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May 27, 2020




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Comments 80
Shilendra Ramnarine
The revival are stupid
Nick Michael
Nick Michael 3 days ago
Uhhh that's not FTR....that's The Revival. Stupid announcers.
Prince Leo
Prince Leo 6 days ago
FTR = this generations Dudley Boyz, Young Bucks = Hardy Boyz, Private Party = Too Cool, maybe some Street Prophets in there too, Butcher and Blade = T & A, Santana and Ortiz = New Age Outlaws,
Prince Leo
Prince Leo 6 days ago
FTR vs Young Bucks could be the new Dudleyz vs Hardyz feud
Pavan Tej
Pavan Tej 7 days ago
2:14 They are revival i think soo
Marc S
Marc S 13 days ago
The only way I would ever watch this crap is if Cornette showed up. It’s crazy that Matt “tiny ass” Hardy looks big compared to those other two boys.
Illhama khan
Illhama khan 16 days ago
Aew should try Sami zain
Phil Maier
Phil Maier 18 days ago
Bucks are amateur hour lol! FTR can only elevate these clowns, but Bucks'll mess that up as much as possible, no worries.
jon Johnson
jon Johnson 19 days ago
The young bucks are way 2 old 2 still be wearing that style of gear
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh 19 days ago
the young bucks are horrible. no personality. FTR kick their ass please
airbaler 19 days ago
Finally a REAL tag team in AEW
Jwackyj 20 days ago
This tag Division is officially better than wwe’s
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 21 day ago
They should at least have a build up to this so called rivalry and not just jump into a match between the two teams.
Dnax 04
Dnax 04 21 day ago
The revival
Xiomara Roman
Xiomara Roman 21 day ago
Its the revival
Jean Basil Regala
Jean Basil Regala 22 days ago
before Cody and Young Bucks yelled dawson and wilder "F*** THE REVIVAL". Now, the duo is finally in AEW to face Young Bucks!!
tremaineKR 22 days ago
Triple H is pissed
XavierIsaiahh 23 days ago
So glad ftr is here to silence the young cucks
LEWISXBOXKING9 23 days ago
Why did matt go to AEW
Majin Riggs
Majin Riggs 23 days ago
I just want to see FTR BEAT the shit out of the dumb fucks
Ryan Fekety
Ryan Fekety 24 days ago
FTR (F*ck The Revival)
TheChosen1KN 24 days ago
Explain what FTR means. XD
Fafafuhi 22
Fafafuhi 22 24 days ago
Hopefully some of this stupid bullshit will stop...and I hope ftr or whatever beat their ass like apa beat public enemy
Hi. There
Hi. There 24 days ago
They should've waited.
K-Dawg Playz
K-Dawg Playz 24 days ago
I wish there was a crowd 😔
X X 25 days ago
I've never liked looking at Matt Hardy in Tights.
MassMoney 25 days ago
wtf is matt hardy wearing lol
michael rodriguez
michael rodriguez 25 days ago
Dude they have a great tag team and heavyweight division but need to work on the women side plz
dante040 25 days ago
I can tell which one is the balding buck
Marcus Price
Marcus Price 25 days ago
The Young Bucks fuckin suck and always will. Never been a fan of them.
max and.
max and. 25 days ago
2:10 wait a minute, thats gotta be, thats gotta be THE RECITAL...what are they doing here?
Trent Cropper
Trent Cropper 26 days ago
I love EVERY TIME I DIE but... c'mon. Do some cardio
Rodrigo Castro
Rodrigo Castro 26 days ago
dAnTe D
dAnTe D 26 days ago
Matt Hardy wearing his old gear lol
NG87 BJJ 26 days ago
It would be f'n great to see FTR with Jim Cornette...
Patrick Hoisington
Patrick Hoisington 26 days ago
Crap, not The Revival these guys suck. I don't care what they're called now, bad move AEW, I thought you weren't signing WWE(F) scraps. It seems that's all you're doing Brodie Lee, now this.
Khayree McCauley
Khayree McCauley 26 days ago
Message sent
NecromancR Partisan
Delete the Elite!
