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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome BACK to another first impressions video where I try out a bunch of new makeup and see what's a HIT and what's a MISS. Today I drive to Sephora and try and buy all of the new launches that recently hit for summer! There are SO many brands putting out product I figured I'd just test out everything in one video and do a full face first impressions. Today's video is in partnership with GLAMGLOW! PS. Don't forget to enter our giveaway below! After you watch, let me know what products you loved or hated!
The 4 runner up winners are: @sunriseb_ @mizzqueeny4you @SanDiegoChick92 & @J_N_icole
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Jun 22, 2018




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Daniel Peranginangin
Cassandra Heilman
Cassandra Heilman 8 hours ago
The 2 of them are so damn cute together!! The whole video i keep telling my wife how damn cute and in love they are.Jeffree is so gentle when she touches him ..its definately love..so beautiful to watch🖤💜🖤
J_Animals08 :b
J_Animals08 :b 18 hours ago
love you!!
Lilly Simmons
I’m at a family dinner and I’d rather watch you than being social and when you said girl what pores I was like yassss slayyyyyyy girl btw luv the nails always x
Jeffreestar, PLEASE do a video on how to PROPERLY do cat eye make up, PLEASEeeeee I'm getting married next year and this is the look I want, it makes my eyes so pretty, and I usually have somebody else put it on for me but I'd love to learn how to do it...yes I could find other videos to show me but I want YOU to show me as I just found your channel and have been totally binge watching...you have a beautiful house and your other half is hot!!....my fiance loves your look, says you are very pretty, and I'd have to agree.... do you have a mailing address that us fans can mail you things? if so what is it, if not please make one so we can, yes I know you have the money to buy stuff, but I'd love to send you something...please stay safe and say hi to your other half, I'm so sorry I don't remember his name,, am not good with names, brain injury,
jobailrodrigo 18
jobailrodrigo 18 2 days ago
When jefree said simplynailogical my face went to this 😊 to this oJo Lmao
Miguel Camacho
Miguel Camacho 2 days ago
Girl best pick me and driving the car
Jazlynn Bruner
Jazlynn Bruner 2 days ago
Stephanieee Spencer
Bitch I'm fucking LIVING for your look in this vid like omg sooo damn gorgeous 😍😍😍😘😘
Karolina 3 days ago
I love how cute Nate and Jeffrey are , and how he participates ♡
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 3 days ago
wheres simplynailogical when you need her YAAA BOOII
Alia Ather
Alia Ather 3 days ago
My skin needs a face mask. Like no joke.
Cherrie Bombe
Cherrie Bombe 3 days ago
Watching this from September 2019, Nate's hair looks soooo different, I am so used to all his colors, wow!!
Alex Chamberlin
Alex Chamberlin 4 days ago
I love his reaction to everything. 😂 “I’ve been running my mouth a long time”
ahoward 4 days ago
Who else gaged a little when he said that cream was 300+ dollars....I meaaannnnnn
Kaua Lopez
Kaua Lopez 4 days ago
jefree: alright are we taking the pink car or are we taking the pink car? let’s take the pink car. me: alright so are we taking my beat up car, or the old car? ehh, let’s walk..
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 4 days ago
Holding the yellow bottle up to Nates hear and says it would be a sick color in him ..... And that's the color he has in his hair now in sept 2019
Elizabeth Williams
🤣🤣🤑only JEFFREE STAR could park in 10 MIN parking and spend 3500$ and b IN & OUT 🤣🤣🤑💋🖤
Inês Machado
Inês Machado 5 days ago
Hello! For everyone that likes Sephora, I am gathering opinions on Sephora Success for my Master Thesis. If you have any knowledge of the cosmetics and beauty industry, i would love to have your opinion :) Thank you so much for your help! It means a lot! You can find the link here : unibocconi.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_datzfeqmtZevCnz .
Naira Titania
Naira Titania 6 days ago
Ashtagfirullah. Tobat pak tobat. Jangan sampe dunia kiamat gara gara banyak kaya ginian. Banyakin ishtigfar aja deh
Bjanka Trivan
Bjanka Trivan 6 days ago
Me i want it
Ruby Hogan
Ruby Hogan 7 days ago
Nate was brown hair ahhhhhhh 2019
Jaslyne Garcia
Jaslyne Garcia 8 days ago
Please go and subscribe to my channel help me get to 100 🙏🏻
Jaslyne Garcia
Jaslyne Garcia 8 days ago
Please go and subscribe to my channel help me get to 100 🙏🏻
Alora Hollingsworth
If diamonds are unbreakable, then how do you get diamond powder?
