Funny Musical Barber | Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso
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May 15, 2017




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Comments 100
Moito Plays fortnite
I loved his little dance
Nathan Anfu
Nathan Anfu 20 hours ago
Rudy: I can't sing Me: your the same person
Lol why does the caption look weird but the weirdest part in the caption was this 3:43 says "(blahBlahblahRudyissocute)" And 3:56 says "I loveee you Rudy notice meeeeee"
phenyx juneau
harvey Caneba
little bit shammpoo
B1 Battle droid
Els Van Leemput
I'm speachless.....
Kimberley Hammond
Why do I keep coming back here haha
Babarisky Yeah
Babarisky Yeah 2 days ago
Love this movie keep on doing this
Ladawn Lewis
Ladawn Lewis 4 days ago
Oyun Aşkına
Oyun Aşkına 5 days ago
aquilesgaming22 5 days ago
Bro I watched this when it was released
Lunchbox Lain
Lunchbox Lain 5 days ago
Dude you have an awesome voice, you sing better than me, lol 😁
MoonShadow Wolf
MoonShadow Wolf 6 days ago
I literally couldn’t breathe when he said “ she looked like shrek “
Thai Roha
Thai Roha 6 days ago
Now gimme 1000 dollars
Moriah queen Queen process
The end is legit so cool
Person 6 days ago
If he was really getting his hair cut I would have cried because his hair is so soft and adorable
Kayode Lawal
Kayode Lawal 7 days ago
Starting from 0:52 I lost my shit
sweetbut sourshanny
This is so funny love you Rudy😀😀😘😘
Trinity Gill
Trinity Gill 8 days ago
This is a really good video
Faze Chaz
Faze Chaz 8 days ago
He’s a bueatifull singer
Sasori Kazekagerame
Aye dis is dope
Annabella Price
Annabella Price 9 days ago
"yea.. and then i will dip dip dipity dip"
Katie Mae Highley
3 years ago i first listened to this song with my best friend at a sleepover we just kept listening it over and over again next morning thats the only song we sang
Tenzin Choeying
Tenzin Choeying 9 days ago
This music is fire a lot better than any song
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez 9 days ago
This is rare
シcqkepop 10 days ago
this better be on spotify i
ZODIAC BLADE 13 days ago
Dude hey dude iam miserable
EDWINS arcade
EDWINS arcade 13 days ago
Child Drummer
Child Drummer 13 days ago
Ruby you’re singing to you’re self again
Cool gal Gamer
Cool gal Gamer 14 days ago
I thought he would go bald LoL
O_o 14 days ago
BenFN 14 days ago
He cuts Rudy’s hair.Rudy just meses it up.
Rickadonna Campbell
Ahahahahaa he just tied you up
Nadys Logan
Nadys Logan 15 days ago
Barber: Thad be 1000$ Rudy: ....What?
Carlos Abreu
Carlos Abreu 15 days ago
The way he dances tho 3:15
Faalele Samuela
Faalele Samuela 17 days ago
This was the first video I watched of him and I've been watching him since and I still love him
Shammout Eyssa
Shammout Eyssa 16 days ago
Same bro happy new year
Naimah BartonGreen
Naimah BartonGreen 17 days ago
this i cool but did the girl thing si it true not to hurt your fellings
Emily Sibert-Amoris
Why does he not get scared when he gets changed to the chair
BillyATM 18 days ago
this is legendary
Psych Ghost
Psych Ghost 18 days ago
His rhymes r so cool
Inioluwa Olaleye
Inioluwa Olaleye 19 days ago
If barbershop was made by Disney.
