Full Fight | Justin Gaethje vs. Luiz Firmino (Lightweight Title Bout) | WSOF 34, 2016

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The epic 4-title fight, 11-bout WSOFNYC featured an unprecedented New Year’s Eve world championship extravaganza at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In the NBC-broadcast main event, undefeated lightweight (155 pounds) kingpin Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje (16-0) defends his crown against Luiz “Buscape” Firmino (19-7).
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Apr 28, 2017




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Comments 100
Victor Petchenev
Victor Petchenev 3 hours ago
Justin vs Tony, ver 0.01
Stay Primal
Stay Primal 15 hours ago
1:45 Cameraman ... you had one job ... One job.
Hani Yahya
Hani Yahya 16 hours ago
23:38 I love how he used the big screen as a mirror lol
Алик Аликов
Х1ар ху бид бу х1о чохь берг
Dian Ra
Dian Ra 19 hours ago
Justin is the best strong
Michael Mills
Michael Mills 2 days ago
Stang at 5 ft ....well girl height..and weighing in at...well child's weight...scrawny mfers.
Tony bubonic
Tony bubonic 3 days ago
Firmino didnt have enough power
mr illis
mr illis 3 days ago
End of third. He broke the only rule in fighting. No touching of the hair or face.
Zezen308 Zezen308
Firmino bertarung seperti keledai
Zezen308 Zezen308
Firmino petarung terdungu
Омина 4 days ago
Казахи кыргызы каракалпаки чукчи сбежали из сибирского Чукчистана в СА в 16 веке.И не имеют никакого отношения ни к гуннам ни к половцам ни к Чингизхану.У них нет своей истории.Поэтому воруют историю узбеков и чингизидов.
Омина 4 days ago
В 1924 году русские вместе с чукчами отобрав земли узбекских ханств образовали ранее не существовавшие новые государства предателей Казахстан Кыргызыстан Каракалпакстан Туркменистан.
Омина 4 days ago
В 1865 году когда Царская Россия начала захват земель узбекских ханств Хивинского Ханства Бухарского Эмирата и Кокандского Ханства казахи кыргызы каракалпаки чукчи и туркмены перешли в сторону русских и предали узбекские ханства.
RedEyedNoob 4 days ago
roll with the punches bby!
Shawn Kliewer
Shawn Kliewer 4 days ago
you know I met goldi hawn and Kurt Russel in evergreen Colorado I met Justin in Arvada Colorado he is an inspiration he motivated me.
epstein was killed
Justin hates groundfighting but that's where Khabib will keep him.
Гейджи це справжній Чемпіон!!!!)))👍👍👍
Andrianarison nantenaina
Did you fucking noticed how he stopped almost every takedown with full force and got back right back up even when he was gased? INSANE Mark my words he will beat khabib
Геннадий Максимов
Джастин красавец!
Dg. Awi official
Dg. Awi official 7 days ago
Klo lihat pertarungan ini, khabib masih unggul stamina dr justin, InshaAlllah khabib menang
Wallace Canta
Wallace Canta 7 days ago
Gaethje is a much better fighter now
Gaz Woods
Gaz Woods 8 days ago
See gaethje spot his gumshield and grab it and put it bk in whilst in the clinch, outstanding work Justin your awesome buddy 🇬🇧 ✊🏻
Skinny to the feet
Absolutely shity ref. No reason to stand them up. Let the fighters work there submission game.
Rumple Foreskin
Rumple Foreskin 8 days ago
Two warriors head to head. Nothing better.
Ronaldo Adriano Manga
O Gaet apanhou muito ...ficou sonso de tanta pancada na cabeca dele , parabens ao Luiz q foi melhor nao importa o resultado .
Arif Nuri
Arif Nuri 8 days ago
Khabib 🤫🤓
Shaxzoda Shoisoqova
Гейжи супер
capt Obvious
capt Obvious 8 days ago
Stupid commentators... michel bisbing won a UFC title with one eye
cory blackley
cory blackley 9 days ago
Fuck this ref
Далалалвл Ьвьвлвьвв
Латинец молодец.хорошо дрался.
