Full Face Using Only Milani Makeup… 😱 I'm Shook!

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! In today’s video I’m testing out a full face of Milani makeup! I’ve gotten so many requests to do more “full face” drugstore makeup videos so I’m back with another one! I missed just sitting down and playing with makeup so thank you all for being here with me, it’s been a crazy last 6 weeks of my life! Who else has tried Milani??? Are the formula’s Jeffree Star Approved™? Watch and find out!
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Apr 26, 2019




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Lindsey Crigger
Lindsey Crigger 2 hours ago
i am OBSESSED with this look! I’ve been wanting to try Milani products for a hot minute and have just been kind of reluctant to do so, but after watching this i’ll definitely be hitting up my local CVS 🔥
Lelouch L
Lelouch L 2 hours ago
Hey Jeffrey star I love ur work i would like to have. Some of ur makeup and that.purse I am a big fan of u and I really wish i could meet u and be friends with u God bless u and keep up the good work.
Randee Simmons
Randee Simmons 6 hours ago
I love watching your videos and listening to what you have to say about the drugstore makeup! The whole thing looks good on you but I’ve not really seen any that didn’t look good on you. I believe you can pull any look off ! Keep up the great videos I love them all !!!!
Georgie Campbell
I have always loved Milani make up. Their large pan bronzer is awesome as is their lip gloss. I wear the Keep it Full in #3 Prismatic Peach.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Day ago
This eye look is everyyyythinggg!
Robin Word
Robin Word Day ago
Thank you Jeffree for the review on this Milani.
Heather Gilpin
Heather Gilpin 2 days ago
I have seen this video a few times and just now realized the give away in this video ended on my birthday 😂
Erica Rose
Erica Rose 2 days ago
Love how cool Jeffery is
Mydra Hernandez
Mydra Hernandez 2 days ago
I love milani and you just strengthened my view
Brent Herrmann
Brent Herrmann 3 days ago
They have always been my fav Milani has never did me wrong
Leah Finkler
Leah Finkler 3 days ago
Jeffree: beautiful and elegant 💜💄💋💜💜💜
Elisa Fuentez
Elisa Fuentez 3 days ago
It’s not really a FULL use of only their brand when you are using yours. I understand you are proud of yours but please stick with s FULL face of any brand you are approving!
stateofgrace __
stateofgrace __ 4 days ago
Milani makes good makeup but I also don’t like the primer it feels like glue to me.
Margarita Hernandez
I love love Milan make up. I have the single blushes in all colors (coral shade that he mentions is my favorite go to everyday blush) and a couple of their baked blushes, I have a couple of their lipsticksa and eye primer.Haven't tried their foundation or primer. I haven't been disappointed in any of their products so far. High quality at drug store prices-LOVE IT!!!!
Ifaz Faiza
Ifaz Faiza 4 days ago
Milani blushes are my favourite😍😚
Tina Reed
Tina Reed 5 days ago
Soooo I been watching your videos non-stop since a week I'm obsessed I love watching how you try all different makeup I wish I could win on of your give aways I need makeup so bad all my makeup is broke in it's not even really good brands but I'm thankful for it I just love all your makeup i just wish I could afford it or any makeup for that matter but I'm a mom I always put my son first so ya girl my makeup never looks how I want it to
Lukasz Mikula
Lukasz Mikula 5 days ago
who is that guy ?? wtf ? This world going to The End.
Chell Lewis
Chell Lewis 6 days ago
I like that line also
glp paf
glp paf 6 days ago
and who are the winners....??????
Kayla Hagan
Kayla Hagan 6 days ago
I wished I had you growing up when I was learning how to do makeup 20 years ago.... 😭😭😭😭😭
Aesthetically _Pleased
whos here after jeffree and nathans breakup :(
Jasmin Velazquez
Jasmin Velazquez 7 days ago
Oh my gosh once you used the mascara it makes your eyes pop they're so pretty!
audrey w Byers
audrey w Byers 7 days ago
Jeff that line of makeup doesn't have makeup for BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN ARE YOU REALLY REAL, WOW!!! THAT'S F-----K UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
audrey w Byers
audrey w Byers 7 days ago
Jeff i'm a beautiful black woman, so come on sweetheart i love your style, you're down to earth you are very real and i loved that about, anytime if you need to speak on it, you will that's one of the reasons why i truly love you. SO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME OUT I LOVE THE MAKEUP. This is my first time using lumniessAir and i love their makeup but i need your help with the makeup, pretty please help ME.
