Full Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race: Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona

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Relive the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Daytona International Speedway.
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Jul 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Errol Simpson
Errol Simpson 9 days ago
Ricky no.47 was pace lap leading
ابوسلطان الفوازي
From 7:30 to 10:6 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Timothy Ford
Timothy Ford 21 day ago
1:56 :40 the crowd tho
audiocrush 22 days ago
why do these cars all look the same... this is so boring
Joey gase fan # 66
Joey gase fan # 66 25 days ago
I cant believe justin haley won
Miriam Guevara
Miriam Guevara 25 days ago
I like when kyel Busch wins I'm a fan of kyel Busch
Arturo Segura
Arturo Segura 27 days ago
A ver, que alguien me lo explique por favor. En la Nascar ¿porque todos coches corren lo mismo? Segundo. ¿porque los coches de fuera de la curva corren lo mismo o más que los de dentro? Es ilógico Otra duda. Cuando graban las imágenes desde los coches parece un sonido de coche eléctrico ¿porque? Sigo la Fórmula 1 y allí no ocurre nada de lo que comento No tengo idea pero me da la sensación que en la Nascar es todo falso. Gracias
Sam Iam
Sam Iam Month ago
NASCAR will do anything to prevent Kurt from winning. NASCAR is a scam.
Cool kid 101
Cool kid 101 Month ago
I also would have liked this better with the cars 3 music when lightning Mcqueen races Jackson storm and crashes
Abbas Ladak
Abbas Ladak Month ago
Nascar could have completed the remaining laps. Track has lights and rain did not arrive yet
FormulaFish15 Month ago
52:30 and one shocked that Ricky Stenhouse wrecked himself?
Fozz Gate
Fozz Gate Month ago
What he need's is a good team to show NASCAR on what he's able to do and prove that he deserve's to be in the Cup Series.
Jennifer Wallace
“ Michael Waltrip Kyle bush led one lap Joey led the rest
Julian Rangel
Julian Rangel Month ago
rick hendrick should get Justin Haley to drive the 48 next season hes a bring young kid a very good driver
Emmanuel Houdusse
Bonjour, Ou peut-on s'inscrire pour faire cette course ? Merci
Not Stegav
Not Stegav 2 months ago
Jr is the Tony Romo of Football Announcers.
Jeremy Aguero copyright 2016
" McQueen made it through " What? " he's not pitting "
UltraDoom 4 months ago
I can’t wait till the Daytona 500
BuschWhacker Reviews
Austin Dillon with the short bus block
The Patriots
The Patriots 4 months ago
I love side cameras shaking when whole fleet of stock cars speed by. 🏁
steve mack
steve mack 4 months ago
1:02 :35 Damn
Monkey832 5 months ago
The sound of the cars when they cut out the commercials is haunting. Sounds like a ghost racetrack. 1:55 :30 Also at 2:28 :12 it’s NASCAR PewDiePie!
Diego Jose Bate
Diego Jose Bate 5 months ago
2:33 Who else loves this sound?
Ashton G
Ashton G Month ago
BSH 1833 mee
Elijah j
Elijah j Month ago
Brooke Bailey
Brooke Bailey Month ago
BSH 1833
BSH 1833 Month ago
TheGamer27 5 months ago
This manufacturer thing is just bs in my opinion.
Logan Thomas
Logan Thomas 5 months ago
All wrecks and problems 52:24 Stenhouse Jr spin 1:09 :42 Kurt Busch spin 1:18 :53 Brad Keslowski crash 1:56 :37 Big one Thank me by liking this so more people can see
Louis Rosa
Louis Rosa 5 months ago
I was there for my first time and i love it
john adams
john adams 5 months ago
Looks easy enough.
Charlie Playz vlogs
Charlie Playz vlogs 5 months ago
I’m British yet I love nascar
ron w
ron w 5 months ago
I haven't watched nascar since Tom Cruise. Why do they stop racing for so long ?