EL Barón
EL Barón 9 days ago
This boy is a demon what a balls
batoukaev kossam
batoukaev kossam 9 days ago
Justin your fuckin Terminator
Николай Пак
Как заебали ваши рекламы
lourenço braz
lourenço braz 10 days ago
renzo doesnt let anyone talk, would have been great to listen to bas thoughts on this
Wolf out Kulob Tjk
Wolf out Kulob Tjk 10 days ago
And who looked in 2020 like me.
Cleveland Hinds
Cleveland Hinds 10 days ago
Just love this guy's Fighting Attitude (Gaethje) Im A Fan.
And he thinks he can beat khabib lol What the hell was this
chasing moksh
chasing moksh 8 days ago
Here comes another casual Muslim.😂🤣
BeetsbyDwight 11 days ago
HOLLLY FUCK that spinning kick to end the first round
E Miller
E Miller 12 days ago
Justin getting outboxed but still relentless, tricky, by Firmino and connecting.
Jack Dunn
Jack Dunn 12 days ago
Wasn't Gaethje labeled as legally blind at this time of career?
Адам Адамов
Гейджи был явно сильнее его,во всех оспектах,просто не в масте был дратся,может сон пошла
Даниил Еремеев
я из 2021, Хабиб победил.
anthony kotsop
anthony kotsop 14 days ago
Both lads as ugly as robbers Dogs..
kioN 11 days ago
anthony kotsop who the fuck cares wtf
V. Lenin
V. Lenin 14 days ago
at the third round, they really fighting like a drunk people.
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 14 days ago
At times I wish I never started learning this fighting shit its all I do for the last 30 yes learn fighting sparring drills etc I can't turn it off all I think is fight
Александр Соловьёв
Силы Гейджи кончились еще в первом раунде и все последующие раунды он сливал в одну калитку
Илья Каренко
Гэйтжи в партере, теперь вы видели всё)
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin 15 days ago
At exactly 10 minutes and 13 seconds why doesn't Justin ever throw that left elbow backwards and smash this m*********** he had so many opportunities to give him a backwards left elbow just throw his elbow up and back in its smash that dude right in his face and it would really f****** hurt him he never did it that's why I know these things are fixed
Enferno 15 days ago
I've seen a ton of interviews and reviews on the upcoming Khabib vs Justin fight and all of the journalist said they can't find any past fights to give an accurate assessment on Justin's wrestling and after seeing this fight, I disagree. This show's A LOT of his wresting skills and they're ALL very technically defensive! I think I might have to re-evaluate my decision on the Khabib fight, because Justin has very good defensive wrestling. I also think it's needless to say that Justin's striking is night and day difference from this fight to how he strikes now. If he can actually manage to stop a few or get back to his feet like he did in this one against Khabib, I think he might actually give Khabib a challenge. Yes, I know I know everyone say's "It's Khabib" but as everyone who has EVER followed mma before knows, every dog has his day and ALL fighters will lose if they fight long enough. Not saying that Justin will win, but I am damn surely rethinking my decision of the fight after seeing how good his wrestling is here, I can only imagine that it's gotten better now. Either way, I can't wait!!
luke cisar-wright
luke cisar-wright 16 days ago
What a bummer they couldn't finish epic fight from both guys 👍👍
Luis 16 days ago
Anyone know Justins walkout song?
HoboGardenerBen 16 days ago
That one announcer said something about how after this fight Justin will have to move more and not get hit so much, but he didn't really change his style until after the Poirier loss even though this fight made the need obvious. That announcer was on point, and Gaethje tuned it down a bit and become truly dangerous on the world stage. I think he's going to beat Khabib, so excited about that one.
Nurtilek Akseituulu
Pete Smith
Pete Smith 16 days ago
daww... NBC is trying to compete with UFC. Pathetic. What a shit fight.
Che Ventura
Che Ventura 17 days ago
Justin would not handle Khabib at all!!! He have been really close to get knocked out many times and plus 2 Lost fights!!!! I love Gaethje but Khabib is the very best
Иван Грозный
Justin is a beast👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍
Lastngam Hrangbung
Lastngam Hrangbung 17 days ago
Mr firmino if you want to build your stamina punch upwards 500 times by each hand
frank shkreli
frank shkreli 17 days ago
I love this kid!!!! JG is the best fighter in ufc....
