FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Rey Vargas vs. Tomoki Kameda

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Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 1 389
TheHuskyK9 12 days ago
Crowd chanting "bullshit" at the end. I would chant with them
newareafilms 20 days ago
Bullshit judges
Sione Fifita
Sione Fifita 22 days ago
Japanese+Japanese = Chinito
The Spirit of Botan
When the Paisa is the Japanese foo, tbh as a Mexican myself I feel he represents the Mexican Raza really well, also the Japanese Raza, perfect Spanish , speaks it better than most of my family
Luis Dej
Luis Dej 22 days ago
Trassshh Kameda was the aggressor he should of won!!
Hawaiianboiii 23 days ago
Kameda vs garcia
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades 23 days ago
Jap dude got robbed.
Francisco Hernandez
Kameda was way better
dvFaint 23 days ago
6 7 8 9 Spanish the best language ever bruh
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 23 days ago
Boooooooooooo to the last one
Papi Gordie
Papi Gordie 23 days ago
Scottish Young
Scottish Young 23 days ago
Kameda's a dirty fighter. Not impressed at all.
TheNY97 23 days ago
I think u meant Vargas.
Jv Zish
Jv Zish 23 days ago
How did Vargas win if most of these highlights were from Kameda?? 😂
Juan Humberto Neira Saldivia
El negro solo daba cachetadas ,muy malo .
Carly Edwards
Carly Edwards 24 days ago
Damn they’re both skinny af 120 pounds lol
Fernando R
Fernando R 14 days ago
And damn you're a catfish!
近藤ありさ 24 days ago
I knew about his brothers, but wow he is super cool!! I’ve never seen Japanese famous people speak Spanish like him! So proud of him🇯🇵 Also gracias to all Mexican people who support him 🇲🇽
Hadookeen 24 days ago
Kameda won, that fight was fixed. Corruption at its finest.
831 Farmeros
831 Farmeros 24 days ago
Good fight Chino!!! 😀👍🏻🇲🇽🇯🇵
caireles JMD
caireles JMD 24 days ago
gano mexicanito kameda y le regalaron la pelea a ese putito de rey vargas .de mexicano a mexicano la neta
Ameer K
Ameer K 24 days ago
18:38 Tomoki fight
beanvan99 24 days ago
23:16 That shit is so fake.
Giltoks 24 days ago
who trained that mexican againts the japanese? mayweather?
sorasak somchai
sorasak somchai 25 days ago
Mexican fight with shoulder
john illingworth
john illingworth 25 days ago
Kameda won that fight
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 25 days ago
I barely found out about him and I’m sad to hear he lost but he gained a new fan. Dude is quite the character.
KLKB2410 25 days ago
This looked like Kameda win to me.
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin 25 days ago
Vargas legs and arms are sticks if he weighs the same as Tomoki
killia 25 days ago
This Japanese/Mexican fighter has an amazing punch. I respect this man even if he isn't mexican
Chango B
Chango B 25 days ago
Tomoki Kameda fue el mejor y el ganador sin despresiar al paisano le dio mas bateria y tiro mas golpes .
Kush Banditcoot
Kush Banditcoot 25 days ago
Most definitely kameda got my respect really showed up and fought like a real Mexican while Vargas kept holding like on Mayweather shit over boxing
Goonswarm 26 days ago
Ain’t a boxing match without Los Tucanes playing
Lay John
Lay John 26 days ago
His own kind boo’ed his ass 😂😂😂
Proxxies 26 days ago
17:20 Diego said to the ref "NO" when asked if he wanted to continue. They said the ref read his eyes but he made it known he did not want to go on.
Rafael Reza
Rafael Reza 26 days ago
Rey Vargas looks like a souped up version of Skeletor from Nacho Libre
Jose 26 days ago
Edgar Perez
Edgar Perez 26 days ago
That foo is wack
Pitbull jor
Pitbull jor 26 days ago
Robbery at its finest
Big Wulf
Big Wulf 26 days ago
Vargas ran like a bitch he didnt deserve it
RisisMU 26 days ago
Referee was almost licking Rey Vargas' balls! And this at 21:27 No points removed for that shoulder to Tomoki's chin?
Claudia Ammor
Claudia Ammor 26 days ago
I would like to see more of Tomoki in the near future.
RisisMU 26 days ago
Japanese Tomoki is the definition of a fighter. Definitely got robbed! I wish to see him fight again. Liking his style! I'm a fan now.
Jason9Avila 26 days ago
Pinche puto Vargas lost. Mayweathered the fight aiming only for points. Kameda came in with fire in his heart and stepped up to fight the whole time, but Vargas wouldn’t step up to fight. We all know deep down he lost. The crowd knew too, that’s why they boo’d his ass. We Mexicans alike the Japanese believe in having fucking huevos para dar los chingadasos.
