Full story of Hywind Scotland - world’s first floating wind farm

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Some people thought we were crazy when we put a giant wind turbine on top of a floating spar structure and towed it out to sea. But it turned out to be the future, and the future is now. This year we made a giant leap forward as we installed and started producing electricity from the world’s first floating wind farm. The 30 MW Hywind Scotland pilot park will demonstrate the feasibility of future commercial floating wind farms that could be more than four times the size. This will further increase the global market potential for offshore wind energy, contributing to realising Statoil’s ambition of profitable growth in renewable energy and other low-carbon solutions. Visit our website to learn more: www.statoil.com

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Leslie Allan
Leslie Allan 23 days ago
A truly great achievement, just a bit puzzled as to why ,with our history of building floating production platforms for the major oil and gas companies,we couldn’t have built all of these in Scotland?.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
What "we"? Why would a Norwegian company build it in Scotland though? The idea and technology wasn't invented by Scots, so you don't reap the benefits.
Is [N0T] 42
Is [N0T] 42 Month ago
No renewable energy was used in the making of this project.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
Plenty of renewable energy was used on land while constructing them, as Norway is ~99% hydropowered.
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly Month ago
This wind turbine industry is built only to provide extreme revenue to already rich companies. At the bottom of the priority list is the consideration for nature. This industry has spent a lot of time and money looking like green energy. They also rightly use it as perpetual energy. Windmill energy can certainly be green energy but then in only certain conditions. It is that the energy is used in the area it is produced. The condition is that it should not be transported on high-voltage lines in the air voltage and that necessary transformers are far away from areas where people live. Current with 50 hz / possibly 60 hz AC creates, as known, environmentally harmful conditions for animals and humans. Many feel great discomfort with magnetic fields, and many suffer from a number of diseases including blood cancer. Today, this company Equinor (formerly Statoil) is a world-renowned company for the sale of oil, energy and more. And they are like all other such companies a devastating factor for nature on land and at sea. Equinor is a Norwegian company and aims to sell energy to a number of European countries. To achieve this goal, Equinor does not care that nature is being destroyed.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
The most nature friendly event in a human's life is death. No more consumption or energy use. Would you prefer to like in a cave again maybe? I don't see you offering any solutions.
Luke Rieman
Luke Rieman Month ago
Your videographer deserves a promotion for that shot of the tower mating at night - truly magnificent!
Φιντιας Ουζουνιδης
Bullshit electricity
SWOBIZ Month ago
Every wind and solar installation is propped up by reliable nuclear and fossil fuel plants which compensate for the dangerous and unpredictable fluctuations of wind/solar output. Otherwise, they would be cause life-threatening black/brown outs and voltage spikes throughout the day.
Jesus Huerta
Jesus Huerta Month ago
Screw this crap, in the U.S. we have " beautiful, clean, coal".
Darrell & Anna Taylor
well it's not as clean as a freshly raked forest
Is [N0T] 42
Is [N0T] 42 Month ago
This is just about as "clean".
Rodrigo Villanueva
Green washing. Their real deal is not with renewable energy :)
Lukas Draven
Lukas Draven Month ago
Saeed Ghanbari
Saeed Ghanbari Month ago
This is a big step towards sustainable clean energy! Great job!
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly Month ago
This wind turbine industry is built only to provide extreme revenue to already rich companies. At the bottom of the priority list is the consideration for nature. This industry has spent a lot of time and money looking like green energy. They also rightly use it as perpetual energy. Windmill energy can certainly be green energy but then in only certain conditions. It is that the energy is used in the area it is produced. The condition is that it should not be transported on high-voltage lines in the air voltage and that necessary transformers are far away from areas where people live. Current with 50 hz / possibly 60 hz AC creates, as known, environmentally harmful conditions for animals and humans. Many feel great discomfort with magnetic fields, and many suffer from a number of diseases including blood cancer. Today, this company Equinor (formerly Statoil) is a world-renowned company for the sale of oil, energy and more. And they are like all other such companies a devastating factor for nature on land and at sea. Equinor is a Norwegian company and aims to sell energy to a number of European countries. To achieve this goal, Equinor does not care that nature is being destroyed.