None- Ya-Dam
None- Ya-Dam 18 days ago
That move is called a Mc twist, without a skateboard and a ramp.
Thabo Qwabe
Thabo Qwabe 19 days ago
That firmino guy ngath imfene 😂🤣😂😂
Fast4SloW 717
Fast4SloW 717 19 days ago
This fight was so awesome
Syam Din
Syam Din 19 days ago
even conor with good takedown defense still loss to khabib
Toco Lee
Toco Lee 19 days ago
Dad needs to remember he's dealing with men! This pushing around fighters better be put in check!!
Дамир Ердененов
Both of them tired in the third round
Living dream
Living dream 20 days ago
Firmino didn’t flinch even after so many kill shots by gaethje. Freak of nature.
EFEZZE6280 21 day ago
Gimpoid Gajthie
Master Blaster
Master Blaster 21 day ago
Mi esposa pega mas fuerte que Firmino...
brave1448 21 day ago
My money on khabib for next fight
Shohrukh Husenov
Shohrukh Husenov 22 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-3UkwIjr1kF8.html k
Ширин Ибронов
Firmino favorite dastin now camp
lfcwilli 23 days ago
Can’t wait for Justin to whup khabibs ass
Gus Gus The God
Gus Gus The God 23 days ago
Just imagine if Gaethje does that front flipkick to Nurmagomedov at the end of the 1st round Let's Giddit!!😤😤
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson 23 days ago
Both guys can take a beating
Нематулло Хайруллоев
RomAn Cantu
RomAn Cantu 24 days ago
Gatche has that meaxicn blood..so yes he's El Cucoy.... that isn't anything yet he's already beat Ferguson.. he will beat anyone in this division.. Justin is The 😈 in disguise... trust me
E 24 days ago
He was holding that cage
Expect The Bow
Expect The Bow 24 days ago
Kahbib has his hands full.
*babes18.ru?v=qbX1Xjx8DOM* 4:21
SGA 25 days ago
Khabib is enough for these 2 together....
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG 25 days ago
BEST Gaethje fight I've seen yet. Damn.
dominha 25 days ago
8:24 this position is death sentence in fight against Khabib
Judensau 24 days ago
That was 4 years ago , Justin has lost twice , Khabib no losses , Khabib will smash Justin into oblivion,
N Alabsi
N Alabsi 25 days ago
A fan of Khabib but I just bloody admire Gaethje ... he never gives up
ASMR Critique
ASMR Critique 26 days ago
Firming wanted no more of Gaethje
Мыктыбек Эрматов
Фирмино победил
Armenian Jiu-Jitsu
Armenian Jiu-Jitsu 26 days ago
It's a Rolling Thunder Craig
Maximmillian Dähszz
Gaethje is lucky Firmino lack agility. Gaethje opens too much.
*girlsdates.ru?v=qbX1Xjx8DOM* 3:33
*babes18.ru?v=qbX1Xjx8DOM* 3:22
Imlaren Pongen
Imlaren Pongen 27 days ago
Must be hard for Justin struggling to breath only through the mouth..
East Sider Hound
East Sider Hound 28 days ago
Justin gaethje was literally blocking with his head 🤣 he's a straight beast
Oskar premium
Oskar premium 28 days ago
17:26 кто заметил? 😂👍
Bryce Bullard
Bryce Bullard 29 days ago
"Cut me Mick, cut me." Rocky 1.
Reza Muhammad
Reza Muhammad Month ago
SupaFly 760
SupaFly 760 Month ago
Warriors . . 😳
Casanemini Month ago
First time I have seen Gaethjes takedown defense 🤔 Looks like He has a good shot against Khabib
Nick Francis
Nick Francis Month ago
Man I want Justin to rock Khabib and prove all the fan boys wrong.
Абубакир рассия
Ты только не ищет свою вещь нормально С пацанами Найди что ты делаешь вообще-то Я ничего не понимаю тебя Ты меня есть нормально пацана с тобой будет
*babes18.ru?v=qbX1Xjx8DOM* 2:23
Замирбек Аширов
Рефери молодцы
Jacomus Tuedam
Jacomus Tuedam Month ago
Fist of Fury
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