[ FULL HD ] Travis Scott LIVE at Rolling Loud New York 2019

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[ FULL SET ] Travis Scott LIVE at Rolling Loud New York 2019 *KNEE INJURY*
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[ FULL HD ] Travis Scott LIVE at Rolling Loud New York 2019
[ FULL SET ] Travis Scott LIVE at Rolling Loud New York 2019 (1080P)

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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
ptfc9 7 months ago
0:00 STARGAZING 4:31 CAROUSEL 7:45 4 AM (2 Chainz feat. Travis Scott) 8:42 way back 12:37 Mamacita (ft. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug) 14:27 BUTTERFLY EFFECT 15:12 (knee injury during butterfly) 18:03 NO BYSTANDERS 20:21 Upper Echelon (ft. T.I.) 21:26 90210 (feat. Kacy Hill) 25:27 Love Galore (SZA feat. Travis Scott) 27:02 WAKE UP 29:24 HIGHEST IN THE ROOM (distorted lead-up) 30:54 HIGHEST IN THE ROOM 33:24 Antidote 36:49 goosebumps 39:36 SICKO MODE
ptfc9 4 days ago
JAWAD ISLAM nah I’m just a big Travis Fan I only needed to look up one or two features. But I did watch the entire thing lol
JAWAD ISLAM 4 days ago
Its visible that you did some research
Kennedy O’Gwin
Kennedy O’Gwin 11 days ago
Majestic Muller Majestic
Knee injury. Lol
c l o u d d a r k
c l o u d d a r k 6 months ago
15:12 the best fix 🤣🤣
Kenneth Castro
Kenneth Castro 5 days ago
one of the best live performers!
Kenneth Castro
Kenneth Castro 5 days ago
Nick Tran
Nick Tran 17 days ago
LMFAO when he broke his leg everyone on that stage looked confused as fuck
Bih Nibba
Bih Nibba 20 days ago
14:51 that shots legendary bro
Theo Maurin
Theo Maurin 22 days ago
Jay Tillah
Jay Tillah 22 days ago
Can I go back to this day when we was outside !
Wael Abidi
Wael Abidi 22 days ago
2020 😭😭😭🤣🖕🖕🖕❤🥇🦠🤣🤳✨🎇✨🎃🥇🥇✨👌🤣🎄🤣✨✨
Red 22 days ago
One of the greatest nights I lived was this one 🤧
MartiG_12 28 days ago
15:10 bruh.... he did a matrix trick to skip a bullet
Joshua Clark
Joshua Clark Month ago
41:59 he looked at his DJ like can you shut up bro
André Gomes
André Gomes Month ago
Fortnite dance at 4:25
Comp Buildz
Comp Buildz 16 days ago
André Gomes please stop
матвей иванов
12:59 chase b went sicko
Popsicle Boat
Popsicle Boat Month ago
i enjoying seeing head
OddBrobi Month ago
am i the only one who gets emotionally hyped watching trav preform
Buma Month ago
travis looks like that one special ed kid that gets everyones attention in school
OddBrobi Month ago
i wanted to smack whoever kept saying boo at the beginning
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack Month ago
Anyone else in that group
Jc Aponte
Jc Aponte 2 months ago
Tjay chair chilling there
Kellen Hall
Kellen Hall 2 months ago
he broke his leg and gave the best 90210 performance of his career like 9 minutes later legend
Colton Johnson
Colton Johnson 2 months ago
Listen to Chase B at 7:54 🤣 I’m crying🤣
Olof Öhrn
Olof Öhrn 13 days ago
Aye trav, IS IT LIT?! Damn right bro
Iván Astigarraga
Iván Astigarraga 4 months ago
Is he like that in all the live shows? Nigga ain't singing he was just screaming the lyrics
jxseba 2 months ago
its lit
K C 4 months ago
His staff wack
DominicanaMente 4 months ago
How much auto yes? Tune: *Travis*
XX1ST_XX 4 months ago
cristian sierra
cristian sierra 4 months ago
My total respect to this guy
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez 5 months ago
Was there shit was really hectic up front
Arnold Juice Official
70% instrumental 10% sksk 5% autotune 5% shoes 10% lyrycs Why is so famous?
MARS. 4 months ago
Trav is a legend. So what?
G Fears
G Fears 5 months ago
Show me a better performer than Travis
lesly 레슬리
lesly 레슬리 5 months ago
nussi 5 months ago
Bruno Ciliuti
Bruno Ciliuti 5 months ago
Lo que daria por estar en un concierto de el, pero ni ahi viene a Uruguay
Kwezzy 5 months ago
He one of the greatest performers of our time! Fucked his leg up and kept fucking going! I respect him soo much!