AJ’s My Daddy
AJ’s My Daddy 6 months ago
Oh boy, this race gets you excited for the 500 in 2020
ShoninWolf 5 months ago
JJ48 Fan yeah It really and I got to go to this race and I might go to the Daytona 500 besides I live in Daytona
AJ’s My Daddy
AJ’s My Daddy 6 months ago
The last Daytona July race was the biggest shit show bullshit excuse for a race in this decade!
obesestegosarus 6 months ago
Brad I think it’s time you lify
PowerfulDiamond 87
PowerfulDiamond 87 6 months ago
Joey logano is winning the inside race and Kyle Busch is winning the outside race
Austin Feinberg
Austin Feinberg 6 months ago
That's cool that Justin Haley won the 2019 Coke Zero Sugar 400 race at Daytona in July of 2019.
MarcisAwesome04 Gaming
Love it
BritishLiam1 1111
BritishLiam1 1111 6 months ago
I saw something
Matt Drawdy
Matt Drawdy 6 months ago
1:56 :40 BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!
mathcar 1877
mathcar 1877 6 months ago
I still think Kurt should have stayed out
Ercan Demcevski
Ercan Demcevski 6 months ago
I love Coke Zero sugar 400
Grigs 7 months ago
Wow National Guard mentioned over Coast Guard lol that sucks
Mark Lloyd
Mark Lloyd 7 months ago
Love to exsperiance NASCAR myself one day I live in Australia it would be an awesome exsperiance close to the fence spectacular driving
Tyler Acimovic
Tyler Acimovic 5 months ago
I was there. No experience like feeling these cars going by at 205 MPH, while you're standing right at the fence.
GITRowSted 7 months ago
It sure is something else! Hope ya get to see one some day!
Ercan Demcevski
Ercan Demcevski 7 months ago
I like Daytona Coke Zero sugar 400 and the big one Dam
Sean Conner
Sean Conner 7 months ago
Donald Belobraydic
Donald Belobraydic 7 months ago
Daytona lost a race to indy. Now you know how North wilksburo felt.
SkippingRhyme 7 months ago
1:53 :18 203 MPH!!!
SkippingRhyme 7 months ago
I love When JR is Excited about a Race!
Eran Demce
Eran Demce 7 months ago
I liked the big one
iTzZTCxD - Random Games -
Nah that was a block sorry guys bad racing
James Buckey
James Buckey 8 months ago
It's nice they didn't disable the comments on this one
Drizzy Meczada ϟ
Drizzy Meczada ϟ 8 months ago
This track is so amazing.
Will Arnett
Will Arnett 3 months ago
It is. I was born and raised in Daytona. I have been to a lot of races there. I have never been to a Cup race elsewhere. I hope you get to go there sometime, if you have not yet been there.
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds 8 months ago
Boring, how can they call this 💩💩 racing
Kashi K.
Kashi K. 8 months ago
im only here for the NASCAR Spec Supra
ShoninWolf 5 months ago
Kashi K. That’s in the xfinity series
Marcin Malczewski
Marcin Malczewski 8 months ago
Love it. Thank you NASCAR
Kot9Ra 9 months ago
Жаль на русском нет
Canadian Summer
Canadian Summer 9 months ago
Watch 1:39 real conclusion of the video. must watch before wasting your data.
Dragon Ball Fan
Dragon Ball Fan 9 months ago
FedEx still won 😛😛😛😛😛😛
Ajaxamsterry ajax
Ajaxamsterry ajax 9 months ago
Coke zero nascar best is the three leaders,joey,brad keselowsky,harvic i luv them,mustang awsome
The Athletic Gopnik
The Athletic Gopnik 9 months ago
Fucking English my man
Гидроизоляция&Дренаж tv
Fuck you, america!)
Branden Rios
Branden Rios 10 months ago
Congratulations to Justin Haley and Ross Chastain for winning at Daytona!
