Full Face Using Only Milani Makeup… 😱 I'm Shook!

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! In today’s video I’m testing out a full face of Milani makeup! I’ve gotten so many requests to do more “full face” drugstore makeup videos so I’m back with another one! I missed just sitting down and playing with makeup so thank you all for being here with me, it’s been a crazy last 6 weeks of my life! Who else has tried Milani??? Are the formula’s Jeffree Star Approved™? Watch and find out!
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Apr 26, 2019




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Maya Sharabidinova
Maya Sharabidinova 7 hours ago
Hi! How are you? ) 😊
Jillian Michel-Bernal
I love their brand so much!!
Nam Chen
Nam Chen 19 hours ago
I love JS ❤ Philippines represent..
Nam Chen
Nam Chen 19 hours ago
Milani 👍
Emzay 777
Emzay 777 20 hours ago
Instructions : apply to dry lids Jeffree : imagine my lids are wet all the time Mood👌
Boon Hui
Boon Hui 22 hours ago
The mascara looks really good on you
Leigha B
Leigha B Day ago
since you're in Michigan. go to target in grandville and do the clearance there. or do the W7 brand
Jacqueline Watson
The day I win a giveaway will be around when Jesus comes back :’)
Nilsa Cordero
Hi Listen I don’t like the concealer is to liquit
Elsa Gomez
Elsa Gomez Day ago
I literally just bought this foundation to try something different and I’m like wait let me see what Jeffery Star thinks about it first.. . Lol now I’m about to go do a target run because I definitely need to do this same look for my moms wedding!!!
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark Day ago
I totally live for your videos. I have self love when I watch you. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out. Wish my skin was as clear as yours 💋
Z¡a Qu33n
Z¡a Qu33n Day ago
5:45 am and I'm laying here awake watching videos I missed... I have the milani foundation, the lips, and the highlighters... I want the liquid eyes and that all over glitter i didn't see the glitter though...
Z¡a Qu33n
Z¡a Qu33n Day ago
We don't do eyebrows on this channel BUTTTTTTT only JEFFERY can look good with no brows
Z¡a Qu33n
Z¡a Qu33n Day ago
So true you hit the cheek once with blush and your like ahhh!! Lol
Angie Mitchell
This is by far my favorite look so far, you are absolutely beautiful, you literally are glowing, I use their foundation and have hesitated to use other products by Milani, im so excited to try all of them. Thank you so much for doing this video, your amazing....💗💋💖💄👝
Niomie Sunshine
“Mack formulas are actually gonna be nice” dont u mean Milani? Lol or???
Steph Meph
Steph Meph Day ago
28:26 😆👄✨
Steph Meph
Steph Meph Day ago
22:21 🤣 I love this review 👌🏻♥️ def have to try these
Sarah Metcalf
Sarah Metcalf 2 days ago
Those liquid eyeshadows and the highlighters are so beautiful ! definitely on my list to pick up
Alicia Mendez
Alicia Mendez 2 days ago
The mascara is so good
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 2 days ago
me looks at thumbnail and sees the exact foundation color and all that I use: oh wow I didnt know it did that
xoxoneeya 2 days ago
You sold me on Milani! Love your makeup!
Muhdhamizan Hamizan
hi, we don't do eyebrows in this channel😂💕 Queen!
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 2 days ago
Love the milani foundation!!!
charrie 00700
charrie 00700 2 days ago
I feel you! part of the club👸✌
Shawnna Kyle
Shawnna Kyle 2 days ago
Went down the makeup video rabbit hole & missed the make up part of this video because I was just fixated on your eyes. I’ve seen enough of your videos & never realized how beautiful they are till now. Side note: I have that Milani bronzer & LOVE IT!
NashMarie Lee
NashMarie Lee 2 days ago
Well this year has been trying me because I got Transient Synovitis last week
NashMarie Lee
NashMarie Lee 8 hours ago
@QuietTears its a condition where inflammation of the hip joint occurs sometimes refusal to bear weight or pressure on it. The cause is unknown but studies have shown it could've been from a previous infection such as upper respiratory infection and settled to a different spot in the body. This condition is only among adolescents and usually boys aged 3-10, but it's rare if it happens among girls or adults.
QuietTears 22 hours ago
...may I ask what that is? I'm so confused heh...
Natasha Rodriguez
Alisa Lindsey
Alisa Lindsey 2 days ago
Are you going to do a los Angeles meet up ?