사랑해coconut 5 months ago
Wtf is this his real voice?🤔 I'll have a nightmare
Comp Buildz
Comp Buildz 16 days ago
사랑해coconut no it’s his autotune
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 5 months ago
I live in Houston And ain’t nothing like ASTROWORLD but I’ll still hit up other city’s to see TRAVIS to catch a vibe HE SHOWS UP AND ITS EPIC. AMAZING.
jxseba 2 months ago
someday ill see trav live man, someday
delvinyori 5 months ago
after broke his leg, then play no bystander. REAL GOAT
Dominik Machacek
Dominik Machacek 5 months ago
This version of stargazing is So much lit🔥🔥
Phil Tarazona2
Phil Tarazona2 5 months ago
why tf everybody recording when this shit on yt uk
Wolvie X
Wolvie X 6 months ago
Filip Piwowarczyk
Filip Piwowarczyk 6 months ago
kurwa to jest ikona
Larnell Hurd
Larnell Hurd 6 months ago
The best weekend of my fucking life at R.L NYC
EnderTorch 6 months ago
That antidote beat is fucking insane
Joseba Garcia
Joseba Garcia 6 months ago
elisha Castanou
elisha Castanou 6 months ago
14:50 is the most hyped part
Isaias Esquivel
Isaias Esquivel 6 months ago
lmao I see my self in the front row everytime shit is wild
Gillege 6 months ago
What did he actually try @ 15:10 , by jumping and holding on the line array speaker or didn't he saw a step
Gillege 6 months ago
Great footage, only sound quality a bit crap
jxseba 6 months ago
sound quality is the highest possible. the shitty audio is from the stream itself
Brodzzzzz 6 months ago
This mother fucker ever going to come to Australia??? We been ready for a good minute.
Michael Beyer
Michael Beyer 6 months ago
12:55 you’re welcome and this is why New York energy is just different 😈🗽🔥
Bulletproof Chest
Bulletproof Chest 6 months ago
Back vocals are nice
Narkata 6 months ago
19:33 damn
c l o u d d a r k
c l o u d d a r k 6 months ago
just autotune and shouting ... 🤣🤣
fdsfsd fgfdsg
fdsfsd fgfdsg 6 months ago
Tuan Ly Anh
Tuan Ly Anh 7 months ago
Robitaille Justin
Robitaille Justin 7 months ago
Lony 7 months ago
on parle pas assez du faite que il dois y avoir pour 300,000€ de téléphone en l'air
Pauly Ghee
Pauly Ghee 7 months ago
All this nigga Does Is use auto tune and scream his brains out fake nigga 😂😂
Tesfaye Abel
Tesfaye Abel 7 months ago
that Mamacita part trav!! 😩🔥
badfellas_ 69
badfellas_ 69 7 months ago
u all don't know how much i love him... chile is waiting for travis 🌵🔥❤
badfellas_ 69
badfellas_ 69 7 months ago
jxseba viene para el lollapalooza 2020 confirmadisimo ❤ es headliner
jxseba 7 months ago
badfellas_ 69 jaja a ver si le da por visitar nuestros países 😂
badfellas_ 69
badfellas_ 69 7 months ago
jxseba acá desde chile tambien esperándolo ajajajaja 🔥🔥🔥
jxseba 7 months ago
badfellas_ 69 spain is waiting for him too !
With Love
With Love 7 months ago
Он помоему вообще бешеный!!! Просто fucking crazy!!!
Jeromiah Garmon
Jeromiah Garmon 7 months ago
This is fucking insane 🤯🤯
Patrick 7 months ago
0 skill all auto tune
Jiahui Jin
Jiahui Jin 7 months ago
2:40 Was there someone throwing a bottle to him??? WTF???
jxseba 7 months ago
saw it too lol
Santo Roy
Santo Roy 7 months ago
Rolling loud paid Travis 1 mill for this gig
Turtle The Gamer YT
Turtle The Gamer YT 7 months ago
What’s the name of the song at 3:00 minute
Gary H
Gary H 7 months ago
Stargazing, this part is the beat switch
Andrew M
Andrew M 7 months ago
Travis is just all hype like most these rappers. He used auto tune almost his entire set. Doesn’t take much talent to have computer do all the work for you.
r //
r // 6 months ago
Ok boomer
Alec Bates
Alec Bates 7 months ago
Thanks for the perspective Andrew we needed it
Bert Van achter
Bert Van achter 7 months ago
Look how Many phone clones
Gman 7 months ago
When you take the expression, "break a leg" too seriously
Kairus Cole
Kairus Cole 7 months ago
Fuck Tyga man, I mean Travis Scott is way way way better in any aspects. Fuck that bitch too!
Garik Houdini
Garik Houdini 7 months ago
15:10 ahahahha ))
M.A.B. 7 months ago
Him and Klay Thompson are the only people I’ve ever seen have severe leg injuries and just continue performing...
Guccicurry 7 months ago
damn, this dude performed for 25 minutes with a broken knee while hopping on one leg 90% of the time. what a legend.
Fer Di
Fer Di 7 months ago
Travis get down in butterfly effect:v
John Gedeost
John Gedeost 7 months ago
6:19 Hey its joe from complex
Steve Wright
Steve Wright 7 months ago
I do love me a cell phone convention!
1997 187
1997 187 7 months ago
Henry Villon
Henry Villon 7 months ago
WTF travis, why you used autotune the entire fucking set bro!
Hmm 7 months ago
It’d be sick if he decided to just rage in a wheelchair bro
RSdsydes8 7 months ago
19:50 fan: stop take your time! if that doesnt show the love we got.
Mostafa Kreidly
Mostafa Kreidly 7 months ago
autotune ftw!
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