Funny hood and wood videos compilation (vol.56) | New 2020 compilation | 10 MoF (10 Mins of Fun)

Holy Chicken
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Jan 18, 2020




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Holy Chicken
Holy Chicken 9 months ago
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Wilmot David
Wilmot David 5 months ago
Are u a girl
Unfunny_ Guy
Unfunny_ Guy 6 months ago
I hate that dude that copied the other dude by pretend yelling at his house
Saniya & Siriah & Janiya Besties4l
Holy Chicken from 0 to 1.000.000 I was looking for this cause I’m bored and all your vids are funny
If my date does that. Zika be like ooooo yessss
Tommy Gunn
Tommy Gunn 17 days ago
The 1st girl needs some arm movements.
Desta musiq
Desta musiq 25 days ago
4:58 I'm from Jamaican is that right btw got no prob wit it😌
NovaGuccii 28 days ago
where can i get that thing at 2:46
Myles5211 29 days ago
Can someone tell me where that guy got the metal staff
LunaMid Blood
LunaMid Blood Month ago
9:59 bro this still hurts even tho its not true
Ch'e Ch'e
Ch'e Ch'e Month ago
Niggas love talm bout androids bruh😂 at least we don't be having them cracked ass screens barley see shit
WL Walkin
WL Walkin Month ago
What is the name of the song at 0:21 ?
Pretty Cherry
Pretty Cherry Month ago
“Are you dumb???”
THE JOHNSTON 2 months ago
Like dis if u live in Baltimore
Angela Draper
Angela Draper 2 months ago
5:35. When your girl send you a pic of her with her hair in a ponytail and knee pads on.
Helen Atoigue
Helen Atoigue 2 months ago
Them iPhone user be lieing
Bro Yo's
Bro Yo's 2 months ago
The end is completely wrong cause my quality is better than my brothers iphone
N A N I 草
N A N I 草 2 months ago
6:33 FR DOE
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 3 months ago
Dude wit the picnic lunch and shit is the shit. I wouldn't have been mad at all. That woulda made my day
Weeb gamer channel
Weeb gamer channel 3 months ago
0:06 she hit that minecraft walk good
bullseye 12
bullseye 12 3 months ago
2:44 I need that staff
xbox OneX
xbox OneX 3 months ago
Where did he get that from 2:46
bryan 3 months ago
How have people still not seen the s20
vs 8025
vs 8025 3 months ago
The Android one was funny ngl
welcome to Hell
welcome to Hell 3 months ago
My phone started loading at 10:06 and I thought it was part of the video . And yes I have an Android
RollingPapers. EXE
RollingPapers. EXE 3 months ago
"Stop actin like dat you ungrateful as shit" immm deadddd
Byonca Calkins
Byonca Calkins 3 months ago
4:33 I'd be grateful, just the thought of it you know there are alot of asshole men that dont care, but that guy is one of a kinda.
Findox V
Findox V 4 months ago
kpop fuckin sucks Pervy Trooper • 420 years ago
2:44 Yo where do you get that?
Scooby Dan
Scooby Dan 4 months ago
The first girl is a good irish dancer
leimaka lanier
leimaka lanier 4 months ago
8:44 i just realized that, thats boxes on his head😂
Im Not A Real Person
"Bon appetit *HMM HMM* "
mochi x mochi
mochi x mochi 4 months ago
Yall are sleep on my man at 5:40 like dang
ICY 300
ICY 300 4 months ago
The last one had me fucking weak
King BRG
King BRG 4 months ago
0:22 video link?
Caden Dude
Caden Dude 5 months ago
I was getting some food for that last one and thought my shit was goofing out😭🤣😭🤣
Gazer James
Gazer James 5 months ago
Luckyyyy I dont live in the suburbs
iNf4MouS Pi3RRE
iNf4MouS Pi3RRE 5 months ago
@ 5:34 that's a Guyanese, lmao watch Skunt... 😂😂😂
Kashlake Official KCG
HmongDefeater 5 months ago
Androids ain’t like that
Gamin’ Watch
Gamin’ Watch 5 months ago
CHEW VICIOUS 5 months ago
The end fuckin killed me 😂💀
Hans Ruppertz
Hans Ruppertz 5 months ago
Black people, this is what happens when you vaccinate your kids! @7:21
Tanner Mccloskey
Tanner Mccloskey 5 months ago
That wasnt tap dance but ok
Yaziah Kidd
Yaziah Kidd 5 months ago
My mans the box on android go asf
gang bang
gang bang 5 months ago
9:19 can someone actually tell me what AD had in his hands 😂😂😂😂😂
Agent Eel
Agent Eel 5 months ago
I can appreciate 420 comments, but unfortunately im making it 421
Sclurch 5 months ago
10:00 I’m watching on Android... where’s the meme?