Heavenly Sent
Heavenly Sent 7 days ago
Giiiirrrlllll... Let me get that make-up you throw out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tarleda Manley
Tarleda Manley 8 days ago
I love milani makeup
madison lafey
madison lafey 8 days ago
hi how are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u jeffree
Shawna Armstrong
Shawna Armstrong 8 days ago
I love how honest you are when comparing two products and their prices.
Sandy Watson
Sandy Watson 8 days ago
I am hooked on your video's Jeffree. I just love yah. You crack me up with your sarcasm and honesty. I love that you try out the Drugstore brands for those of us who are financially challenged. I hope you come out with a skin care line and foundations for us older ladies.
Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma 9 days ago
"2019 is our year " bisshhhhhhh
Renee Munoz
Renee Munoz 9 days ago
I'm dead asf. I kept telling my friends about Milani and their MASCARA!! Absolutely beautiful seriously, super happy to see that the entire brand is Approved !
Sherry Lavite
Sherry Lavite 9 days ago
Well that was satisfying...
Iamttt1 10 days ago
I would like to learn what colors work with my face. I’m completely new to this and trying to accomplish a smooth even look.
Tammy Eaton
Tammy Eaton 10 days ago
Jeffree has good 411!!
Adelita Navarro
Adelita Navarro 10 days ago
Love this
cararac84 10 days ago
I tried the foundation and concealer today. It broke apart around my nose and chin almost immediately 😢
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez 10 days ago
"Hi, How are ya?" I always do this at home, office, party and etc. with Jeffree's way. Ooh, girl. I'm obsessed!
Zara Rajab
Zara Rajab 10 days ago
You know its good if it's jeffree star approved
doviliukas 123
doviliukas 123 11 days ago
you should try italian cosmetic Bellaoggi it would be nice to know your opinion :))
Margarita G. V.
Margarita G. V. 11 days ago
I wonder who got all these beautiful things?
Shi Roxas
Shi Roxas 12 days ago
Hi number 1 fan of jeffreestar here..🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭. I really like jeffreestar i watch her video everyday..❤️❤️❤️
Ash Sandhu
Ash Sandhu 12 days ago
I found out about the existence of Milani just today! RUvidd Milani makeup review and this showed up!! He is incredible and the fact he is honest about the product! I’m going full face Milani from now on! Bye bye Sephora!
pablo pedro
pablo pedro 12 days ago
How do I keep my skin from breaking out with this anything to put on before to prevent
Makenzie Curtis
Makenzie Curtis 12 days ago
Hi how are you
Luna Estelle
Luna Estelle 14 days ago
I love you so much. You always lighten my day and keep things 100% real. I am definitely about to go out and buy some Milani!
Norton Dade
Norton Dade 15 days ago
Jesus I use 1/4 of the amount of magic star under my eyes! Side note it is the only concealer that no one has ever clocked!
Eunice Chavez
Eunice Chavez 15 days ago
Las paletas que no quieras en viamelas
Stella Organotopoulou
Excited for a new year of growth and success 😊 (PS:am I the only one that wants to know where those scissors came from )
Rune Pratt
Rune Pratt 15 days ago
Can't believe I just got jump scared by f*cking scissors.
one Frances
one Frances 16 days ago
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Crystal Hartmann
Crystal Hartmann 16 days ago
This video was so fucking funny and informative!! Love love love it!!
Emily Flores
Emily Flores 16 days ago
Hi how are ya I love you so much I hope I win I'm your biggest fan
Rozie Vlogs
Rozie Vlogs 16 days ago
Please stick to one gender
Cheyenne Steffen
Cheyenne Steffen 17 days ago
saadhvi Lal
saadhvi Lal 17 days ago
You still look like a man , James is better
Gavin Martinez
Gavin Martinez 16 days ago
Fuck you.
Madelyn Hall
Madelyn Hall 17 days ago
Hi how u
Shannie 17 days ago
I can't even remember if there's been a video I've seen were literally everything he's tried from a single brand has been Jeffree approved!!
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 19 days ago
We found a brand he enjoys 🎉💅🏽
Jaynedoe. Ayf
Jaynedoe. Ayf 19 days ago
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