Funny Musical Barber | Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso
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May 15, 2017




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Comments 12 666
Roxanne owo
Roxanne owo 2 hours ago
Lol -w- the best
Valerie Espinoza
Valerie Espinoza 6 hours ago
He really have good talented👌👌🥰🥰❤❤❤
Anastasia Anastasia
2020 anyone? I I I I I V
s u n f l o w e r x o x
Funny but talented... Hmmm, what creature are you-
Oliver Arpilleda
Oliver Arpilleda 18 hours ago
look at the mirrors
Coco Broussard
it’s the same person
Lonely Human
Lonely Human 2 days ago
It's so weird enjoyed hearing Rudy singing
CallMe Keilly
CallMe Keilly 2 days ago
the subtitles XD
QueenAnna 2 days ago
He's so talented He can do hair He can play instruments And many more
Ramish Vlog
Ramish Vlog 3 days ago
Wow the song was sooo good
DispatchLeo OG
DispatchLeo OG 3 days ago
Abdo EL Top
Abdo EL Top 3 days ago
WTF one thousand dollars??? iget my hair cut only with 2 dollars
Simon Caruana
Simon Caruana 3 days ago
Do more with King Bach..
Emma Rodriguez
Emma Rodriguez 3 days ago
You have a good voice
Max Böhm
Max Böhm 3 days ago
TopHat_ Yeet
TopHat_ Yeet 3 days ago
I actually think theyre different people
Grace Carlson
Grace Carlson 3 days ago
3:42 closed captioning
Rama Alfaqeeh
Rama Alfaqeeh 4 days ago
Love this
LizzyCaramel 4 days ago
If your Rudy I dare you to heart my comment and if ur not I dare you to like
ya like jazz
ya like jazz 3 days ago
Nicolashyper 09
Nicolashyper 09 4 days ago
The song is very
itz friendless
itz friendless 4 days ago
Rudy you sing very well
sushi gacha
sushi gacha 4 days ago
I watch this more than 8 time
Cookie 101
Cookie 101 4 days ago
3:14 has me dying! And yes I've watched this before I just can't believe it's already been two years since these came out!
William Lewis
William Lewis 5 days ago
Are you poor you can usa another person
Shaun Anderson
Shaun Anderson 6 days ago
Nice singing
Rhea Danraj
Rhea Danraj 6 days ago
Rudys videos are the only ones I watch twice or more than thand
Mahynour Ibrahim
Mahynour Ibrahim 7 days ago
You're a big super start 🌟 You should act with Mina Masoud 😍❤❤
landon saunders
landon saunders 7 days ago
Leota Olson
Leota Olson 8 days ago
Doobie doobie doo dood she looks like shrek
elias demarco
elias demarco 8 days ago
I'm so sad for barber
Golden Glowz
Golden Glowz 8 days ago
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 7 days ago
God chilll
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 7 days ago
Golden Glowz
Golden Glowz 8 days ago
Omg I ain't seen his videos in soooo long I got in foster care I didn't have my phone now I have my phone itz been 2 years good to see him and voice now in 2020
DaFluffyPanda yt
DaFluffyPanda yt 8 days ago
Like if ruby is actually cute😂
راس الذهب
This music is very good ilove the music 😊😊
Tinyweeb Cosplays
“She looked like shrek” Whats wrong with that shrek is beautiful
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 7 days ago
Lucky Tang
Lucky Tang 9 days ago
I love this movie because is funny
Kayla Biggers
Kayla Biggers 9 days ago
Trun on captions and watch the end of the video and I swear that it says I loooove you Rudy notice mee
Hero Brine
Hero Brine 10 days ago
suyash jha
suyash jha 10 days ago
What the heck
DEAD ARMY 11 days ago
I Remember watching this like 1month after it came out and I still love watching it
Cool the Bull
Cool the Bull 11 days ago
If she looked like shriek doesn’t that mean that she is bald 👩‍🦲
Oli22233Plays 12 days ago
Notfunny musical lies
elias demarco
elias demarco 12 days ago
She looked like shrek This is how many dont look like shrek
Chen Si
Chen Si 12 days ago
Zakiya Patel
Zakiya Patel 13 days ago
Rudy’s vids r probably one of the only ones I can watch like 1000 times and laugh so hard each time😂😂😂
who am i ?????
who am i ????? 13 days ago
I love Rudy so much. His voice his really good 😂❤️🤩😍
kayla cuello
kayla cuello 13 days ago
i like this song whatever who is watching this in 2 0 2 0?
Emma Rodriguez
Emma Rodriguez 3 days ago
Abeer Taher
Abeer Taher 7 days ago
I watch it almost every day 😂😂😂
Donna Sant
Donna Sant 7 days ago
kayla cuello me
dee az
dee az 14 days ago
he should've made this with jeff 😂😂
Amazing SONG
Yasso Gh
Yasso Gh 15 days ago
I am watching this video for 50 times
makeup thing
makeup thing 15 days ago
I have a crush on you rud
janica Joseph
janica Joseph 15 days ago
Lol this video is so funny
Renee Ramirez
Renee Ramirez 15 days ago
you know what i just noticed most youtubers get more views then subscribers🤣
Clan laughingstock
Clan laughingstock 15 days ago
Anyone watchin’ in 2020?
Double Doodle
Double Doodle 16 days ago
3:13 XDD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Taniya Nolen
Taniya Nolen 16 days ago
Barber:dooby dooby do Rudy:dude can u shut up!!! Me:hahahahahahahah dying laughing lol Rudy u r very creativity lol
Mohammed Qoyes AHMED
Sindell Gonzalez
Sindell Gonzalez 16 days ago
Lmao this is so hot .
Fleur Spots
Fleur Spots 17 days ago
Whoever did the subtitles loves him 3:57 2:13 3:44
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