Alicia 5
Alicia 5 5 days ago
If coals r put under 2 much pressure it becomes diamond dust
Tru Shawl
Tru Shawl 8 days ago
I did it
sabrina almud
sabrina almud 8 days ago
love glam glow
Kylie Benton
Kylie Benton 9 days ago
I love you
Nicola Cummins
Nicola Cummins 9 days ago
I love you ❤❤❤
D Tech Productions
D Tech Productions 10 days ago
Other side: peak of light Other side: reality
Yan Xi Lim
Yan Xi Lim 10 days ago
omgggg i just realized that Jeffree looks like Mille Bobby brown
AvengerForLife 8 days ago
Gabrielė Nariunaite
14:17 oh my guod
Styielz Groulx
Styielz Groulx 10 days ago
Aaaawe!!! This was from 2018!? I never win anything lolol. Damn! I could really use some makeup too.
Samantha Summins
Samantha Summins 11 days ago
When Jeffree Star predicts the future 5:33
Sidney Lundstrom
Sidney Lundstrom 11 days ago
Tan but i can not have ig
Maya Ames
Maya Ames 11 days ago
I like his nails they are so pretty
Katie Graninger
Katie Graninger 12 days ago
Cher 12 days ago
I luv you Jeffrey... hiiii>iii. How are ya???????
Johanna Augustin
Johanna Augustin 12 days ago
If I had a lot of money I would rather help people in need instead of wasting it on makeup just for opinion ....
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 13 days ago
loooooove when nate is in da vid !!!!!
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 13 days ago
not into makeup at all, im here for her....ZEST AND ZEAL.
Ellie H
Ellie H 13 days ago
I love that Jeffree has a sense of humour and is able to take the piss out of himself/not take himself too seriously. The overly dramatic stuff he does like toss away a high end mascara because it's lackluster just cracks me up!
Sonia Moses
Sonia Moses 13 days ago
One person I wish I had the honour to meet . Trinidad seems so far from everything
Emma Herzog
Emma Herzog 13 days ago
90° hahahaha jeffree.... that’s normal in Florida I want to cry 😂
Wanda Maldonado
Wanda Maldonado 14 days ago
But I still love your videos girl
Wanda Maldonado
Wanda Maldonado 14 days ago
I do not have Instagram
Mustang Sally
Mustang Sally 14 days ago
Omg u 2 r so cute I can’t take it!
Amber Rose
Amber Rose 16 days ago
Ben de sephoradan fiyatına bakmadan alıp en son hepsinin toplam fiyatını takmamak istiyorum
Henriette Gaming
Henriette Gaming 16 days ago
Chiara Alaimo
Chiara Alaimo 16 days ago
rewatching this and now I realised that he's high as fuck in the intro LMAO
fingerlings rule the world
If got really nice skine and can you please pick me
Harry Murphy
Harry Murphy 16 days ago
500 $ of that was probs the bags lmao 😂
Bianca Vargas
Bianca Vargas 16 days ago
when I saw that he bought 3,500 my brain instantly went "Oh he bought like 4 things"
Maria 17 days ago
Did simply see this
Athina Siedman
Athina Siedman 18 days ago
wow he can even make horrible makeup look good on him
Kylie Bute
Kylie Bute 18 days ago
Anyone watching after Nate dyed his hair? Major difference. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman 19 days ago
“If you have dry or normal skin this is everything” omg yay I’ll have to pick it up “for over $300 plus” never fucking mind🙄
manal asiri
manal asiri 20 days ago
i tried the benefit foundation on its own and it pealed off my face after two hours, i dont know if that was my greasy skin or the fact it's super watery ,I'm not using it again :(
David Galo
David Galo 20 days ago
“Give my bro” I’m dying 😂😂😂
Diego Camacho
Diego Camacho 20 days ago
OMG i rilly want the givaway i hope i get ir i love you😊😜😚😍🤩😛😋😘😀😝😉☺️😙
Harper Kirschenmann
I love you like crazy
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