Full 9th Inning of Yankees-Astros ALCS Game 6 (Jose Altuve walk-off, DJ LeMahieu home run)

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Watch the full amazing inning from ALCS Game 6 between the Yankees and Astros!
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Chris G
Chris G Hour ago
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the Houston Astros are a brown stain on the underwear of baseball and life.
Alex BROCHE 2 days ago
El picheo más horrible que he visto. Que le pasó a Chapman.
Sexy Goddess 2020
2001 World Series Game 7, 2004 ALCS and this game=Love when Yankees lose even if the Astros Cheated!
Dennis Andry
Dennis Andry 10 days ago
And ya know, right over Brett (Mr. Attitude) Gardner's head !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mash 16 days ago
Guys both teams cheated so b quiet
Joe Oconnor
Joe Oconnor 20 days ago
Roberto Molina
Roberto Molina 25 days ago
Davey Lopez
Davey Lopez Month ago
Eso no fue robo de seña fue un palo q le dieron
GGS Fortnite CLAN
Great video
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Woulda been even greater if the Astros didn’t have to cheat to do it.
The S.S. Ess
The S.S. Ess Month ago
I remember thinking at the time that this was just great hitting... Chapman showed that he couldn't throw the fastball anywhere near for a strike, so Jose sat on the slider and punished the hanger, just good all around hitting... Can't assume that anymore
Nephtali Gonzalez
I HATE THAT SONG!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Ouo夜夜 Month ago
Jaydon Williams
Jaydon Williams Month ago
The stupid Astro’s cheated
Michael Beastmode91
Michael Beastmode91 2 months ago
That home run from altuve did not even go over the wall so it’s still in play
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
lol no
florencefortyseven 2 months ago
That girl in the aisle seat left halfway through. Who leaves their seat in the ninth inning of an elimination game?!
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Maybe she had to take a dump
Magdiel Torres
Magdiel Torres 2 months ago
The changing of mood that I experienced in this inning should be illegal.
Pax Bros Wrestling
Pax Bros Wrestling 2 months ago
Altuve was hiding his jersey when he hit the homerun because there was a microphone on his jersey
Phil Rivera
Phil Rivera 2 months ago
That was an incredible at bat by LeMahieu
Thomas Rossi
Thomas Rossi 2 months ago
Harden and Westbrook scared 25:00
Matthew Mier
Matthew Mier 2 months ago
“He loves hitting here at home in Houston” I wonder why...
Catalina Rodriguez
Catalina Rodriguez 2 months ago
9:26 since when is Altuve left handed
Ryder Pearson
Ryder Pearson 2 months ago
here are some facts chapman threw 6 balls in the last 2 at bats keep i mind that Chapman's only strikes were on offspeed pitches or sliders chapman lost springer in his at bat and now there is a runner on first altuve stepped up and chapman threw a ball altuve hit a slider and once again chapman's only strikes were on sliders so that only leaves me to belive that altuve and the astros DID NOT cheat
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Lol tell yourself whatever you need bud
Pedro Viera
Pedro Viera 2 months ago
Not fear.
huescaidiomas 3 months ago
go yankees ,next year will win the world series
Onyx1916 3 months ago
It was almost like he knew what pitch was coming! Oh, right.
Fan of TheBrand333
Fan of TheBrand333 3 months ago
Straight heart breaker and they didn’t even win the right way.
papi chulo
papi chulo 3 months ago
Aroldis chokeman
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
It was almost as if Altuve knew what pitch was coming lol
William Freund
William Freund 3 months ago
Everyone's least favorite moment of the game 28:06
William Freund
William Freund 3 months ago
Everyone's favorite moment of the game 11:21
Valentin Quiroz
Valentin Quiroz 3 months ago
7:26 james harden and russell westbrook
Octavio Márquez
Octavio Márquez 3 months ago
No le entiendo ni v###a
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina 3 months ago
One of these teams cheated, the other is the New York Yankees.
Javier Herrera
Javier Herrera 3 months ago
Yankees celebrating like the was winning the game but then Altuve came with the big homerun to kill them, ouch that must really hurt, cheat or not it's ok because the Yankees are big cheaters too, they just got a little taste of they own soup
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Outside of a few players caught juicing over a decade ago when did the Yankees cheat?
Zhane Greene
Zhane Greene 3 months ago
I don’t hear any bangs so
first name last name
How are there only 400 dislikes ?
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez 4 months ago
Altuve was not cheating stop crying..all teams were cheating one way or another..Chapman did not have he's best stuff..it's obvious..stupid Yankee fans and their excuses..the Astros were a better team..
