FULL: Putin meets with champion Khabib Nurmagomedov after UFC 242 win

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Vladimir Putin met with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Dagestan and congratulated the reigning UFC lightweight champ on his victory over Dustin Poirier at UFC 242. Head of Republic of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev was also present.
Watch the full footage of the meeting.

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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 100
RT Sport
RT Sport 8 months ago
KHABIB'S CELEBRATION IN ISTANBUL: ruvid.net/video/video-uV8-zX2_Nxk.html
19 98
19 98 4 days ago
mahmud khan
mahmud khan 26 days ago
i love u khabib brother..From Bangladesh
Аркадий Степнов
Судя по диалогу, создаётся видимость того, что между ними прослеживается интерес от разговора..
Abu Elmi
Abu Elmi 2 months ago
Clandestino 6 months ago
Khabib what a great example mashAllah
Selamet Palembang
Presiden russia pak putin dn khabib smga sehat selalu dn pajang umur Aamiiiin🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Qayyam UDDIN
Qayyam UDDIN 2 days ago
Wow good people and good moments God belss all
Jose Luis Bolaños
Khabib mi campeon eres grande, felicitaciones. Que bien que te felicite el presidente mas poderoso del mundo por ser el gran campeon que eres
Dean Connor
Dean Connor 2 days ago
Is it respect or fear? As conor would say😂😂
Casus Capto
Casus Capto 2 days ago
m.h. mohammed ilyas
Khabib - What an amizing polite man he is ❤️
Reza Erauansya
Reza Erauansya 3 days ago
First of all, you walk behind the elders Next, never sit until all the elders sit on their place No mater how big of a star you are
MadRain 3 days ago
Please let Khabib's 30th (and probably final) professional MMA fight be in Moscow. Let his hometown cheer him on.
19 98
19 98 4 days ago
DeaTzZ 4 days ago
dude so akward
str ardana
str ardana 4 days ago
This video is so russian my water turn into vodka
jasir saii
jasir saii 5 days ago
Look the way the father greeted Putin and khabib's way, his father was about to kneel to him and Khabib was confident and wasn't overwhelmed by being in front of this murderous clown. I think Khabib despises him and if it wasn't for this clown's tyranny and what he would do to khabib's family like cowards, he wouldn't have accepted to meet him.
Hazard 6 days ago
This is how it should be. Mad respect and good manners. Respect to Gladimir Poutin and Nurmagomedov family. Real doers not talkers like McGaygor and other shits
Somerandom Person
Conor: wins UFC and then goes for a pint down the pub and hits an old man at the bar. Khabib: wins UFC and goes to meet one of the most powerful leaders in the world. Puts things in perspective.
Logico vision لوجيكو فيزيون
khabib is very respectful
Sehar Mirza
Sehar Mirza 7 days ago
your DADDY
your DADDY 8 days ago
Разговор Хабиба : Что то что то КХХХМММ что то что то КХХХМММММ что то что то КХХМММММ Дааа всё таки не просто перед главой народа на расслабоне разговаривать хорошь Хаба☝️
sosuke aizen
sosuke aizen 8 days ago
putin " take a sit " *jedi master style* khabib " send location"
Nasser Alrasheedi
The beauty of the Russian president when Khabib told him there is hot and desert weather in Abu Dhabi. President’s Answer Is there really a desert? Putin knows the entire map of the world well, but he does not want to break and be ashamed of the hero. Imagine if it was Trump? He used to say we had a desert in Texas, what's new about that 🤣
qazlu 9 days ago
Putin seems very down to earth kinda guy and listens. Unlike the arrogant Trump 🙄
Antony Bading
Antony Bading 11 days ago
That awkward moment when a god meets another god. Rip khabibs old man. Much respect even McGregor paid his respects.
Bright Simukonda
Bright Simukonda 12 days ago
Wouldn't put it last Putin asking Khabib to spar with him after this conversation coz he sounds so vested in the fighting lol
Bright Simukonda
Bright Simukonda 12 days ago
Putin romanticized the chockhold perfectly.
