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Jun 20, 2021




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Yugo Time
Yugo Time 2 hours ago
I am Mr. Nimbus.
StartzWithZ 2 hours ago
how the fuck yall go to atlantis that one time without touching the ocean
raul the taco king
raul the taco king 2 hours ago
What you all really came for 19:02
nicohorizonSS 2 hours ago
I wish I had a Nintendo 69 ;(
Lisa Mason
Lisa Mason 2 hours ago
5:06 Funniest shit I've seen in Rick and morty. Lmao
Doombadz 2 hours ago
Wow they made a cartoon from the 2 ppl from fortnite
Bobbin.B 2 hours ago
"Wuh- were we Blade's in that one? That's fucking tight."
David Alves
David Alves 2 hours ago
Shouldn't have touched the fucking ocean
RUfor80six 2 hours ago
I love how no one questions for moves the creates of wine just sitting there...
bill billy
bill billy 2 hours ago
I'm not sure if the rules of the door are consistent
Chharith Oeun
Chharith Oeun 2 hours ago
Jessica Jetton
Jessica Jetton 2 hours ago
One of the best episodes in a long time
Starship Sn10
Starship Sn10 2 hours ago
“Fuck off I’m a time god!”
Cem1659 1
Cem1659 1 2 hours ago
Hey um are we just going to ignore the intro?
Jaxon Turner
Jaxon Turner 2 hours ago
Yo when he landed I’m the back ground it looked like the fortnite lighthouse
Kirk Pennock
Kirk Pennock 2 hours ago
I wonder what the creator is smoking cause I want some.
Cristian Hernandez
Cristian Hernandez 2 hours ago
Are there more episodes
A N 2 hours ago
No adds?
Kellen Martin
Kellen Martin 2 hours ago
This was a great episode
Justin D
Justin D 2 hours ago
What did I just see?
wolfieisbored 2 hours ago
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez 2 hours ago
I’ve never laughed so hard in my life 🤣🤣🤣😂🔥
BigRob Chicago_PL
BigRob Chicago_PL 2 hours ago
Can Jessica and Morty just get together already
AIKINOOB 702 2 hours ago
Absolutely loved the episode Wubu lubu dub dub
Mo Mango
Mo Mango 2 hours ago
About time RUvid replaces Television😂
It's An Apricot
It's An Apricot 2 hours ago
Is this darude sandstorm
Maniac Jinx
Maniac Jinx 2 hours ago
Dude tell me why I was always scared when the Williams street thing popped up
Electrodynamic Orb
Electrodynamic Orb 2 hours ago
Yes I totally see why youtube allows this episode on its platform.
Clint Hill
Clint Hill 2 hours ago
Question now is "Where was the improv?"
Berserker Potato
Berserker Potato 2 hours ago
That was pretty generous
Orion Cosce
Orion Cosce 2 hours ago
“We’re we blades in that one? That’s fucking right.” 😂😂😂
I'm not sure what I just watched
David Malone
David Malone 2 hours ago
I wonder how many couples started watching porn together 🤣😂😂😆
David Malone
David Malone 2 hours ago
After this episode lol
Juan Q
Juan Q 2 hours ago
"FUCK OFF IM A TIME GOD!" Possibly the most iconic line in the series
Slick 2 hours ago
Wow Rick
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 2 hours ago
Lol "oh were we blades in that one? That's fucking tight"
J 2 hours ago
I feel like Morty just got completely bullied this episode..
David Agan
David Agan 2 hours ago
Funniest episode to date.
sexy guy
sexy guy 2 hours ago
22:05 everyone’s just ignoring the fact that rick and nimbus were lovers?
nomnom112 2 hours ago
I know how morty feels...
Sammy K
Sammy K 2 hours ago
For me Rick and Morty has just lost it's touch
A Swayze
A Swayze 2 hours ago
If you hand the wine through the time portal without stepping through it. Would your hands remain the same age as the rest of your body?
Iamking 2 hours ago
Rick and morty is the best show ever
-` Evenlegila ́-
-` Evenlegila ́- 2 hours ago
I watched this on the tv last night!
S4maya S
S4maya S 2 hours ago
Can we also mention the quick awesome character arc Jessica went through??
Updated 3 hours ago
That part was so funny lol when that random thing happened lmao xd that was so quirky and random and tbh it was quite accurate to theoretical physics.. Indeed, one needs to have, at a minimum, a 150 point iq to appreciate the intricate comedic nature of R&M.
Dylan Driscoll
Dylan Driscoll 3 hours ago
Did Rick just "Summer can be trusted"? I can't remember if I've ever heard Rick say he trusted anyone.
unNoticed 3 hours ago
Damn, I was hoping Morty was gonna pull through with Jessica
mstrthunder 3 hours ago
2:12 this golf bit in the intro sent me look at mortie go :-)
Captain Blacklung
Captain Blacklung 3 hours ago
Summer would be dead as shit diving any lower than 120ft on a single tank.
Seal Bro
Seal Bro 3 hours ago
Want to watch the 2nd episode when it comes out? Google these three terms in order: expressvpn, qbittorrent, rarbg! you're welcome! fuck at&t!
