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Avatar: The Last Airbender
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You've watched this battle hundreds of times, but now watch the full uncut version of Aang vs. Fire Lord Ozai! See the epic final battle in its entirety from the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which full uncut battle do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments ⬇️
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Mar 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Jordan Wollent
Jordan Wollent 2 hours ago
Pangkal Sawoo
Pangkal Sawoo 2 hours ago
Saitama clone with elements power
drcalt 2 hours ago
if only he kept his shirt on he would have had all the power in world
10:44 huh just realized Aang used Toph's tremor sense to realize what Ozai was doing...didnt realize he picked up that little trick
dora2 poke
dora2 poke 3 hours ago
grim reaper
grim reaper 5 hours ago
everybody gangsta until Aang unleashes all the elements
MoKuZai 5 hours ago
Mandingo Rex
Mandingo Rex 5 hours ago
When you realize if this came out in this time some random people would complain it's too violent and not suitable for kids
PRETZEL KING 7 hours ago
10:40 One of the coolest fighting interactions ever lol
Phone Pyae Sone
Phone Pyae Sone 9 hours ago
Avater is is the winner
Tarik Beganovic
Tarik Beganovic 9 hours ago
Turn on subtitles at 4:10
EL JUDAH 9 hours ago
Aang reminds me of mob , his avatar state is mobs 100%
No U
No U 10 hours ago
Aang legit doing some bending bending to beat Ozai
mokeish 12 hours ago
Half a billion dollar action movies don't go this hard.
Lul Wala
Lul Wala 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who rewatched this
s d
s d 12 hours ago
I watched ATLA for the first time in Quarantine....I am telling you that is one hella epic battle fight there.
Claudio Gutierrez
Claudio Gutierrez 13 hours ago
💥 ⬇️ 💦 ⭕ ⭕ ⛰ 👄 💨
Voiid 15 hours ago
Momo: thanks for carry bro Aang: yeah np it wasnt that hard
im a noob im a noob
im a noob im a noob 15 hours ago
if aang only had bloodbending he win by now
Lanz Christian Buyao
How convenient that there was a sharp rock directly behind Aang's trauma bruise.
Marleni Yoel
Marleni Yoel 17 hours ago
Its so cool. I love watching avatar aang
Sebastian Alba
Sebastian Alba 17 hours ago
I feel like this is what Marvel wishes they could recreate.
Ace 20 hours ago
best anime in the world
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores 21 hour ago
Who disliked this like come on
Chris Brown's Punching bag
Fire lord: I have all the power in the world Random Rock: I'm about to end this mans whole career
Nayubee Ôtsutsuki
Nayubee Ôtsutsuki 23 hours ago
7:30 aang showing off his skills
Goombaherpes 23 hours ago
Aang:*Gets knocked into a conveniently shaped rock* Chat:*Avatar Kyoshi has entered the chat*
Andi Sumantri [ AS ]
Moazzam Day ago
So, In the end it was Toph's ground vibration sensing technique that gave him the upper hand. Toph is underrated.
Ravi Rozami
Ravi Rozami Day ago
"Firelord Ozai.. You and your forefathers have caused devastation across this world, and now you will pay the ultimate price"
FFXI NM NM Day ago
This and Dragon Ball Z and Naruto and Supernatural are my favorites
Arda Sonmez
Arda Sonmez Day ago
You may be cool... but are you as cool as a teenage monk who defeats a well trained guy in his 40s who can shoot lightening from his fingers?