John E
John E 13 days ago
I wonder what it's like to sit infront of the most powerful man in the world and have a "normal" conversation. There's never a "normal" conversation with highly significant people. The next thing you'll hear is UFC Russia produced the best MMA fighters the world has ever seen. Putin is an extremely strategic leader. Be on the lookout
Aron Perez
Aron Perez 13 days ago
El fue a pedirle la bendición a Putin
garrs p
garrs p 13 days ago
I think an experienced grappler is the best fighter pound for pound bar none. Strong grip, leg control, will beat anyone.
boxerpop82 13 days ago
man fuck fighting this dude im good. you gotta pay me good money to fight khabib
boxerpop82 13 days ago
RIP abdulmanap man
Paul Kenney
Paul Kenney 13 days ago
A real great president and worlds greatest fighter
Knowledge North
Knowledge North 13 days ago
thank you for the upload. and for how islam came to Khabib's people only 10 years after Prophet Muhammad's passing: ruvid.net/video/video-s1glrPczPB4.html
Украина Нагибает
Actually Putin trained khabib
Amundam Marline
Amundam Marline 14 days ago
The chosen Emperor Putin of God's best choice is going to travel the world for heavens on Earth planet to shine. The Spiritual world had spoken by the will of God.💙 Amen
aryo roshanto
aryo roshanto 15 days ago
Putin: here i will show you our next yellow submarine Khabib: can all of we livin in?
Redhot 15 days ago
Doubt Dustin would be meeting Trump if he had won 🤣
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell 15 days ago
mohib khan
mohib khan 15 days ago
habib great humanbeing and great fighter love from pakistan
Irfan Ali
Irfan Ali 15 days ago
Pakistan love 🇹🇷 🇷🇺 🇵🇰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanousone Phoutthameexai
Khabib scare no one in The Octagon but he looks like scare something when he in front of Putin
Donald Godide
Donald Godide 15 days ago
The most humbled person khabib
sachin sakri
sachin sakri 16 days ago
Khabib's dad is the real gangsta!
Denny Hutton
Denny Hutton 16 days ago
I’m not saying goat to him unless he says I call him anaconda
Denny Hutton
Denny Hutton 16 days ago
What’s this goat stuff he’s not goat he’s anaconda
Denny Hutton
Denny Hutton 16 days ago
Makes me proud of him because he’s the best in world look at the lov for father and son
Denny Hutton
Denny Hutton 16 days ago
That’s kickass I don’t care what anyone says wow good one
Paparazzi 16 days ago
UFC is fake ... Khabib and others are actors
Helmut Arrocha
Helmut Arrocha 17 days ago
Que bonito ...trump nunca hace eso ni con su esposa e hijos
Amanpreet Singh
Amanpreet Singh 17 days ago
Putin is proud of Russians
Zohaib 18 days ago
Khabib is very down to earth
Zohaib 18 days ago
Love khabib putin from Pakistan 🇵🇰... U r real hero
Rizkyajip23 18 days ago
innallillahi wainnailaihiraadjiuun, May God grants Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov Paradise.
Imran Ragimov
Imran Ragimov 18 days ago
Khabib is sitting like : okay, just talk about fighting like you do 95% of time
Albie Rodriguez
Albie Rodriguez 18 days ago
At 0:38 I like how Putin acknowledges that a top level athlete is supposed to be like that (mcgregor w all the shit talk). He doesn’t take stuff like that personally, he’s stoic af. Really shows where Putin stands as a man.
VISHAL SHARMA 18 days ago
Two best fighters at the same time same place....👍
Артур Джутов
Nick Aah
Nick Aah 19 days ago
Inna lillah Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov
That You'dliketoknow
Lol at the cameraman who thinks a loud one is needed these days. Plenty of great cameras dont sound clack click clack during a conversation 😂
ZLR k 19 days ago
The president interviewed an athlete. Wow
Pietro Ferrari
Pietro Ferrari 19 days ago
Putin: Finish that irish who took a picture with me in World Cup. Khabib: Ok.
Mr.Aymane 19 days ago
Why evry time their is a famous ppl convesation i hear AK47 shooting in the background.
boris krasavin
boris krasavin 19 days ago
vsex rastrel9t6)
Jayed Hassan
Jayed Hassan 20 days ago
Dumb Idiot
Dumb Idiot 20 days ago
This is actually great for UFC , a whole new wave of fans .