ThothHeartMaat 3 hours ago
wow so all of this really happened? like in reality?
galapagoensis 3 hours ago
Thanks for the episode!
Joe_v69 3 hours ago
Fortnite ruined rick and Morty
S4maya S
S4maya S 3 hours ago
Imagine waiting till 2:00 am to watch this but before after 11:20 you figure out you could of watched it but just on a different timed station so you're pretty pissed but you just continue to stay up until 2:00 but then you fall asleep because you have been out all day because it was Fathers Day so you have to watch it the day after it comes out and you can talk to your friends cause they would be talking about so the night of you watch it again on the different timed station and then you see this. Idk who would go through that that is so stupid.
M33K 3 hours ago
*While im happy that season 5 Is Here I still wanna know what they Saw From that Talking Cat*
Michael 3 hours ago
Good looks ✌
Cameron Mayes
Cameron Mayes 3 hours ago
Bro wtf😂 I paid $3 for this on Amazon prime last night
G A 3 hours ago
From 18:53 to 19:03 Anyone else watch those pelvic thrusts in 1080p??
Kagoshima Midori
Kagoshima Midori 3 hours ago
Thomas Winters
Thomas Winters 3 hours ago
Oh shit I thought this was gonna be meat canyon
gary Aa
gary Aa 3 hours ago
After following 4 seasons, I think I've seen enough. Was this season premier written for shock value, which doesn't exist anymore in America or the writers think all the foul language and sex innuendo is necessary. I'm no prude but, they need to rein it back a little.
The H2GHOST Adventures
I hope all the episodes are as good as this!!! Epic
Lucas McQueen
Lucas McQueen 3 hours ago
Yo Summer is THICK!!!! I said what I said!
Isaac Estrada
Isaac Estrada 3 hours ago
HBO is lacking still don’t have it out
dank_e_boi 174
dank_e_boi 174 3 hours ago
He’s Mr. Nimbus and he controls the police don’t question it
ryublueblanka 3 hours ago
tpz 13
tpz 13 3 hours ago
Rick and Morty gone woke 😑
ROBBIE REDRUM 3 hours ago
This episode had me dying of laughter the whole time. Well done, Rick and Morty.
yes 3 hours ago
what does this have to do with rick andre
Rick N
Rick N 3 hours ago
Every Season Morty becomes more like rick
Caleb Clouds
Caleb Clouds 3 hours ago
Why is this whole episode posted on RUvid? I’m not complaining cause I don’t have Hulu to watch it sadly, I got Netflix.
Alejandro Rosales
Alejandro Rosales 2 hours ago
Probably for advertisement. So ull see wht ur missing so ull want to subscribe to a streaming service to watch it. Where they’ll get a cut
RandomVidz 3 hours ago
Wait, where is the clone Beth?
The Life of Dodom
The Life of Dodom 3 hours ago
Shout out to Adult Swim for making Hulu irrelevant 😃
Alejandro Rosales
Alejandro Rosales 2 hours ago
It’s just going to be the first episode
karkied '
karkied ' 3 hours ago
whats up with these eels when nimbus arrives, are they supposed to be something like red carpet?
James 3 hours ago
Yeah I've been waiting a long time for this.. That's adult swim for the episode 👍🏻
Im Bored
Im Bored 3 hours ago
My crush showed me only one episode now I’m-
Angel Salgado
Angel Salgado 3 hours ago
Is this real.??
Christina Tuttle
Christina Tuttle 3 hours ago
How is this monetized? 😆😆😆
Italia Perez
Italia Perez 3 hours ago
Best episode yet
ChunkyKong _
ChunkyKong _ 3 hours ago
I love you adult swim
ilovebjj4life fr
ilovebjj4life fr 3 hours ago
really wanted morty to get a win this time 😬
Shamar Ricketts
Shamar Ricketts 3 hours ago
Rick & morty , Rick Rick & morty “souljaBoyVoice”
ROUTE93 TV 3 hours ago
OK OK, this is cool and all, but is no one gonna talk about Mr. Nimbus and his “package”
Floofer Pupper
Floofer Pupper 3 hours ago
You know what? I never cared for Rick and Morty, but my God this was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! 😂😂😂
Kenneth Elser
Kenneth Elser 3 hours ago
the matrix has you.
I freaking loooove this cartoon 😂👍
JJ F 3 hours ago
Ep was a bit to woke for me.
Francisco J angerl
Francisco J angerl 3 hours ago
Yep that's the power of wine !!!!!
Monroe Burnes
Monroe Burnes 3 hours ago
15:59 When did Nimbus put his cape back on?? It was left out front when he got there 5:00
Joey D
Joey D 3 hours ago
Coming through the portal like Rambo did Morty say” Go fuck yourself”? The kid’s done
Bombshells On Water
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TheGamerKing 34
TheGamerKing 34 3 hours ago
6:30 a nintendo 64 reference if you look on the left of your screen
Ricky Urban
Ricky Urban 3 hours ago
Marvel Namor easter egg 🤔
Caleb Ridley
Caleb Ridley 3 hours ago
Lil Maskie
Lil Maskie 3 hours ago
Age restricted?
SAY KRASH 3 hours ago
We love you adult swim
Mr. Ramen
Mr. Ramen 3 hours ago
This is fucking great.