Everybody gangster till Ultra Instinct Aang shows up
Collins Ekengwu
Friendly boy
Collins Ekengwu
Who's a little boy now
Collins Ekengwu
Rohit Binu
Rohit Binu Day ago
When Luke Sky walker regenerates
Presley Haight
Ozai was in creative mode he just didn’t know all the commands
Aang can fly ✈
Mathis Jordan
ఆ ఆi love u girl
Jay Vincent Acog
The ending is romantic 😍😍😍
Hue Hue Hue
Hue Hue Hue Day ago
anyone else thankful that it isn’t on youtube kids
Joifarjosua Josua
That pointy rock is the real MVP of this match
Mersal Dharma
Ozai: You can't hide in there forever 5:30 Aang😘: you can't run forever 9:28
Mersal Dharma
What ozai did to aang 6:11 Aang did the same 6:47
Raqup Lukman
Raqup Lukman Day ago
Raqup Lukman
Raqup Lukman Day ago
RandomGeek95 Day ago
"True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one." - Gandalf the Gray
jose perez
jose perez Day ago
10:15 angs most brutal and diabolical move splashing water at someone face 😂
G. A. Maglangit
Imagine if korra is the avatar of that time, she's the closest to avatar kyoshi in personality. She could have just end the firelord at any moment.
JM3 Day ago
When Aang grabbed this man by his beard I knew it was over
Questionable Happenings
is anyone else somewhat dissapointed by the music for the final fight?
Dakota Stepe
Dakota Stepe Day ago
13:05 why did Aang just randomly avatar state for like a second
Samuel Dembela
To use his waterbending?? Didnt you watch it?
Eyeball Day ago
I love how Aang never defeated Ozai, but the avatars and Aang did.
Talha Hashmi
Talha Hashmi Day ago
This is my childhood favourite and still it's my favorite some things never change. ( It's a series from 2005 and I was 5 too)
Mark Hamill is absolutely perfect as Ozai. Every time he speaks I get chills
Sedef Day ago
cool, book 4 when? been waiting for it for 14 years now.
4:06 Lightning Redirect 5:55 Avatar State 9:48 The Ultimate Price 11:01 Energy Bending 12:55 Fully Realized Avatar Aang
YAGRU Day ago
So is nobody gonna talk about how Aang legit made the rocks smaller? Not trimming them, he made them smaller by his own power. So Aang was so powerful he defied all laws of nature and made the rocks smaller.
YAGRU 3 hours ago
@Camazotz Bat there was no remains of the rocks, he never crushed them he made them smaller.
Camazotz Bat
Camazotz Bat 9 hours ago
He was not 'making them smaller', he was crushing and condensing them. Like diamonds, which form from nature with intense heat and pressure. You can see him do this with all elements, taking masses of energy and tightly coiling them into bands to use as mobile elemental sources to draw from. You can see he's doing this because it shows him tightening his fist just before the rocks go crunch.
YAGRU Day ago
6:25 I'm losing the 1V1 but then the lag stops:
Welshie Day ago
Just watched this with my son for the first time (only 10 years late) and, I've got to say, the whole series was amazing but this final battle was EPIC! Absolutely fantastic in every way possible.
Corey Long
Corey Long Day ago
Why didnt ozai use any lighting against th avatar state?
Ravi Rozami
Ravi Rozami Day ago
Samuel Dembela
Didnt you see the first time when he use that to aang?
coolcube artic
Tbh if it wasn’t for avatar state aang never would’ve defeated ozai
brodie rodriguez
brodie rodriguez 22 hours ago
He didn’t even need it that much,you talk ab aang like he is Korra who uses it like every sec of her day
Lalo Aguirre
Lalo Aguirre 2 days ago
I was always confused by this. Aang did not want to fight him in the Avatar State. And yet, he still did it. So was there any point to him mastering the elements?
Ravi Rozami
Ravi Rozami Day ago
it's all about the Avatar's mercy and generations of the Avatars
Hayden Lare
Hayden Lare 2 days ago
Don’t mind me, just back for my daily rewatch.
JP 2 days ago
I (sadly) watched this part before even starting the series and so the power of Ozais firebending didn't really hit me (the first time) but WOW
Deoxysoverlord 2 days ago
Ngl that little ball thing was kinda weak.
Laren 2 days ago
ozai flying from the airship towards aang, is the coolest battle introduction
Caitlin Cooke
Caitlin Cooke 2 days ago
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini
Joshua Cortes
Joshua Cortes 2 days ago
I watch this once a day!!
