Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks

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Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks! Today we're looking at some of the best Hey Yo Really Bad Hairline Check on tiktok! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Lucky People having the best day ever ruvid.net/video/video-O4FXhpRzrNc.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf 2 months ago
hey yo stuck at home check
E H 3 hours ago
Hi sssniper wolf
Genevieve McCumbers
Digital nexus hair line looks like🍞
pitbulls love
pitbulls love 7 days ago
;w; 👌
shush euueu
shush euueu 14 days ago
Stuck bored at home check more like lol
Victoria Khorishko
Lol yeah
Hailey Stephan
Yeah riats check
Kawaii cookies :3
Me: laughing so hard at their hairlines Also me : 20 inch long forehead
Kawaii cookies :3
That's half of my scalp lol
Hamish McHamish
Hamish McHamish 4 hours ago
I'm only 7 and I have a 5 head
Ashley Avalo
Ashley Avalo 10 hours ago
They all got the Sakura look😂
Sarah Ball
Sarah Ball 11 hours ago
You are beautiful the way you are
Solange Ingabire
Solange Ingabire 14 hours ago
I'm a six head
Solange Ingabire
Solange Ingabire 14 hours ago
I'm a six head
Victoria Mazilu
Victoria Mazilu 14 hours ago
have a tiny forehead
Jos Lara
Jos Lara 15 hours ago
Sssniperwolf you don't have a big forehead
Daisy Alcock
Daisy Alcock 18 hours ago
I have a five head aaahhh
Michael Kanhai
Michael Kanhai 19 hours ago
I am a 4 head wow.😲
Pink Dream
Pink Dream 19 hours ago
I have a three head ;-;
Atlanta Billingsley
Atlanta Billingsley 19 hours ago
I have a 3 head
Beth Clark
Beth Clark 20 hours ago
Your forehead is not big lol. I think mine is big but it's because I'm so smart😂🤣🤦
Macy Sanders
Macy Sanders 22 hours ago
4 head
Zoe Rios
Zoe Rios 22 hours ago
WAIT what happened it gliched
PhoenixThe Raptor
PhoenixThe Raptor 23 hours ago
Hope Lautenbach
Aaliyah Hill
Aaliyah Hill Day ago
THIS this is why God made Bangs!👧👦
fajar robbin
fajar robbin Day ago
In my coutry people who have bad hairline they're called "Jenong"
Freya Snelgrove
You are amazing
Twila Long
Twila Long Day ago
I really like your videos you are like one of my favorite RUvid and Isis crying on every single video you make because you like the hard I said my videos to Google I want to give you a shout out but I can't
Renee Randall
tessa finklea
Her forehead is not big☺
Eugene Etsitty
Don't make friend of jojo siwa hater
Sniper wolf:is that a hair piece
Allan Hilario
Jojos had is apos to😎
alize Robinson
Hey yo I have a three head check-
Kevin Koodie
Kevin Koodie Day ago
So my cousin told me this story: So it was a summer and my cousin has a pool near where she lives. She was swimming in the pool and got out for some reason. This girl went up to her and said " I like your hair." "Thanks." "What hair glue do you use?" So now I ask my cousin that every time I see her. Lol
Flamxngo Floral
That JoJo Siwa one was kinda mean...I’m not a fan of JoJo but that still was mean.And those insults y’all threw was mean :( no hate:)
Meesha Madha
Meesha Madha Day ago
thank god i have a good hairline
Kristin Lalley
I am a 5head
Rama Hamawi
Rama Hamawi Day ago
A forehead is four fingers
jasberrie Day ago
I have a 5 head who else?