Makasi Reminder
Makasi Reminder 20 days ago
Wow big wow Russia the best I'm a Muslim I love putin
강주효 21 day ago
Putin okay
A Ben
A Ben 21 day ago
are you not guys tired of politicizing everything?
Nauman 21 day ago
Knowing his dad died tho 😭
Jason Cornell
Jason Cornell 21 day ago
Putin is a mans man
Evil Friend
Evil Friend 22 days ago
Man talk
svenflaco 22 days ago
the desolate walls crying for a painting.
F. T.
F. T. 22 days ago
Khabib must be the next President of Russia, a good follower of Putin.
John Michael Abad
John Michael Abad 22 days ago
I grew a handful of chest hair while watching this and thats coming from a hairless asian.
xenomorphelv426 22 days ago
"A top level athlete is supposed to be respectful" Vladimir Putin. Take note MgGregor.
Erlan Agentov
Erlan Agentov 22 days ago
Thanks for Konor
ali raid
ali raid 22 days ago
Khabib praised Dustin what a class act ❤
Nithin moviephile
Nithin moviephile 22 days ago
Putting meats on kabab?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 22 days ago
So when's the fight???
Sheikh Zaid
Sheikh Zaid 23 days ago
Khabib the pride of Russia 👊
Handoyo Mispandi
Handoyo Mispandi 23 days ago
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia 23 days ago
Stalin probably trying to get out of his grave he’s so happy . Funny that kahbib has to come to the good USA to win his fortune couldn’t and wouldn’t happen in Russia. Kahbib should kiss American soil.
Ibrahim yusa Bahrul alam
I bet khabib prefer to fight with McGregor once a month than have to fight putin once a year
Ian Gerbie Vista
Ian Gerbie Vista 24 days ago
Why am I scared even tho I'm not the one being interviewed by Putin?
Llewellyn James Kinnaird
I feel scared watching this lol
Daniel Sheppard
Daniel Sheppard 24 days ago
A modest respectful champion. Connor could learn a few things from this guy, I hope to see a rematch where Connor shows up realizing this guy isn’t like the other chumps. Practice gets you as close to perfect as possible, don’t come with that b game bullshit again Connor.
sahil vaghela
sahil vaghela 24 days ago
And now Khabib wants to know cameraman's location.
bobber life
bobber life 24 days ago
Отец хабиба молодец , жалко его
Afghan Tube
Afghan Tube 24 days ago
Lovely polite Brave Fighter KHabib
Madwolf Studios
Madwolf Studios 24 days ago
0:45 Putin is having strong flashbacks about the time he beat Mike Tyson
Shahzad Hussain
Shahzad Hussain 24 days ago
Thanos: Why are you using your phone instead of fighting me? Iron Man: Sending your location
Iman Titanium
Iman Titanium 24 days ago
Putin n Khabib tag team..✊✌
Aigr 25 days ago
Such a man champion and he is sitting with that vomit(putin)...
leoandreas messi
leoandreas messi 25 days ago
Putin roars man
PWNSTAR RYAN 25 days ago
You can tell he's so nervous. I would be too. Wouldn't want to disappear.
John Doe
John Doe 25 days ago
The way they praised Poirier and spat on McGregor in the same sentences in the beginning is hilarious.
moosesnWoop123 25 days ago
A great proud moment that Khabib can look back on with his father.
Usama Sikandar
Usama Sikandar 26 days ago
First time Russian Language didn't frightened me!
Omran Bolton
Omran Bolton 26 days ago
I like Khabib but I hate this fuckin dictator putin
thefunkyone247 26 days ago
Looking at this video it does make you why does the world hate Russia and folks from Dagestan ⁉️🤔🤔🤔
Бадр Мусаев
Putin was obliged to meet with them. The main characters of democracy are fighters without rules and perverts. Only such examples can be used to build the world of Western democracy that Putin aspires to. As you know, democracy is a world of violence and debauchery. And Putin is building it hard.
Rasheed A.R
Rasheed A.R 26 days ago
Legend say; The cameraman will answer some question after this interview...
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