Full Force

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Full Force is a long video / documentary about airsoft fatty. He's a youtuber, star wars fan, large guy, and airsofter. We took a look at his life, how he became fat, his journey to become not fat, and the passion him and his friends have for star wars.


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Jul 31, 2019




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Comments 100
Airsoftfatty Year ago
Yo man this was a good time. Btw house is finnally getting the repairs starting next week. Robert and i are talking. Im hopeing we can get back to being friends again .
Tyler on mars
Tyler on mars 9 days ago
We love you airsoftfatty
Zyborggian 16 days ago
Ey boys and girls let's max out these replies Just seven more needed after me
RGkong 25 days ago
*Most likes on a comment of all time...*
312chi Nola
312chi Nola Month ago
Airsoftfatty is definitely cooler then dude shooting the vid
fuck k-pop and tiktok
Yo dude if u like starwars you should try legend of the galactic heroes too
Aldo Ribeiro
Aldo Ribeiro 46 minutes ago
Mike is lowkey Me LMAO
Gandalf The White
Gandalf The White 4 hours ago
7:10 Anyone know the song name for the music used? Can't find credits anywhere.
Remotely Tame
Remotely Tame 6 hours ago
This video should have gotten way more likes just because of the how he made the video it's like a brokendown documentary
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 10 hours ago
As a resident from Michigan, can confirm that the inhabitants of the Battle Creek area are accurately represented here in this video.
Remco Kieu
Remco Kieu 10 hours ago
"noodle lives matter" now i now where blm came from
michael matthews
michael matthews 10 hours ago
This is documentary gold. I've rewatched this probably 3 times. You need to do more of these and Ice Cream Man.
Chrisdonian 14 hours ago
I’m only sharing this because I care, you don't know when you're going to die it could be today, and on that day you will stand before a righteous God, who will judge you accordingly, for even lying is an abomination to the lord, making us all guilty(10 commandments) so I ask you to think very deeply about what I'm saying and repent and trust in the saviour who is God in flesh, who died for your sin on the cross, for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord, he can pay your fine of sin in the just court case that you never could of payed (justly condemned) and in that create in you a new heart to follow God, loving what he does and hating what he hates, saved, and made right with God by his grace not by your efforts. taught by his word the bible while speaking to him through prayer.
Jeff Benincosa
Jeff Benincosa 14 hours ago
Mozaltov cocktail
TokenBlackGuy 21 hour ago
that one boy is fat, he should some exercise, and why is he drinking blue potion are should I say blue drink juice is a better question for now, but let me tell you something immensely ( as quickly as i could) you know i little brother is fat and here's a hint: fat
TokenBlackGuy 21 hour ago
oh and i get it and the fat kid will start to drink blue juice because he's trying to get in the action of StarWars
John Powers
John Powers 21 hour ago
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack 22 hours ago
Meijer is much better than Walmart -Elkhart Indiana
Chop 23 hours ago
Mike seems like sapnap alot
Mr. Chunk
Mr. Chunk 23 hours ago
It would be fucking scary if Robert says “It’s fun to hurt people”, and honestly that wouldn’t surprise me
Grant Munich
Grant Munich Day ago
Mazel toff
cali Day ago
can't get anymore american than this
ClownPound Day ago
40:07 he genuinely just looks like he’s about to attack Ian
Honest Commenter
"The old codes for something big" Giving off some real goonies energy
Ostoja Stojanovic
Actually finishes the video feeling kinda good
Weed Ghost
Weed Ghost Day ago
I hope all the money made from this video goes to help fatty repair his house
Lex Grightmire
El Isaac DLGD
ah, old youtube. miss these days
cali Day ago
*1 year ago" 'ah, old youtube.' ???
Nix Cipher
Nix Cipher Day ago
I would pay $$$ to see him in "full drag" doing the "Glam Queen" scene...
Mike Day ago
Imagine robert with a real gun...
Hussein ali
Hussein ali Day ago
Mike is such a cool guy
Hussein ali
Hussein ali Day ago
Robert is like a real life Dwight
Psyclops Day ago
45:03 "Mazel Tov cocktail his house"
XI Pro
XI Pro Day ago
robert the type of person that acts like there the strongest but get there ass beet in ever fist fight
Texas T
Texas T Day ago
Robert has some serious issues which will only get worse as he gets older. You don't want to be around when it starts to come out.
Cup of Swing
Cup of Swing Day ago
i hope disney plus’ next star wars spinoff will focus on more on mike instead of just robert and fatty
Willy C
Willy C Day ago
I quit smoking but Mike seems like a lot of fun to spark up with
Pepsi Pepsi
Pepsi Pepsi Day ago
This video is the definition of RUvid
Pepsi Pepsi
Pepsi Pepsi Day ago
21:53 he actually sounds like a baby coughing
Ryan Marvin
Ryan Marvin Day ago
Just a bunch of children
Pepsi Pepsi
Pepsi Pepsi Day ago
6:46 when I heard the goonies music I thought this whole video was gonna be a fatty treasure hunt
theTizzle Day ago
Robert sounds a lot like nikolas Cruz
RAFCOM1982 Day ago
this is new boogie
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney 2 days ago
Robert is swimming in a shallow gene pool
Austin Dennis
Austin Dennis 2 days ago
mike is cool. be like mike
Austin Dennis