Adriel Flett
Adriel Flett Day ago
Broken Scars
Broken Scars 2 days ago
The ones with alopecia do this just to get a rise and troll people.
pink gamer
pink gamer 2 days ago
When Lea fell for the cancer thing (not to offend anyone)I died
Mark Weber
Mark Weber 2 days ago
i feel like everyone hates on jojo siwa because of her hair and u know if u like colleen banglair she really like jojo so stop hating
Claire Presti
Claire Presti 13 hours ago
Don’t be lying all her hair will fall out if she keeps it like that :/
Claire Presti
Claire Presti 13 hours ago
Ya Colleen Banglair is a person get your grammar to together
Rebecca Slade
Rebecca Slade 2 days ago
i have a three head
Mhorcind Carlisle Suizo
Im 5 head 😁😁🤣🤣❤❤❤
Ami Melons
Ami Melons 2 days ago
I have a 5 head
Johanny Ulloa
Johanny Ulloa 2 days ago
:me :my mom :my dad :my brother
Anime Kimmie
Anime Kimmie 2 days ago
Fyras Qaliesya12
Fyras Qaliesya12 2 days ago
The one with a bow is JoJo siwa omg ahh!!!!
Mercedes Weeks
Mercedes Weeks 2 days ago
I have a four finger four head
Reagan Daw
Reagan Daw 2 days ago
My forehead is 6 fingers long😅
Reagan Daw
Reagan Daw 2 days ago
Me big brain Johnny now
Rain Rice
Rain Rice 2 days ago
I have a 5 head
Chris Riley
Chris Riley 3 days ago
I have a 3 head
obviously a bean
obviously a bean 3 days ago
Aileen Guerrero Chan
i have 7 head
Anna Castillo
Anna Castillo 3 days ago
I have bangs so i dont have to worry about hairlines🤣
Lucy OBrien
Lucy OBrien 3 days ago
Sniperwolf: you can’t trust these beanies Me: bro it is a freaking hat
Xx꧁ • i z z y •꧂xX ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I actually kinda feel bad for jojo😔😔
Gacha Ava
Gacha Ava 4 days ago
I don’t have a big forehead, I just have a big head in general... BUT IT NNEDS TO BE BIG FOR MY BIG BRAIN!
miranda majowicz
miranda majowicz 4 days ago
A oh i'm hanging with digital check
Leah May E
Leah May E 4 days ago
I have a three head
Jenny Celine Næss
I am embarrassed of my own hairline
Jenny Celine Næss
Did anyone realize that egghead is goth
Dope Gamer
Dope Gamer 4 days ago
The emo girl loks like she's the daught of Mr. Conehead
J J 4 days ago
meixi jin
meixi jin 5 days ago
No jo jo siwa. Is for the bow she has and the lakes so she has a bald so sad😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢
Nohemi Moran
Nohemi Moran 5 days ago
Jamahri Brown
Jamahri Brown 5 days ago
2:06 follow her on tiktok
Koolaid Gacha
Koolaid Gacha 5 days ago
His face when her hair touched his shirt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryleigh Allred
Ryleigh Allred 5 days ago
I think your forehead is a good size
Alma Herrera
Alma Herrera 5 days ago
ol of you that want to ad me on roblox my user is qweansavage
Clarity Tea
Clarity Tea 5 days ago
I'm waiting for Jimmy newtron to do this Jimmy newtron x JoJo siwa
Avril Salce
Avril Salce 6 days ago
Thats kind of mean to say to JoJO
Tia Hood
Tia Hood 6 days ago
4 lol
shannon k
shannon k 6 days ago
5:00 Carole baskin has now made a tiktok account
Madelyne Caudillo
I have a seven head
Ever Ro
Ever Ro 6 days ago
Stephanie Foreman
4:02 why she remind me of Megamind:)
michelle cafano
michelle cafano 6 days ago
Ay yo corona virus check
Adrienne Pogrmich
Stop hating on Jojo Siwa
Chasen Lindsay
Chasen Lindsay 7 days ago
I HAVE A 5 HEAD!!!!!!!
karen crocker
karen crocker 7 days ago
Why you rusty JoJo siwa I like her well I still like you slap with we are bye love you oh I subscribe to
Gervonna Williams
Oh god.. I just realized.. remember what digital said? “If your hand is bigger than your forehead you have cancer” my hand is bigger... omg I’m crying as I write this.. oh my god.. Well.. looks like I’m gonna die.. say goodbye :c Or not..
Karina Shirley
Karina Shirley 5 days ago
C00K13 Lifez ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ッ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
I got sad when Lia said "Egg head" Because I have a egg head and i get called egg by my friends :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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