Alberto Peralta
Alberto Peralta Month ago
how is this different from GE off-shore wind turbines?
Luke Rieman
Luke Rieman Month ago
These are floating, not fixed directly to the sea bed.
Waray non
Waray non Month ago
If only one of you hears my call to help me develop my invention that can produce electricity even inside your bedroom because it's pollution free and most of all no refueling and recharging needed, you might not be needing to create thus very expensive structure on the sea that might endanger inhabitants in that area and damage echo system.
Not very good for Scotland at all, I look at this eyesore everyday, I don't want to see them or buy the electric they generate, apart from the anchors, Scottish yards or people got very little in job benefits from this with large parts going to provide jobs for Spaniards. Spain at the Independence referendum had nothing good to say about Scotland except we didn't have the capability of running our own country. None of the ships or cranes used in the construction belong to Scottish firms either with all profits moving out of the UK. Nothing but a total disgrace and I hope a no a deal Brexit will stop this kind nonsense.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
Your simple ideas are a fantasy! The UK is not going to change, you won't benefit from Brexit either way. That's for the bankers and rich. Trade is good for everyone. Do you think a "no-deal" will stop trade? That's the whole argument for Brexit! That you should open up to the world! That means all your jobs are on the line, because the world has plenty of cheap labor to offer. I pity you.
Googi Shite
Googi Shite Month ago
Have I missed something here? Norwegian company, Statoil, towers built in Spain, apart from the location and the Scottish narrator, what part did the U.K. play in this? With its long construction heritage Scotland could have built the towers and the U.K. could have developed this concept, but we didn't. The U.K.'s lack of investment in science and engineering coupled with governments' short-term and misdirected focus again led to another opportunity being p*ssed away. We should be ashamed of ourselves.
ernest schulze
ernest schulze 2 months ago
We need this in South Africa
Stephen Verchinski
Stephen Verchinski 2 months ago
Who is statoil?
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
It was Norway's "state oil" company, now called Equinor.
eduardo visinoni
eduardo visinoni 2 months ago
Parabéns do Brasil. Esse é o mundo que todos queremos. Abraços;
Oh Lawd
Oh Lawd 2 months ago
owenbevt3 2 months ago
One of the few things I can be prowd of in modern Britain.
drsupremo88 2 months ago
This is funking crazy
Kumar Mithilesh
Kumar Mithilesh 2 months ago
what about #cyclones and Hurricanes will it survive the wind force.
owenbevt3 2 months ago
not many Hurricanes in Scotland.
stu crawford
stu crawford 2 months ago
Great to see Scotland as a world leader in wind turbine innovation. Dragging the UK into the 21st century My country England still plugging away with old nuclear Power stations.
Actually... (newer) nuclear power plants are greener than you might think. But these floating wind turbines are still awesome! :)
David Holgate
David Holgate 2 months ago
Yes they had proper Scottish accents haha.... They are using Scotland as a testing area by the looks of it.
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 2 months ago
Every full turn powers a house for 24 hours. Amazing when you know what they do and how they work.
Dave Kirkeby
Dave Kirkeby 2 months ago
Very cool. Regardless of the cost/benefits it's cool to be alive to see such amazing structures being built by my fellow humans. Many of the negative comments below are directed at the energy for construction versus energy produced. None of the negative comments I saw offered any kind of documentation or references to studies. The Wikipedia article on wind turbines presents quite a bit of information that refutes most of the criticisms that were put forth in the comments: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impact_of_wind_power From that article: The energy return on investment (EROI) for wind energy is equal to the cumulative electricity generated divided by the cumulative primary energy required to build and maintain a turbine. According to a meta study, in which all existing studies from 1977 to 2007 were reviewed, the EROI for wind ranges from 5 to 35,[18] with the most common turbines in the range of 2 MW nameplate capacity-rotor diameters of 66 meters, on average the EROI is 16. So EROI (Energy Return on Investment) is 16 on the most common size of windmills and presumably as time goes on that number will climb towards or above the highest EROI's obtained today. This seems to be a complete refutation of one of the most common criticisms made in the comments.
bruce baker
bruce baker 2 months ago
It will be interesting to see how well they hold up to extreme conditions and what the actual output over the years will be.