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Braydon Wilson lol sure pal
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
hahahahaha sure buddy, tell yourself whatever you need to justify the cheating
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
Jake Romeo False, that was only the regular season and they hit better on the road in the regular season that year, so you can’t make a case that it had any impact on them winning a championship. Myth debunked
Jake Romeo
Jake Romeo 4 months ago
Tyler Bishop yeah but the astros won a championship because they cheated.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
Jake Romeo Funny thing is that the Yankees were the first team to use electronics to cheat back in 2015, so they only have themselves to blame for starting this mess in the first place
Aza 4 months ago
Given what we know about the Astros cheating, the fact that this video currently has 90% Likes is absolutely disgusting.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
ClaTheNinja They only cheated in the 2017 REGULAR SEASON and the Yankees were the 1st to cheat using electronics in 2015. Look it up if you don’t believe me, a former Yankee (Chris Young) even said so
Steven Carpio
Steven Carpio 4 months ago
Top of the inning Jose altuve has a under shirt on. In his at bat he doesn’t. Hmmmm
black M
black M 4 months ago
well hes gonna have to come to the plate in NYC soon, should be a nice welcoming
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Jake Romeo Lol i see Brayden making excuses in every single post the Astros are called out. Let the whiny little mutt make up whatever excuses he needs to feel better about it. The only ring they could muster in their history came from cheating 😆 ***
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
Jake Romeo Ask Chris Young (former Yankees player) if they cheated. Look it up if you don’t believe me
Jake Romeo
Jake Romeo 4 months ago
Tyler Bishop im sorry im a mets fan but the yankees do have 27 legit world series wins while you have one where you cheated.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
black M Talk to me when you actually win a postseason series against the Astros. And I wouldn’t brag about your trashy fans who spill and throw beer btw
Raider Martin
Raider Martin 4 months ago
Tainted for life.
Joseph Charles
Joseph Charles 4 months ago
Zachary Brazil
Zachary Brazil 4 months ago
This is true!
wreckim 4 months ago
Baseball will never be the same after this event. To think that cheating can take over like a drug. Sad.
Victor Guisao
Victor Guisao 4 months ago
Robando señales haci cualquiera gana un juego.... Houston Astros son unos ladrones y los Boston Red Sox tambien; bien hecho que suspendiera al manager de Houston Astros y a Alex cora por ladrones que son....este 2020 vamos aver si tu Altuve mete un Home run a los Yankees en la 9th inning esta temporada 2020...quiero verlo..ok.!!!
first name last name
Buzzing intensifies
first name last name
Manfred sweeping the buzzers under the rug. So tainted
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
Bob Saget Wrong, Yankees were the first to cheat with electronics in 2015. Look it up if you don’t believe me
Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu 4 months ago
Bang Bang!
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Braydon Wilson ***
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
Daniel Yu Astros win!
A C 4 months ago
Chapman standing there like “how did they know what I was throwing”
A C 4 months ago
Anyone else listening for the cans
Altoon 01
Altoon 01 4 months ago
A C it was whistles this game
cesar pedraza
cesar pedraza 4 months ago
Is like he knew what was coming.... oh wait
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 18 days ago
Braydon Wilson hahahahahaha
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
cesar pedraza Great players make great plays
T C 4 months ago
Asterisks in the record books please.
Anthony Persampieri
Anthony Persampieri 4 months ago
Can we get this to the most disliked video MLB has ever posted??
08kitt 4 months ago
WOW!!!! Jose Altuve knew the pitch was coming. Unbelievable.
richard mcrae
richard mcrae 4 months ago
I am not a Yankees fan but to lose it because another team cheats. Astros need give back there rings and every place they go people stand bang trash cans a yell give the rings back. He hit home run then run down tunnel right. He had a under shirt on in top of 9th but not when he was at bat wonder why he took off under shirt befor he came up to bat. Astros or cheaters.
richard mcrae
richard mcrae 4 months ago
@Seth Farter did not know that i look it up then.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
richard mcrae Look up “Yankees electronic sign stealing” and find the article titled “MLB Rumors: Illegal sign stealing could date back to Yankees in 2015.” A former Yankees player named Chris Young spilled the beans, but no one cares bc it’s the Yankees and the MLB would have too much to lose with all the revenue that the Yankees generate (simple Economics)
richard mcrae
richard mcrae 4 months ago
@Seth Farter never heard about them what your proof of that
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
richard mcrae Yankees were the first to cheat with electronics in 2015
Rolan 4 months ago
These Astros fans in here, so defensive at what is obvious. You got away with it, you can breath now, relax, they haven't vacant your title.......just pray no one else snitches buzz buzz, and you guys will be alright.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
Rolan The Yankees were the first to cheat using electronic devices in 2015🤷🏻‍♂️
Leal. Tire
Leal. Tire 5 months ago
You can hear the whistling right before the pitch every time
Galen Ledbetter
Galen Ledbetter 5 months ago
If you look close you can see the home plate camera in the outfield.
benny_drawz 5 months ago
I watched the video. In the top of th 9th inning Altuve has as tshirt under his jersey. In the bottom of the 9th inning he doesnt have a tshirt under his jersey anymore. 🤔
The Dudest
The Dudest 3 days ago
Probably bc its uncomfortable
Ken Rex
Ken Rex 5 months ago
The heart of a cheater.
