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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 3 906
Cooky Cooks a cookie
11:12 that’s me when I laugh at my bullys
Lisa Lopez
Lisa Lopez 14 hours ago
2:19 lol her face Such a lie! Look at the first lips, they didn't even add all the lipstick on 🙄 12:29
Dorian Richardson
Dorian Richardson 19 hours ago
4:59 is funny
Hazel Exel
Hazel Exel 19 hours ago
2:19 lol her face
Hazel Exel
Hazel Exel 19 hours ago
1:52 they didn’t even clean up the floor
Staci Derrick
Staci Derrick 20 hours ago
12:28 first one: like wtf The lipstick will never come off if you put it on your eyes
Wenxia He
Wenxia He 22 hours ago
Well it’s Bella’s fault
Estrella Tomas
Lana needs to learn a lesson to not take peoples stuff
LaTrice S. Canada
Maria Patrascu
Bella haha
Yoonie Min
Yoonie Min Day ago
Wow that eye shadow lipstick is so beautiful and cool i try that if it's work i don't know love 🤔🤔
Emily Martirosyan
If I'm correct Lana put glitter on the brush not makeup
Lauren empress Lim
stephanie stine
What if you don't even have lipstick with you this video stupid :(
Amy Kruse
Amy Kruse 2 days ago
5:50 she had mascara on her face the next second she doesn’t
This is fake cause the eyeshadow pallet broke before it hit the ground
Helena Grgić
Helena Grgić 2 days ago
12:28 first one: like wtf
Mariah Mast
Mariah Mast 2 days ago
I tried the spoon and mascara trick. IT WORKS!!
wilson dalida
wilson dalida 2 days ago
lana do not put the vaction in your lips bbbbbbecaused
Payton Larocque
Payton Larocque 2 days ago
Does anyone else wonder where the maskara on launas face went
Kids Ferrell
Kids Ferrell 3 days ago
Aisatou Balde
Aisatou Balde 3 days ago
The last one is a lie
Rale Abebe
Rale Abebe 3 days ago
Great 😍
Vilma Lindberg
Vilma Lindberg 3 days ago
The firat one sorry bit it was so ugly
*hotslut.ru* 0:53
Genesis Martinez
Genesis Martinez 3 days ago
Lanza is mean Bella she Store your make up case
Genesis Martinez
Genesis Martinez 3 days ago
It was her she stored it in her room
Wck Cheam
Wck Cheam 3 days ago
Amari Morgan
Amari Morgan 3 days ago
Just get another spoon Lonna
Karla Rangel
Karla Rangel 3 days ago
brian howard
brian howard 4 days ago
I got soooo mad when she dropped the eyeshadow
Hazel Exel
Hazel Exel 19 hours ago
brian howard I got sooooooo mad also #makeupislife
Layla Sproull
Layla Sproull 4 days ago
It's not a makeup sponge is a buety blender
Toys with little girl
please can you subscribe to my channel??
Julia Zwierzynska
Why are they so dramatic and greedy about makeup
Mirasol Banyaga
Mirasol Banyaga 4 days ago
Wow!lana had a chanel foundation?!
Sarah Prado
Sarah Prado 4 days ago
b a h a
b a h a 4 days ago
Tev Stylutz
Tev Stylutz 4 days ago
So cool
Mila Davelaargreen
So funny how you can do that
Samantha Anzalone
I don't really like Bella no offense I kinda like Bella😏
Kathy Peirce
Kathy Peirce 5 days ago
Please do a voice reveal
Samantha Hernandez
This is how much times they said like so ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
Abeer Yasmeen
Abeer Yasmeen 5 days ago
The lips are clearly visible in the before of 12:29
Kame Torres
Kame Torres 5 days ago
12:29 on the first pic they only put lipstick on the middle pause it on 12:29
Ryrytanax tan
Ryrytanax tan 5 days ago
What the hell
Major Howell
Major Howell 5 days ago
Deangelo Eatmon
Deangelo Eatmon 5 days ago
J love 123 go
Deangelo Eatmon
Deangelo Eatmon 5 days ago
I love 123 go
Holly Hurley
Holly Hurley 5 days ago
There's 5 brushes not 10.
Zamu Qurax
Zamu Qurax 5 days ago
lana looked crazy when she put her mouth in the vaccum cleaner 🤣👍🤣🤣🤣
Rajwinder Kaur
Rajwinder Kaur 5 days ago
Alwan Kakaee
Alwan Kakaee 5 days ago
Hi 123 go
may kim
may kim 5 days ago
bella’s lips is 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Eden Hadish
Eden Hadish 5 days ago
Wait she put it in her mouth after lana
*hotslut.ru* 1:57
Saba Ali
Saba Ali 5 days ago
Bellow I am sana I love to see your videos thank you for making Busch videos
Cupcakes Ilove
Cupcakes Ilove 5 days ago
Im gust 9!
Laura Smithclifford
On the last one she didn't actually do anything to her lips she just filled it all in
Paola Camacho
Paola Camacho 5 days ago
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