TheGizmo1122 2 months ago
Well statoil, now Equinor has a lot of experiense working offshore, so hopefully they will do ok :)
WINSTON SMITH 3 months ago
These aren't profitable. The only reason they exist is government subsidies.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
You don't know anything about these do you? Wind at sea is not comparable.
Ciaran Harrington
Ciaran Harrington 2 months ago
But now we are spending money at home to harness energy. We dont have to depend wholly on the US, Russia and arabia for energy. Just print euros= get wind turbines and european jobs. Makes economic and strategic sense, europe doesnt have vast hydrocarbon resources, so they will cut their cloth to suit them.
Terry Tong
Terry Tong 4 months ago
Wow Scottish Accent changed
scooby 4 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-E0W1ZZYIV8o.html watch this if you think wind is viable.
Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges
☠️ what a waste of money
raymond cole
raymond cole 4 months ago
it is very much easier to build a gas turbine power plant that would be very much cheaper to build and would produce energy all the time
Stephen Verchinski
Stephen Verchinski 2 months ago
If its from fracked shale the energy return on investment is running 5 out to one in. Unsustainable. Also not fair to future generations to blow it all on the current occupants when the planet has another billion years to go. Better to do intensive energy conservation. Better EROI and less costly.
ferkemall 4 months ago
You do know that the life of a wind turbine is appx 20 years then it need replacing !
Kenneth James
Kenneth James 2 months ago
Omg thats horrible! You mean you only incur the cost of manufacturing and installation before having 20 years of energy generation for nothing? And it only operates at 65% max capacity the whole time! I mean Dams operate at 45%... ooh wait. Turns out thats incredible.
Gert Visser
Gert Visser 5 months ago
And what about the hundreds of thousands of birds that will kill these machines coming years? In the past we were careful with our birds, there was legislation around construction works and that was good. In our era of CO2 madness, birds or other animals have become completely unimportant: as long as money can be earned.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
This is far out at sea... It's a bit different by the coast or on land.
niels lund
niels lund Month ago
www.deviantart.com/nslc/art/bird-s-nest-160791977 Do they look dead, do they look scared, no seabirds like the improved fishing opportunities at wind turbines.
Berenice L
Berenice L 4 months ago
cats and cars kill more, should we ban them too? www.sibleyguides.com/conservation/causes-of-bird-mortality/ www.cbc.ca/news/politics/9-leading-causes-of-bird-deaths-in-canada-1.1873654 eu.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/09/15/wind-turbines-kill-fewer-birds-than-cell-towers-cats/15683843/ science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/wind-turbine-kill-birds.htm
Čhãrłîę B
Čhãrłîę B 6 months ago
Love to see it in rough seas
Mart Nije
Mart Nije 7 months ago
I made these drone shots
armund16 8 months ago
Such a great invention. 43 oil workers disliked this video lol
Is [N0T] 42
Is [N0T] 42 Month ago
Cause they were the only oil workers excluded from the construction team.
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson 10 months ago
I thought Scotland was cold! Why then do they need such big fans?
John Dalecki
John Dalecki 10 months ago
It will sink by the time it recoups 1/3 of its cost.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
Says the Internet "expert" with no engineering knowledge at all.
davetileguy 10 months ago
How much energy to make all that steel ?
Oliver Wabwire
Oliver Wabwire 11 months ago
Absolutely phenomenal! An inspiring story on capacity of humans to do good; some hope for future generations of this planet.