Medardo Lomeli
Medardo Lomeli 26 days ago
As a Mexican I wanted Kameda to win, that Mexican was ridiculous.
Saul Hernandez
Saul Hernandez 26 days ago
These fights were good. That reduction point is what affected him. But Kameda had it
eLyuKaTc0 26 days ago
Kameda might of lost and did get out boxed. But when it come to Mexican pride, heritage, and honor the real Mexican won. If a Mexican gets challenged to Mexican fight specially if the challenger is not even Mexican and you dont accept it you are nothing but a disgrace and a coward. Rey allias "el Cobarde Corre Caminos" vargas is in the wrong sport go run a marathon you coward.
Khaosriged 27 days ago
I know I’m not the only one who came to this video because of kameda interview in Spanish
vivian duong
vivian duong 27 days ago
VARGAS is a DIRTY FIGHTER!!! Tomoki should have won!
Mario luis Bonoan
Mario luis Bonoan 27 days ago
Cinco Cinco
Cinco Cinco 27 days ago
Nice Power Hits From Kameda
rich boy plex - official page
Rey Vargas didnt do shit
OGLocsta09 27 days ago
From these highlights it looks like Kameda won heavily. Vargas was cheating throwing illegal shoulders. I'm guessing Vargas did more though, if he won by such a large margin on the score cards.
10-20 27 days ago
Vargas fought like a bitch. The true Mexican warrior was the Japanese man smh.
Buer Steeloe
Buer Steeloe 27 days ago
Damn el Mexicano valio verga but props to that Japanese boxer for actually representing not la raza but the way mexicans should box con pinches huevotes 💥
R4ZA 27 days ago
Dirty ref
Marco Hlipala
Marco Hlipala 27 days ago
Honestly the only Mexican was the Japanese the other dude didn’t want it straight bitch boxing is gay af now no real fights
Hc Hhh
Hc Hhh 27 days ago
Ugh taller fighter is def scared to trade punches.
Please Elaborate
Please Elaborate 27 days ago
Como mexicano, I know the Méxi-Nese won.
darkslayer1000000 27 days ago
All vargas did was run around like he was mayweather. That’s why his own people booed him and decided to root for Kameda.
Mike Kloncamper
Mike Kloncamper 27 days ago
How tf did Vargas win he clearly got fucked up
Ulises  Reyes
Ulises Reyes 27 days ago
Ray lost that was bull
Lil Chino
Lil Chino 27 days ago
Tomoki got robbed bruh he landed more powerful hits than rey
OnTheRide1 27 days ago
Idk, feel like that was Kameda’s fight. I’m def keeping an eye on him, I like his style!
Raúl 27 days ago
I like the japanese guy. let's hope we get a rematch
I drink water
I drink water 27 days ago
How did Vargas win...................... .... .. .
Anthony Quiroz
Anthony Quiroz 27 days ago
Varges didn’t win. He ran away the whole fight.
Daniel Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman 27 days ago
barely even touched him Vargas acting like he almost got knocked out👎👎👎👎
Loudscreamo 27 days ago
Kameda shoulda been the winner!! I'm Cuban too alil Irish. # go mixes. Kappa
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 27 days ago
From Glendora CA?That’s right I was born in that city
O Marvel
O Marvel 27 days ago
El Joker
El Joker 27 days ago
La Raza Knows that Kameda was the best fighter🇲🇽🇯🇵
Backpackslayer 73
Backpackslayer 73 28 days ago
What a corrupt sport. This and fifa. We all knew who was dominating in this fight
DrakoStriker 28 days ago
The aggression between the fighters made this fight so interesting 😮🔥 but Vargas did back up more
Bryan Vargas
Bryan Vargas 28 days ago
That's right Santa Ana Califas
USMC 8541
USMC 8541 28 days ago
Ray Vargas is a p*ssy
Beethoven Nguyen
Beethoven Nguyen 28 days ago
Tomoki is the peoples champ
Martika Edwards
Martika Edwards 28 days ago
Hellll naaaaw Tomoki got that🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵👑👑👑👑👑
Who else came from from his interview of him speaking spanish
vette bro
vette bro 21 day ago
dvFaint 23 days ago
Me bruh
Eric Villegas
Eric Villegas 24 days ago
メん乇ᄃイの尺 hereeree
Crim Sin
Crim Sin 25 days ago
lol me
ALIEFTX713 26 days ago
I think he won the fight or maybe even a draw would seem right....
Eric Lara
Eric Lara 28 days ago
Kameda won that fight no question
My money was on the Japanese guy. Oh well... He'll get him next time.
GG G 28 days ago
This whole card opens my eyes to boxing. Respect to Floyd Mayweather
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