FUNNY MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED || The Best Tricks and Pranks by 123 GO! GOLD

123 GO! GOLD
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How to make perfect Insta pics with no magic at all? It's impossible if you don't watch our funny tricks and magic pranks!
You'll know how to make awesome photo using kitchen items, how to make magic tricks with a plastic bottle! Magic tricks are revealed with Vicky and her fun pranks on Hailey!
Hilarious pranks will shock your friends and will make them laugh, WARNING: some of our candy pranks can be really explosive!
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See you soon!
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00:09 Instagram photography tricks
01:58 Magic tricks with clothes
03:40 Magic revealed with drinking straws
08:12 Funny food prank
09:00 Backpack challenge for clever students
09:50 Fun bloopers
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Nov 6, 2019




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123 GO! GOLD
123 GO! GOLD 3 months ago
I will totally use it for my Instagram🤳! By the way, do you like Instagram? Confess in the comments!👇 and subscribe 123 GO! GOLD ruvid.net/show-UCzAa37OHvk6LQTG6M2GcJEA
DIA BOLIQ 2 days ago
Missythe Rainbow
Missythe Rainbow 3 days ago
Tomiko Chatman 🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏣🏣🏣🏣🏪
Missythe Rainbow
Missythe Rainbow 3 days ago
123 GO! GOLD 123gois 123go Is the one ☝️ I oyo wapi na is a way for
Amanda Crow
Amanda Crow 4 days ago
billy’s here
Tadkar Gudmar
Tadkar Gudmar 5 days ago
@Shaneisia cgtyhhfg
Essco Lab
Essco Lab 19 hours ago
I don’t think pigs swet
laddyyy 123 go is the best
Does Kevin know how to play a
Dawood Latif
Dawood Latif Day ago
I love your work
Micaela Swenson
Matt Colton
Matt Colton Day ago
Jaxson is the day that weekend.
Annie Dyer
Annie Dyer Day ago
I love your hacks so much do some more please
Crazy Rick
Crazy Rick 2 days ago
I love your videos You’re the best RUvid
Susan Northrup
Susan Northrup 2 days ago
Hey the voice changed
Jane's OG friends
Is that someone else in the back round??
Ella Jackson
Ella Jackson 3 days ago
Bruh I can see the pan
Wills Preece
Wills Preece 3 days ago
They said rub it on your girlfriend hair and vicky I think did it so shes a lesbian
Mengsteab Gebremariam
Hit the like button if you like 123go
ItzLouie 3 days ago
Why don't they speak in there voice
ItzLouie 3 days ago
Ghost Toast
Ghost Toast 3 days ago
Why are you swearing
Stephanie Mccullaugh
Gabriella Gutierrez
you are so funny.
Gracilia Johnson
Gracilia Johnson 4 days ago
Ha ha vicky
The Werid Ayy one Everyday
The one where u made body go backwards got me grounded lol
Samere 4 days ago
Good gooui
Giulia Maria Lacatus
😀👍☘️🙉🙊idee. bravo 🇹🇩🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁😬🤧
Miguel Nerto
Miguel Nerto 5 days ago
Laura Askie
Laura Askie 5 days ago
come play with me o
Piper Shope
Piper Shope 6 days ago
You said a bad word
Damanica Stephens
Ma. Christina Shi
The video is amazing
Ma. Christina Shi
The video is amazing 😉
Veronica Landeros
ilana chavez
ilana chavez 6 days ago
This is a head scratcher Me:scratching my head
Nyreal Wilson
Nyreal Wilson 6 days ago
Issues you have said booty should have sex if you spell Xmas. That's appropriate.
rita ratcliff
rita ratcliff 6 days ago
My sister likes the video
Michelle Poisson
Michelle Poisson 7 days ago
Love 123 GO GOLD
Myrsini James
Myrsini James 7 days ago
Nith P.
Nith P. 7 days ago
I'm helping the police find a missing child who was kidnapped by a black women from the Walmart store clues says he's still alive
Adiel Romano
Adiel Romano 8 days ago
I want to hear there real voices.
Amanda Thiel
Amanda Thiel 8 days ago
Oh my god
Grace Curtis
Grace Curtis 8 days ago
Hi 123 Go
Jalylah Flores
Jalylah Flores 8 days ago
anton tolentino
anton tolentino 8 days ago
Where did they get the fake tounge
anton tolentino
anton tolentino 8 days ago
I found a channel that's 123 go play butt it's diffrent
Asha Ade
Asha Ade 9 days ago
Who is there speaking???
Asha Ade
Asha Ade 9 days ago
I like Vicky toooooo
Asha Ade
Asha Ade 9 days ago
I like Eemi's smile very much
Charlotte Lodder
Charlotte Lodder 9 days ago
I am chalked Charlotte
Aravind Kuppala
Aravind Kuppala 10 days ago
Why buts all over ewwwwwww
Kristin Nava
Kristin Nava 10 days ago
I did your Apple print it was so much fun I don’t think I’ve ever done a pretty Good
Tunita Love
Tunita Love 10 days ago
Beth Rayne
Beth Rayne 10 days ago
Its siad a bad word
Beth Rayne
Beth Rayne 10 days ago
For the first second of the video
Beth Rayne
Beth Rayne 10 days ago
Fetuu Tilini
Fetuu Tilini 10 days ago
Hey I sub already I'm the hugest fan and billie ilishe is ha how u spell her name???🤔🤔
Brae and Pusheen
Brae and Pusheen 8 days ago
Billie Eilish
Brae and Pusheen
Brae and Pusheen 8 days ago
Fetuu Tilini
Fetuu Tilini 10 days ago
All of the tricks look real 😂 and do u guys really are magical??
Ava Allender
Ava Allender 11 days ago
Did you say girlfriend
Jade Rodriguez
Jade Rodriguez 11 days ago
I’m love your new video
IcePop Minecraft Gaming
I have a hack!! This is called, "The Paper Wallet" to do this, you need sticky notes, and scissors. First, fold the top of the paper, then, also fold the bottom of the paper. Then, flip the side of the ones you folded. Then, fold the bottom of the folded bottom. Then, pick another sticky note then cut off the sticky part. Finally, stick the part that you cut in the folded bottom one. Then, wallah! You has your own amazing mini homemade wallet!
Z Boss
Z Boss 9 days ago
Omg I am so sorry my sister said that but I love your hack lol
Z Boss
Z Boss 9 days ago
You doing to much
Josh._. btw
Josh._. btw 11 days ago
Me loby🧠🍓😘🍳🍒🍇🍉🍿🍭🍟🌮🍬🍪
Adenike Murele
Adenike Murele 11 days ago
Hey pan! Helly: *pulls out egg pan* Me: IN YOUR PANTS!!
luis reyes
luis reyes 11 days ago
I mean gross
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