ャᎠ ᴀ ʀ ᴋャᏞ ᴀ ᴅ ʏャ
when kratos still child 🤣🤣🤣
ャᎠ ᴀ ʀ ᴋャᏞ ᴀ ᴅ ʏャ
sebelum negara anjay menyerang
JustSomeGuy 2 days ago
the coolest Scene is this 10:58 goosebumps
amirrul adli
amirrul adli 2 days ago
1:19 : Aang's fire bending 🔥🔥🔥
LukeBoxWalker 2 days ago
10:55 I've never noticed how Aang deflected that fire attack, nice one!
Big shap
Big shap 2 days ago
Why did Ozai struggle to break the boulder
Samuel Dembela
He was just playing
Terwase Amos
Terwase Amos 2 days ago
I love the video
Kainalu Winnee
Kainalu Winnee 2 days ago
Is the voice of the fire lord the same as Aku from samurai jack?
Otto Muenz
Otto Muenz 2 days ago
Where is the music that starts at 5:06 - 6:10 it's terrifiying and I love it.
Lloyd Parsons
Lloyd Parsons 2 days ago
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini
stranger 2 days ago
Aang vs ozai : 13:51 minutes Kyoshi vs ozai : 13:51 seconds
derrick huang
derrick huang 2 days ago
5th time watching this fight never got tired of it. Any else gets chills at 6:17?
C W 2 days ago
He waited and listened🥺🥺 Seismic technique will always be one of my favs
Mary Bridges
Mary Bridges 2 days ago
Guess who’s watching this instead of doing their homework that’s due tomorrow 💁‍♀️
Mary Bridges
Mary Bridges Day ago
hunterngavinmom Ah, a fellow procrastinator
Me too
Thesisa Videos
Thesisa Videos 2 days ago
6:11 even after 11 years it still gives me goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lachgummei 2 days ago
I like how it is "the Avatar" beating Ozai, but its Aang deciding his fate.
Davidxx1 2 days ago
1:39 *One Winged Fénix*
Nathan Paul
Nathan Paul 2 days ago
Nathan Paul
Nathan Paul 2 days ago
Lance Gabriel Beluya
That rock be like: i got your back homie
Gold Ninja Gaming
Interesting note: When Aang goes full Avatar, the first style he does is Airbending.
Suckerman7 GM
Suckerman7 GM 12 hours ago
Well, technically it make sense because Air is the first element Aang mastered.
GreekReviewer 2 days ago
The moment you realize that he could just end it here 4:13
P. G.
P. G. 2 days ago
⬇️ ⚪️ ⚪️ 👄
Habib Hussain
Habib Hussain 2 days ago
How he thought he could take on the avatar I'll never know
Christian Mejia
Christian Mejia 2 days ago
Ah, almost forgot to watch this today
Angélie Thériault
Me when I accidentally hit the shower wall because it’s cold 6:11
Ski3hub 2 days ago
Unpopular opinion. I loved how the lion turtle gave him this power. It could have been hinted at a little bit more but I loved how he ended up finding a way to defeat him without breaking his code. Maybe the all knowing lion turtle sensed that aangs spirit was unbendable. He also still took all of the avatars advice. Roku told him to be decisive. Kyioshi said only justice will bring peace, yang chen said he needed to do whatever it takes to protect the world. He found a way to do all of those things. Also the scene with him putting out the fire after he beat ozai is my favorite moment in the series.
Eyosiyas Haile
Eyosiyas Haile 2 days ago
True Hearts
True Hearts 2 days ago
12:19 what would happen if ozai won?
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor 2 days ago
The lion turtle says during that scene that if Ozai’s energy took over, Aang would be corrupted and destroyed.
Nitro 3 days ago
Gave me the chills when Aang used Toph’s earthbending skill
Leo Tjhang
Leo Tjhang 3 days ago
How To Defeat Ozai No,Fire Lord Ozai You Not Wearing Pants
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