Natasha Gibson
Natasha Gibson 2 days ago
kayla montez
kayla montez 2 days ago
Jeffree honestly you are that bitch I love this product didnt know you reviewed this so late comment but now I know what else to buy
boss lady j
boss lady j 2 days ago
😂🤣😂 boiii I fuckn love the reviews. I haven't seen one YET that was NOT hilarious somewhere in the video. Informative and hilarious at the same damn time. My type of a learning experience! 😂🤣😂♥️😘
Gigi Don't Play RV Life
Jessica Millslagle
You have to try the Milani 17 hour eyeliner in matte black. It's a very good dupe for the art liner. It's $20 less and works perfectly!
Linda Quinones
Linda Quinones 3 days ago
Loving the Milani products on you.
Lindsay McAfee
Lindsay McAfee 3 days ago
hi how are ya ?!
Heather X
Heather X 3 days ago
Anybody in Canada remember when Milani used to be shitty dollar store makeup and now it’s at like shoppers ....so weird lol
Guilhermina Velicastelo
I wasn't this bag!!!
Mirella Martinez
Mirella Martinez 3 days ago
“Little glitter in the center bitch, what’s good” 😂 lmao my favorite part of the video lol I love Jeffrey and how she does her make up 👸🏼 she straight made affordable makeup look so un-affordable 💄😳😍❤️
Miguel Cazares
Miguel Cazares 3 days ago
Milani products is like the queen of drug store makeup
Lisa Becka
Lisa Becka 4 days ago
Everything seems brighter when you are around
TheGreatGonzo 4 days ago
That baggg tho
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann 4 days ago
HI, how areeee ya - xxx
xxxYeEt xxx
xxxYeEt xxx 5 days ago
Jeffree: *loves own product and formula* Me: 👁👄👁
Cher 5 days ago
I LOVE you Jeffrey☆ ppl say im your lookalike, and it makes me SUPER honored. I just bought my daughters some stuff from your site and a cute track suit for myself. YAYYYYY. Love you bitch!
Vanessa B
Vanessa B 5 days ago
He's so funny, lol like it...he's doing it in a natural way...:) like me when i do it in my bathroom when nobody's steal my make up...
Gina M
Gina M 5 days ago
I've always loved Milani, good stuff and decently priced. Thank you for not making me feel like a broke bitch Jeffree! 🤩🎉🤸‍♀️😎😍😘
Trxshia Kxm
Trxshia Kxm 5 days ago
The fact that he has his own make up brand and yet hypes up and reccomends/approves other brands (only if the formula works of course) is really highly commendable of him BUT the fact the he also acknowledges his fans that may not be able to buy his brand so he also indulges in drug store brands to give us peasants on the real tea ( helping us place our money on *the real shit* ) is what personally made me a (recent) fan. I do not know a single shit about make up before and always felt so intimidated by them but because of Jeffree, i feel actually excited to play with them soon! (im a broke af btch so im gonna stick with Jeffree star approved drugstore brands on the mean time while getting myself acquainted with make up) Thank you Jeffree 🌟!!!
lizbeth ayala
lizbeth ayala 6 days ago
Idk why I’m just now watching this video 😰 all the products look so good 🔥
Angela Vanessa
Angela Vanessa 6 days ago
"Kissing Milani's ass🤣🤣 for 10 minutes" 😆 💕Jeffree looks gorgeous with any makeup. 😍😍
Life With Ava
Life With Ava 6 days ago
17:23 is a great place to pause
Johanna Diaz
Johanna Diaz 7 days ago
I love your videos omagaa❤😉🤩
Kim Lizardo
Kim Lizardo 7 days ago
Hiiii How are yahh!❤️
Sammi Jean
Sammi Jean 7 days ago
I love the Milani Foundation and mascara! Definite will have to try the gloss and shimmering eye cream😍
Sara Bush - LeClain
I have the same highlighters and when he put it on and he was impressed I was like “mmmhm I know”
Taylor Schulte
Taylor Schulte 7 days ago
milani prime light face primer!
Hannah Eagan
Hannah Eagan 7 days ago
I love your videos! your face is absolutely flawless love ya❤ 💙💚💛🖤💜
Nik last
Nik last 7 days ago
I actually only get makeup from mailni
Cristin Stuart
Cristin Stuart 7 days ago
Blue blood pallet
helida ahmic
helida ahmic 7 days ago
i enjoy watching u
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