TheRoidemortetfleur 11 months ago
How much carbon print was needed just to get it built and setup? I'd just use a tugboat. That matters if it took 2 years of carbon worth just to set it up then you must make the process even more efficient. That said. I'm glad to see the idea to fruition.
Sabrina Torres
Sabrina Torres 11 months ago
This is absolutly amazing!
DEEREMEYER1 11 months ago
Throw a handful of empty aluminum cans in the ocean at the beach and you're "littering" and "destroying the environment". Throw a bunch of wind turbines in the water "offshore" and you're an "environmentalist" and are creating "green energy".
owenbevt3 2 months ago
Yes, I don't see animals getting traped in these like in a can.
Leonard Pearlman
Leonard Pearlman 8 months ago
Makes ya think, don't it?
DEEREMEYER1 11 months ago
Its a damned shame that "offshore wind power" is even more inefficient and a far bigger waste of money than "onshore wind power". The further you get from the "shore" the less wind you have to work with. Winds blowing out to sea at the shoreline are due to temperature/elevation/humidity differences AT the shoreline. And they're MAINLY at "ground level" and aren't nearly as strong once you move away from the shore in any direction. Inland, out to sea or "up" in the atmosphere.
owenbevt3 2 months ago
Modern turbines work on the same principle as airoplain wings with the suction of the air flow around them pulling them, rather than being pushed by the wind. So consistent - non turbulent winds are more important than strong ones, and you get more of these the further you are from the cost.
marechavala1 3 months ago
DEEREMEYER1 oil troll alert!!
Miles Year ago
about 20% of the UK's energy is now from wind and constantly increasing. brilliant stuff
Shanta Hsieh
Shanta Hsieh Year ago
The project like this step by step is described on the Avasva website and many more plans you can find on that website.
Coeus 2.0
Coeus 2.0 Year ago
Never mind the birds they munch, what about the pensioners, the poor and vulnerable who are forced to pay for this virtue signalling garbage? People die from fuel poverty in their tens of thousands every year and projects like this have contributed to the trebling, yes trebling, of energy costs in the last 15 years and there is absolutely no tangible benefit from it, not one jot of 'Climate change' will be changed for the better or worse by this - so what is it for ? ..... Ego .... pure and utter political and eco ego ... there is something sick with society when we have the resources to give people cheap energy right beneath our feet for decades to come but yet we choose the expensive option which makes poor people poorer, rich people richer and makes energy affordable for the people who need it most. I would admire projects like this if they did not kill poor people and tax them via the energy bill to pay for rich peoples and ecowarriors meaningless toys .... Marie Antoinette looks pretty sensitive and caring toward the poor compared with this lot ......
Donald Kasper
Donald Kasper Year ago
Nice view of the farm. Nothing running. Wow, there is your coal power competitor right there. Oh, not enough wind. Oh well.
Noddy Twothree
Noddy Twothree 12 hours ago
It's shown running in the video. You're confusing the installation phase for not running...
SpeedyBoy Year ago
Music ? anyone know ?
Adon Lando
Adon Lando Year ago
These are not floating, they are anchored.
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser 2 months ago
+owenbevt3 Precisely, they would not need anchors if they didn't float, anchors stop floating objects from drifting.
owenbevt3 2 months ago
things have anchors exactly because they would otherwise flote off.
kareszt Year ago
Dumb - I have proven YOU wrong.
Waterstof Werkt
Brilliant promo movie. Must have been made by a top PR firm or a firm deserving to be a top PR firm. The shots, words, voices and everything about it moves the viewer profoundly. Of course the story is a good one but it's all in the telling.
hawkeye0248 Year ago
Wind is more sustainable than solar, but wind will never be completely sustainable. Nuclear remains the most environmentally friendly power provider, but are dangerous if very strict safety requirements are not rigorously maintained. Coal is still the most safest energy provider, provided solutions are implemented to remove Nitrogen (NOx) compounds as well as sulphur (SOx) contaminants in chimneys.
t43562 Year ago
What I love about wind turbines is that it is possible to take one production process and repeat it again and again to scale up - so you have a chance to get better and better at making them which isn't possible when working with large power stations where you're only making one very large system. Also if you have X money you can scale the number of turbines you build to fit it and that doesn't prevent you from adding more in future. etc.