Alice Gilbert
Alice Gilbert 10 months ago
The 3 tried to block.
Matthew Poleski
Matthew Poleski 10 months ago
Go 34
Sonia Rendón Arenas
Sonia Rendón Arenas 10 months ago
Soy mexicana y me gustan las nascar
Jaycee Hopkins
Jaycee Hopkins 10 months ago
upload 2019 coke zero Sugar 400
SkippingRhyme 7 months ago
This is it.
Manfred Trapp
Manfred Trapp 10 months ago
How i Can have Tickets for an nascar Race in Charlotte . I am from suiss .
BlenderTale 10 months ago
Buy them online or look for the stadium it’s hosting the race at and buy tickets their.
Manfred Trapp
Manfred Trapp 10 months ago
Lugano is the best driver
Randy Hutchinson
Randy Hutchinson 10 months ago
He's so humble, such a fine young man
Randy Hutchinson
Randy Hutchinson 10 months ago
Justin Haley, is a very talented, highly competive young man, I'd really like to see him with a full time ride
Randy Hutchinson
Randy Hutchinson 10 months ago
Kurt Busch is such a great driver, he reminds me of David Pearson
TheCaptain 10 months ago
@NASCAR Nascar, Thank You for bringing back the leaderboards! Damn decent of you. Makes it much easier to keep track of things!
mathcar 1877
mathcar 1877 10 months ago
I wish they would keep the rain delays coverage on there. It will be cool to go back and watch in the future.
A9G42 10 months ago
Waiting for Talladega in the fall! This package is incredible! I can't wait to see how aggresive the Chase drivers will be! I think this package prevents single file racing because of all of the runs. Talladega in the fall is going to a show!
JayB29 4 months ago
you were right. it was unreal.
willi wass
willi wass 10 months ago
Austin Dillon is nearly as worse as a driver as DP
SkippingRhyme 10 months ago
SkippingRhyme 10 months ago
Im really not a fan of swapping Indy for Daytona on the 4th....
Mike Whit
Mike Whit 10 months ago
This is not racing its a battle between the car makers. Let the damn drivers drive for a win not car make. Nascar will never learn.
ALVMusic 10 months ago
All the way from Argentina watching this. Next time it would be cool to have the standing or some kind of HUD on screen though :)
Erik Corr
Erik Corr 10 months ago
Is it just me or when the big one started it sounded like a commentator said oh sh*t
WayFastWhitey 10 months ago
So Nascar, after alienating your core fans year after year, gimmick after gimmick, you're down to giving your product away for free on YT. Big thumbs up. I'm off to watch MotoGP, which I happily pay 130 Euros a year to access online. Great wheel to wheel action, no gimmicks. Imagine that. Sincerely, A one time 20 year fan.
WayFastWhitey 10 months ago
@RB3 Author and all still 30%, 40%, maybe even 50% down on just 5-10 years ago. Run along now lol
RB3 Author
RB3 Author 10 months ago
@WayFastWhitey Your reading comprehension skills leave something to be desired. I said "generally", meaning "over the course of the season". Of course Kentucky was down, no one expected it to be a good race because Kentucky traditionally puts on a subpar race. After this year's race, the ratings for Kentucky will likely go up next season. But as for this year; The Clash, Vegas, Phoenix, Auto Club, Martinsville, Texas, the Open, Charlotte, Sonoma, and the second Daytona race have all had increased ratings over last year.
WayFastWhitey 10 months ago
@RB3 Author Facts? Last weeks kentucky ratings were a record low, down 25% from just 2 years ago... and is it still a sellout if you remove stands lmao
RB3 Author
RB3 Author 10 months ago
@WayFastWhitey Just facts, kid.
WayFastWhitey 10 months ago
@RB3 Author delusions confirmed haha.
Josh Snyder
Josh Snyder 10 months ago
Another first time winner 🙂 congratulations Justin Haley
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