Falcon King
Falcon King 19 days ago
Rudy is so talented
Jake Alexander Gaming
3:43 “rudy is so cute” Captions On XDDDDDDD 😂 😂 😂
Naman Bhatt
Naman Bhatt 19 days ago
Man you are legend ❤️🙏
Idarpus 19 days ago
U are so talented
Kelly Munoz
Kelly Munoz 19 days ago
15 is my dad's yucky number
Thomas the train flyingscottsman
do be do be do
Ree Water
Ree Water 20 days ago
This is so fucking awesome
Min Yoong
Min Yoong 21 day ago
My hear looks really really good then he just said $1000
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed 21 day ago
You create such wonderful videos😎 It makes us happy 😎 Especially when you sing songs😎
Dinidu Ranasinghe
Dinidu Ranasinghe
Dinidu Ranasinghe
sabrina xoxo
sabrina xoxo 21 day ago
What song did they sing
Sourabh Guchhait
Sourabh Guchhait 22 days ago
Richie Reyes
Richie Reyes 22 days ago
I followed you on tiktok
Willian Chavez
Willian Chavez 22 days ago
My 100 time
Eduardo Mejia Music
She looked liked Shrek 🤣
Scarlet Auxe
Scarlet Auxe 23 days ago
if u here on december 2020 ur a legend
Mehdi Smr
Mehdi Smr 22 days ago
Jules Williams
Jules Williams 23 days ago
He should looked the sign
Mia Romero Rodriguez
You sing beautifully
Mia Romero Rodriguez
Of this videos
Vuxbux Bruh
Vuxbux Bruh 23 days ago
3:39 he sounds like anwar
HISOKA IM 12 24 days ago
carling johnna
carling johnna 24 days ago
here before Christmas ☃️🎄
piper rockelle
piper rockelle 24 days ago
I like the song
Lauren Hunte
Lauren Hunte 25 days ago
If you really want you hair to look good guys you have to cut cut with a slimper slice and buz buz buz with a combo and a flip and your hair cut is done lol😁😁😅😅🤣
Lauren Hunte
Lauren Hunte 24 days ago
Why everybody hate my comment I hate every body
SirScrubBuns 25 days ago
When you harmonize with yourself...
YONUME 25 days ago
2:21 if you made her look like shrek then you must be a pretty fuckin good barber I’m comin right over
Alicia Briere
Alicia Briere 25 days ago
The Shrek part though
Alicia Briere
Alicia Briere 25 days ago
He is so go though
Alicia Briere
Alicia Briere 25 days ago
He always asks like he’s mad and angry and upset lol
siimqlyxbella Idk
siimqlyxbella Idk 25 days ago
Why did it say Rudy I love youuuu noticeee meeeat the end with English captions on did anybody else notice that .O.
Miller snow
Miller snow 26 days ago
Isaiah Rangel
Isaiah Rangel 26 days ago
1000$ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 please
Eva Apsey
Eva Apsey 26 days ago
mini plays
mini plays 27 days ago
Rudy just stay as a singer no one wants to look like Sherk
Chico Jona
Chico Jona 27 days ago
"If you are not happy with your cut you can always wear aaa ...hat"
Stuti Jain
Stuti Jain 28 days ago
you are a LEGEND! uufff mind blown!
Kevin Buendia
Kevin Buendia 28 days ago
When he was in the water meh looked so different no cap 😂🤣
T R A S H新 ドラゴン
_1001th time watching_
Sean chukwuezi
Sean chukwuezi 28 days ago
Guy is singing to hismelf
Florence Liu
Florence Liu 28 days ago
"she looked like a weird horse" 😂😂😂 I'M DYING
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 28 days ago
Anyone watching in quarantine
Ice dragon Blood
Ice dragon Blood 29 days ago
He says colud you sit up 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🙂🤣🙂🤣🙂🙂
Katerina Makrogianni
I would like a mullet plz just that
Mister everything in the house
This guy did hole song and video to get hair cut
Tyga Gamer
Tyga Gamer Month ago
Your hair is gross🥴 What a stupid hairstyle😏
Kristina Allen
Kristina Allen Month ago
Hi I'm a am a big fan
a la verga no entiendo nada de lo que dicen los comentarios soy mexicano Fuck it, I don't understand anything the comments say, I'm Mexican
Darren Rayner
Darren Rayner Month ago
I love you so much
Eduardo Tzep
Eduardo Tzep Month ago
It’s so coming
Taš Month ago
in whole musical videos everytime when he said '' I'm not gonna sing'' i really felt that!
Anchine Liu
Anchine Liu Month ago
LUVVC0R333 Month ago
Anchine Liu bro wtf
Anchine Liu
Anchine Liu Month ago
thanks so much
Anchine Liu
Anchine Liu Month ago
me too yes
Anchine Liu
Anchine Liu Month ago
yes yes yes
Coco the channel
*barber does literally nothing to rudys hair.* Barber: Alright that will be $1,000 ok.
H Lalsawmliana
H Lalsawmliana Month ago
The captions "Blahblahblahrudyissocute" "I love you Rudy notice meeeee 😂😂🤣"
lebo Month ago
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia Month ago
Nah bro- 2:23 just kills me everytime 😂
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