James Rosemary
James Rosemary 4 months ago
And, as technology improves, you can replace the generator, rotor and gear box at anytime without having to build new towers.
Just think
Just think Year ago
man made global warming is the biggest fraud of the 21st century. ruvid.net/video/video-Ia5M72yCzRo.html
oriel229 Year ago
Green horse shit.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Year ago
amazing people !! real mathematicians !! genius !!
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Year ago
The best thing I like about this is that Statoil is OIL and they are moving to be the floating turbine leader. The skills oil companies have in 'deep water' for oil production have so much potential to make floating wind a giant resource in the world. The oil development companies don't have to go away, just change paths. It will be impossible for most but the amount of energy that is needed from renewables is way more than that will be pumped out of the ground. ~Good luck Statoil.
AriVovp Year ago
How much does each cost?
Shanta Hsieh
Shanta Hsieh Year ago
You need to make some changes. Check Avasva Solutions if you want to make it right.
cn 250
cn 250 Year ago
Wow that was the full story?
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Year ago
This is in my home town so it's cool to see how it's built!
James Rae
James Rae Year ago
I wonder how they're anchored to the sea floor? They must be extremely strong anchors to not be ripped out of the floor. Very impressive.
jimjfox Year ago
16m tall suction anchors- can't you follow the video?
oriel229 Year ago
The only winner here, apart from corrupt Scotch politicians, is Siemens, who built the bloody things on a EUSSR taxpayers' ticket. Who made , despite the bribes to the Scotch Mafia, sorry I meant parliament, to secure the contract, millions out of the EUSSR taxpayers. And doubtless have the servicing contract, subsidised by the Scottish Taxpayers. Oh, don't forget the Greens, who can show propaganda films like this and boast their virtue to the world, before jetting off to yet another Five Star First Class All Expenses Met By The Taxpayer mission to save a whale. Nice racket, and thank God for President Donald Trump , who hopefully will blow the entire scam out of the water.
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser 2 months ago
Scotch is a drink.
oriel229 Year ago
Another useless attempt to not only buy the green vote, signal one's virtue to the world and ignore the fact that UK will run out of power the minute the last fuel burning station closes. Why can't they tow the Scotch Parliament out to sea and let it do its pointless raving there? Nichola Sturgeon, up on a pole issuing forth her great blasts of hot air, wouldn't save any whales or the rainforest, but might be a tourist attraction.
Dj doy
Dj doy Year ago
It's is green eco-friendly future
huskypixel Year ago
I love wind turbines
Everything's Chill
Extremely well developed, produced, and executed. Congrats and thanks!
Ilham Suhendi
Ilham Suhendi Year ago
It's BIG and it floats. Amazing.
Allen A
Allen A Year ago
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
100% renewable energy worldwide isn’t just possible, it’s more cost-effective than existing system www.salon.com/2017/12/23/100-percent-renewable-energy-worldwide-is-not-just-possible-it-is-more-cost-effective-than-existing-system_partner/
joe m
joe m Year ago
The facts are that wind turbines do not produce enough "clean" energy at a cover the amount of energy used to manufacture, install, and maintain them. Catch what the guy says at the end of the video...the project will have to rely on a heavy government subsidy to survive. If we hadn't stopped research and development of nuclear power in the mid 1970's the world would now be using clean, reliable, renewable nuclear energy instead of gambling on costly unreliable 17th century technology.
