[Funny Moment] Goblin & The Grim Reaper Episode 2

Mr Heartbeat
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Intro & outro song:
Stay With Me - Chanyeol & Punch

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Jan 5, 2018




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Comments 83
Lara M
Lara M 17 hours ago
This is my go to video when I'm having a bad day lol 😂
Nimisha Sharma
Nimisha Sharma 2 days ago
OMG He look so cute in that hair net ........
Zorxi 03
Zorxi 03 11 days ago
The music CD is the album from eric nam
Harold Baik
Harold Baik 15 days ago
Haha it's so funny😂
Art Bro
Art Bro 16 days ago
Grim Reaper: *Trying to make the perfect sleeping burial* Goblin: *Which one is better?*
WinterHasunoue 16 days ago
Hi from someone in 2019!!!
hamizah mat harun
hamizah mat harun 18 days ago
eric nam's album
Agalya Ravi
Agalya Ravi 19 days ago
What a great day...nice video...I really enjoyed
s vmnl
s vmnl 22 days ago
Dong wook si such a cutiee. ❤❤
the emily
the emily 24 days ago
*My Ship*
nived z nethan
nived z nethan 28 days ago
Its funny how yunhoo and changmin took thses ppl as idols to grow old like this😂😂😂
Green s
Green s 26 days ago
Suitable for them...
sumaya Ali
sumaya Ali 29 days ago
The Eric nam CD tho I wish to see them in other dramas
dutchmary1991 Month ago
1:35 is funny
New Bie
New Bie Month ago
7:56 When You Know That He is The Grim Reaper 😂😈
Luckiest 8 Darlene
Stay close but not too close 😅😅😅😅😅😅
These two are just so funny, I can’t stop laughing. I started watching this because I loved DongWook in Produce X101 and now I’ve found quite possibly my favourite K drama of all time???
ayu qie
ayu qie Month ago
Ship guee 🤣🤣
Elaine. C. DeCarmo.
Elaine. C. DeCarmo. 2 months ago
What a beautiful house. Those brick arches and windows, wow. I haven't seen this drama yet. Putting on my list to see. 😊
Elaine. C. DeCarmo.
@Dmi serv The title here says 'goblin and the grim reaper', though they tend to have a different title sometimes due to the translation, but you'll still be able to find it. 😉
Dmi serv
Dmi serv 10 days ago
What’s the name of this Drama 🤔
Elaine. C. DeCarmo.
@Jessel Ann Barroa 🌸Thanks, I'm sure i am 🤗
Jessel Ann Barroa
You're in for a treat!
Viviana Rodriguez
@Elaine. C. DeCarmo. I agree, I do the same after watching every drama😂
XUXie 2 months ago
This ajhussis🤣🤣🤣
Kookie Liha
Kookie Liha 2 months ago
Love the song!!
chalci sumo
chalci sumo 2 months ago
i miss them... at the end chanyeol voice make it perfect
Nicole Ilarina
Nicole Ilarina 2 months ago
i miss them..
Draco Braving
Draco Braving 2 months ago
3:55 *”Evil does not wear a bonnet!”*
I like underware song
Anggi Alma
Anggi Alma 3 months ago
ar. mei-chan
ar. mei-chan 3 months ago
I like how the Grim Reaper mentioned the word "File" so fluently 😂
ar. mei-chan
ar. mei-chan 3 months ago
@Mr Heartbeat yaaaassss! Thanks for the hearteu ❤️❤️
Mr Heartbeat
Mr Heartbeat 3 months ago
And don't forget Goblin's "play store" 😂
Sya Ayana16
Sya Ayana16 3 months ago
3:35 can't deny it,that typical of grim reaper ya know😂😂😂😂
Symthy Islam
Symthy Islam 3 months ago
Their realation was hilarious plus full of brotherhood 💛💛
sahala selu
sahala selu 3 months ago
They're soo cute
sagin tineka
sagin tineka 3 months ago
Walking like a model😂😂
you are worth it
you are worth it 3 months ago
it was the cutest angry reaction ever
you are worth it
you are worth it 3 months ago
man this underwear song is really funny i totally forgot about it now i can't stop laughing lol
H K 4 months ago
10:33 hhahhahahahhahhahha @Mr Heartbeat thanks
Shah Ruqaiya
Shah Ruqaiya 4 months ago
Awesome ♥ Thank you very much for your hard work ☘. Give more videos on Goblin😊
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 5 months ago
Goblin: *keeps bothering Grim Reaper* Grim Reaper: just let me sleep 😭😭 Me: HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA LMAO 😂
Achim Lam
Achim Lam 5 months ago
The underwear song🤣🤣❤❤these two are quite cute and ....interesting....😜
Kendy Dirchi
Kendy Dirchi 5 months ago
"I'm just competitive" so cute😂😂
Millah Harris
Millah Harris 5 months ago
i don't really understand the underwear scene, goblin don't like song?
Jueun Seo
Jueun Seo Month ago
In Korean the song is 'Goblin's undie song' not just underwear song. The lyrics starts Goblin's undie is Strong.. Durable.. Derty.. Smally..
prilly arata
prilly arata 2 months ago
Peanut Butter I think goblin just mad cause grim reaper try to stretch his underwear 😂🤣
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter 3 months ago
@Mr Heartbeat but why goblin annoyed by that song ?
ctrlalt Geez
ctrlalt Geez 5 months ago
Their bromance is incomplete without sungjae
Elisabeth Lyonheart
Elisabeth Lyonheart 5 months ago
00:21 I really want that shirt Mr. Reaper is wearing. I love clothing with corset design
Elisabeth Lyonheart
Elisabeth Lyonheart 3 months ago
Oh now I'm sad I looked them and their prices are so high. They have some awesome stuff
Random Vids
Random Vids 3 months ago
Eun Jiwon wore it too in NJTTW but wore it the wrong way lol
Elisabeth Lyonheart
Elisabeth Lyonheart 5 months ago
@팬케이팝 oooh, you're an angel! Thank you!
팬케이팝 5 months ago
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