A.M.R 5 months ago
A lot of people might have missed this but there is also a “CHARGE!!” Whistle throughout the astros season that has been connected with certain pitches as well. It took place of the banging at certain points :p
crimi martinez
crimi martinez 5 months ago
Se oyen lo pito asiendo trampa esto astro
Michael Loza
Michael Loza 5 months ago
Check out altuve at minutes 3:48-3:51 seconds into this clip possibly signaling into dugout to get buzzer ready for his upcoming at bat if needed in the bottom of the 9th
Bryant Manalo
Bryant Manalo 5 months ago
Heart of a cheater
ahh bees
ahh bees 5 months ago
AJ Hinch after his team wins the ALCS on a walk-off homerun -- EMOTIONLESS
Pulling the Strings
Pulling the Strings 5 months ago
It's the Yankees fault for not catching up and saying something during the game.
Pulling the Strings
Pulling the Strings 5 months ago
Coming from an Astros fan I'm still proud of 2017 title.
Pedro Gomez
Pedro Gomez 5 months ago
Arriba los astros
Zq Sosa
Zq Sosa 5 months ago
cbenji07 4 months ago
So everybody that's good at home is cheating? Cuz Yankees scored 3 runs in 4 road games but 19 runs in 3 home games.
4 time super bowl champs NYG
d thorne
d thorne 5 months ago
The views ofcole at the end tell me a lot. He knew what was up and didn't like it. That's what it looks like to me. No wonder he couldn't wait to take off that Astros cap when the WS was over.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 3 months ago
d thorne Exactly, but of course everyone takes the slightest bit of information and acts like it’s a sign that the Astros were cheating
d thorne
d thorne 3 months ago
@Seth Farter It was just a hunch. He couldn't get that Astros cap off fast enough, certainly could be many other reasons for that.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
That’s a false assumption. Cole even said that they Astros didn’t cheat in 2018 or 2019.
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
d thorne Funny how the Yankees were the first to use electronic devices to cheat in 2015
Pornnelius Hubbard
Pornnelius Hubbard 5 months ago
You see Alex Correa talking to him after...man Yankees and dodgers were robbed and the fact the mlb won’t strip them of their title is beyond me
Nick 5 months ago
So sad..they were cheating..like Lance Armstrong...
Thomas Rock
Thomas Rock 5 months ago
And now it all means nothing because the entire world knows that they cheated.
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell 5 months ago
F'n cheaters
christian valdez
christian valdez 5 months ago
Seth Farter
Seth Farter 4 months ago
christian valdez The Yankees were the first to cheat with electronics in 2015. Fool
iTzZTCxD - Random Games -
If the players were in on it then why did he need to tell them not to rip his shirt off That tells me only center coaches and players knew Very very sad!!!
Jball717 5 months ago
Joe buck: “and he loves hitting here at home.” Me: gee, I wonder why?
Kuruma Uzamaki
Kuruma Uzamaki 2 months ago
David Green just look at his stats before 2017 when it’s proven they started cheating he’s had 5 years of great baseball and before 2017 was already leading in hits 3 straight years and in 2014 stole almost 60 bases
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 2 months ago
@David Green This was 2017, The facts show that he had few unwanted bangs each time he was at the plate. I Agree that that season and 2018 were probably tarnished but still, we know hes a guy who has integrity. He was mad about his teammates doing it and took some sort of highroad coming out and speaking to the media.
David Green
David Green 2 months ago
Hector Hernandez but he has risked it all... I agree before all this he did already appear to be a great player but the cheating now calls it all in to question... who knows what has been achieved legitimately now... that’s the problem with cheating you forever tarnish your reputation.
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 2 months ago
@David Green Im not defending the cheating, But Altuve was an Amazing hitter before all this. Why would he risk it? When hes hit over .300 for his career.
David Green
David Green 2 months ago
Kuruma Uzamaki hahaha he’s a cheat.... you know it, he knows it and the whole damn world knows it.... There was no World Series winner in 17.... just a bunch of cheats who ruined it for everyone...
Michael Littlewood
Michael Littlewood 5 months ago
Ban Altuve Ban Altuve Ban Altuve and fellow excrement. Flush
MPG 5 months ago
That walkoff was buzzing
YanksFanatk -SW
YanksFanatk -SW 5 months ago
Still remember I was jumping up & down of enjoyment when DJ hit that homer to tie the game. Bottom of the ninth, my heart literally dropped to the floor & thru to the basement when Altuve hit the walk off. Man, now looking back, was there cheating at that at-bat??????
ricardo bethancourt
ricardo bethancourt 5 months ago
Los tramposos astros.quien no gana asi.si se robaban las señas. verguenza les debe dar.
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