Nathan Schmick
Nathan Schmick 2 months ago
And also would have completely run out of uranium. Say what you want about nuclear but how is it supposed to work when there's literally not enough uranium to last more than a couple decades if supplying all the world's power?
dirk bomans
dirk bomans Year ago
You are confusing windmills with nuclear power plants. A npp never yields what it cost to build, let alone break down again (leaving aside the energy used for storing the waste for a couple of tenthousand years.) A typical windmill nowadays produces the total energy it cost to build and erect in about six to eight months depending on available wind and scale of the mill. Get your facts straight before writing nonsense please.
Y0uKnoWh0 Year ago
Bad MF Fossil fuels get direct subsidies as well. And are probably more important to focus on for the purpose of this discussion as there are solid numbers to compare. The exploration tax credit. The refined coal tax credit, and more. Fossil fuels in the US alone receive nearly $700 billion of subsidies on an annual basis. I don't think there is any real problem with ending subsidies for wind energy, as long as we treat fossil fuels the same and end those subsidies as well. Otherwise the discussion isn't really about subsidies and is instead about political preferences. A lot of people mask their political preferences by pretending to care about the economy and subsidies when in reality they really don't.
Matt Allan
Matt Allan Year ago
These particular turbines will need subsidies because they are a new technology. Onshore wind turbines are already more cost competitive than new nuclear plants. The reason they even need subsidies is because the fossil fuel industry gets an indirect subsidy by not having to pay for all the pollution is creates. If the oil and gas companies had to pay for these 'externalities' then wind would be able to compete without assistance. Also, how exactly is nuclear clean? It produces toxic radioactive waste that stays dangerous for 100,000s of years and a meltdown could destroy a city or an entire country.
Carson Windholz
Please explain why Germany is doing quite well?
dava4444 Year ago
If it were a viable technology you would not need subsidies
Geoff Gyro
Geoff Gyro Year ago
I was watching FOX News. Wind and Solar is bad. Coal is the future.
joe m
joe m Year ago
Most coal mined today is metallurgical coal used in the steel industry. In fact the USA exported more coal last year than in the previous eight years. Get you facts straight and maybe, just maybe you won't come across a being so ignorant.
unrealone1 Year ago
So how much does each turbine cost and final cost of the farm?
Fran F
Fran F 2 months ago
Try google. Offshore cost estimate are easy to find and falling fast.
Y0uKnoWh0 Year ago
The money for decommissioning is held in an escrow account, so regardless of what happens they will be removed at the end of their life cycle unless the company decides to re-power for another life cycle. The freedom to leave them standing and rotting after they expire is not left up to the companies to make, government forces them to escrow the money for decommissioning or face a hefty fine.
oriel229 Year ago
I doubt they'll ever come down, once the subsidies stop. Without the cost of removing them, they'll stay there until they fall over. It will be Greenpower RIP Rust In Peace.
unrealone1 Year ago
Thank's good reply, yes and all the turbines have to come down every 20 years and be recycled? The greens are true idiots.
oriel229 Year ago
Come on now unrealone 1, don't spoil all the little greenies' moment of fantasy. It's like telling infants Santa Claus isn't real.
Vivek Prabhu
Vivek Prabhu Year ago
shahid sifat
shahid sifat Year ago
Zaden Richardson
i loved it
VeggeMight Year ago
They will be decommissioned before they recoup the energy losses and amount of oil used to create them,if your not crazy you can see that.
kumar satyam
kumar satyam Year ago
The offshore wind energy market volume is expected to reach to 49,931.6 MW by 2025 Get Full Report: goo.gl/yj9X1w
HDB Year ago
Travel to china Beijing and breathe in the air. Impossible to see 100 meters distance because of smog from coal plants. Coal plants is killing birds, eagles, bats and humans. The reason they call windpower green energy, is because it is better for the birds overall.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
In June 2010, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said $557 billion was spent to subsidize fossil fuels globally in 2008, compared to $43 billion in support of renewable energy.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
joe m Friendly policies keep US oil and coal afloat far more than we thoughtMost energy subsidies go not to renewables but to producing more of the dirty stuff. www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/energy-and-environment/2017/10/6/16428458/us-energy-subsidies
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
Fossil fuel firms' multi-billion-pound state subsidies revealed in accidentally leaked secret files Taxpayer support for export deals benefits coal, oil and gas firm massively but renewables hardly get any www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/environment/fossil-fuel-firms-billion-pound-uk-state-subsidies-oil-gas-firms-leak-climate-change-environment-a7690966.html%3famp
joe m
joe m Year ago
Oh gosh another false claim. Oil and gas industry gets the same depression allowance that Tesla or that any other business is allowed. Stop spreading false information.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
Climate change: ‘human fingerprint’ found on global extreme weather Global warming makes temperature patterns that cause heatwaves, droughts and floods across Europe, north America and Asia more likely, scientists find www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2017/mar/27/climate-change-human-fingerprint-found-on-global-extreme-weather
dsthorp Year ago
Humans at play!