Cliff Waltz
Cliff Waltz 26 days ago
I really hope FTR doesn't get involved with the stupid shit that infests AEW. especially against these 2 jackoffs
Sheena Mazzella
Sheena Mazzella 26 days ago
02:07 0:48 0:51
Ty Harriz
Ty Harriz 27 days ago
I Wonder If They’ll Still Call Their Finisher The “Shatter Machine”?
SAVAGEGMAN7 24 days ago
Dragon Rider nope I think you’re right they did file a trademark
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider 24 days ago
I may be wrong but I think they filled for trade mark
jack show
jack show 27 days ago
Mahabali shera please joining aew
jack show
jack show 27 days ago
Mahabali shera please joining aew
jack show
jack show 27 days ago
Mahabali shera please joining aew
jack show
jack show 27 days ago
Mahabali shera please joining aew
jack show
jack show 27 days ago
Mahabali shera please joining aew
jack show
jack show 27 days ago
I'm so so happy😊 the revival is join aew
TheLegend2000 27 days ago
Dash gives me Chris Benoit vibes, I think it’s his build
Sohail Alamkhel
Sohail Alamkhel 27 days ago
Lame. No crowd tho. Came blame them
Alonso Lupercio
Alonso Lupercio 27 days ago
The Revival AEW Confirmed
Chi Jones
Chi Jones 28 days ago
Awesome!!! Now sign Carlito, Primo, and Epico
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 28 days ago
Mind official blown.
Celtic Warrior 2 Warrior
Matt Hardy all attire great
Toàn Lê
Toàn Lê 28 days ago
The Revival was dead, and they revived as face?! They have become FTR.
KillmongerBCOG 28 days ago
Three words
Crookyboi 96
Crookyboi 96 28 days ago
Nice that ftr preformed a real spike piledriver pulling down the legs
Lan 127
Lan 127 29 days ago
As Cody would say "F*** The Revival"
P.B.A Greg Gunter
P.B.A Greg Gunter 29 days ago
They wont last long in aew they suck period end of story.
Stevenator1210 29 days ago
3:12 The Butcher Andy Williams isn’t selling the superkick much then why the f**k is he training for wrestling
Biraghi e i Cross Tesi
Aew is Wwe's superstar closet
Aaron Brummet
Aaron Brummet 29 days ago
Kind of a cool segment to almost have them do the Raven/Dreamer '99 thing, though it's also too esoteric to call them "FTR" and not explain what that means.
P.H.A.T Joker
P.H.A.T Joker 29 days ago
Great match... Awesome confrontation😎
misfit danzig
misfit danzig 29 days ago
The bucks been taking shit about ftr and now ftr are standing in front of them nothing.
Angry Vet
Angry Vet Month ago
"OMG THE REVIVAL IS HERE"...2 months and no one will care
ryan marr
ryan marr Month ago
Bigtime swerve when they went after butcher n blade instead of the bucks, i definatly ain't mad :)
Philip G
Philip G Month ago
FTR are here
6menonaplane Month ago
Jessepe Jibbs
Jessepe Jibbs Month ago
Matt wearing the 2009 tights?
Tbone 363
Tbone 363 Month ago
Anyone know what type of truck that is?
Herb Dean
Herb Dean Month ago
Finally FTR to AEW. AEW should do the bucks vs FTR when the crowd comes back
Marc Angelo Chiapco
Cash Wheeler lookin thicc
bake1973 Month ago
Ftr like f*** the revival what the elite called the revival yep we defo getting a match soon
Jeanette Amaro
Jeanette Amaro Month ago
Ftr aka the revival
Dwayne Cutshall
Dwayne Cutshall Month ago
Young Bucks all they have is a kick
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer Month ago
What's ftr stand for
HHH’s Uncle
HHH’s Uncle Month ago
Young Bucks v Revival dream match can finally happen
Flav Month ago
god the bucks suck.more ftr should help this car crash
Stizzfoshizz Month ago
FTR putting on the weight lol
Stizzfoshizz Month ago
What was that ending sequence though? The only real thing that bugs me about AEW is how they botch endings
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