Yes :)
Halynn Prud'Homme
I always it’s the same person 😂
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX 2 days ago
She looks like Shrek🤣
It's Medo!
It's Medo! 2 days ago
Of course she does
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX 2 days ago
Poetry Salinas
Poetry Salinas 2 days ago
Ur good Judy
starlight alexandria
I like the whole vid... but my fav part is when Rudy does a little dance at 0:31:)
veroesllie Lucero
He's like I just wanna get my hair cut and leave;-;
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear 2 days ago
Play it at 2x
Ali Parrish
Ali Parrish 3 days ago
Your so talented
Mohammed Hamzah
Mohammed Hamzah 3 days ago
This is the best RUvid video I've ever seen
Lian Ruiz
Lian Ruiz 3 days ago
Rudy sings good
You_Playin_Yet 3 days ago
Can we plz stop with The Who’s binge watching blank... nope only me ...ok nobody cares shush
theresa white
theresa white 4 days ago
You got a you got a cut cut slippery snow
theresa white
theresa white 4 days ago
This is funny
{ Rose_ Games }
{ Rose_ Games } 4 days ago
Man can you send me the location to this place
The Aldeleted
The Aldeleted 4 days ago
This is actually awsome content
sincer fees
sincer fees 4 days ago
i love his hair i need to have it
biscuit boy
biscuit boy 4 days ago
My friend once shown me this vid and I really liked it now I watch your vids a lot casus their realy funny
Crystal Hendricks
He is so cool he so talented he's voice is so awesome love u rudy👍👍👍
liljocsan1 3
liljocsan1 3 5 days ago
I Gdhhbxs
Burhanuddin Khedapa
Best barber ever!
Pat Martin-Woods
Pat Martin-Woods 5 days ago
He is a really good singer
Tactical Gamer
Tactical Gamer 5 days ago
HE SINGS!!!!?????
闲ケ人 5 days ago
Don't worry about the words, just rhyme
awake awake
awake awake 5 days ago
Not to be rude But she looks like shrek Hehehe
Enhle Zondo
Enhle Zondo 5 days ago
I love you
Yadanar Moe
Yadanar Moe 5 days ago
Nice song ! ☺️😂😜
Turn on captions on english and go to 3:56 like if you tried it 👇
@Jemma Grenville turn on captions on English wait till they show up then go to 3:56
Jemma Grenville
Jemma Grenville 5 days ago
Nothing happens
Turn on captions on english and go to 3:56
sparkle twins
sparkle twins 6 days ago
Phane Dabz
Phane Dabz 6 days ago
When Indians get a haircut
Angel Rios 2000s
Angel Rios 2000s 6 days ago
I wish my hair looked like his hair 😂
ya gi
ya gi 6 days ago
She looks like shrek
Abrahams & Straus Attorneys
But sude
Jr Alonso
Jr Alonso 7 days ago
Robert Wiley
Robert Wiley 7 days ago
qt Jacob_
qt Jacob_ 7 days ago
My favorite part is 0:43 to 1:23
Ashoo Hime
Ashoo Hime 7 days ago
Awesome 🌌💐
DaFishBrick Yt
DaFishBrick Yt 7 days ago
Bruh fr who thought this was funny Cuz i did
Playful game kids Tran
Ussy fucker
Loop 8 days ago
I was honestly scared it was going to be modern Sweeney Todd
Reviewist 9 days ago
Addicted Bruh..🔥
yo !!!
yo !!! 9 days ago
*What a musical music videoo👏🔥*
Mario De Carvalho Ferreira
grip grippy grippy grip
samaria Baby love nice
Maia Lazcano
Maia Lazcano 10 days ago
So much money :I who would pay that much for a hair cut :o
HighSchool Ahmad
HighSchool Ahmad 11 days ago
Maja Sk8
Maja Sk8 11 days ago
Anyone gonna talk about the subtitles? 😂
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