Capt lazzy559
Capt lazzy559 5 months ago
Whats that song at 0.34
Ky 5 months ago
9:59 got me dying😂😂😂😭😭😭
Bryan Droguett
Bryan Droguett 5 months ago
Apple is trash to Android XD
6:00 🤣🤣🤣
Young Blue
Young Blue 5 months ago
1:11 got me in tears
Lenard powell
Lenard powell 5 months ago
10:26 why I think my phone was lagging
Gage Redman
Gage Redman 5 months ago
Why dose everybody say that androids are horible and that there carmera lags. The android in more durable than iphones when they thought it was a good idea to put glass fucking backs on their iphones. Androids cameras dont lag ots just blurry
MASON MCCORD 5 months ago
Hoodies are fire
Sensationz Xx
Sensationz Xx 6 months ago
Memekaze 6 months ago
2:40 - a magic wand for robbers
Tal Necal
Tal Necal 6 months ago
2:49 i got one of those, it is so fun to whip that out in public
Tal Necal
Tal Necal 6 months ago
@Jordan Pringle just look up retractable staff
Jordan Pringle
Jordan Pringle 6 months ago
What is that called
Gabriel saiki Bradford
7:36 I opened up a bag at cool ranch Doritos and I had like five chips in the bag and the bottom of the bad was full of the powder stuff that be on the chips
Killoffire 6 months ago
1:25 That's me lmao
Im Vexil
Im Vexil 6 months ago
9:59 stfu, iphone is trash. Your camera quality is higher than your screen resolution so if you actually wanted a 1080p picture you need to download it onto your computer or something. And we also take better videos with higher quality and better fps. So please, research before you open your big ass mouth.
Cow Titty
Cow Titty 6 months ago
Samsung users already know that we have the better phones. You steal all of our features 2-5 years after. Didn't you just get swype? That's some 2013 shit lmfao. I(diot)phone users are the same niggas who buy new releases of Jordans they already have two pairs of. You niggas got Vtechs and Leapfrogs. Kiddie ass phones.
Aplex 51
Aplex 51 6 months ago
10:02 Low key this how my aux be soundin
Ink 1nTle
Ink 1nTle 6 months ago
With doritos it's a feast in that bih
michael hortman
michael hortman 6 months ago
Thank you but damn
crypandora66 6 months ago
Dorito one da truth
Giselle 6 months ago
The last vid hade me dead 😂
Valkyrie4297 6 months ago
That Doritos dude showing how lit his chip is. Me : “shiiiit that’s how my weed needs to be to” XD
ob1KENob Junior
ob1KENob Junior 6 months ago
The 1st video was lit! Lol! She killed that glide at 0:13
Demetriana Moore
Demetriana Moore 6 months ago
This not funny at all bitch
Mrstates Theobvious
Mrstates Theobvious 6 months ago
8:08 bruh fr be the realist sh*t
Grace Whitene
Grace Whitene 6 months ago
Taino Boi
Taino Boi 6 months ago
7:55 cops after they shoot a black man for jay walking
Harley Curl
Harley Curl 6 months ago
Am I the only one that hates when the clips are over a min...🙄
Zeno _D3v
Zeno _D3v 7 months ago
3:04 y'know why im mad...cuz that that looks like the triangle junction in brooklyn new york and i live there...how did i not know about this
Skinny Peen69
Skinny Peen69 7 months ago
Wuts the name of the thing at 2:45 I want one
jaidenmlps84757 7 months ago
At 4:05 reminded me of Oscar proud off of the proud family this how him and trudy started out
Fatma Suleiman
Fatma Suleiman 7 months ago
Id enjoy the shut outta dat picnic date on da block ;)
famousstar796 7 months ago
Yes! Dear Doritos!
Great Golley
Great Golley 7 months ago
Fuck iPhone
Frostydaplug 7 months ago
That Dorito had my mouth watering
i play apex
i play apex 7 months ago
10:10thats old android so you should really keep up to date with all phones and I know it's a joke really keep up to date and no I'm not a boomer
Im Vexil
Im Vexil 6 months ago
Yeah, we have better audio and video quality than iphone. Why tf do people think iphone is better??
Mike Way
Mike Way 7 months ago
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters 7 months ago
Doritos get on your shit.
DARKBOY101 OFFICIAL 7 months ago
10:00 made me check to see if my phone was good😂😂😂😂😭
Im Vexil
Im Vexil 6 months ago
My android is for sure. We got better audio and video quality. Most iphones are actually about the strength of a modern flip phone. So stop with your overpriced flip phones that cant even flip!
DESTRAKON 7 months ago
2:53 what is that?
April May
April May 7 months ago
That Uzi song please...0;07
laza laza
laza laza 7 months ago
That's how we ride trains these days in south Africa our company is corrupt
ZM'S 7 months ago
2:52 where can I get one of these
Malachi 1
Malachi 1 7 months ago
That first girl was definitely using external speed boosts
Tyra Brisbane
Tyra Brisbane 8 months ago
"I'm in the suburbs who need food stamps who need food stamps" Had me dying
Mykel Lee
Mykel Lee 8 months ago
Eat ur cearal
karol soboń
karol soboń 8 months ago
2:48 bruh I want one too 😂
ainthefine 8 months ago
5:34 has me screaming in here- I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
Thenewme Newhorizon
Thenewme Newhorizon 8 months ago
Where can I get this? 2:52
Alyssa Madrid
Alyssa Madrid 8 months ago
6:00 😂😂
fraxurezfr 8 months ago
Last one not true
{Sebastian Michaelis Is with Ciel}
At 2:44 where do I buy that! 🤣😂
Brian Banks
Brian Banks 8 months ago
P.o.p holding it down 😂🤣🤣🤣
Callme Khi
Callme Khi 8 months ago
I’m deaddd
H2Ø Savitar
H2Ø Savitar 8 months ago
7:20 (21 savage’s sister) anyone agree😂
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