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
These new technologies are driving a much needed revolution. We all need low co2 renewable energy sources.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
Why nuclear power will never supply the world's energy needs www.google.co.uk/amp/s/phys.org/news/2011-05-nuclear-power-world-energy.amp
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
How developing nations are driving record growth in solar power www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-developing-nations-driving-record-growth-solar-power/amp
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel Year ago
As my hero Carlin said, "I'm just here to watch the show".
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel Year ago
Pollution, resource constraints and entropy will eventually get us all.
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel Year ago
Tesla was figuring out how to beam energy without wires. Too bad we can't do that. The windmills would be so much easier.
jimjfox Year ago
Nikola Tesla was in some regards- a total wanker & con man...
joe m
joe m Year ago
Tesla was figuring it out but he never got it to work. Tesla did a lot of great work but he also failed a lot too.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
Elegant and a way to produce much needed clean energy ♡.
Marcus Braszell
Great work Scotland. Proud to say Australia has also just installed the largest battery farm in the world at 100mwh from the legendary Tesla. Be good to see these turbines hooked up to batteries.
Ady B
Ady B 2 months ago
Yeah but Australia is also completely corrupted by the coal industry. Remind me how many tons of waste were just approved to be dumped on the Great Barrier Reef?
Mohammed Shoubaki
they will, to 1MWh battery by statoil
Paul horneto
Paul horneto Year ago
Why not in shallow waters so wave power could be collected at the same time?
John HAHN SR Year ago
Look's cool but music make's it an infomercial. Maybe just float a city next time put wind power on it. Why land? Sea level rise. Build an ark you'll need it. So much long chain hydrocarbon to burn, so little time.
mike A
mike A Year ago
nice to see, it just would have been nice to see them all working in the video not just one for a half a sec.
David Jebson
David Jebson Year ago
When I see green energy projects like this, it makes me so optimistic for the future of mankind.
Just think
Just think Year ago
you're being conned. again. The solar E-Waste is 63 thousand times the volume of nuclear waste with the current wasteful once-through nuclear cycle per unit energy. The toxic solar waste contains cadmium, lead, gallium arsenide, polybrominated biphenyl, brominated diphenylether, hexavalent chromium, selenium. And theoretically it can be recycled but only a small portion is being recycled because it is too expensive, the facilities haven't been built and they quantities are so vast, and require very large energy inputs. They are mostly ending up in E-waste dumps in poverty stricken regions.
Rabble Repository
What about putting wind and tittle wave power at the bottom of south america inbetween antartica. Stongest wind and waves on earth
Phil Rabe
Phil Rabe Year ago
Not a lot of electricity demand down there... Transmission lines are expensive and lose a lot of power along the way.
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We need ww2 level action to tackle this problem this is pathetic America! *Modern Monetary Theory*
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Year ago
Just amazing ♡
maxpesh Year ago
Wonder if Donald Trump has seen this !
He can't make any money on it so he doesn't care. He only likes coal that has been washed with Dawn for dishes. Clean coal as Donny the Dotard puts it.
maxpesh Year ago
Well said !
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Year ago
He's seen wind turbines before in Scotland, near the golf courses he owns there. xD May he see many more.
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