Austin Dennis 2 days ago
lol "mosoltave cocktail his house"
Robert must have died at the beginning of 2020
Bikewreck Boss
Bikewreck Boss 2 days ago
I’ve never been able to smell a video before.
As Above Sota Below
...did anyone ever make a kickstarter to get that mini-van donked out?
John Hinson
John Hinson 2 days ago
this guy's unstopable fatty trys running
TheWealthyHobo 2 days ago
Not gonna lie , you’re a douchbag
TheWealthyHobo 2 days ago
Sounds like naruto haha love this guy
Hector Munoz
Hector Munoz 2 days ago
Older Brother
Older Brother 2 days ago
"Oh wait are you still talking?" "Yeah"
Bigman Bigpants
Bigman Bigpants 2 days ago
They really just sleeping on Menards huh.
Ollie Potter
Ollie Potter 2 days ago
Preston is precious 🥺
Soviet clone trooper
Robert and me r not so different
Viscous Goo
Viscous Goo 2 days ago
One big blubbery stretch mark.
Battle droid #8282
Execute order 66
Battle droid #8282
Battle droid #8282 10 hours ago
@The Chad Crusader damn Copied boi
The Chad Crusader
Damn clanker.
Brenden Sinner
Brenden Sinner 3 days ago
Idubbbz, you sir, are a man of many talents! How can you go from Content Cop's against certain MEGA channels (and destroying their careers) To then turn around and make these Mini-Doc's on some smaller channels (thereby cementing them in our hearts forever) My dude will make or break you 🤘🤘 🤘
Garf 3 days ago
"Noodle Lives Matter" -Airsoft Fatty
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 3 days ago
“ that’s unique “ 😂 35:48
CALEB BROWN 3 days ago
He sounds like naruto
Xenotar 3 days ago
I'd watch full force
John Gottuso
John Gottuso 3 days ago
The tearful cylinder mostly trouble because tornado aerobically educate unto a tender tense judo. determined, nosy celery
Barry Mcockiner
Barry Mcockiner 3 days ago
8:29 literally killed me
Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Harris 3 days ago
omg these poor cats, they look so sickly :(
zisier 3 days ago
who gave jaba the hut a light saber
zisier 3 days ago
omg this new star wars movie is so full of action!
Karret Gold
Karret Gold 3 days ago
Can we get a chris chan documentary?
8DEDITS 3 days ago
31:40 killed me
WaddleDeeEX 3 days ago
I find Robert cringey more than anything else. He’s clearly relishing in the idea that people think he’s so psychopath, when he’s just an edgy kid
MKraay 3 days ago
Edgy kids can be psychopaths though, or turn into sociopaths if they receive the wrong stimuli during their adolescence
Scott 3 days ago
mike is my fav character
Kujoh 3 days ago
The fact he mentions project x is funny because one of the movie stars Dax flame would soon enough be one of the people he does one of these videos on
Alfaisdone 3 days ago
Episode: Fatty Revenge of The Robert
Uprising of perlol
the way he hit that bong though
Yoarashi 3 days ago
Its sad that his mum died the other month. Glad to see he is still making content though 🙌
jerry 3 days ago
"To the point where they were gonna mazel tov his house!" Am I the only one that caught that? LMAO
mr big
mr big 3 days ago
Why not okay along and leave a message saying they're the fucking reinforcement
RandomDrawer 4 days ago
Idddubbz is officially documentary channel
Tyler K
Tyler K 4 days ago
I cant tell if Fatty is 14 or 34
Angry Viking
Angry Viking 4 days ago
Meijer is way better than Walmart you go into Walmart and you can smell the government assistance Meijer is for people who make an actual paycheck
vinny pogson
vinny pogson 4 days ago
you gotta have all your love for you nuggers out there!
Small Leonard
Small Leonard 4 days ago
You couldn’t pay Mike to talk shit about Fatty. Nice of Ian to point that out.
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia 4 days ago
The documentary I never knew I needed to watch.
Jaiden Schallhorn
What I want to know is what happened in the middle of Arizona...
Mark Zuccerman
Mark Zuccerman 4 days ago
Robert said mazel tav cocktail. It’s Jewish!!
SellMe YourSoul
SellMe YourSoul 4 days ago
wtf did I just watch?
Night Owl
Night Owl 2 days ago
the best documentary of all time
Deltron 67
Deltron 67 4 days ago
Hmm... Happen to see a film by the name of Tusk?
Bill Does Stuff
Bill Does Stuff 4 days ago
Just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder, they bring out the one eyed birthday cake ice cream eating cat, in a pink dress. Lol. Robert: "I see you don't know Battle Creek weird, yet". Lol.
Mr. Blister
Mr. Blister 4 days ago
where tf is airsoftfattys belly button?
hawaiianSnow 4 days ago
i still can't believe this video exists
Mack Lochridge
Mack Lochridge 4 days ago
I would pay to see this in theaters
Néphi 4 days ago
re watching over a year later, god damn this hits hard
Henry Walke
Henry Walke 4 days ago
14:46 I think I know why Mike has shades on here
John Stewart
John Stewart 4 days ago
>Mozeltov cocktail The IDF sends it's regards, Fatty.
Drippy enry
Drippy enry 4 days ago
/e dance
Foe lol
Foe lol 4 days ago
It's weird how like a week after this video came out, like everyone at my school started wearing them
Plumpy Chump
Plumpy Chump 4 days ago
So are we not gonna talk about how fatty dropped the N-word word?
I 5 days ago
he sounds like naruto
ペンギンRJDJ 5 days ago
This is a magnetic documentary.
Hardeep kalar
Hardeep kalar 5 days ago
Bruh said mazel tof cocktail
Hardeep kalar
Hardeep kalar 5 days ago
I just don’t understand if he loves Star Wars fatty the hutt it’s perfect
Sebastian Video
Sebastian Video 5 days ago
Robert reminds me of Trevor from gta
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