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Jul 15, 2019

FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTSreactreactionreactingfunnymomentsinsports




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Comments 356
bukit batok
bukit batok 15 hours ago
clickbait 🀬😑🀬
JaZz bLAsT
JaZz bLAsT Day ago
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did you.
Marc Asasw
Marc Asasw Day ago
Hey u suck at soccer
Marc Asasw
Marc Asasw Day ago
Not funny bich
Dylan Sick Vlogger
I might report you to RUvid you should of blood to bottom out
Kathleen Francis
Kathleen Francis 4 days ago
Noah Izzy
Noah Izzy 5 days ago
Such a field at 0:09
Roman Rodriguez II
0:50 *The Prophecy Is True* (Yode Is A Rubber Chicken)
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 7 days ago
Soaring_Death ML
Soaring_Death ML 8 days ago
Happy-girl12345678910 Always-be-happy
Can i please have a shout out
Yoel Kelati
Yoel Kelati 9 days ago
Yes that happened to me
Jor Jor
Jor Jor 10 days ago
1:50 it would not have hurt because baseball players wear something to protect their nuts the thing id called a cup
ツDriz 2 days ago
Jor Jor that’s only for catchers
Liam Montgomery
Liam Montgomery 10 days ago
🀣At 1:36 look at the guy giving the water bottle to him🀣
Wolf fighterxoxo
Wolf fighterxoxo 11 days ago
Ur the worst you are just over - reacting of laughing its not even that funny
Figotapia Tapia
Figotapia Tapia 11 days ago
0:49 why would he do that
Anne Therese Summers
Yode it is a pineapple not a melon
EmanSV2. 12 days ago
Mischevious Turtle
Mischevious Turtle 12 days ago
1:57 should be a penalty the defender didn’t wrap his arms around his waist and just smashed into him
fortnite Skits
fortnite Skits 13 days ago
What field at 0:09 Also why were u laughing so hard at 0:21
Hokeley 4 days ago
fortnite Skits u rlly gotta crit everything and he was laughing caz she got rejected idiot
Aliyan Baba
Aliyan Baba 13 days ago
stupid baaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonas Gonzalez
Jonas Gonzalez 14 days ago
That baseball clip Has got to hurt
Lil Juice
Lil Juice 15 days ago
2:29 have happend to me and my friend
Rokaldinho 15 days ago
2:25 it happened to me and my friend too
Khian Francis
Khian Francis 15 days ago
Every gta ever 1:01
the gaming Kid
the gaming Kid 15 days ago
Yore your vedios are so fast
TheGamingPizzaMan 16 days ago
This new sport is called private parts racing
Casey Ricciardiello
The baseball one did not hurt that much because they where cups
Keresa Jones
Keresa Jones 16 days ago
1:45 yode said and a oop
Gerardo Salazar
Gerardo Salazar 16 days ago
I saw the two shoes being tied together before
Parker Robedeau
Parker Robedeau 16 days ago
0:7 that’s not a field my dude that’s a court
Fifa Pro
Fifa Pro 17 days ago
Ever body go to 1:29πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sophie Angel
Sophie Angel 17 days ago
2:20 so meπŸ˜‚
Elisabeth Whittington
Helen Griffin
Helen Griffin 17 days ago
The one where the mascot jumped was very funny and make your vids longer but u are the very good
True 17 days ago
42 seconds I’m dying
itSkaze Benz
itSkaze Benz 17 days ago
Jayson mendoza
Jayson mendoza 17 days ago
Lol and I oop
GIanabrianna -Can you pls subscribe!?!
1:31 I’m dying 🀣🀣
Pry Dro
Pry Dro 16 days ago
I am too LOL
Melissa Julius
Melissa Julius 19 days ago
I play pug g to β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚
Rebecca Dowling
Rebecca Dowling 19 days ago
The laces thing happened to me I my friend
MarioMarioYT JR
MarioMarioYT JR 19 days ago
Yode you do so much click bait thats why I didnt sub
Jesus Verdejo
Jesus Verdejo 19 days ago
0:06 why buffalo WHYYYYYYYYY
splitzzBTW 20 days ago
the mascot celebratesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lodi Qafaliaj
Lodi Qafaliaj 20 days ago
Nice vids bro keep up the good work
Maria Perez
Maria Perez 21 day ago
Saachi Williams
Saachi Williams 21 day ago
GTBC praise dance
GTBC praise dance 22 days ago
Who snatched the water bottle is Kyle Lowry my dads friend
Lol gamer
Lol gamer 22 days ago
Whi are your videos so short plz make them longer
wdw 1 fan
wdw 1 fan 18 days ago
Is your profile mobile legeds helcut i cant say his name
Lucas 22 days ago
Anyone get triggered when he said long jump not triple jump
Carolyn DiDonato
Carolyn DiDonato 22 days ago
0:41 I almost peed myself
Melvic Panganiban
Melvic Panganiban 19 days ago
Humi Bibi
Humi Bibi 23 days ago
You talk alot you talk in every single one
Jolanta Galiniene
Jolanta Galiniene 23 days ago
0:16 someone tell me what that's about
Trigum9179 23 days ago
1:45 did he actually say that
Paddy Army
Paddy Army 24 days ago
When the laces tied together that happens to me
jeewan subba
jeewan subba 24 days ago
Minalyn Beard
Minalyn Beard 24 days ago
1:29 XD wth
Manuel the lamma
Manuel the lamma 25 days ago
0: 31 what has the world come to
Ty Hart
Ty Hart 25 days ago
this is funny
Simon Hjelte
Simon Hjelte 26 days ago
Your the best beacuse u dont have an intro btw u are the best
Joaquin M
Joaquin M 26 days ago
Mahmod Albakry
Mahmod Albakry 26 days ago
So fun
Alecia Choo
Alecia Choo 26 days ago
it lied this is 8 days ago
Ry Ry Gamer boy
Ry Ry Gamer boy 26 days ago
Im a rider and the horse racing one had me dead lol πŸ˜‚
Trevor Wolcik
Trevor Wolcik 25 days ago
Pandacoolbro Yo
Pandacoolbro Yo 27 days ago
The cleat got stuck to the laces
Doug Worley
Doug Worley 26 days ago
A cleat ya mea a boot
Arianna McKinney-Booth
0:42 when a cat person see a donut
No Recei_t
No Recei_t 27 days ago
Lorena Licerio
Lorena Licerio 28 days ago
More more more more!!!!!!!!!!!
Shay Potts
Shay Potts 28 days ago
You go too fast
Mattias Shao
Mattias Shao 28 days ago
1:50 they have cups on
No Recei_t
No Recei_t 27 days ago
Ok_ Creator
Ok_ Creator 29 days ago
β€œWhy was he on the FIELD totally not court” 0:10
sergio 17 days ago
Erica Hoar
Erica Hoar 29 days ago
The Rocha Bros
The Rocha Bros 29 days ago
I’m gonna go to hell for laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jack Molina
Jack Molina Month ago
You play soccer then
gaming_ duo
gaming_ duo Month ago
That happened to me in the middle of a hurling game it was our quarter final s
simran virani
simran virani Month ago
0:45 what aim direct at head what a headshot
Alan Alexander
Alan Alexander Month ago
My laces have been tied too
Aka Nikogus
Aka Nikogus Month ago
Yo at the end it made em flinch
Some Body
Some Body Month ago
3:20 So is that player he is steven gerrard
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