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10 янв 2019

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Olivia Hanby
Olivia Hanby 53 минуты назад
Loved this!!! Definitely trying the Pixie eyeliners!!!!
Dee Marie
Dee Marie Час назад
LOOOVE so many of these products!!!!!!!!!
hannah powers
hannah powers Час назад
do a blending video !!
Madison Caddy
Madison Caddy Час назад
Girl you don’t even need makeup. You’re gorgeous
Kayy_Love 2 часа назад
Bleeding video please!
shalom alemu
shalom alemu 3 часа назад
Kryss0517 4 часа назад
Blending video! Yessssss!! Your the blending queen, show us your tips!
Rachel Olson
Rachel Olson 4 часа назад
"Seriously no cheating. First impressions only." Spends whole video cheating and using products she has used before. 😒
Raelene Agius
Raelene Agius 4 часа назад
hey jaclyn um u probs wont see this but Try the BYS Eyeshadow palletes there affordable and they have quite a good amount of pigment.and they blend nice thx.
Kryss0517 4 часа назад
This foundation looks BOMBBB on you girl! Flawless xo
Cindy Rodriguez
Cindy Rodriguez 4 часа назад
Such a great first expression!!!
Amanda Donahoe
Amanda Donahoe 4 часа назад
Do a BLENDING!!! I do not know how so it would be so helpful!!! :)
Monica French
Monica French 5 часов назад
Please do a blending video
Jillian Frazier
Jillian Frazier 5 часов назад
Does anyone else learn more about bomb makeup products from the suggestions in the comments than the actual video? 🤣
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith 7 часов назад
Please blending!!!
MSKFASHION 7 часов назад
Yes to a blending video pretty please lol
Lily_McQ 7 часов назад
Can you review Arbonne?
Debra Suranyi
Debra Suranyi 7 часов назад
Milani has great shadow palettes and please stop acting like you've never shopped at the grocery store or retail store because where did you get your makeup before you had money? When you were first starting out remember those days? Humility goes a long way.
Alyssa Richardson
Alyssa Richardson 8 часов назад
Blending video would be awesome !
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith 8 часов назад
I like your video but just a couple of things I want to point out. I don’t consider Makeup Revolution as a drugstore brand since it’s sold in Ulta and Ulta is not a drugstore. Also, the finishing powder you put under your eyes is not a setting powder. A finishing powder is what you apply after the setting powder. Otherwise great video and I agree with you about the high expectations that we have with makeup and how unnecessary it is to have our skin look like an instagram filter all the time. It’s not realistic. Oh and I would love to see a video about blending and different techniques.
TheBeautyLife 8 часов назад
Check out this cool makeup t-shirt I just found! tinyurl.com/ybr3rlmz
Sarah Christian
Sarah Christian 8 часов назад
yes please do a blending video 😍
Rachel Random
Rachel Random 9 часов назад
Pixi is one of my favorite brands ever, but I don’t like that glow mist very much
Rachel Random
Rachel Random 9 часов назад
“Natalie” in monster voice. Guess that movie!!!!
Pamela Hogue
Pamela Hogue 9 часов назад
Yea that makeup revolution concealer creases on me like a mother ffuucckkerrr 🙃
Bobbielynn Sears
Bobbielynn Sears 9 часов назад
Hey girl I need your advice on some things. I’m in FL as well. Love love love your videos. And yes a blending vid!
ijlal haider
ijlal haider 10 часов назад
Oh you look younger and natural glowy without makeup.but makeup give attitude to a woman.
natachaenJonas 10 часов назад
Yeah you should do a blending video 😊
Rosa Linda
Rosa Linda 10 часов назад
Hey guys I’m a RUvidr too if you want go subscribe to my channel, make sure to checkout my videos. Feel free to comment anything or ideas, thanks hopefully you guys enjoy watching. ❤️
Deanna Delgado
Deanna Delgado 10 часов назад
YES! Please make a blending video! :) xo
Kayla Sell
Kayla Sell 10 часов назад
aww jaclyn you look so happy in the beginning of the vid! keep thriving babe
Lala Ornelas
Lala Ornelas 11 часов назад
Wait I’m confused , where at the prices for these products or the other video where she’s buying the products ? Also YES WE NEED A BLENDING VIDEO PLS
LaChelle Green
LaChelle Green 11 часов назад
Ughhh this video was just so blah for me. I love me some Jacyln. She was the very first youtuber I ever watched & watching makeup helped me get out of a very dark space. But she is definitely off in this video. Too much complaining especially when Morphe is guilty of having palettes with fall out too so let's just call a spade a spade. Morphe does have great palettes and I own a few of them but there are hella drugstores ones that are just as good if not better in my opinion. You just didn't get a good one lol welcome to the life of those who can't afford all high end makeup haha we have to deal with gettting palettes that suck but hell it happens. I'm hoping she will give things a better shot and not complain as much in an upcoming video.
Marissa Edwards
Marissa Edwards 11 часов назад
Blending tutorial ♥️
Ashleigh Shields
Ashleigh Shields 11 часов назад
I liked this video bc of the drugstore choices, but I’m not sure how I feel, haha. You can’t compare a drugstore product to a high end product.. most the time the high end might be better.
Elena Anna
Elena Anna 11 часов назад
i’m so confused about the under eye creasing with concealer, i’ve tried to many including tarte shape tape and i’ve never had a concealer that doesn’t settle into creases, i mean how can it not? if there are lines it’s gonna fall into it. just me?
Caitlin Lee
Caitlin Lee 11 часов назад
elena zarate
elena zarate 12 часов назад
por favor subtitulado al español felicitaciones
Gessi P
Gessi P 12 часов назад
I definitely want a blending video Jaclyn!!!!!!!!! I need to learn how to blend like you!!! Plzzz 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
natachaenJonas 12 часов назад
I want lipfillers but i'm scared 😁 does it hurt a lot?
mirandaarmanda 12 часов назад
Caudalie Instant Detox Mask for the pores!!! You literally notice a difference after one use 😻🙌🏼
Amy Frazier
Amy Frazier 12 часов назад
Must be nice to be so picky about makeup. I feel like I have Anastasia taste on a Maybelline budget.
DeAnne Antoine
DeAnne Antoine 12 часов назад
Blending vid !!!!yes!!!!
Laurie Howard
Laurie Howard 14 часов назад
I love 23:50 and cannot stop watching it lol
MissEmmaLouise 14 часов назад
go help james find is foundation match he’s struggling
Ysabella Umali
Ysabella Umali 15 часов назад
All time favorite skincare products! Updated drugstore favorites! Blending 101! Favorite lashes (we all know you can do a whole video on lashes) 😂❤️ love you Jaclyn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Irmitaaa Bonitaaa
Irmitaaa Bonitaaa 15 часов назад
OMG my sibilings and I did the same voice growing up lmao good times 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Morgan Wolf
Morgan Wolf 16 часов назад
I have your pallet ring the alarm
SOK SY 19 часов назад
Good video 💝💝💝💝💝
Charles Cayton
Charles Cayton 19 часов назад
I would love be your friend your so cool and funny I do that lol all day seeing your funny videos iam Ashley cayton love your videos 😂🤣
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